Out with the old, in with the new


Yes, I’m still alive, breathing and kicking.. after 2 weeks of not updating my blog. Here’s a hastily picture of me taken in a cab 2 days ago as evidence. Sorry for my disappearance. Don’t be mad at me.

Here’s a cute little Maltese puppy to beg for your forgiveness.

…No? Not good enough?

How about a cute puppy giving a cute girl a cute kiss on the cheek? That oughta do it.

Her name is Knuckles btw. She belongs to my previous high school teacher.

As you should know, I’ve been deadly busy with all the moving houses and stuff… finally, this end week feels a little bit more sane with some time to myself, and I look forward to days of doing nothing in December because I feel like I’ve had too many things to do for too long a time!

In actual fact I don’t have the time to blog in the first place but I feel bad enough for leaving this space untouched for a prolonged period of time so I’m going to finish this entry about moving houses before scrambling to do my advertorial. Here’s what I’ve been through the past 2 weeks..

Where it all began:

Sam dumping our stuff into big black bags. I was too emo and moping around in disbelief, to even begin packing till the very last minute. My idea of packing = grab whatever I can, shove them into bags until the bags threaten to break under pressure. Sounds easy but you would never imagine the amount of shit I have in my room!!! After throwing away lots, I’m still left with plenty.

And yes, Sam drew that picture of us that’s hanging on the wall…. but the frame came loose and it dangled sideways for a year.

Stuff on the floor.

More stuff sprawled across the bed. Yikes!!!

The only beauty I can find about moving houses (involuntarily) is discovering hidden gems. Look at this queer drawing I did back in high school. As in literally in math class I sat down and drew this. When everyone else was doing algebra, this was the kind of entertainment I’d fill my time with. Whatta freak lol. The words read: “I would like to have you for dinner…”

Clearly, I was a very disturbed child. X_X

The old house looking like a riot place as everyone madly runs about packing everything into bags and boxes….

It broke my heart to see all our nice things being put into cardboard boxes. :(

I know there weren’t going to be thrown away, but instead moved to a new home, but still….. I can’t help!!! I really do have attachment issues. This was the only home I’ve ever truly known. Well it is the first, but I know it won’t be the last.

My last night sleeping in that bed and room.

…When I wake up tomorrow, life will be different.

For the record, this is what I used to wake up to every morning!

My old room’s tiny innit? On the top green shelf there used to be mountain of soft toys, but by the time I took this picture most of my belongings were cleared. Sam’s widescreen com on the left, my square-ish one on the right. I prefer screens that aren’t too big so I don’t have to move my head when I’m looking at the computer.

This is me punishing my mum for making us move out, by having her carry my heavy boxes around.

Lol just kidding I’m not an imbecile. She just offered to help with that one particular box and didn’t lift a finger after that…

Speaking of my mother, I burst out laughing when I saw this old picture of her we uncovered whilst moving. She was 20 in the picture, and I am 20 now. I can see a MILD resemblance… do you? The lips (thin upper lip, thicker lower lip that juts out a bit) and almond shaped eyes eyes, mostly. Her nose is sharper than mine and my jawline is a lot more angular.

I’m looking at her lashes wondering if they’re real or photoshopped or what!!! I don’t know if they had photoshop or fake lashes back then O.O

I literally said out loud “Bye bye my room… I will miss you.” and everyone laughed. Why doesn’t anyone take me seriously???

Look at it.. its so bright, colorful and happy looking! Just like a kids room which I love coz some times I still feel like 10 years old. I miss my green shelves, purple table and bright yellow walls!

I also especially miss my traffic-light lookalike lights. They used a dimmer switch which is an AMAZINGLY underrated feature in houses.. all new age condos and private houses should install dimmer lights. Being able to adjust the amount of light intensity according to your mood seriously rocks.

As we were driving away in Simei for one last time, I tried to take a picture of Savannah Condo Park during a red light stop from the outside for keeps sake but this KNNB lorry decided to drive into my frame at the last split second my shutter went off. I didn’t even see it coming. Couldn’t resnap the shot because the traffic lights turned green…

 Oh well.

First few days of moving was Ikea hell. Needed to get new stuff for the house but it happened to the weekend AND a public holiday for Deepavali…. We were swimming in crowds of people!!!


The new place:

For those of you who don’t know yet, I chose the Yishun condo in the end.

I would like to sincerely say a big thank you to every single person who has taken the time to leave me a comment on my blog posts or writing me emails to help me gain different perspectives on the situation, and giving me your 2 cents on the situation. Thank you for sharing your own stories, and for giving me the encouragement I badly needed.

You guys get me!

