Making our V’day gifts for each other!!!

In case you haven’t already seen my purty necklace enough in my other post :P

Isn’t is sooooo presh? ♥ .
. I love shiny things *_*

ESPECIALLY pink and gold!!!! And reds and purples oh wowwww.

Anyway, we told each other not to buy expensive gifts for V’day this year as we wanted to be economical and save up for a glorious holiday.. LOL plan failed.

We still achieved some brilliant home-made presents for each other though!!!!

A+ for effort
and even more points for it being such a random, spontaneous idea that kept us entertained and busy the night before Valentine’s.

That giant gob of red dough-looking thing you see is packeted Fondant we bought ages ago, dyed red with food coloring!

Can you guess what he’s going to make already? :D (if you’ve read our baking posts before)

Sam hard at work!!!!!! We were at it for I think 6 hours straight?


Janice and Jeremy came home late and saw us working on our V’day projects at the dining table.. First thing she said was, “Sam, are you gay?”

LOL. I don’t think it’s because he’s wearing my sparkly sequin embellished headband so proudly, but more of the fact that he….


For a change, I refused real roses and wanted something I could keep forever(ish), and suggested a bouquet of Fondant roses instead! ♥ ♥ ♥

Yup, the astounding work of art you see in the picture above this text is hand made from the giant red gob you saw earlier :P

I love my men slightly gay!!!!!!!! Then they’ll go shopping happily with you, laugh at stupid things, watch chick flicks and are good with their hands! Win.

Lookin’ like a hippie!!!

You can see the flower petals coming to life in his hands, yay!!!! Don’t ask me how he does it, I’m not as good at it and can’t really explain…

But it’s the same as playing with Play-Doh and you can watch Youtube tutorials for reference! Quite easy I think. From my point of view anyway :P

The “do nothing, sit back and watch the boyfriend slave away for you” kind of view.

Um…. my gift to him…… from the bottom of my heart ^______^ …… A Valentine’s Day Card!


NO, the above is not the finished product lol! That’s just me trying to draw different flowers, and failing.

He bought me some kiddy paint to play with when he went out to get supplies to draw the invitations cards to his sister’s wedding, so I thought I’d put them to good use!!!

I can’t paint or draw for shit, but luckily V’day is easy to settle. Even if my roses look ugly, I can say it’s meant to look artistic, LOL

That’s what most obscure well-known-paintings look like to me anyway :/ Shit that I can’t appreciate.

Painted it with a gorgeous blood red color of course.. I’m SO into red now!!!

Went over with a black pen for final outlines!

I didn’t even know what I was doing. Just making up random designs as I went along :3

I knew I wanted it to be very simple and romantic though!

Cutting out my roses. I know it looks simple but a lot of work went into my card, my hands hurt a lot after that x.x

I couldn’t decide what kinda pattern I wanna draw them in, so I drew them then cut out; this way I can stick them any position I wanted. Clever yessssss?

And very kiddish, I know. I still feel like 10 years old sometimes!!!

Doing more sketching.. Looks like poo poo at the moment, but a bit of outlining should do the trick!

Okay so this is what my “font” looks like after erasing the pencil lines and giving it some “body”. I think it looks almost printed.. in a good way!

I wrote the words “Forever & Always” despite how cliche / naive it sounds because I am soooooo addicted to the song Forever and Always by Taylor Swift and because

Sam will forever and always have a special, special place in my heart ♥

Ta-dah!!!! Finished my roses!

I think they’re pretty good considering I can’t draw even if my life depended on it e_e;

But let’s move onto his Sam’s present for me because his is obviously a lot more impressive and intriguing!!!

He took an olive oil bottle from our kitchen cabinet (ECONOMICAL indeed didn’t even get a normal flower vase wtf), washed it then put rice (YES RICE.) in it and that was my make-do flower vase.

Who knew empty olive oil bottles + uncooked rice grains could be considered as romantic gestures?

The end result was beautiful though. Just like how I expected them to be ♥

Can you believe my boyfriend made this out of fondant for me??? :’)

The attention to detail is pretty mind blogging!

These photos are much brighter than the previous ones because we worked all the way till 8am in the morning before going to sleep!!!

If you’re wondering what he used to make the stems stand upright, he used one of those pckets of sparkling thingymajig that looks like a giant metal matchstick and if you light it up, it ignites and burns all pretty-looking and stuff like a mini firework.

I feel so lucky and loved everytime I see this sitting pretty in my room!!! :)

It smells so sugary and sweet (it IS made out of edible fondant afterall), even Sam wants to eat it!!!!!! But it’s mineeeeeeee ^___^

You can look, but you can’t eat, sorry!

Yay. Go me!!!!!

