Mochi the Netherland Dwarf

Funny how the best things you’d never expect to happen to you always come about from the littlest ideas and ways.

So, one day, my friend had the day off and we arranged to hang out. Not wanting to head into town or do anything particularly productive, we went for a lazy lunch and after that, the initial plan was to visit a doggy-cafe in Katong that allowed you to play with their adorable dogs for a fee – but before making our way over there, we found out that it was shut down temporarily. So then, we were at a loss of what to do. “Let’s go see other doggies!” I told him.

“I saw this cute dog at NEX Serangoon…. It was soooo cute I wanna go back and see it!!” 

This was the dog I was talking about. Isn’t it adorbs??? :)

But le friend said he hated NEX Serangoon’s parking & would rather not go there, so somehow we ended up at Ang Mo Kio looking at bunnies instead. We were around the area anyway, and he just mentioned he knew of a pet store at Ang Mo Kio that sold really cute bunnies so I’m like “okay.” I just wanted to look at something fluffy and cute that day, it didn’t really matter what the animal was. I’m not a bunny or rabbit lover, so I didn’t think much of it but just went along with it.

Upon entering the shop, however, things changed.

Suddenly, you’d find me squealing and cooing at the rabbits… “SHOOOOOO CUTE!!! OMG! LOOK. I want to squish it.” – something like how I sounded. I saw a pair of adorable orange bunnies grooming and playing with each other, and then Nich asked the shopkeeper if we could hold the bunnies for awhile.

So this was what happened next.

Awwwww…. look at it! So snuggly! I was shocked by how gentle the bunny was. I would’ve expected them to be really squirmy and difficult to handle but they were docile and just sort of laid still for as long as you carried them. And then, I spotted another bunny….

A grey one.

I didn’t think it was that cute at the start, until the shopkeeper took them out and it was all


I turned into butter. You could’ve whipped me into cream if you wanted to. ARE YOU FOR REAL??? It’s so cute I am going to faint. I feel like a troll standing next to it when you compare our cuteness level.

“I want it!!!!!!!!! I want to take it hooome.” – Me, the next 30 minutes.

I fell in love with how cute she was, but I decided not to buy her because I’m not very good with animals. (or at least I thought I wasn’t) I’ve never had a pet aside from hamsters before, and a rabbit seemed like a huge commitment to someone like me. Besides, it’s probably just an impulse feeling because I’m so overwhelmed by how adorable she is – if I buy her now, and bring her home, I’m going to regret tomorrow.

Better say goodbye to the bunny, I told myself. You didn’t come with any intention to buy a pet today – you just wanted to look at fluffy things, remember?!

So, reluctantly…. I left the shop. I thought I was doing the right thing for myself.


A few days later, we ended up at the same shop again.

We were having lunch at the same mall the pet shop was at, so I thought I’d just drop by to have another look at the bunny…. It wouldn’t hurt…. I’m just looking at her, what’s the big deal? Window shopping is pleasing to the eyes and harmless to the wallet.

I walked into the shop, saw her cheekily munching away on her hay ball and IMMEDIATELY fell right back in love again. My god!!! Those cheeks! 

Oh and for those who don’t know yet, yes, I have purple hair now. I think my friend purposely suggested to have lunch at that mall so that I’d be tempted to see the bunny again.

Instead of just carrying her, this time, I asked the shopkeeper if we could put her on the floor to see how she’d interact with us.

She was the CUTEST thing to watch!!!! T___T I think it was the first time she had ever tried “walking” on solid ground, before her cage was completely covered in bedding so it was not a smooth finishing, unlike this polished wooden floor…. and she unwillingly “ice skated” across the floor!

LOL. Her muscles weren’t developed yet. She couldn’t keep her balance at all and ended up “swimming” when she tried to walk or hop. Truly hilarious. And every time you stroke her, she’d go completely limp and flat. Unlike the other rabbits who tried to run away whenever they were on the ground, she hung around us a lot and didn’t react in a bad way at all – being a total sweetheart. I felt like I had never seen anything so precious in my life. 

You can probably tell where this post is going already.


…………The rest was history, really.

This was the moment I welcomed Mochi the Netherland Dwarf rabbit into my life. She’s pure bred, really small sized and her coat is chinchilla colored!

I asked around for suggestions of names – I liked a few such as Sesame and Gandalf (sam’s idea lol) but ended up picking Mochi because she is SUCHHHH a mochi! Super soft, round, fluffy, and just…. so mochi-like. I can’t adequately explain it. If you see Mochi in real life, you’d understand exactly why she’s named Mochi. Thank you to the reader who suggested the name!!! :D It’s awesome! If Mochi were a boy, I would’ve named him Gandalf in a heartbeat.

Even though I only saw Mochi like twice before deciding to buy her (over a span of a few days) I don’t think it was an impulse buy because after the first night, I went back and did my research – rabbits are surprisingly easy animals to keep! They don’t stink at ALL, they don’t have smelly big poo like dogs or need to be walked or muzzled or groomed regularly, they’re perfect cuddly companions if you want something that doesn’t require your attention ALL the time. I asked the pet shop people a lot about rabbits before I finally decided on getting her. A huge thank you to Animal Kingdom for being patient with me and recommending the best stuff for my girl Mochi! If Mochi was in another pet store, I may not have ended up getting her because the people might not have been as friendly or knowledgeable. The people at Animal Kingdom were warm, and not pushy, they let me play with her for as long as I want so that I could make a proper decision! I bought her at 2+ months old for $300, which I thought was a great rate considering how pretty and well taken care of she is. :)

The people at Animal Kingdom grooming her before she went home with me – she looks positively pissed off, lol!!!

Hahahahah grumpy bunny is grumpy.

If you’re looking to buy a rabbit or other small animals (they have guinea pigs, hamsters etc) check out Animal Kingdom and tell them Jessica / Shiberty sent you! No, this is not an advertisement of sorts, I paid for every product purchased from them with my own money but I genuinely appreciate how professional and nice they’ve been to me! If not for them, I wouldn’t have met the rabbit love of my life.