Someone told me, a home is not just a house. A home should be somewhere beautiful and comfortable where you can look forward to coming back to after a long day of work, a place where relationships grow and memories can be made. That really hit home with me.

So I’ve decided to stay in a totally new neighbourhood, Yishun (kind of in the middle of nowhere really) despite Novena offering extreme convenience. After all, what the hell would I do if I can’t bake or cook?!?! Although I wouldn’t call this place my ideal home or the epitome of comfort I’m quite happy to make the most out of what I have here. :)

Ta-dah. My new room at Yishun!!!! I got the master bedroom with a king sized bed and an ensuite bathroom, hallelujah!! This was the first night so it looks very bare.

I didn’t cry the first night sleeping here, like I thought I would. Ok maybe crying is a bit dramatic but I thought I would at least not be able to sleep properly… turns out I slept just fine despite the foreign environment because this king sized bed is actually damn comfortable o.o

After staying here a whole week, here’s how my room looks right now!
As a reader on Formspring requested: HOUSE TOUR TIME!!!! Welcome to my new place!

I’ve finished packing my clothes but there are still boxes of bags, trinkets, accessories and cosmetics to be unloaded neatly… phew... one step at a time!

My luscious king sized bed and pretty purple silk sheets which I get to relish every night, and my black and white furry bed guardians watching over me. They all have P names, just so you know.

Phillip (the biggest, the original.. and the dirtiest haha), Ping (the china looking one), and the tiny ones are Poing, Peanut, Paella, Parsley, Pepperoni, Potato, Pizza, Pineapple and Pumpkin!!! :D Unfortunately there is one penguin missing in this photo (11 in total) because I brought him out the other day and forgot to take him out of my bag still.

There is so much more S.P.A.C.E in my new room!!!

I can actually WALK around freely despite fitting a huge bed in it…. ahhhh. I try to focus on the good parts about my new place as much as possible, and have almost gotten over my break up with Savannah. Always look on the bright side of life!

Where I’m sitting now talking (typing?) to you guys!!!

My tiny computer desk which I bought from Ikea without measuring properly. Think I might have to go get a new one because this is annoyingly small.

Check out my wardrobe!!! It’s damn bigggg balllzz, and there’s TWO of the same sized wardrobes available.

So happy!!!!

Even has extra space to hang Sam’s blazers for him. It’s a helluva lot easier for me to find outfits these days. Previously I had to fold a lot of my clothes and folded clothes are a pain in the ass to take out and put back.

I mean I still have a decent amount of folded clothes in both wardrobes, but being able to hang that much clothes is a new luxury to me.

Take a peek inside my drawers, and you’ll find….

Forbidden stuff. Woops LOL. I may just be the first blogger in Singapore to publicly publicize her panties and bras on her blog. How???? Controversial and scandalous enough for you?

Told you I would make up for my absence in blogging.

Next drawer down is a lot more toned down.

Color pencils, books and stuff from when I used to be 13, pimply, bespectacled and absolutely alone in life besides these books I would escape into, wishing reality wasn’t real. I would stay up till 4am reading book after book in wide eyed wonder… these are some favorites I just had to keep.

Several display items that are close to my heart :)

I actually have A LOT of display items but I don’t have enough space to keep em so I’ve put away 80% of them in the store room in boxes… Amazingly enough in the 3 years I’ve had that killer whale photo frame, I never bothered to put my photo in it. I guess I like looking at it just as is. Some day I’ll finally have a photo of me interacting with killers in there!!!

A closer look at Baby Shiberty. Hehehe.

…I was so cute… mama, what happened to me???

This part, I thought some girls might be curious enough to wanna see :) A box of body lotions, contact lenses, a purple Prada purse, scrubs…

My sunglasses (mostly hidden unfortunately) and bangles collection! I prefer wearing bangles to bracelets because you just slip them on and go. I don’t like fiddling with hooks and stuff that slips around in my hands.

Lots and lots of hairbands, hair ties and clips!!! I love hair accessories!

One of my three drawers filled with crazy & beautiful necklaces. Am a neck piece kinda girl.

My bedside: Phillip, products I use often, my DSLR, a polaroid cam, Sam’s glasses & passport. No idea what the last two were doing there.

My own bathroom!!! Weeeeeee I hate sharing toilets with other people so this is a god send.

I’ve got a bath tub but haven’t soaked in yet because the faucet looks so oldddd and ancient I’m afraid of what would come out of it. Lol. I look forward to dressing this bathroom up with romantic candles over the course of this week, though! :D Then I’ll have a warm, bubbly soak.

The shower area, and a reflection of the toilet bowl. I like the marble flooring.

So, the only real complain I have about my new room…. is the window / view!!!! I only have one window in the room and it looks like this:

These blinds are so ugly, and old!

