Happy Birthday Mummy ♥

If you asked me who is the one person I love and appreciate the most in this world…

I wouldn’t hesitate to say, “My mum.”

In everyone’s life, there’s that irreplaceable person who holds a higher place in your heart above all others, the second person most special to you doesn’t even come close. The one person who’s been through it all with you and you know they’re gonna be there no matter what.

For some, it’s their partner, for others, it’s their best friend…

But for me, it’s my mother. ♥

Ever since I could remember, I’ve never had much of a dad figure around. The only memories I have of my father as a kid are extremely fuzzy ones of when I was like 3; and then when I was actually old enough to remember clear details at 6 years old, all I can remember is him flinging objects around violently and shouting angrily.

I don’t have soft, happy comforting memories of him… so whenever I seek comfort, I think of my mother.

Despite her short-temper and sharp tongue, deep down inside she’s the kindest person I know. If you’ve seen her in real life, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. She has this mellow, kind looking face that brings me comfort every time I look at it because I know I’m right at home when I see her, and even if I am having an absolutely shitty day, everything is going to be okay. Mummy’s here now, things will get better.

…I can’t tell you enough how much my mum means to me; in fact I’m tearing up like a little baby right now, completely choked with emotions and feeling quite useless because most of the time I can put my feelings aptly into words, but words just fail me now.

People are always walking in and out of my life, mostly away than towards me.

And so I learned the hard way that the only people I can trust are the ones who stick around even when shit hits the fan.

It’s no wonder I became mummy’s little girl. She’s the only permanent fixture in my life.. when friends turn around suddenly to backstab me, she tells me that they were a bitch / a bad influence anyway, and I should move on and ignore them because I’m better than that. When boyfriends break my heart and force me into tears, she fiercely calls them up to give them a piece of her mind and then comforts me by telling me how smart, young and beautiful her daughter is and that I will always be able to find a better guy.


I’ll never forget the way I used to be a such rebellious kid during my teenage years – I was so nasty, too much for any single parent to handle!!

Failing my classes without mentioning it to her, skipping school behind her back, rudely hurling vulgarities, going out till late at night without answering her calls or letting her know where I was and falling in “love” with some boy and ignoring all my other priorities…

At one point (or, many points lol) it got so bad that I was sent to have counseling sessions with the school’s shrink (they said I was depressed -_- yeah I probably was). I even tried to run away from home and received suspensions from school (..thank god I was never really expelled although I got warnings)

Yep, I was that kid whose teacher had her parent’s mobile on speed dial and my mum was that parent who would have to make trips down to my school frequently, pleading with them to give me another chance.

She got crazily frustrated of course, and told me off harshly countless of times, disciplining me in various ways but I knew everything she did was for my own good. Most of the time anyway lol. If a lesson’s not harsh, you never learn properly.

I am just glad she never gave up on me, because I can’t imagine where I’d be now if she had. A high school drop out? Some ah lian smoking underneath a HDB void deck having a baby she doesn’t even know who’s the father of???


She didn’t have to face just 1 naughty kid, my brother was quite the problem child as well!

…So now you know. In both primary school and high school I had huge issues. I remember breaking down in tears and yelling in her face, “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT” and shutting her out from my life.

I know it’s unfair to say that to her, but I wish I knew what I know now back then. No parent ever understands their child fully, nor can they always provide them with everything they yearn or require but the best parent is the one who never stops loving their child selflessly no matter how flawed they are, and the ones who make the most sacrifices so that their children can be happy!

I guess I didn’t know who to blame for feeling so lost and confused. And since my dad wasn’t around for me to point the finger at, she took the beating instead. I’m sorry.

But how things have changed now, and I realize all the good things I have, I owe completely to her.

Now that I have grown up, I can appreciate all that she’s done for me fully… :)


Without her, I couldn’t be the well-grounded, happy individual person that I am today.

She has taught me so many lessons during these 18 years of my life, how to walk, how to talk; but the most important one of all is never giving up on what you love, and being nice to others even when life is kicking you with all its might in the balls.

My childhood wasn’t as happy and carefree as I would’ve liked it to be, but I know she tried as hard as she could to provide me and my brother a comfortable life. I know how many hours, days and nights she had to single-handedly slog away just to put food on the table and roofs over our heads, and I can only imagine how it feels like to face this world completely alone with 2 young kids, and no one out there willing to help you.

In her darkest times of need, where were the people she trusted to take care of her? None of them were there.