He said it looks very “French”. I had to stare hard at him before he said “I love it!!!!!”

I think “French” is his polite way of saying, “Bitch, wtf is this? I hand made you a bouquet of intricate roses and you give me a damn piece of paper with the words Forever and Always on it.”

Ripped out a nice ribbon from one of my jewelry boxes and stuck it on with blue tack.

Classy. Beats a Hallmark card still :P

Just goes to show you don’t need money or expensive fancy resources to have a great time on V’day.

All you need is love ♥



Valentine’s Day 2011

Read title!!!! :D

It was the best day of my 2011 thus far.

You should be happy for me because I went through 2 effing tough years with a guy who tore me apart and it’s time I enjoyed TRUE relationship stability and the happiness derived from it!!

Ok well I was moderately happy with Sam before but EXTREMELY displeased with the whole long-distance shit. It was anything but stable. One moment it’d be HEHEHEH I LOVE YOU BABY and then the next is like FUCK YOU BITCH.

Now we’re finally like a normal couple, we’ve been living together for months now and we’re going to get our own place in another country soon…. (Perth, my uni starts in July)

I wanted to combine 2 posts together, 1 post about the actual day celebration and another one about the spiffy presents we made for each other but this post is probably gonna be realllyyyyy long itself so I think I’ll separate it instead.

We didn’t have any plans the night before – but I decided I didn’t want to spend V’day lazing at home (we do that every other day!) so I made a last minute booking at this hotel in Changi Village. A friend brought me there recently to eat at this restaurant and I fell in love with the seaside views and italian food!!

Sam really liked the place too, it was near home so that was a huge bonus. That meant we could wake up at 1pm and start our day a little later! What pigs we are.

Upon checking in, we went to explore the hotel’s grounds and even though they have another pool on the ground level, their roof top infinity pool is gorgeous!!!!

They have this whole eden garden thing going on.. pure white walls, lush greeny, sea side breezes and panoramic views. For some reason I thought of Greece. White walls and the sea, y’know?

It was one of the few times I could enjoy being out in the sun without burning to death!!

It’s so constantly breezy up there, I wish the weather was like that everywhere else in Singapore.

How come in every idyllic paradise situation, there’s always a retired old white couple lazing in my pictures? They seem so right in place too.

Food for thought. I want that sort of retirement life too!!!

Sooo tempted to go for a swim but we had to do it the next day because we didn’t have enough time to finish all our activities in one day.

Sam bought me that gorgeous pink and gold necklace I’m wearing in these pictures as a V’day present part 1!! Thank you baby! ♥

Do you like it? :D

He said it’d look good with all the red lipstick I’m wearing these days

Crazy hair thanks to huge winds.

My mandatory feet shot whenever I feel like I’m in an awesome place :)

I guess it makes a “I was here” point?

Remember how my beloved old sloppy flip flops that everyone hated (they all thought it was ugly) broke? I am devoted to this one now!!!! I wear it out every single day with almost ANY outfit.

It’s just so comfy and simple!!!

Never been that big on footwear anyway… Comfort > Style any time.

I brought my family to this place for dinner recently and they too loved the views!!! Sometimes a weekend getaway to somewhere like this is what we all need to unwind.

Not that I actually need to unwind, I’m just using that as an excuse since I’m probably the most stress-free person you’d meet LOL but it’s still nice anyhow :)

A little too happy. I look almost evil, like a cackling witch :P

I am posting this picture to be fair to all the times I posted pictures of Sam with his eyes half closed on my blog LOL

Just soaking in the sunshine!

And thinking to myself what a nice day it is and how fun it is to be in a nice place doing absolutely nothing. Which is why I’m convinced I’ll like Perth.

Everyone’s been asking me why did I decide on Perth instead of Melbourne in the end, and saying how boring Perth is compared to Sydney and Melbourne yada yada… that the life is very different from Singapore..

Warning me I’d possibly regret my decision…….

But what they don’t get is that is precisely the kind of life I want!!!

Who cares about big cities and night life? It’s so deadly boring!!!

When have you ever seen me partying?

I like taking walks in the parks and baking and taking nice pictures and enjoying good weather and eating nice food and doing relaxing stuff like swimming and singing karaoke, I REALLY don’t need anything more than that! I’m so bloody simple I can’t believe some people think I’m superficial / materialistic, LOL.

So I get it that shops close early in Perth and things are expensive but that doesn’t bother me too much. I go shopping in Singapore because it’s so readily available everywhere and cuz I’m bored, not cuz I have a shopping addiction.

I remember how everyone told me things would change when I hit 18 years old, that I’d stop being the “innocent” teenager who doesn’t drink, party or smoke ever because I’d be legal then…

But nothing has changed!!