We’re going home baby!!! Took her back to Yishun in this bag which had a litter tray, water bottle hole, “windows” for her to look at the outside world….. I felt like such a PROUD MAMA when I was holding her and walking around!!!!!

In total, everything costed me almost $800, including the rabbit. I bought all her supplies from Animal Kingdom as well – toys, the cage, bedding, food, trays, etc. I spoil her so much that I even bought her “rabbit air con” – essentially a cooling metal plate for her to lie on whenever it gets too warm – as it all too often does in Sunny Singapore!

Here’s Sam helping me set up Mochi’s pretty pink cage!

I consulted him before bringing her home, of course. In fact, I made him come to the pet store with me to view her because I wanted to make sure he liked her as well, before officially buying her!!! I put her on his lap, and she just laid there…. I think he was sold at that very second, just like I was.

Her cage all set up – before toys were put in. This was taken after a few days of living in it, as you can see the whole area is still very clean…. rabbits are hygienic pets in general and hate to be dirty! They’re always grooming themselves. And they have NO smell / odor whatsoever.

The first night, my little Mochi was timid and acting strange…. she just huddled in a corner most of the time, with a blank expression. I suppose that’s normal considering all the moving about and relocating to a new environment must be very stressful for them!

The pet store told me to leave her alone for 3 days before attempting to play with her.. I kinda went against their advice (LOL) I just couldn’t wait and within a few hours, she was on my lap and bed!!!!

Doesn’t she look like a chinchilla at certain angles?!

She didn’t struggle at all when she was picked up, so I put her on my lap thinking it was okay. But her behavior was still timid – she was as stiff as a brick, so I put her back after petting her awhile, to let her get some rest.  Throughout the night, I kept waking up to check on her and make sure she was okay. She really didn’t seem to move or do much!!!! Perhaps the poor little bunny was just petrified or tired. I remember thinking she didn’t have much personality. (oh, how wrong I was!) The next morning, I took her out of the cage put her on my bed… where she immediately peed on it. FML.

On the 2nd day, I tried many ways to get her attention - call her name, make squeaky noises, feed her treats (dried fruits), give her toys… but still she ignored me totally. When I put my hand next to her, she wouldn’t run away from it or anything, but neither would she go towards it to sniff and check it out. I thought that when she heard me coming from afar, out of curiosity’s sake she would at least look up at me…. but she just completely acts as if I don’t exist?!?! Frustrated and annoyed (sorry I am an impatient pet owner lolol), I jumped onto my computer and googled, “How to get my rabbit to like me?”

I knew it was only the 2nd day…. wtf calm down you stupid overly anxious blogger… naturally she would be scared of  you and be unaccustomed to everything yet. But let’s just say I like rushing into things, it’s a habit I find hard to kick. None of my relationships started out sensible and calculated – all of my boyfriends were like WHAM BAM HELLO I LOVE YOU. 

When doing my research on bunnies, I came across this Youtube video that showed a person hand feeding his rabbits a certain way – I tried his method, and by golly, it freaking worked!!! Lo and behold:

The moment she & I became properly acquainted, and weren’t strangers any more.

She didn’t seem to enjoy special treats, so I hand fed her pellets instead, which I noticed her finishing greedily anytime she was given any. The pet store advised me to supply her unlimited amounts of hay and to give two tablespoons of pellets in her food tray everyday, but I decided I wasn’t going to put any pellets into her food tray – if she wanted to have some of that yummies, she was gonna have to acknowledge me and come to me. Bwahahaha. Like a miracle, she took the bait, soon got used to my scent and became friendlier with me as the hours passed. She liked having me around because that always meant more yummy pellets to chew on. Food makes everyone happy, including bunnies!!!

For the first time, I put her on the floor and let her explore / roam around the house by herself for a bit.

She would nervously and cautiously circle around me at first, then hop a few steps away to venture out….. but every time she went a little bit too far on her own, she’d get scared and run right back to my side.


Everything has been going uphill from there. 

We play with her lots, keeping her physically and mentally stimulated. She gets at least one hour of play time and running around a day. It may not sound like a lot, but it is for a bunny! She looks absolutely exhausted after play time and normally falls asleep, so I’ll take it as this amount of exercise is good for her.

Having Mochi in my life has taught me a lot about rabbits. I used to think they were relatively brainless (like hamster level of intelligence) and boring, but as it turns out, they’re freaking intelligent for such small prey creatures!!!! In a matter of days, she’s been litter trained (she still poos everywhere but pees in her litter box, I think she can only control her pee at this point in time), she knows when I’m angry and stops what she’s doing (I sternly shout “NO!!!” at her when she chews cables or things she shouldn’t be chewing on)… She knows when play time is over because I’d walk over to pick her up and put her back into the cage, and she’d struggle and run away from me. But when I shout “NO!!!!” at her, she will become all docile and apologetic and let me handle her again. However, when it comes to being picked up out of the cage to play, she has no problem with that at all. Lol.

We have bonded so much over the past few days and everyday I celebrate little triumph in our relationship! It can be something as little and insignificant such as watching her find her water bottle in her new cage at the start. So simple, but it put a huge smile on my face.

I put my DSLR lens wayyy up to her face, hence the unfriendly expression. :P I don’t think she likes my camera very much.

She never used to dare climb out of the cage door by herself, but now she hops right out like a daredevil!!!!

I can’t get enough of her big blackkkk round eyes, her cutest white nose, her little white (stained green from hay) paws…. her beautifully soft and shiny chinchilla coat, and most of all, her personality! It is her best trait. She’s really the sweetest rabbit ever. I have not met any other peoples’ pet rabbits before so I guess you can say I’m a little bit biased, but you’ll be astonished at how much we get along considering I’ve had her less than a week now. You’d think I’ve had her for months!!!!

Look at her squashed up schweepy face! Mochi LOVES cuddling and being petted. Like loves loves lovessssss. 