Yet today, if those very same people who abandoned her so selfishly many years ago turned up at her door step seeking help, she’d be more than willing to lend a helping hand if she could.

She never gave up on us, on herself, on life.. as close as she came thinking about it… she fought on, for me, for my brother, for our family. Small and imperfect as it is, it’s everything I have in this world.

“Nothing is ever perfect, it’s how we make the most out of it.”

That is undeniably the most amazing thing about my mum…

No matter how hopeless the situation seems, no matter how down she feels or no matter what the heck happens, she NEVER gives up on the people she loves. However dire the situation, she’ll find a way to make it better and even if she can’t, she’ll go through the rough times with you. Because of that, I feel like I can take on anything in this world.

Cuz whatever I do, I’ll have a pillar of support backing me up. Regardless of whether I fail or succeed, someone out there will always be proud of me :’)

Do you know she goes around telling people, “My daughter’s a blogger!!!!!” with the HUGEST grin on her face?? I’ve seen her do it in front of me before, I got quite embarrassed but it was the cutest thing ever, really!!!! I’m not even that successful a blogger but in her eyes, I’m always the star of any show.

She’s constantly saying to me that I was meant for great things, and what a wonderful daughter I already am right now so it keeps me having faith in myself too. She still ends many of our phone calls with “I love you.” and even though there’s a lump in my throat when I say it (I dunno, I can only say it to my boyfriend) I reply her the same thing everyday! And I’m 18!!!

I can’t believe somebody who’s gone through so much hardship can still remain as optimistic about life as she does. It’s incredibly motivational.. if you wonder where I get my family and life values from, it’s definitely from her.

Being a single parent is hard enough, but being a ROCKING single parent and the awesomest coolest bravo mum anybody could ask for is not something anyone can do. I think she deserves mad props for that.


Her birthday just passed on the 26th of February, and since I didn’t make her a birthday card as I normally would (I made her something else!), I figured she deserved a heartfelt entry dedicated to her at the very least. I’m really not that good with words in real life, I am not even half as expressive vocally as I am writing this blog but as long as the message is somehow delivered, then all is well in the end.

She’s been in Perth the past week and a half, but she’s flying back to SG in 12 hours so I get to see her tomorrow!!

And then I can show her the surprise that’s waiting for her and blog about it to share with you guys too. I hope she likes it ^.^

Happy Belated Birthday Mum!!!!!

I love you X infinity and beyond. ..Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me and kor kor.



Chinese New Year 2011

How was everyone’s Chinese New Year? :)

Mine was surprisingly good, and lucky for me I didn’t eat as much snacks and fattening goodies as much as I expected!!!

I spent mine visiting my dad, cooking food for my relatives, collecting ang paos, playing card games… awesome fun.

Chinese New Year is like the ching chong version of Christmas!!!

There may not be presents exchanging and dong dong qiang songs may be a lot more annoying than beautiful X’mas carols but hey, I don’t need to give ang paos (only receive) plus I get to wear cheongsams once a year so I don’t mind!!!

One of my favourite parts of CNY is picking out my outfits… but this year’s outfit was bought last year (didn’t get the chance to wear it then) and YAY IT STILL FITS!

My second favourite thing about CNY is waking up in the morning (by morning I mean 12 noon) and hearing all my relatives going “Happy New Year!!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!”

Smiles everywhere.. so joyful :]

Of course, my 3rd favourite thing no need to say right?

My aunt and cousin exchanging red packets!!!!! $$$$$______$$$$$$

LOL I struck gold this year, got about $500 worth of ang pao money and Uncle John is coming home later!! Means MORE ang pao!! Eureka!

But I hear people get over 1k or even 2k… those must be the kind who either have rich relatives or they visit their uncle’s cousin’s god-mother’s niece’s maid’s boyfriend’s house for 5 days straight just to collect as many ang paos as possible… :P

Momma and Sammy!!!

Like last year’s outfit, my mum got Sam this chinese traditional outfit for this year too. He had matching kung fu pants and my bro said he looked like he just stepped out of China or somthing lol.

He’s half chinese half vietnamese, so he used to celebrate CNY with his family, this whole custom isn’t exactly new to him.

Got Sam to help me cut my bangs with a pair of scissors the night before Chu Yi because I figured bangs looked more “Chun Li” style!

Oooh and I changed my DSLR’s lens filter, my previous one made my photos a little dark and I think because they’re brighter now, the quality is also much clearer!!

