Rose Heritage Cafe

There’s plenty of good places to eat at in Perth. With their abundance of fresh produce, I don’t see why not!

But I didn’t just want nice food, you can find good tasting food anywhere in the world – I wanted to explore new unique dining experiences. Melbourne they actually have dining in the dark (!! they say your sense of taste and smell is heightened because you lose your sense of sight) but unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to give that a try.

Nevertheless, before my trip, I asked around on Twitter for peoples suggestions on places I should go, and a nice follower recommended me this place called Rose Heritage Cafe about 35 mins from Perth city.

It looked so pretty from the pictures on their website, I just had to check it out! :)

From the inside, the place looks cozy, but humble. It’s the outside that is impressive – you’ll see later on!

Check out their desserts section!! ♥_♥ And Peter’s ice cream… Heaven on a Stick is orgasmically good.

My mum and Sam were pretty skeptical when I told them about this place, because it’s located in the outbacks of Australia despite being only 30 minutes from Perth. I guess Perth itself is already pretty isolated and deserted in a way, lol. You know it’s the outback when you run out of paved road, and it’s just sand paths.

The beauty of this place lies in its vast gardens!!! A cafe in the middle of a Rose Nursery makes a lovely sight. I think they have what must be acres of carefully planted gardens!

What people living in the outback do. :) Listen to the birds up in the trees sing their chirpy songs and talk about baking pies.

Lol I’m not even kidding. I overheard a pair of middle-aged women’s conversation, and it went like this:

*In a serious tone*… Woman 1: “Listen to me. You and I are going to do something this weekend.

Woman 2: “What is it?” *curious*

Woman 1: “We, are going to make chocolate pies. *dramatic 3 second pause*... With some sort of meat in them, I haven’t decided what type yet. Mary did a chocolate pie last week, but ours are going to be better than Mary’s. And we’ll enter it in XXX competition. (I didn’t get the name of the competition)”

And that was when I raised my eyebrows in complete bemusement and walked away. Meat and chocolate in a pie?!?

This buncha fake flowers hanging from the ceiling is so colorful and totally apt to set the cheery mood! Try spotting the rather unfortunate massive spider web.

We chose the indoor seating despite it being gorgeous outside because I’m afraid of butterflies, and there happened to be HEAPS fluttering around outside that day. I know, face palm incoming… a girl who’s deadly afraid of moths & butterflies and insects in general wanting to dine at a Rose Cafe.

What? I like flowers but not creepy crawlies. Ah well you can’t have everything in life.

I still haven’t seen never ending fields of the Wildflower Season in Western Australia yet! I bet that’ll be a sight to behold. One thing I’m looking forward to the next time I go! And Ningaloo Reef ;____;

Checking out more of the gardens while waiting for our meals to be served!

Lunch is served!!!

I get the feeling the salad on my plate was freshly plucked and washed from their gardens, coz our meals took quite awhile to get outta the kitchen :P

The food was so fresh! I mean, just look at it. It reeks of healthiness and home made goodness. For once I am eating non-sinfully. Freshness aside, taste wise wasn’t exactly spectacular, although decent enough.

Makes me sad to type this because in the 3 days I’ve been back in Singapore, I’ve already had McDonalds twice. Ugh I’m disappointed in myself, but I’ve been feeling sick so I haven’t found the enthusiasm to start cooking or going out to eat at nicer places yet.

But then of course, I go and spoil my healthy meal with a great big whopping dessert. Mango cheesecake with a huge dollop of cream on the side (which I didn’t touch, try to believe me lol) and pretty rose petals on top to boot!!! BOMB.

Their desserts seem much more appetizing than their mains (mainly of salads, soups and sandwiches, light stuff)

Mum and I really caught up on spending precious quality time with each other. She’s been so busy traveling in recent months, I haven’t seen her that much at all but our time in Perth made up for the lost time.

In Singapore we never just sit down for a nice, quiet brunch and enjoy each others company. Even if we have the time, sometimes we just don’t do it. I think it’s Asian culture to sit down, order your food within 3 minutes, eat within 30 and GTFO. Kinda necessary when you live in a fast-paced city. I hear Australians take like 3 hours for their fancier dinners! It must be the copious amount of wine. Note to self – drink more wine. People who do generally seem more relaxed.

Sam and mum looking confused posing together for a photo. LOL. They don’t do this very often. I think they dunno if they should put an arm around each other, do the peace sign or just stand there like awkward penguins, which they did.

Thank you to the follower who recommend this place!!! A perfect way to idle away a pretty Summer afternoon. :) And a great spot for touristy photos! If you have a secret (or not-so-secret lol) special place that you know of to escape the world and crowds because of it’s unique ambience or location, do share with me! I’m getting tired of my usual chain restaurants.

Rose Heritage Cafe40 Masonmill Road Carmel WA 6076, Australia
Tel: (08) 9293 5112

Food quality: 3/5
Service / Ambience: 4/5
Value for Money: 3/5
Most suitable for: Tourists, people looking to enjoy a nice quiet cuppa tea



New Ubin Seafood!