Possibly more than she loves food. And that’s saying a lot, because she’s a pig, like me. Like momma, like baby bunny! You can touch her anywhere you want – on her ears, nose, face, under belly, tail…. she doesn’t mind at all. If you stop petting her, she will nudge you with her hand or look at you in an accusing way, or bury her face even further into the crevices of your arms. Amazingly enough she also lets all my friends pet and carry her… friendliest rabbit of the world award.

Watch out! Wabbit on the loose!!

My current favorite past time is to sit back and watch this silly rabbit hop and prance around. Because my floor is of marble tiling, she can’t control her speed and balance very well sometimes, so she falls over and skids and slides everywhere. Silly bunny!

That’s her poop in the corner of the picture. I’ve turned into a rabbit poop picking machine recently.

The energizer bunny zooming back towards me! What she’ll do is she’ll hop hop hop away, explore some, then run straight back to mama for a pet or a treat. My friend commented that she kinda gallops like a horse instead of hop sometimes… which you can sort of see in the moving picture above. Rofl.

So I’ve also taught her to follow me around the house. And if you’ve never had a tiny fluffy bunny hopping after your every move at your feet….. your life is not complete.

She always gives me the face when she wants something.

Rabbits have a lot more personality and are more expressive than most people would think!

For example, I read online that rabbits do this soft teeth grinding thing when they’re contented and pleased. Kinda like the way a cat purrs when it’s happy. When I was cuddling her one afternoon, I heard and felt it for the first time ever! It’s so odd but wonderful. She does it every time I hold her now. Thank you for loving me back, Mochi!!! When they’re upset, they will either bite you, thump their feet or squeal. None of which she’s ever been close to doing, thank goodness. Another happy behavioural thing she does is these crazy binkies everywhere whenever she’s let out to run…. getting shockingly and increasingly hyper day by day. I can’t imagine what she’ll be like in a month’s time, at the rate she’s going.  If you don’t know what rabbit binkies are, click here. It’s like this awkward yet delirious looking twist of their body and flick of their head and feet when they’re jumping mid air and – which means congratulations owner, you’ve done well, your rabbit is SUPER joyful!!! I can’t describe the first time I saw Mochi do a binky.

She does it really high and really fast and usually multiple times in a row while running around my living room. It’s like I wanna do a binky myself!!!!! If I feel this way about a rabbit I really don’t know how exaggerated a mom I’m going to be in the future. :P My brother reckons I should have just gotten a dog instead considering my enthusiasm level, hah. You might already know this but *coughs* I’ve been really obsessed with her. I even bought her vitamin c to eat daily…. I HAVE NEVER BOUGHT MYSELF HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS. EVER. e_e

It sure is, bunz! When she feels lazy or tired, she’ll flop into this classic “I ain’t got a care in the world” position.

And there you have it – the introduction of my new chinchilla Netherland Dwarf bunny in my life! If you told me 2 weeks ago that in the near future I would own a pet rabbit and love it to death, I would tell you that you were crazy. I had literally ZERO intention of being associated with a rabbit, let alone owning one. What was supposed to be a lunch outing with a friend turned into an event that changed my life. :) So far I think I’ve done enough research on her to properly take care of her well enough. I can’t believe bunnies supposedly live for 6-10 years! Of course it ranges from individuals, but they usually get up to at least 5. That’s pretty long. In 5 years time I’m going to be 26 years old…. ACK.

Let’s not go there right now. I’ve been quite upset by a personal issue lately and she’s been helping me cope with it by distracting me from the problem.


You fill my heart with so many warm, fuzzy feelings. And you, really are, the cutest thing I have ever seen.



10 ways to lose weight effectively

If you’re human, like me, you would have most likely put on some weight in December.

With all that festive feasting, how could you not?! Alcohol, cakes, indulgent meals…. yep, December is kinda notorious for that. So by the time January comes, one of the top few tasks on most peoples’ New Year’s Resolutions list would be “to lose weight”. I know it sure is on mine! I’ve lost a significant amount of weight last year, but my progress got kinda stagnant towards the end part of it… however, a new year is for revived opportunities, so say goodbye to complacency and hello PERSEVERANCE!

In case you don’t know, here’s how much weight I’ve lost:


LOL. I knowwwwwwwwwww. It’s awful. And kinda (very) scary. Trust me, when I was scrolling through my old photos trying to find the fattest full body shot of myself I could find, my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this. Like, I always knew I was gaining weight, but I could NEVER fathom just how much. You know that quote, “You don’t know what you’ve lost until its gone?” Yeah, in my case its about the amount of fats. I’m not sure of the exact number but I think I’ve lost approximately 10-11kg since then.

To be fair, this was probably THE most unflattering picture of me ever taken…. AND the worst dress I’ve ever worn, in the worst possible angle. It’s amazingly cringe-worthy on so many levels. Not even just cringe-worthy, GASP-inducing! I was really big but I don’t think I really walked around looking like that everyday…. there are plenty of other pictures of me looking like a normal fat person (if that makes sense lol), but this one REALLY takes the cake. This one stole the whole cake and ate it by herself hahaha. I contemplated over whether I should post this picture or not, but I figured I have nothing to lose since I’m not that person any more. I am the much healthier and happier girl on the right side of the pic now! The pic in the purple dress was taken 31st December on the last day of 2012. Within 10 months, I think I made good progress and I’m proud of myself. I thought I would have binged and caved in to my old habits eventually and my weight would rebound back up again, but I’ve maintained it surprisingly well! In my old post, I mentioned that I aim to lose 7kg this year, so that is my new goal I have to work towards in 2013.

