Clearwater Beach

Some day, I’m going to be on a boat out at sea, trying to spot dolphins and looking out to an orange horizon while listening to this song and remembering how I blogged about doing it.


Each time I travel and explore a new place, I make it a point to visit one of their beaches. I like to say, You’ve never been to a country if you’ve never been to their beach”

What’s a holiday without some fun in the sun?

And so we took a 3 hour bus ride from Orlando to Clearwater Beach.

They picked us up early in the morning and it was a beautiful start to the day with brilliant weather..

I wasn’t expecting to be greeted by gloomy clouds and strong gusts of wind.

They said the weather was going to be cold, but I didn’t know it was going to be this cold.

We decided to carry on to have a lunch buffet on board before starting our day’s activities, and hopefully by then we’ll see a change in weather.

Despite mother nature going against us, we refused to let it bring us down. We were already at Clearwater Beach and freezing weather or not, we’re GOING to hit the beach!

On Board the “Calypso Queen”

Happy boyfriend!

We shared a table with a China girl who was traveling all alone, and she offered to take this picture for us. She looked a little lost and lonely, so I started a conversation with her in Chinese.

It’s funny to see peoples reaction when they realize I actually do speak (a little) chinese. The girl’s got guts to wander around the US all alone..

This country isn’t exactly the most welcoming nor safe place.

Quite annoyed with the weather… but it wasn’t for long!

We finished lunch, and to my delight it was sunny again!!!

Not as sunny as I’d like it to be, but sunnier than before and sunny enough.

The winds, however, were unforgiving and made the weather still freezing cold.

At first, I was only wearing a beach dress over my bikini, thinking it’d be enough.

Then I had to put my jacket on.

Then I literally froze to death (like seriously) so Sam went and bought me some matching white pants to make sure I didn’t die of hypothermia. Oversized holiday pants ftw!

I know it was winter, but it’s still Florida yo!!! Whatever happened to the Sunshine State?


I planned this trip to Orlando super meticulously, trying to make sure every activity and moment we had was perfect so I went online and did my research on which was the best boat ride at Clearwater Beach.

Ended up booking a 1 hour ride on this Sea Screamer, after reading a lot of good reviews.

They promised dolphin sightings, otherwise you get a free ride with them again. Dolphins love to ride in the boats wake, and I was really dying to see them jumping around the boat!

Holidays are the bestttttttt!

Loving the sun!

Sam was wearing my sunnies coz he lost his lol

Friendly boat captain

The boat started moving and our tour officially started!

We passed by gorgeous waterfront houses and they mentioned the names of some celebrities who stayed there.

Seeing that no one was sitting in the front now (we realized why later), we took the opportunity and sat at the front thinking we got the best seats in the house! Oh how wrong we were…

♥ ♥ ♥

When I said it was a really windy day… I meant it was a really really REALLY windy day.

We got to see a lot of city landscape, but we didn’t get to see any dolphins this time! :(

They said it was because of the bad weather… Awwww!!!!

And that wasn’t even the worst part.

All of a sudden the weather became stupidly bad, so bad that the waves started getting REALLY big and the boat ride became 100x rougher.

This was a really small boat we were on, the waves and dips were so big that it felt like we were on a roller coaster!!

Each time we didn’t manage to “cut” a wave properly, the boat would crash onto the water really hard and sent unwelcoming amounts of water splashing onto our faces.


At first it was a little spritz here and there, we got our hair and clothes wet but thought it was not such a big deal…

Then the waves got bigger and the ride got rockier and soon we were completely drenched in sea water.

Like 100% dripping wet.

Then they said that the weather condition is too bad to be on the water, so they raced back to the direction we came from at top speed.


Firstly, the boat rocked back and forth SO much that at one point it felt like we were going to be capsized. I know it sounds dramatic, but sheesh, if you were there you’d be shitting your pants too!!!

Me and Sam couldn’t stop shivering and clutching onto each other for warmth, because not only was it an extremely cold and windy day, we also happened to be soaked from head to toe in sea water and racing back to shore in a wet boat at top speed.

Just splendid.

It was the single most cold moment of my life and I felt numb from head to toe.

Note to self – don’t go on soaky boat rides when the weather is 0 degrees.

Thankfully, we managed to arrive back on shore safe and sound… No capsizing or dying of hypothermia or anything tragic like that.

We didn’t get to see dolphins but we sure did get one hell of a ride.

Despite the unforseen circumstances, it was actually still quite fun because we weren’t the only ones who got wet!

Pretty much everyone sitting in the first four rows were completely soaked and we would scream and shout like little children whenever the boat made a huge dip or when more water came splashing onto our faces.

Always brings a smile to my face when I think about it.


After all that drama, we couldn’t wait to just unwind on the beach..

There’s a certain appeal about beaches that I just can’t ignore.

No, I’m not a surfer, I’m a hopeless swimmer and I’m not even a fan of suntanning… But I do like parasailing and jet skiing. Does that count?

Simply put – I just really, really appreciate the change of environment. Some place I can let my hair loose, kick off my heels and just run around barefooted in the sand.

If I look out towards the horizon, I’m staring straight into a world I’ve never known…

So mysterious and alluring.

So hostile, yet welcoming.

And when I look past my shoulder, urbanization and civilization is all I see.

Isn’t it amazing that 80% of Earth is covered by oceans, and yet we know almost nothing about it?

Perhaps I like being on the beach because I feel like I’m sitting on the doorstep of the ocean.. Sitting on the only thing that separates the underwater world from the world we know.

I love this picture. This picture best represents what Clearwater Beach is actually like – rainbow umbrellas, lots of sea gulls, fine white sand and simply beautiful.

No doubt about the fact that my dream house is on a beach, sitting on the coastline so I feel closer to the ocean.. and the amazing creatures that live in it!


How I wish Singapore had nice beaches.

Oh well.. I won’t be staying in Singapore for long anyway. Most probably going to Melbourne and Australia has GORGEOUS beaches!

They had cosy little cabanas for rent! I’ve seen beach chairs and big umbrellas for rent, but this is a first. And a great idea too.

It was the perfect little hideout for us for a few hours…

They provided us with chairs, but we ditched the chairs and bought towels so we could just lie down on the soft sand and look up into the sky.

They say happiness is contagious. And it is.

Another reason why I love the beach is because people are always having a great time. Wherever you go, you see smiling and hear laughter.. it just rubs off on you.

That, plus the sound of crashing waves and my boyfriend hugging me in our little cabana, made the perfect lullaby and it wasn’t long before we both fell asleep.


I woke up a few hours later forgetting where I was.. then realized I’m in some beach in Florida with some dude I met from L4D.

Pretty amazing.

We decided to grab some dinner then head back to our hotel, but not before checking out their flea market on the beach!

They had a lot of really neat handicrafts for sale, and I bought a cute angel made out of pretty seashells for my mum.

Flea markets are so fun to shop at ♥

We picked this quaint little seaside restaurant called Crabby Bill’s and had the most satisfying dinner there.

They had AMAZING food at crazily affordable prices. ♥

By far one of the best crabs I’ve ever had. Nothing like fresh crab claws dipped in melted butter! Salivating at the thought of it.

No better way to end a nice day with a nice meal.


We only had a short while to eat before we had to catch our ride back home..

And that, was the end of our day at Clearwater Beach.

The sound of waves crashing against the shore.. the salty taste in the sea breeze. Oh how I miss those simple, irreplaceable things.