Before I left for my Australia trip, my good friend Nicholas invited me to a food tasting session at New Ubin Seafood – a chinese restaurant owned by his godmother!

I was pretty hesitant about it at first. Me? I’m not a food blogger and I’m not a big fan of chinese food most of the time. How will this pan out..? But upon his persuasion, I gave it the restaurant a go and came home with no regrets! (except for my bulging tummy)

The food quality definitely surprised both Sam and I because we weren’t expecting much from a humble family restaurant. But I think this one is definitely worth mentioning. Do note that I am not paid to write this blog entry, this review features my honest opinions. I wouldn’t ask you to eat at a restaurant I wouldn’t frequent myself. :)

I brought my family there to eat after I got back from Australia and they thought the food was good and decently priced!! It’s so hard to get my family’s approval in terms of dining choices, so thankfully this was one of them. My whole family are fussy eaters like me. In total I have eaten there 3 times the past month and half. *burps*

New Ubin Seafood restaurant
serves authentic local food at reasonable prices. The location is quite difficult to find but if you see this signboard, you’ll know you’re at the right place!

Here’s Auntie Michelle and Uncle Pang.

They are the owners of this restaurant and you’ll probably see them around if you happen to have dinner there! They’re really friendly and nice people.

Here’s all the YUMMEH food they generously stuffed me silly with the other day!!!

Smoked Pork Omelette was the first dish served! I realized Chinese food isn’t very photogenic eh. It’s not like Western food where it’s laid out nicely on an expensive looking plate. Chinese food generally looks messy or rather plain in pictures.

They cure their own pork at the restaurant. This had a nice… eggy flavour to it? LOL I can’t say much about an omelet except that it was decent and served really hot which I love. I can’t stand restaurants that DON’T serve piping hot food. I want it straight out of the wok and onto my plate and BAM! onto my table and into my mouth. :P

Smoked Duck Breast - tender and flavorful, I love smoked-anything but duck is unfortunately not one of my preferred types of meat so this didn’t score huge points with me but I’m sure anyone else would like it a lot since it IS nice.

I’m a pretty fussy eater.

Beansprouts with Smoked Fish
– Mmmm this is my favorite thus far, the smoked fish goes well with the crunchy beansprouts! This is something different from your usual sambal kang kong / spinach / kai lan. It’s light but tasty enough.

I found myself eating this by the spoonfuls.

Mussel de Blanc
- like a chinese vongele, it’s cooked in white wine sauce. I’m not a clams / shell eater but Sam said it was ok. (he eats everything and generally liked everything served that day)

Crispy Pork Knuckle German Style

This was the dish that made me and Sam go “OoOooO that looks good!” and it tastes just as good as it looks. The meat is juicy and soft enough but the skin is SUPER crispy. It’s sinful and not for diet-watchers because the layer of fat under the skin might scare some people away.

Not Sam and I though. We finished the whole plate omfg! It was that good. It comes with 2 dipping sauces, thai chilli sauce and pepper sauce.


A local favorite. (mine too hehe)

Their black pepper sauce tastes very similar to Jumbo Seafood’s and that is a good thing because my fav crabs are from Jumbo but this shall be my new favorite coz their prices are cheaper than Jumbo but tastes similar or possibly even better :)

My claw looking beautifully delicious, mmmm… craving for some now.

The crab meat was fresh and succulent, not soft and soggy-tasting like old crabs would taste like. They’re having a promotion now, buy 2 crabs and get your 3rd one FREE!!! So now you know where to get your next seafood fix!

US Angus Ribeye Steak.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What the hell? Steak at a chinese restaurant? No, thanks…

BUT WAIT! Don’t turn your snobbish nose away from this dish just yet. I’m a fussy steak eater too, and find Singapore’s general standard for steaks to be hugely disappointing. Most of them use cheap and thin slabs of meat that is overcooked and tasteless. This however is definitely one of their stellar dishes because they do it sooooo well!!!

The doneness is perfectly medium-rare – no bloody taste but you get super soft red / pinkish meat. They fry it in a mild peppery sauce and it is served with wedges and caramelized onions on the side.

The beef almost melts in your mouth… it is so soft I don’t think I’ve ever had softer beef. If you like your doneness a little more cooked you can always request for medium instead of medium rare! They will do it to your liking.

My mum never ate beef up till very recently due to religious beliefs so she generally stays away from beef dishes. When I wanted to order this dish for my family, she went “Noooo la! Order steak from chinese restaurant for what? Where got nice? Order something else” but I insisted blatantly on it. When it came, EVERYONE loved it! My mum even asked me to order this the second time. And that’s saying a lot. Young and old people love this dish!!!! Definitely must try….. Trust me on this one.

The second reason why I love the steak from before. This plate of fried rice comes TOGETHER with the beef! The reason why it’s a combo is because the rice is fried in the oil leftover from the steak. No steak? No special fried rice. You can’t have one without the either.