Quite a lot of people have been asking me lately, “How did you do it?” (I suppose some thought I’d never able to do it) so I decided to do a blog post with some of my own tips that helped me along the way, to provide some motivation to the people out there that truly need it. I’m not reaching out to annoying girls who are perfectly normal sized but complain that they are fat, I hope to reach out to actually overweight people who have a physical and mental condition that they want to mend. From the messages I’ve been getting, I know some of you feel helpless, but you are not. Everyone already KNOWS how to lose weight – eat less, exercise more. It’s just that simple. But what people want to hear is other straightforward baby steps that they can take so that the task seems more feasible, and not too daunting. What they want to hear is an easier solution. I can tell you this, losing weight is anything but easy, especially if you do it the good old fashioned way (excluding slimming pills, diet suppressants, detox teas, liposuction, fad diets, bulimia) but taking small steps so that your body gets accustomed to your new lifestyle change will make it much easier. I still have a considerable amount of work to do and progress to make before I’m well satisfied with my body, so I will have to refer back to this list whenever my strength happens to waiver this year…. which I pray will not happen, but I know it will some time or another, I am only human. I don’t claim to be a diet / body / health / nutritionist expert of sorts, but this list below has worked well for me, and I hope it will for you too.

Shiberty’s list of 10 ways to lose weight effectively:

1) Drink more water in between and right before meals.

Water is the healthiest and most natural diet suppressant.
• Not only does drinking enough water aid in keeping your skin clear, body hydrated and your brain functioning properly, it also results in you feeling full for longer periods of time. When I feel like snacking in between meals, I drink a lot of cold, CARBONATED water to make my cravings go away. 80% of the time, it works. 20% of the time, unforunately I succumb to my temptations. The gas and bubbles from the drink makes me burp and kind of bloated, which is a fab solution when you’re hungry although you’re not supposed to be… it tricks your body into thinking that you’re not. Also, drink half a glass of cold water before you have any meal. It WILL decrease the amount of food you will eat quite significantly. I try to drink carbonated cold water whenever I can, it works better than still water.

2) Skip supper.

Everyone knows that to lose weight, you have to eat less in general.
• Most importantly, you have to watch what you eat at night, from 7pm onwards. In the day, your metabolism rate is much higher and burns up calories faster than it would at night. The excess calories that don’t get used by the time you sleep will be stored as sugar in your body, and converted into fat cells eventually. I can’t tell you to skip dinner because that would be unhealthy, but have a light dinner made of mainly protein and vegetables, and ALWAYS skip supper when you can!!! A good way to make sure you don’t succumb to supper cravings is to sleep earlier. Wake up and have breakfast the next morning instead. People who head to bed after 1am will definitely feel kinda hungry by that time, unless they had a late dinner, which is also not good. When I feel hungry at night, I go to sleep. You can’t feel hungry (or any conscious feeling at all) when you’re asleep. If you’re too hungry to fall asleep, which happens to me some times… for gods sake, fix yourself something light to snack on then off to bed you go!

3) Weigh yourself everyday.

When I was gaining weight, I kept myself off the weighing scale for as long as possible..
• I ran far away from it whenever I saw one. I couldn’t face the truth. Not for a long time. But now, I jump on the weighing scale everyday, for a reality check. If you want to lose weight, you HAVE to face the truth – that your body is in an unhealthy state right now, and you NEED to do something about it. Look at your weight. Is it a number you’d like to see? No it is not. It sucks. It’s so damn high, what the hell happened to you? What number would look a lot better on the scale, and what dress would look really good on you if your weight actually were the number you hope for it to be? Plan a weekly target for your weight loss. Don’t get far fetched and think about how much weight you want to lose in the next half a year. Start slow, but steady. Start by losing 500g this week. 500g is really easy, you could lose 500g in a day or two if all you ate was a moderate amount of salad, fruits, protein and water. When you lose your first 500g, you’ll instantly feel a mini sense of triumph. And that sense of achievement and self-fulfillment will become addictive, as you see your weight drop more and more every day, even if its only by 200g sometimes. If you wanna get thinner, you weigh yourself everyday to monitor your progress, to make sure you’re on the right track. You don’t leave it to chance and luck and hope weight loss just happen to you. If you’re not seeing enough results, TRY HARDER. Just like how if you wanna get rich, or when you’re doing a business, you calculate your finances and sales profit all the time to keep track of your record!

4) Eat when you need and want to, but in small, controlled amounts.

When you need to eat: 
• It’s better to have 4 or 5 small meals throughout the day, than to have 1 or 2 gigantic ones. Your body breaks down the food easier and faster when it comes in moderated amounts. A sure bet to lose weight is to snack frequently on healthier options in between lunch and dinner, so you don’t end up eating too much at night. Snack on dried seaweed, cheeses, fruits, anything that doesn’t have a super high amount of carbs / sugar will do just fine. Or drink carbonated water, like I said! Most people look forward to dinner because its their biggest and most indulgent meal… That’s gonna have to change!

When you want to eat: 
• If you have a craving that lasts for hours or even days and it just won’t seem to go away, satisfy it. If you feel like ice cream, have some ice cream. Share it with a friend. Don’t order your usual 2 scoops of ice cream. Have one scoop instead. If you can bring yourself to, have only a few spoonfuls, enough to satisfy your craving and keep yourself sane. Sustainable dieting is so important. Most of the time, people give up their diets halfway because it drove them insane. They felt like they couldn’t eat anything at all. So I’m taking a different approach and telling you, EAT if you really feel like you want to. But always learn how to moderate. If I’m dying for pasta, (one of my favorite foods) I will have pasta for lunch, in a small portion much lesser than what I’d normally have if I let myself indulge. Then I’ll opt for a low-carb meal for dinner to make up for my high intake of carbohydrates in the afternoon. This way, you’ll find its much easier to adhere to your diet for prolonged periods of time.

5) Don’t over order when you’re dining out in restaurants. 

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
• When you look at the menu in a restaurant, you wanna order literally EVERYTHING. You let your gluttony get the better of you, and you end up ordering more than you can eat. Damn it! Over-ordered again. But the food is already in front of you, on the table….. You’re gonna have to pay for that anyway……..  Mama always taught you not to waste food. Gah, you hate seeing perfectly good and yummy food being thrown away. Hate wasting food, hate wasting food. Must finish everything. So you reach out into the table, and you keep putting food into your mouth, even when you should have and could have stopped 300 calories ago. You’re not eating because you’re still hungry, you’re eating just because the food is there. It’s in front of you. A natural reaction. If this scenario sounds like you, then you’re JUST like me. Stop doing that.