Probably not obvious now but you’ll see the difference soon.. I hate how my image host reduces the photo quality so much :( It becomes much more pixelated on my blog cuz in my pictures folder it’s like WOAH sharp.

18 megapixels afterall!!!!

My aunt and cousins!!! They are the first to arrive every year :)

Although I don’t see these people often at all (usually twice or thrice a year) but they are all really nice peeps and soo easy to get along with! All my cousins are like that.

I think it’s good to have a smaller family coz I’d really hate to have someone annoying or competitive as my distant cousin or something like that.. y’know always being compared to the other person and stuff? The family relative who’s always tryna steal the limelight and impress everyone else?

Not that I have one of those, but I can imagine!!!

My cousin on the far right is an A Math teacher (and apparently a discipline mistress now?) of a secondary school!! Another one of my cousin topped her school and went to London to study..

Wtf why are they so smart??

My dad’s a professor / lecturer / dental surgeon, how come I didn’t get any of his genes?!? (besides his stubbornness)

My little cousinsssss! So cute :)))

Especially the younger one *pinches cheeks*

It’s nice not to be THE youngest in the family coz I still got some cheeks to pinch and kids to boss around muahaha. Actually I’m very nice to them lor, whenever they come over I always let them use my computer and Wii to play!! I’d make an awesome jie jie! Always wanted a sister.

Speaking of which, the little girl was using my laptop beside me whilst I use my computer on the table and when I turned around to look at what she was doing,… THE HORRORS!!

She was playing Neopets!!!

..But that’s not it.

The problem is, SO WAS I. LOL.

One 18 year old and one 11 year old sitting side-by-side playing Neopets. Obviously the 11 year old needs to grow up pshhh :P

Which reminds me, she is like 11 already OH MY TIAN she still looks like 7 years old I swear!!!! And the older one beside me is 14! I remember when she was like 2!!!

..Just kidding, when they were 2 I wasn’t even born. But y’know the feeling of watching your family grow up.

When I was 11 I already looked like 15 or something, totally not cute like them. Now I am REALLY doubting my genes… :(

Ling ling and her cousin, Jennifer! Here’s a shout out to Jen because she’s my blog reader haha I was so surprised when my uncle came over and said, “I have a visitor for you!”

She’s from the other other side of the family so I dunno her personally but nice to meet you that day! ^.^

Oh and if you are wondering why these photos have got such good, professional-like lighting, it’s because I bought light stand (also known as the “ring light” popularized by Wendy) and it’s awesome :D

Blinding, but awesome.

Recently my house has been having lighting power failures and this ring light has come in handy!!! You can just plug it in and use it as a normal light too it’s DAMN BRIGHT!!!!

I wonder how I haven’t gone blind (or the other chicks who use it all the time) from staring into it

Random close up pic coz I was trying to test the lighting. But check out the vivid details!!!!!

(ya I know my hair is kinda dried. that’s what happens to perms after awhile. i still like it though)

Me and mummy!!! This is probably like my FAVOURITEST picture with her ever taken :)))

Lighting, angle.. everything is perfect. (including the woman standing beside me)

Love you mama ♥

As I grow older, I enjoy occasions like Christmas and Chinese New Year more and more because I realize just how much family means to me.

How its value can never be replaced, and how much all of us really need it no matter how we refuse to admit it!

My elder female cousins ♥

I really miss this particular cousin Linda, but she’s not around anymore.. :(

When I was younger she doted on me heaps and now every family gathering I always think of her.. though we try not to mention it..

Anyway… back to happy matters…

…..Don’t worry, I feel like punching my own face when I see this picture too.

♥ ♥ ♥

CNY will truly never be the same without THEM! We hang out around each other the most every year.

This year we spent most of our time playing games like Taboo and chilling watching TV by the couch.. :)

Look at that greedy face!! Have you ever seen “G l u t t o n y” imprinted more clearly on somebody’s face!!!!!

(besides mine LOLOL)

As usual, every Chu Yi we have Steam Boat! My mum buys the freshest awesome ingredients so I look forward to it even though I’m not a fan of steamboat.

Everything tastes…… the same D:

Nom nom nom

HAHAH this pic of gran is damn funneh!!!!

My cousin was playing with my DSLR and he turned to my gran going, “Ah ma pai zhao!!” (or something like that)

And my gran immediately went “:o AH MA LAO LIAO BU HAO KAN!!! BU YAO PAI ZHAO LA!!!”