It looks like any other fried rice with soy sauce but this was hardly the case. I dunno how to describe it because the taste was pretty unique, a little salty and sweet, but this was a hit with my family too. :)

Major plus points

Omg look at how much plates are on our table for 5!!! They brought out more than 15 different dishes for Sam and I that day. We felt so special ♥ (and fat)

I have NEVER had anyone offer me that much food hahahahaha this is gluttony as its epitome but I loved every second of it.

Taking a break from food pictures, here’s Nicholas and the owner, Auntie Michelle!

This is…………. …………. ………. Shovelnose shark cartilage.

For those of you that don’t know, shovelnose sharks look like this. :333

I don’t like eating unknown /unusual food, but I felt abit paiseh to turn them down so I quickly swallowed the portion they cut for me. It was a lot easier back then because I didn’t know what it looked like. But I went to Sea World in Australia a week later I spotted the word “shovelnose shark” in the aquarium!!!!!! and I was like,

“OMG BABY, isn’t that what we ate at New Ubin Seafood? Ewww I can’t believe we ate that! It is SO UGLY!!!”

I think I talked a little too loud coz these white people overheard me and gave me the “Tsk, you asians eat EVERYTHING don’t you?” stare. LOL.

The cartilage is really soft. And.. cartilagey. Meaning there’s not much taste to it. The sauce is nice, but the actual cartilage is tasteless. It has a jelly-like texture, to best put it. But then again, it’s considered a Chinese delicacy and I never understood delicacies. Abalone still tastes like rubber – no matter how much older I get, I can’t seem to appreciate. I guess people eat it for “health benefits”. You know how shark’s fin is meant to be good for you yada yada.. shovelnose shark cartilage should be the same thing?

They also cook the shovelnose shark’s meat fyi, so this isn’t promoting unnecessary animal cruelty the way sharks fin soup is. (because fishermen usually slice the fins off the usual shark then throw the shark back into the sea to die)

I actually forgot to take photos of the “meat” part of the shovelnose shark, eeks! Sorry guys!!! But it was a claypot dish and served with black bean sauce. Like the steak and rice combo, you can’t get the shovelnose meat or cartilage without the other, so you get 2 dishes in 1. This is something to take note of if you wanna order the shovelnose shark at New Ubin Seafood. My family tried it and thought it was interesting. It makes for good dinner conversation, order it and show your family pictures of the animal and watch them freak out, lol!

Sam even ate the BONES of the shovelnose shark!!! Supposedly for calcium purposes lmao pretty sure that’s bs just a reason for him to put more weird things in his mouth. He claims the bones are soft and you can easily chew them.

Uncle Pang looking all happy-like!

Hokkien Mee Special - I’m not usually a hokkien / prawn mee eater, but this is GOOD.

Should order this instead of rice if you do visit. The best hokkien mee I’ve ever had. It has a lot more ingredients than your normal hawker fare and much tastier too! Another family favorite. The sauce is win.

Old Punngol style mee goreng
- not bad, only ate a bit of it. I don’t like mee goreng, but this was better than a lot I have tried before. Not too sweet or tomato sauce-y unlike other mee goreng.

“Boss” Bee Hoon
- this is nice! It’s soy sauce based with a little bit of chili in it. Out of the 3 types of noodles shown above, I bet you guys are bound to like at least 1! :)

Last food picture I have for the day!

I didn’t get the official name for this, but it’s a cold crab served specifically for the insane amount of ROE you get with it. The meat itself is kinda hard and not that nice so get this if you’re a roe lover!!!! Sam devoured it like a caveman on steroids despite the fact we were already bursting with food.

That’s the last dish of the day!!!!!!!
Quite a feast for the both of us lol we were roly-polys after that.

SO full but so happy too!

Like what you see??? Hungry, and wanna go for a good authentic meal?

New Ubin Seafood is in the middle of a cluster of HDBs and near auto mobile repair shops.

Be forewarned that the location is pretty damn obscure and we had trouble finding it the first time. If you are going by cab make sure your taxi driver knows his stuff. If going by car, make sure you have a GPS system. If going by foot / bus, don’t even bother… It’s not an uppity restaurant so don’t go there expecting top notch service or high class decor. The set up of the place is “rustic”, the owner says. It’s very very casual but people like it for their authentic food. BYO is also available, meaning you can bring your own alcohol and chill out with friends and family all night long! Very few restaurants allow that in Singapore btw. They have indoor aircon and outdoor seating.

Reservations are recommended because they get impressively busy at dinner time, especially on the weekend. Remember to mention to the owners that you’re Shiberty’s blog reader! :)

New Ubin Seafood Restaurant
Block 27 Sin Ming Road (behind Block 26), #01-174, Singapore
Tel: 6466 9558

Food quality: 4/5
Service / Ambience: 3/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Most suitable for: Families, large groups, seafood & meat lovers, people who aren’t fussy about environments and know how to enjoy authentic, genuine tasting food!

I’ll definitely be heading back there with my family again. Thanks for the awesome treat guys!!!!!!! Love!


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