• Don’t order your starter, main course and dessert all at the start of the meal. Order a main course first, then think about whether you’re hungry enough to have a side dish. If you are, why not share it with your dining partner? Don’t even think about dessert until you’re done with all the savory food. Think ya got space in your tummy? Drink half a glass of water. If you still insist on dessert after all of that – fine, go ahead. But chances are, you won’t.  When you think you’ve had quite enough but afraid you may reach out for more, proclaim loudly, “I’m really full now.” I do that when I’m with a group of friends and it prevents me from eating more coz if I do I’d look really stupid, and a liar. LOL. Or, simply ask the waiter to clear your table. Voila. The food isn’t in your face any more, so you don’t have to think about whether you should continue eating. Problem solved.

6) Stop eating when you feel adequately satiated, not when you feel full or bloated.

Your stomach is like a muscle you can train.
• If you persistently have smaller meals, your stomach will naturally shrink as well, and it won’t need as much food to become full. The first time you cut down on your usual amount of intake, you’ll feel slightly unsatisfied or reluctant, but you’ll get used to it very quickly. You’ll feel the results of this theory in a mere week, try it. It does’t have to be a drastic difference. If you love rice, and are used to having it all the time for dinner, then instead of a whole bowl, reduce it to 3/4 bowl. After a week or two, reduce it to half a bowl. It will make a world of difference in time to come.

• Some people don’t know when to stop eating. (*raises hands* I am one of them!) They gorge themselves until they’re crazily bloated. You should actually stop eating when you feel adequately SATIATED. What does adequately satiated mean? When your tummy isn’t growling any more. When you feel like you’ve got enough in your stomach to keep you going for at least another hour or two, not the whole damn day. When hunger isn’t an issue, and when you can go back to functioning normally. Stop eating at that point. You don’t need to be FULL all the time. Eating till you’re full isn’t satisfying your body’s needs, it is satisfying your own endless greed. 

7) Pick up a friendly or competitive sport with a friend.

Hate going running, or to the gym? 
• Me too. The weather is wayyy too hot and humid outside to go running, and the gym is just…. well, boring. Sounds like excuses? They probably are. So rid yourself of excuses and pick up a totally fun sport with a friend! You’ll end up doing it for the fun factor, rather than exercising, which becomes a byproduct. I some times play table tennis with the boyfriend, and badminton with friends, and burn more calories than I notice. Other fun activities such as swimming works great as well – as long as you’re moving and using energy, you’re burning up calories. Exercise becomes a lot more bearable when you have a friend to motivate you – I prefer competitive sports so that I have a reason to perform even better and try harder each time we play! Find a spontaneous and reliable friend who’s willing to commit to a new activity with you. It’s important you find someone you can rely on to always show up, because if your friend / work out partner starts getting lazy, chances are you will get affected as well. Yoga? Soccer? Pilates? Tennis? Whatever you fancy. Just find something, and do it. Anything but sitting on your ass.

8) Lower your carbohydrates intake.

“Is butter a carb?” – Regina George, Mean Girls.
• No, butter isn’t a carb, Regina. Butter = fat. Technically, eating foods high in fat (oily friend chicken, fatty char siew) doesn’t make you as fat as eating carbohydrates does. If you made Person A eat KFC everyday, and Person B eat Pasta Mania everyday, Person B will most likely put on more weight than Person A because of their high amount of carbohydrates intake from the pasta. The biggest factor of my weight loss is definitely going on a low-carbohydrate diet. Low carb doesn’t mean NO carb, it just means I’ve reduced my carb intake significantly while still consuming enough to keep my body running normally. It is imperative that a person who wants to lose weight efficiently understands what carbohydrates do to your body. So let’s have a little science lesson.

What ARE carbs? Main sources of carbohydrates include noodles, rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, sweet potatoes, any starchy or sugary food. Sugar = also carbs. So that means an innocent looking piece of fruit or vegetable has a certain amount of carbs as well, for it is naturally sweet. Let’s use an apple as an example. But that doesn’t mean that eating an apple will make you fat –  there are good carbs, and bad carbs.

Good Carbs AKA Complex Carbs
• We can reap the health benefits of good carbs by choosing carbohydrates full of fiber. These carbs that get absorbed slowly into our systems, avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels. Examples: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans.

Bad Carbs AKA Processed Carbs
• We can minimize the health risk of bad carbs by eating fewer refined and processed carbohydrates that strip away beneficial fiber. Examples: white bread and white rice.

Carbohydrate Addiction
• The consumption of carbohydrates can actually cause an addiction for many people, because of the serotonin release they induce. Serotonin is a brain chemical that improves the mood and induces a relaxing effect by decreasing stress and anxiety as well as reducing pain. People with low serotonin levels may therefore reach for more and more carbohydrates in an attempt to feel better, which can eventually lead to weight gain.

Fat Storage
• After eating carbohydrates, the pancreas responds by producing insulin, which is mainly responsible for regulating blood sugar levels by letting the carbohydrates, broken down into sugar, enter the cells of the liver and muscles to be used for energy. However, insulin also has the role of regulating fat storage. High levels of circulating insulin, which are associated with the consumption of carbohydrates, help with the storage of carbohydrates and excess calories not required for immediate use as fat. In other words, carbohydrates promote the release of insulin, which in turn promotes fat storage.

(Source 1, Source 2.)

These days, I don’t even have to exercise excessively or starve myself to lose weight – I just have to lower my carbs intake, and I usually see weight loss results within days. I’ve lost as much as 2 kilos in a week simply by reducing processed carbs, and eating more protein, fat + complex carbs such as fruits and vegetables. Coupled with increased exercising, the results can be quite drastic. Like an 11kg sort of drastic-ally wonderful. Losing weight isn’t the difficult part, it’s MAINTAINING the weight that is the biggest hurdle. After losing some, you’ll gain some back… but your aim is to keep most of it off!