Florence, my cousin Ruiwen’s gf!! She is super sweet I like her lots :)

But I am terribly sorry coz I mixed up her name with Ruiwen’s ex-gf’s T____T

FHL and FML, but their names both start with F and I only see her once a year so….

*awkward moment*

I love how CNY is full of awkward moments!!!! It’s hilarious to watch everyone squirm when being asked questions they don’t know the answer to.

“Why haven’t you gotten a job yet? … When you gonna get married? ….. When wanna have baby? ….. What you eat, why now so fat?!?” - LOL the last part happened to me :(

ALSO, why do Chinese relatives always discuss how their daughters look?!?! It’s damn awkward!! My aunties were talking about boobs and butts and openly discussing the curvatures of my body in front of male relatives present.

…Talk about awkward srsly T_T

Give me a break about my weight!! It’s not like I don’t see my own flabs when I look into the mirror – I’m not blind

Rui Wen and Florence!! Good looking couple.

Forence & I! ^.^

..Yay for loud prints that you can get away with only during CNY without coming across as super AA!

Chu Yi is really full of nomz.

Totally random candid of Mum and Uncle Kevin eating, but at the left corner of this pic you can see the SUPA YUMMEH VIETNAMESE SPRING ROLLS that Sam hand made from scratch!!!

He half-assedly told me he’ll be making food for my relatives during CNY and I didn’t take him very seriously, but he woke up at like 9am in the morning or something just to go out and get groceries to cook!!! ♥

I’m not a fan of spring rolls or deep fried stuff like that but it was really addictive and deliiicious!

They were SUCH A HIT, the whole day my relatives kept going, “Got some more popiah or not?!” (popiah = spring rolls.. in er.. hokkien?)

Since they popped the first spring roll into their mouths, they’ve been singing praises of Sam ever since. All my relatives really like him, and that’s fantastic coz they absolutely hated my ex haha!!!

Everyone ♥s a good cook.

I realized it doesn’t matter if you’re ugly stupid annoying or smelly, if you can cook a good meal, people will still like you.

Other evil things :[

♥ Hehe

…Can’t remember what I was eating here. Pineapple tart maybe?

Shu Yuan looks extra pretty this year!!!!!

I think it’s the cheongsam, seriously.. any girl who wears a form-fitting classy cheongsam immediately looks hot in an oriental chic way!

Am I whoring out my own outfit indirectly? ……….Indeed, I am.

CNY is the one day I put on loads of make up and wear a dress I can’t breathe in just to stay at home and look good.


Handsome men to share!!!!!!

I really like Rui Wen’s plucked neat eyebrows, I’m gonna do the same thing to Sam’s eyebrows weee!

Thick eyebrows on guys = ♥

I cannot think of any other male person I know under 40 that wears traditional costumes like these LOL but he’s cute in it, isn’t he?!

Over lunch, my uncle was saying “I like your outfit, where did you get it?”

And I added the comment

“Nice right? It’s reversible and 2 way, so next year he can just slip on the other side and nobody will know it’s the same shirt!!!”

And my cousin said, “Now everybody knows, coz you just told us.”

……………………Feel damn loser LOL.

The only group picture I have!!!

There were MUCH more people that day, but everyone left and arrived at random timings so it was hard to gather everyone together :(

These were the peeps that stayed throughout most of the day…

Wish I’d gotten some with the others but oh well! There’s always next year, and the next, and the next!!!


The following pictures are me testing out my ring light, wooohoo!

Bought it for awhile now but never really put it to good use until CNY.

Me tryna figure out how to work this shutter remote control thingamabob!!!

Angle = fail.

We didn’t have anywhere high enough to set my DSLR on (the light is very tall, so are we) and we had to bend our knees just to get the right angle…. We looked very stupid and since my room is cluttered and messy like hell, we were just all over the place!!!

Many accidental shots turned out like this:

LOL I can’t stand my own face sometimes.

Can see the remote control + can’t see the top of our heads…. still fail

The bright is EXTRA effing bright in a super dark room at night!!!

Damn hard to keep your eyes wide open and maintain a straight face, in the first few shots I was squinting and the above is a pic of me trying to smile while going, “AHH!! MY EEEEYYEEESSS” hence the expression :P

I anyhow pulled out a pair of sunnies from my stash of accessories to protect my eyes but didn’t look to see which pair I got – ended up being this random Gangsta pair of $2 shutter shades I got from Bangkok 2 years ago ~.~

Did nothing to help at all

I love the glow that the light has on the skin!! I can see why Wendy raves about it so much now!

