Harry Potter Exhibition

When someone first asked me on Formspring whether I was going for the Harry Potter Exhibition (a few months ago?) I had no idea what they were talking about.

I didn’t even know they had an exhibition, and that it was coming to Singapore! I’m kind of (very) slow when it comes to these sort of things. Last year I even had no idea that Taylor Swift was coming to Singapore till about 3 days beforehand? *facepalm*

I made a mental note to check the exhibition out when it’s opened. Then, a week ago, my mother rang me up and told me she had Harry Potter tickets for me & Samto see the exhibition before it was open to the public. WOOPIE-DOO!!!!!!!! I srsly love you Marina Bay Sands. You are the best hotel in Singapore :D And I love you too mummy!

Outfit of the day – mum was back from her USA trip and brought home lots of gifts, as usual. This floral A&F dress and magenta-ish pink Kate Spade bag was some of them! ♥ ♥

Sam and I literally bouncing up & down with excitement before the exhibition preview. I’m so glad I got him to love Harry Potter as well!

Make up of the day~

Had dinner with the fam at Mozza Pizzeria. I actually like their appetizers & desserts there way more than their pizzas.

Dessert!! Anything salted caramel (on the left) is yummo.

Gobbled everything up hastily, before running (yes running, the only time I ever run is for Harry Potter, Taylor Swift or when a butterfly is behind me) to the exhibition area, at the Art Science Museum.

The Art Science Museum was situated in a very nice place where you got a fantastic view of the city skyline.

Thanks for the directions.

My face, the whole night. Alternating between :D and :’DDDDDDD

Getting in line.. there were HORDES and hordes of people! Even on the preview night when it’s meant to be a private event. I can’t imagine on the first day of public opening – must have been swarming with eager fans!!!

As I looked around I saw a lot of elderly people, most yabbering away in mandarin or various dialects. I thought to myself, “What are all these old people doing here?!?”... Then I realized they were only here because it was a free invitation for all paiza members of MBS.. @___@

Imagine the die hard fans that could be in their place!! It’s so typical Singaporean style to go for anything free, even when they don’t necessarily want or need it. A good number of them looked bored out of their brains. If you think HP is boring, go home!! Boo!!!!

Only a few steps away from the exhibition weeeeeeee

I zoomed off before Sam could take another proper picture. LOL

The first artefact I saw – the Flying Ford Anglia!!!!!! It was SO COOL seeing all the movie props that the stars used right in front of you. It’s like they brought movie magic to Singapore! It hits home that the movies are in actual fact… just editing and acting on film. With specially designed fake props. They’re not real. :( But I know I’m not the only one who wished magic was real.

I loved replaying the scenes inside my head as I examined the various items!

Why thank you for standing outside the exhibit to greet us, you three. *giggles* You shouldn’t have…. 

Cool water vapour misty projection effect thingy.

….And here we begin a journey of discovery.

At the start of the exhibit, you’re given a brief introduction of the Harry Potter movies, then a kid gets randomly picked out from the crowd to get sorted by the sorting hat!!! When they were asking for volunteers to get sorted, my hand shot straight up, along with the rest of the kids.

HAHAH no shame. Of course, they picked the kid in the end. I wish they woulda picked me though, coz the kid actually said he *doesn’t* like Harry Potter movies, and has no clue what he was doing there. GASPPP THE BLASPHEMY. I shall try my best not to Crucio you, off to the dungeons you go, the troll can have you!

Harry’s clothes. I “jokingly” asked Sam if I could lean over and sniff it. You know, Daniel Radcliffe has worn it before and stuff. He laughed. I wasn’t joking… I think.

The exhibition had LOADS of stuff. The actual wands used be the actors, clothes that they wore in famous scenes, even Mandrakes that you could pull out of their pots and when you did, they’d wail & cry!!! They even had quidditch – human style. Quaffles that you can throw with your hand through the hoops! The whole exhibit was extremely engaging and interactive. LOVED it – certainly did not disappoint! I highly recommend everyone who is a fan to go… How can you NOT? Even if you’re not a big fan of HP, you should. It’s tons of fun. The movie magic reminded me a lot of Universal Studios in Florida – I still haven’t been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter yet… :(

Some day.

Gilderoy Lockhart always makes me laugh. He’s so silly & fabulous! I didn’t manage to snap a lot of pics because there was just too many people crowding around stuff and it was dimly lit. iPhone cameras don’t do well in such situations.

Ah, I always had a soft spot for Lupin. I have no care for werewolves, but I did think the way he died was sudden (they all are) and sad :( He was so nice to Harry!

Quidditch robes are sexy. Was really disappointed when I found out the gift shop does not sell robes of any sort, or life-sized adult broomsticks. WHAT?!?!

Famous Prisoner of Azkaban set…. I HATED that rainbow belt that Hermione wore. So out of character :/

And man, that Hippogriff was huge. I know they’re meant to be big, but when I saw it IRL…. I’d bow down to that shit, lol. Intimidating. Malfoy had some balls. (until he goes IT’S KILLED MEH)

…K, I don’t wanna spoil too much for people who haven’t seen the exhibit yet – so this is all the pictures I’ll be posting of the exhibition itself! So what can you expect at the gift shop? Lots of amazing but EXPENSIVE stuff.

Probably the cheapest thing in the souvenir store – chocolate frogs with collectible cards. Ate one, it didn’t jump away from me and out the window. Gutted.

BERTIE BOTT’S JELLYBEANS!!! These are wayyy, way awesome. I fed Sam the booger, which he thought tasted like nothing. Then I gave him the rotten egg and he just about barfed in his own mouth. He got pissed off and went to wash out his mouth after that. Hilarious. Great to prank your friends with :D Or to just goof around and make stupid expressions as you chow down on a gross flavor.

I wish they sold love potions but they didn’t. They did have a lot of other random stuff though – Hedwig the owl, behind-the-scenes books of the movies, gryffindor scarves, wands of various characters (they say it’s an exact replica of what they used in the movies – right down to the same wood!), jewelry that Hermione wore during the Yule Ball (pretty!), etc.

Even the time turner Hermione used, which I thought was awesome. I really liked the Marauder’s map as well – super detailed and I admire how it was used in the movies…. but it was $60. For a piece of paper. No doubt it was a map of Hogwarts T___T But there wasn’t any moving footprints on it, how to justify the price?

Dunno why everyone thinks that plush toy Hedwig is so cute… I think it’s kind of ugly.

We ended up buying a Gryffindor scarf, Harry Potter Wand (FOR ME!), a Slytherin shirt and Snape wand (For Sam. After all this time?.... Always.) and also chocolate frogs + jellybeans. I chose Harry’s wand because… (I mean Harry’s wand chose me because :P) I don’t have a favorite character. I’m not biased towards a certain character.  I figured it’d be best for me to get Harry’s wand because he’s the main character, what the story revolves around and also Harry’s wand looked the most normal to me. The female characters (Luna and Hermione) had wands for sale too, but they looked too girly and boring. I wish they sold Bellatrix’s wand – it was spikey and uber cool & evil looking – the best IMO! Voldemort also had an awesome wand but how could I support Voldy?

The wands were $75 each. Gryffindor scarf was $35, Slytherin shirt $40, and jellybeans / chocolate frogs $6 each.

Total damage = $249.

Having a Gryffindor VS Slytherin showdown in the hotel room with your boyfriend feeling TOTALLY like wizards and witches  = Priceless.

If you’d like to immerse yourself into the magical world of Harry Potter: The Exhibition as well, it’s going on from

2 June 2012 - 30 September 2012

Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum

By the way, Hogwarts…. I’m still waiting for that acceptance letter.


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