9) Always wear nice clothes that actually fit you.

Why? I’ll tell you why.

The Clothes Know Best
• The easiest, idiot proof way to tell if you’ve gained weight is trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans, or a dress that would normally fit you just fine. You don’t even have to voluntarily step onto a weighing scale to find out – your clothes will instantly tell you. Now, if you’re the type who likes to wear baggy, loose-fitting stuff all the time, your weight gain may not be immediately obvious. And it doesn’t feel good when your clothes that used to fit, don’t any more. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll do something about it.

Baggage Allowance
• When I was a UK Size 14, some times I’d buy a dress that was UK Size 16 just in case I got even fatter. It was almost as if I was prepping myself for future weight gain. These days, I swear by all UK size 10 dresses, even if some times they’re a little tight around my hips or chest. On several occasions I wore dresses so tight fitting, I could barely breathe in them. BUT I’M NOT GOING TO BUY A GOD DAMN SIZE UP ANY MORE. Doing so is pretty much giving myself the OK to become fatter again. I will not accept this behavior from myself. What I wanna do, is downsize even more. If my dress is tight, I’m going to lose enough weight so that it fits perfectly, and hopefully one day it will be loose, like all my other now-redundant UK size 12s, 14s, and 16s!!! I have quite a lot of clothes that don’t fit me at all any more, mainly ranging from UK 14 to 16s. I know how hard it is to find nice clothes when you’re  of a certain size, so if you’re interested in buying my pretty clothes off me (all in perfect condition), drop me a mail at

Wear Nice Clothes To Feel Good About Yourself
• There was a period of time I recycled the same old boring, ugly clothes over and over again, because those would be all that’d fit me. Fashion didn’t even matter to me, and I just let myself go. No make up, hair was shit, fashion sense was also shit… It was severely depressing. Even if you’re a big girl, you deserve to indulge in fashion! Pamper yourself and wear nice clothing. It will inspire you to shed some pounds so that you may look even better in future outfits. Completely letting yourself go and not caring how you end up looking or feeling like, is the worst possible thing you could do for yourself. Don’t let yourself go, don’t lose hope. I know its inevitable that you lose some self-confidence when you gain weight, which is why you need to regain your self-love back. Most girls don’t bother to lose weight because they don’t BELIEVE that they are worth the change, or that they CAN do it. Losing weight is 60% mindset and willpower, 25% dieting, 15% exercise.

10) Celebrate every victory!

…No matter how small.
• Keeping your morale up is vital for weight loss. Always think positive, and give yourself rewards for seemingly little achievements. You didn’t have supper last night? GOOD FOR YOU. You had grilled fish instead of pasta? Splendid. Buy yourself a little gift (a healthy cookbook?). Tell your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, sister, brother or friend about it. Get them to support you. You won’t survive this journey on your own. Don’t beat yourself up over little mistakes, such as failing to resist your favorite dessert after dinner time. That’s okay. Just exercise tomorrow to burn the calories off. Don’t blame yourself if you’re not straight away seeing the results you were hoping for. It will not be easy, it will not be quick, but it will be completely worth every single tear and sweat drop that came out of this. By the end of it all, you’ll see that I was right. Like I’ve said before, you didn’t put on all that weight in one day, so don’t expect only a day to burn it off. …But it’s always better to be sore the next day, than sorry.


Aside from all that I’ve mentioned above, of course I have to highlight that I was extremely fortunate enough to have undergone acupuncture weight management treatment with Eu Yan Sang and be their featured blogger, which gave me the push I desperately needed! Read about my weight loss journey with EYS here: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3. Oh, and if you have a friend whom you know that is struggling with weight issues or someone who needs some encouragement and inspiration – do me a favor, & help me share this post with them!

Always remember: Your body is constantly a work in progress.

No slim or trim figure lasts forever unless you bother to maintain it. And no overweight or obese person will be fat or thick forever either, unless you continue stuffing your face and gorging your body with unhealthy food day after day. I’m on the same path, just like you. We are all in this together. I hope by the end of 2013, I can look back on my current pictures and say “Look how much smaller my arms / thighs have gotten!”. TODAY is always the right day to start making a change. If you don’t do it in 2013, when will it ever happen? A year from now, when you look back, you’ll wish you’d started a year ago. Take it from a person who once proclaimed to the world that she loved food more than herself. I still love food to the heavens, hell and back. And I’m really fucking lazy when it comes to physical activities to boot. You can do it if you want to. But only if you really, REALLY want it badly enough. So ask yourself…. do you, now?

Hear this, and repeat after me: I’M DOING THIS FOR ME.

Not because some assholes are calling me mean names. Not because I’m being pressured into it. I’m doing this out of my own good sense and will because I’ve finally had enough of my own lame excuses. Because I need to start loving myself properly again. Because I deserve to be healthy, and happy.

Good luck!!!!!!!! 



Out with the old, in with the new


Yes, I’m still alive, breathing and kicking.. after 2 weeks of not updating my blog. Here’s a hastily picture of me taken in a cab 2 days ago as evidence. Sorry for my disappearance. Don’t be mad at me.

Here’s a cute little Maltese puppy to beg for your forgiveness.

…No? Not good enough?

How about a cute puppy giving a cute girl a cute kiss on the cheek? That oughta do it.

Her name is Knuckles btw. She belongs to my previous high school teacher.

As you should know, I’ve been deadly busy with all the moving houses and stuff… finally, this end week feels a little bit more sane with some time to myself, and I look forward to days of doing nothing in December because I feel like I’ve had too many things to do for too long a time!

In actual fact I don’t have the time to blog in the first place but I feel bad enough for leaving this space untouched for a prolonged period of time so I’m going to finish this entry about moving houses before scrambling to do my advertorial. Here’s what I’ve been through the past 2 weeks..