They might not look so bad in pictures but wait till you try working them. They don’t even go up or down properly any more. I wanna replace them with flowy lacey curtains, but then realized why the original owners (this is a rented place) installed blinds instead of curtains which are a more “open” concept…

The view is HOW uninspiring... LOL……. yeah, I’ll keep those blinds, thanks.

So sad lor!!! At Savannah I was spoiled with views of the PIE and lush greenery and fountains, here I’m looking at an unfinished construction site. *sighs* However, this does mean that this house keeps very cool in the afternoons, unlike my old place which had a lot of glass windows that did provide great views and sunlight but made the house feel like a green house every single day.

Also, I’m not sure where to store my hand bags.

Right now they’re just sitting in a pile beside my bed. How DO girls normally store their bags??? I’d assume their wardrobe is completely filled with clothes. I know people with the luxury of a looott of space can easily find a place for their bags, but even though I said this room is big, its not really big enough to house a huge shelf especially for bags. :/


Ready to see the rest of the house?! :D

Our glass coffee table and the two humble couches. On the left is this lousy pok hard couch they left us with, on the right is a red couch we brought over from the old home which is covered mostly by… Oops, my giant killer whale Tilikum and Abby Bear… coz I haven’t found a place for them yet… I might be throwing Abby Bear out (sniffles. had to dispose of a lot of my things) and suspend Tilikum from the ceiling in my room just like my old place.

The whole living room area! Very spacious indeed. I’d love to have guests come over soon!!!! I can’t wait to host an advanced Christmas party here. I’ve already bought a festive bright red cake stand and I’m going to make a beautiful red velvet cake for my guests to go “oooh” and “Ahhh” at… omg I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! This year I’m going to Bali with my family for X’mas! :D

The dining table they provided us with.

Meh, it’s a rented place so I’m not gonna bother about the dining table as long as I can eat off it and it doesn’t make me cringe too much.. but that thing hanging on the wall is so ugly!!! And kind of disturbing. Looks like torture devices or a really old sewing technique of sorts. Anyone know what it is?

My brother and Sam aren’t home so I couldn’t ask for their permissions to take pictures of their rooms but what the hell I’m going to do it anyway. This is my brother’s room. Most guys have utterly boring rooms.

And this is Sam’s! I gave him that domokun and scrumps toy :)

The kitchen is TINY and it gets really warm because not enough breezes come by. The only saving grace is the built in oven!!!

The fridge, however, is rather big. Haven’t stocked up on groceries just yet, had to throw away all my sauces and marinades in my old fridge which we left behind T____T

We have an enormous amount of butter because of my baking! All that much beer belongs to my Australian boyfriend Sam… you know, Aussies and their alcohol.

Most guests at our old place were amused with this pile of my baking supplies! Pull open those drawers and you’ll find bags of flour, cake decorating tools, piping tips… very fun to play with!!!


Well that brings us to the end of my new house tour! The pool area downstairs is actually quite nice and reminds me just a little of my old condo, but I decided against posting pictures in the end because I don’t want too many people to know where exactly I’m staying in case they recognize it. I have a tendency to walk around my condo in my PJs sometimes hahaha. All I can say is I live quite near Yishun MRT! And even though Yishun is MILES away from anywhere except Northpoint, the heartland shopping centre, Northpoint is actually pretty cool. A range of restaurants to choose from (so much better than my old Eastpoint wtf) and a Party World KTV andddd a Golden Village cinema!!! Hurrah!!!!

And I actually live much closer now to a number of friends, to their delight. Because of this I’ve been having more suppers as they drive and pick us up to have yummeh food at 11pm… oh no! Both a good and bad thing.

I’m going to embrace this change of life. Thank you for being here with me. Talk to you guys soon.



The last chapter in Savannah

It’s been a long time since I was a model for a photo shoot.