I ♥ blood red lippies

Yo. What’s up?

I may be wearing a cheongsam and the dude beside me may be wearing a tai jian outfit, but we’re still gangsta’.

ILU, fool :)


I actually think this is my best angle, but it’s such a ridiculous head tilt – I can’t possibly do this outside when taking photos with other people, right??

So hard to look non-weird when taking photos dead on.


Hope y’all had an awesome Dong Dong Qiang new year!!!


P.S – If you’re interested to know, I spent Chu Er / San visiting my dad and gambling etc but don’t have many pictures taken on those day so probably not gonna blog about it!

Or I will if my dad sends me the pics, coz the pics are with him :)

*pokes him for pics*



Penang Trip – Part 4

Continued from where I left off before - visitors must remove their shoes before entering the temple!

After removing my slippers I started prancing around like I was some indian native doing a ritual rain dance..

The floor was BURNING hot!!! There was no carpet or surface mat to absorb the heat besides our feet T_T

So I just googled for this temple’s name and it’s calledWat Chayamangkalara”… What a mouthful!!! I think I’m just going to call it “the temple” from now on lol

Upon entering, we were given these candles to light up and offer to the gods.. even though I’m not religious I do everything my mum says to humour her.

There’s something about a temple that is strangely comforting… it’s like when I step into a temple I immediately feel comforted and reassured if I have any worries on my mind. Maybe it’s the burning of incense sticks that is so familiar and welcoming…

Well it’s somewhere between welcoming and suffocating :3

Wat Chayamangkalara, or otherwise known as the Reclining Buddha temple is named so because it has a MASSIVE reclining Buddha in the middle of it – 99 feet long!

It is the largest reclining buddha statue in Malaysia, but the largest one in the WORLD is 300 feet ish!!! Crazy.

A real sight to behold.

Every inch of the temple was covered in intricate detail, I couldn’t stop admiring their work – is every temple this beautiful or did I just never notice this in all the previous temples I’ve been to before?

Ever since I’ve gotten my DSLR I seem to have developed an acute sense of detail.. even though my eyesight is still shit, I seem to be noticing things that I’ve left out before – it’s like when I look at something I see it from a new perspective every single time!

Don’t worry, I got permission for shooting these photos.. at least I think I did. Everyone else was doing it, plus the caretakers saw me doing it but didn’t give me any evil looks or shooed my away so I guess it’s ok?

The temple is made public to all races and religion, free-of-charge entry and it welcomes people to come admire the beauty of it all so I don’t suppose cameras would be a no-no! It is also a tourist destination after all..

Some people wished for health, love, wealth and good luck.. whereas others just wished for their debts to be cleared.

Don’t really know what this means, but then again religion never made any sense to me

My mum told me to donate some money into this particular box next to the buddha because it was “my” year, the year of the Monkey.

I could’ve been a rabbit, a tiger, or even a snake.. but I HAD to be a monkey!!! Whhhhhhy?

I blame my mum and my chinese zodiac for my unnecessarily hairy underarms and legs.

I can’t remember what the rest of the text said but apparently I’M GOING TO BE FAMOUS!!
Even the gods agree!! xoxoxoxoxo

I couldn’t have looked like a bigger tourist if I tried – snapping pictures of a wall.

Or a pillar / whatever it’s called.

At the entrance / exit of the temple.. I ♥ this picture – there’s so much colour and vibrant hues going on!!

And as you can tell, it was REALLY rlyrly hot. Possibly hotter than in Singapore..


Our final destination was probably the most fascinating one – visiting a real Peranakan House!

It’s the same one used to film the Mediacorp’s channel 8 famous drama The Little Nyonya in – when it’s not hosting grand events and tv shows, it’s a museum open to the public.

Royalty who used to live in the house.. don’t know if they were REALLY royalty but they were very important people and obviously FILTHY rich!

Ancient trishaws outside their house – I assume this was their mode of transport back then? Well they probably had grand sedans and shit but this seemed like the very first “Taxi” we had in Asia.

GRAND entrance for a grand house!!

This house is undoubtedly the most amazing house I’ve ever seen. You’ll soon see why - so much tradition that is now lost still preserved in this house-museum!