Where it all began:

Sam dumping our stuff into big black bags. I was too emo and moping around in disbelief, to even begin packing till the very last minute. My idea of packing = grab whatever I can, shove them into bags until the bags threaten to break under pressure. Sounds easy but you would never imagine the amount of shit I have in my room!!! After throwing away lots, I’m still left with plenty.

And yes, Sam drew that picture of us that’s hanging on the wall…. but the frame came loose and it dangled sideways for a year.

Stuff on the floor.

More stuff sprawled across the bed. Yikes!!!

The only beauty I can find about moving houses (involuntarily) is discovering hidden gems. Look at this queer drawing I did back in high school. As in literally in math class I sat down and drew this. When everyone else was doing algebra, this was the kind of entertainment I’d fill my time with. Whatta freak lol. The words read: “I would like to have you for dinner…”

Clearly, I was a very disturbed child. X_X

The old house looking like a riot place as everyone madly runs about packing everything into bags and boxes….

It broke my heart to see all our nice things being put into cardboard boxes. :(

I know there weren’t going to be thrown away, but instead moved to a new home, but still….. I can’t help!!! I really do have attachment issues. This was the only home I’ve ever truly known. Well it is the first, but I know it won’t be the last.

My last night sleeping in that bed and room.

…When I wake up tomorrow, life will be different.

For the record, this is what I used to wake up to every morning!

My old room’s tiny innit? On the top green shelf there used to be mountain of soft toys, but by the time I took this picture most of my belongings were cleared. Sam’s widescreen com on the left, my square-ish one on the right. I prefer screens that aren’t too big so I don’t have to move my head when I’m looking at the computer.

This is me punishing my mum for making us move out, by having her carry my heavy boxes around.

Lol just kidding I’m not an imbecile. She just offered to help with that one particular box and didn’t lift a finger after that…

Speaking of my mother, I burst out laughing when I saw this old picture of her we uncovered whilst moving. She was 20 in the picture, and I am 20 now. I can see a MILD resemblance… do you? The lips (thin upper lip, thicker lower lip that juts out a bit) and almond shaped eyes eyes, mostly. Her nose is sharper than mine and my jawline is a lot more angular.

I’m looking at her lashes wondering if they’re real or photoshopped or what!!! I don’t know if they had photoshop or fake lashes back then O.O

I literally said out loud “Bye bye my room… I will miss you.” and everyone laughed. Why doesn’t anyone take me seriously???

Look at it.. its so bright, colorful and happy looking! Just like a kids room which I love coz some times I still feel like 10 years old. I miss my green shelves, purple table and bright yellow walls!

I also especially miss my traffic-light lookalike lights. They used a dimmer switch which is an AMAZINGLY underrated feature in houses.. all new age condos and private houses should install dimmer lights. Being able to adjust the amount of light intensity according to your mood seriously rocks.

As we were driving away in Simei for one last time, I tried to take a picture of Savannah Condo Park during a red light stop from the outside for keeps sake but this KNNB lorry decided to drive into my frame at the last split second my shutter went off. I didn’t even see it coming. Couldn’t resnap the shot because the traffic lights turned green…

 Oh well.

First few days of moving was Ikea hell. Needed to get new stuff for the house but it happened to the weekend AND a public holiday for Deepavali…. We were swimming in crowds of people!!!


The new place:

For those of you who don’t know yet, I chose the Yishun condo in the end.

I would like to sincerely say a big thank you to every single person who has taken the time to leave me a comment on my blog posts or writing me emails to help me gain different perspectives on the situation, and giving me your 2 cents on the situation. Thank you for sharing your own stories, and for giving me the encouragement I badly needed.

You guys get me!

Someone told me, a home is not just a house. A home should be somewhere beautiful and comfortable where you can look forward to coming back to after a long day of work, a place where relationships grow and memories can be made. That really hit home with me.

So I’ve decided to stay in a totally new neighbourhood, Yishun (kind of in the middle of nowhere really) despite Novena offering extreme convenience. After all, what the hell would I do if I can’t bake or cook?!?! Although I wouldn’t call this place my ideal home or the epitome of comfort I’m quite happy to make the most out of what I have here. :)

Ta-dah. My new room at Yishun!!!! I got the master bedroom with a king sized bed and an ensuite bathroom, hallelujah!! This was the first night so it looks very bare.

I didn’t cry the first night sleeping here, like I thought I would. Ok maybe crying is a bit dramatic but I thought I would at least not be able to sleep properly… turns out I slept just fine despite the foreign environment because this king sized bed is actually damn comfortable o.o

After staying here a whole week, here’s how my room looks right now!
As a reader on Formspring requested: HOUSE TOUR TIME!!!! Welcome to my new place!

I’ve finished packing my clothes but there are still boxes of bags, trinkets, accessories and cosmetics to be unloaded neatly… phew... one step at a time!

My luscious king sized bed and pretty purple silk sheets which I get to relish every night, and my black and white furry bed guardians watching over me. They all have P names, just so you know.

Phillip (the biggest, the original.. and the dirtiest haha), Ping (the china looking one), and the tiny ones are Poing, Peanut, Paella, Parsley, Pepperoni, Potato, Pizza, Pineapple and Pumpkin!!! :D Unfortunately there is one penguin missing in this photo (11 in total) because I brought him out the other day and forgot to take him out of my bag still.

There is so much more S.P.A.C.E in my new room!!!

I can actually WALK around freely despite fitting a huge bed in it…. ahhhh. I try to focus on the good parts about my new place as much as possible, and have almost gotten over my break up with Savannah. Always look on the bright side of life!

Where I’m sitting now talking (typing?) to you guys!!!

My tiny computer desk which I bought from Ikea without measuring properly. Think I might have to go get a new one because this is annoyingly small.

Check out my wardrobe!!! It’s damn bigggg balllzz, and there’s TWO of the same sized wardrobes available.

So happy!!!!

Even has extra space to hang Sam’s blazers for him. It’s a helluva lot easier for me to find outfits these days. Previously I had to fold a lot of my clothes and folded clothes are a pain in the ass to take out and put back.