Used to do it here and there for fun and for extra cash when I was younger and slimmer but eventually grew tired of the whole thing…. Nevertheless, it was really cool for me to be in front of the lens once again. I’m constantly in front of the camera thanks to my blogging life and vain friends, but to be a so-called “model” again for a day was extremely exciting! And tiring. I forgot that it was a tough job to do too. Waking up at 7am for godforsaken morning shoots, slapping on tons of make up on your face and forcing contact lenses into half closed eyes when you’re not even awake, rushing down to stupid isolated locations, trying to think of different unique poses that looks good on camera while balancing in heels and crossing difficult terrain…. Trying to breathe in tight outfits… Having to deal with perverted / condescending photographers (some times, but most of them were nice) and the list goes on! I think my least favorite part about doing photo shoots was letting other people do my make up. I really hate the amount of foundation they pile on and I always question if their brushes and products are clean enough. I don’t break out often but the worst break out I’ve had in my life was after a make up session with a terrible make up artist!!! Whole forehead covered in zits omg D:
Anyway today’s post is not a ranty, negative one but in fact a picture intensive, happy one. It was a real pleasure for me to have a photoshoot done with the amazingly talented Bobby Kiran Yeo. You might’ve already heard of Bobby before, or seen his pictures around somewhere because he’s a pretty popular photographer in Singapore!!! Especially his couple photo shoots, which are some of the best perspectives and angles I’ve ever seen. I wanted to do a shoot to take pretty pictures for my Youtube channel, Twitter & blog backgrounds… and we planned on doing it at Botanical Gardens at first, but eventually settled to shooting at my condo, much to my delight.
I thought it was a great idea because I’m leaving this place so soon, and these snaps would probably be the last pictures ever taken of me in this home. Like I said I’m super attached to this place so these pictures mean the world to me. They remind me of all the laughter and tears I’ve had around here and all the memories I’ve shared with friends & family. 
Enjoy the picture gallery! 
This is probably my most favorite one!! :) I like this so much I cropped it this way too:
Thank you Bobby for capturing these moments of me at home, and for being so comfortable & professional to work with! He’s funny, not overly pushy or too demanding as a photographer, and comes up with fantastic creative ideas. He was the genius who persuaded me to use Tilikum (my giant killer whale which I lugged back from Orlando, Florida, USA) as a shoot prop! It’s rather unfortunate that the pics had to be resized to fit my blog layout, what a shame. They’re incredibly high res and look so different when magnified full sized on a big computer screen in its full glory!!! O_O  Wish I could let you guys see the original versions. I have this urge to frame some of the best looking ones up in my new place LOL… But that would be too narcissistic, even for me.
Please show Bobby Kiran Yeo some support by following him on Instagram at @BobbyKiranYeo to get regular updates of his recent snaps on your mobile, or follow / “Like” him on Facebook here!!!
If you’re looking for a ROM / wedding / pre-wedding photographer, romantic couple shoot, or other photography services…. drop Bobby a message and let him know I referred you! :) Quote my name & “Like” his Facebook page for 10% off the total package. He is also available for surprise proposals, overseas shoots, birthday parties, blogshop shoots. You’ll love his work. He really does find the best angles and moments of each individual to bring out in his photography. Having shot with many different photographers before, Bobby stands out from the rest by letting you be yourself and letting your true essence shine through the photo. All pictures were taken in the beautiful holiday resort-like condo that I’ve had the privilege of staying in. Maybe now you can sorta understand why I’m so reluctant to leave.

..And with that, the last chapter of my life in the Savannah is finally coming to an end.

I love the iPhone 5……. and it loves me too

My mum is awesome in ways that are totally random. Random in the sense that she would call me up one fine afternoon, totally out of the blue, going “Do you want the iPhone 5?”

………..DO I WANT THE iPHONE 5? Is that even a question??!!?!!?

After 2 weeks of using it, I’m completely smitten. I love how lightweight it is, the processing is definitely much faster, the screen display is bigger and absolutely gorgeous. But most of all, I love the improved cameras. Both front and back. I’m constantly snapping pictures of stuff, and I hardly bring my DSLR out to play these days, so the iPhone camera HAS to do the job for me. I’m always snapping & uploading on the go. (Instagram & Twitter) I was using an iPhone 4 before I switched to the iPhone 5 so it’s a pretty big culture shock!!! For 4S users I don’t think the difference is that noticeable, although Siri is now more advanced. Except I still don’t use it to do anything practical except chatting with her when I’m awfully bored. (Siri, what is the meaning of life? Siri, I’m bored. Siri, what is love?). Anyway here are some iPhone 5 FRONT CAMERA camhoe snapshots for your viewing pleasure….. You will not believe how awesome it is!!! With good lighting and a steady hand, the quality is pretty damn good.

Warning: Do not proceed if you get deeply offended by overwhelming self-love, extremely long faux eyelashes and cleavage staring at you in the face.

I asked Sam what title would be appropriate for a blog post full of narcissistic shots. He said, “For My Male Readers”

If you’re wondering why the hell I’m dressed up to the nines…. well I was going to do an outdoor photoshoot to take some nice pictures for my blog & Youtube channel background the other day, but it rained as I was about to leave the house. :( So I did a mini photo shoot at home, with the new iPhone 5 & me. The rescheduled shoot is happening TODAY, with a talented photographer I really wanna shoot with, so…


(This also means you will probably be seeing more photos of me on the blog in this similar get up in the near future, brace yourselves.)


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