This was the first thing that greeted me at the doorway…

Yeah, pretty amazing huh?

Janice & I and my mum looking very cheeky in the background, lol!!!!

Bonsai plant coz we azn like that.

Edited this picture to look vintage-ish like the 50′s :P

I assume this was the era of when the house was built?

Everything is so regal-looking wtf it reminded me of the Raffles Hotel because of its timeless look, except this was more detailed and chinese-y

They look right in place here hahahaha /I’m so mean I always tease them about their age/

Shiny and pretty… *________*

Must.. take… picture…..

This looks like a church window to me

I was just walking around the house imagining what it would feel like if it were mine. I’d have awesome backdrops for self-photoshoots all the time!!! And would totally have sleepover parties.

P.S – I know I wear those pair of slippers WAY too often.. but they broke when I was in Sunway Lagoon last weekend and I had to leave them behind in the hotel room, so I now bid them goodbye :’(

Thanks for your 2 years + usage!!! Sorry for abusing you and wearing you onto beaches, into toilets, anywhere and everywhere basically.

You were comfy, and you have served me well. RIP in flipflop heaven.

Got vintage?

Portrait of the original owner I guess? ……….I feel her / him / it staring into my soul T_T

I would be pissed if I were her too. Like “OI WTF YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?! And take off your shoes for gods sake!!”

They have 2 levels and we’re only on the first one!!! This is ONE of their dining tables.. pretty sure there’s like 2 or 3 in total!

I hope my house in the future will have a fresh flower centerpiece on the dining table too :)

It just adds such a lovely homely feel!

A sparkly chandelier.. because nothing expensive is out of place in this house. You don’t even need a reason.

If it’s flashy and expensive then it goes with the theme!!! That’s why I love it.

AHAHAHAHA Uncle John looks soooo cheena here!!! In his defense he was blinking but it’s so funneh. It’s so ching it’s almost alien.

Don’t worry UJ you still cute (in a jolly grandpa fashion) and my mom adores you.

It was quite hard trying to find my family amidst the crowd and navigating through this ginormous house because I was too engrossed in taking pictures..

I know it looks empty but it was actually very crowded and I’d usually have to stop people in their tracks to take a photo that looks “empty”!

I really REALLY hate random passersby in my pictures.

Like “oooh here’s a nice pic, but say.. wait a minute – why is there an extra head popping out of my neck and who’s this guy picking his nose behind me?!”

Up the stairs and onto the 2nd level we go!!!

Kukubro and I!!!

Random pic but I just HAD to include this!! ♥ My mum is sooo cute :)

This was the master bedroom and it was strangely unimpressive. The rest of the house was SO big and grand, I was expecting the main bedroom to be something a lil more than this!!!

Still it’s heck loads better than mine though hahaha

Random stuff in the bedroom (that probably costs a bomb)

I don’t like dressing tables thanks to horror movies. I always imagine some ghost behind me while I brush my hair at midnight or something… so I go out to my living room to put on make up lol (where there are huge ceiling-to-floor mirrors)

I don’t know what this room is called but they had all sorts of colourful pots and other glass artifacts in here!! I shall call it the colorful glass chamber.

The funny thing about this house is that they have this rectangular empty space in the middle of it, so when it rains I suppose it’ll be pouring through this big hole in the roof.

Quite an innovative idea, since you can just sit on your couch admiring the rain from inside your house!!!! And write moving Chinese poetry. Or tell your man slaves to wash your feet or something.

(having someone else wash your feet is one of the greatest and simplest pleasures in life)

This is a weird photo of me but imma post it anyway since it’s with family!!! I should’ve have sat so far back haha my legs look so awkward.. what a goon.

Is that a big chair or is that a big chair?! You can’t exactly call it a couch can ya.

Ending this post off this pic of mum and I!!! ♥

It’s my desktop wallpaper now :):)))

Thank goodness I have her genes to look forward to as I’m growing up hehe.


And so we’ve come to the end of my Penang Trip travelogues!!!

We did actually visit more places than that but my cam battery died, lol, and they weren’t as interesting anyway.

It was a short holiday but a super fun one, AMAZING FOOD was the highlight of the trip!

Besides the food, it was culturally enriching, physically exhausting but most of all, it was quality family time and that’s the whole point of holidays (besides having fun and relaxing)

I can’t wait for my next trip with my family :)

Will blog about getting a new hairstyle and Sunway Lagoon soon!!!


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