I mean I still have a decent amount of folded clothes in both wardrobes, but being able to hang that much clothes is a new luxury to me.

Take a peek inside my drawers, and you’ll find….

Forbidden stuff. Woops LOL. I may just be the first blogger in Singapore to publicly publicize her panties and bras on her blog. How???? Controversial and scandalous enough for you?

Told you I would make up for my absence in blogging.

Next drawer down is a lot more toned down.

Color pencils, books and stuff from when I used to be 13, pimply, bespectacled and absolutely alone in life besides these books I would escape into, wishing reality wasn’t real. I would stay up till 4am reading book after book in wide eyed wonder… these are some favorites I just had to keep.

Several display items that are close to my heart :)

I actually have A LOT of display items but I don’t have enough space to keep em so I’ve put away 80% of them in the store room in boxes… Amazingly enough in the 3 years I’ve had that killer whale photo frame, I never bothered to put my photo in it. I guess I like looking at it just as is. Some day I’ll finally have a photo of me interacting with killers in there!!!

A closer look at Baby Shiberty. Hehehe.

…I was so cute… mama, what happened to me???

This part, I thought some girls might be curious enough to wanna see :) A box of body lotions, contact lenses, a purple Prada purse, scrubs…

My sunglasses (mostly hidden unfortunately) and bangles collection! I prefer wearing bangles to bracelets because you just slip them on and go. I don’t like fiddling with hooks and stuff that slips around in my hands.

Lots and lots of hairbands, hair ties and clips!!! I love hair accessories!

One of my three drawers filled with crazy & beautiful necklaces. Am a neck piece kinda girl.

My bedside: Phillip, products I use often, my DSLR, a polaroid cam, Sam’s glasses & passport. No idea what the last two were doing there.

My own bathroom!!! Weeeeeee I hate sharing toilets with other people so this is a god send.

I’ve got a bath tub but haven’t soaked in yet because the faucet looks so oldddd and ancient I’m afraid of what would come out of it. Lol. I look forward to dressing this bathroom up with romantic candles over the course of this week, though! :D Then I’ll have a warm, bubbly soak.

The shower area, and a reflection of the toilet bowl. I like the marble flooring.

So, the only real complain I have about my new room…. is the window / view!!!! I only have one window in the room and it looks like this:

These blinds are so ugly, and old!

They might not look so bad in pictures but wait till you try working them. They don’t even go up or down properly any more. I wanna replace them with flowy lacey curtains, but then realized why the original owners (this is a rented place) installed blinds instead of curtains which are a more “open” concept…

The view is HOW uninspiring... LOL……. yeah, I’ll keep those blinds, thanks.

So sad lor!!! At Savannah I was spoiled with views of the PIE and lush greenery and fountains, here I’m looking at an unfinished construction site. *sighs* However, this does mean that this house keeps very cool in the afternoons, unlike my old place which had a lot of glass windows that did provide great views and sunlight but made the house feel like a green house every single day.

Also, I’m not sure where to store my hand bags.

Right now they’re just sitting in a pile beside my bed. How DO girls normally store their bags??? I’d assume their wardrobe is completely filled with clothes. I know people with the luxury of a looott of space can easily find a place for their bags, but even though I said this room is big, its not really big enough to house a huge shelf especially for bags. :/


Ready to see the rest of the house?! :D

Our glass coffee table and the two humble couches. On the left is this lousy pok hard couch they left us with, on the right is a red couch we brought over from the old home which is covered mostly by… Oops, my giant killer whale Tilikum and Abby Bear… coz I haven’t found a place for them yet… I might be throwing Abby Bear out (sniffles. had to dispose of a lot of my things) and suspend Tilikum from the ceiling in my room just like my old place.

The whole living room area! Very spacious indeed. I’d love to have guests come over soon!!!! I can’t wait to host an advanced Christmas party here. I’ve already bought a festive bright red cake stand and I’m going to make a beautiful red velvet cake for my guests to go “oooh” and “Ahhh” at… omg I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! This year I’m going to Bali with my family for X’mas! :D

The dining table they provided us with.

Meh, it’s a rented place so I’m not gonna bother about the dining table as long as I can eat off it and it doesn’t make me cringe too much.. but that thing hanging on the wall is so ugly!!! And kind of disturbing. Looks like torture devices or a really old sewing technique of sorts. Anyone know what it is?

My brother and Sam aren’t home so I couldn’t ask for their permissions to take pictures of their rooms but what the hell I’m going to do it anyway. This is my brother’s room. Most guys have utterly boring rooms.

And this is Sam’s! I gave him that domokun and scrumps toy :)

The kitchen is TINY and it gets really warm because not enough breezes come by. The only saving grace is the built in oven!!!

The fridge, however, is rather big. Haven’t stocked up on groceries just yet, had to throw away all my sauces and marinades in my old fridge which we left behind T____T

We have an enormous amount of butter because of my baking! All that much beer belongs to my Australian boyfriend Sam… you know, Aussies and their alcohol.

Most guests at our old place were amused with this pile of my baking supplies! Pull open those drawers and you’ll find bags of flour, cake decorating tools, piping tips… very fun to play with!!!


Well that brings us to the end of my new house tour! The pool area downstairs is actually quite nice and reminds me just a little of my old condo, but I decided against posting pictures in the end because I don’t want too many people to know where exactly I’m staying in case they recognize it. I have a tendency to walk around my condo in my PJs sometimes hahaha. All I can say is I live quite near Yishun MRT! And even though Yishun is MILES away from anywhere except Northpoint, the heartland shopping centre, Northpoint is actually pretty cool. A range of restaurants to choose from (so much better than my old Eastpoint wtf) and a Party World KTV andddd a Golden Village cinema!!! Hurrah!!!!

And I actually live much closer now to a number of friends, to their delight. Because of this I’ve been having more suppers as they drive and pick us up to have yummeh food at 11pm… oh no! Both a good and bad thing.

I’m going to embrace this change of life. Thank you for being here with me. Talk to you guys soon.


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