I know me, better than anyone else THINK they know me.

What I REALLY need the most is a change of environment. On the contrary, I feel like life is slow for me in Sunny Singapore because I’m so sheltered here. Got money, got nice condo, got mama to drive me everywhere I go and I don’t even wash my own underwear or do my own dishes. *pokes maid*

But in a whole new different country “by myself”, I’d be forced to get off my ass, scrub the grime off plates and take public transport… Work a little harder, gain a little more.

I’ve never even worked a day in my life as a part time waitress or anything like that because I started blogging at a young age.

It’s NICE and everything, but I’ve become too complacent!!! Getting what you want whenever you want it all the time isn’t always a good thing. I feel like I don’t strive hard enough for the things I want to achieve, just because I know I always have somebody or something to fall back on.

Perth will be the perfect learning experience for me.

Nice scenery, nice people, near-ish to Singapore yet ultimately completely different.

So the people who know me in real life…

Don’t worry too much about me. I know what I want this time, and even if it’s tough I’m gonna love it- I just know it!!!!!!!


Back to Valentine’s Day :)

Picture of the guy I’m going to be sharing our own place with in Perth having an orgasm.

LOL not really but it does kinda look like it eh? Wait.. you wouldn’t know.

OR WOULD YOU???? *evil stare*

After taking the photo above, I shouted “Look like you’re enjoying your vacation, not having an O!!!!” and he did this pose instead hahahah

*cue Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”*

I close my eyes and the flashback starts / I’m standing there, on a balcony in a summer air /

Did you guys notice Sam is getting a lot bigger now coz he’s been working out!! And by bigger I mean buffer of course.

Biceps ♥_♥…………
*runs hand over the muscly bumps*

What a cutie! :)))))))

More gardenny goodness one floor below us

And now we’re offffffff to our spa treatment!!!!

Officially the best and only way to spend V’day!

We did the same thing last year, spa + hotel stay except that was in Sentosa instead.

Walked into the reception and asked if they had a couple slot available, thankfully they did. Yay for impromptu plans working out perfectly. I would’ve so regretted if we didn’t do it cuz it was one of my best spa experiences ever :)

Interestingly enough, we were lead up this flight of stairs into a secluded level where a spa haven awaits us!!

Gorgeous thickets of bougainvilleas!!!

They might not look that impressive here but it was SO brightly colored magenta and the golden sun rays made it look gorgeous!

Like a brilliant splash of colour against the white walls.

I can’t believe I still remember what this flower is called since learning it from a primary school science textbook.

Back then science was still interesting cuz we studied mammals and stuff.. then chemistry and physics came about :[

There, much better :)

That’s what they looked like to me. It’s all about perception.

No, they didn’t actually smell like anything :P

I just wanted to take as many pretty V’day-romance-lovey-dovey pics as possible!!!

Pink = the best colour in the world.

In Perth my selection of flowers and plants to take pictures with / of will be broader than the average bougainvillea + grass here. Yay for wildflower season in Australia!!!!!

/End of high quality DSLR pics.

From here onwards you shall be forced to swallow mediocre digital cam pictures :P

This was the room where the magic happened.

Oh man check out that jacuzzi in the middle of nowhere and the sea views!!!!!!!!!!! We were SO excited. Just “wow”. Is this all ours for today?!

Sorry for making it look so crappy here but it was SO GOOD!!!!

Cold breezy winds against bubbling hot goodness =

I wish we were even nearer to the sea but well, you can’t have everything!!

Some day I’m gonna be in a jacuzzi on a nice boat looking at dolphins by the sunset. My dream. Actually I don’t even have to be in a damn jacuzzi but could I see some dolphins plzzzzzzz T____T

All my dreams have either the ocean or dolphins to do with them. It’s strange.


So we got changed into the itty bitty almost non-existent outfits they provided for us and then they left us alone for a good 50 minutes to spend quality time with each other!!!

AND I’M IN!!!!

One word: Amazing.

No no wait. Fantastic.

Life-changing. ……..Almost. :P

WHY DO HOT SPA’S FEEL SO GOOD?? All it is is bubbling hot jets of water wobbling your flabs around. But the moment you jump into one it’s an instant “Ahhhhhhhhh….” moment.

Well that comes after the initial “OW OW OW!!” burning sensation hahaha

Cheeky monkey face

I dunno how else we could’ve better spent our V’day!!! It was really romantic.

♥ ♥ ♥

They added lovely little touches like spreading rose petals in the water and lighting candles for us :)

Every detail counts!!

Happy is me!!!

I think it’s amazing how 2 people can be so comfortable together.

Sometimes I forget he’s that dude I met from Left 4 Dead.

LOL my cheeks were stained rained coz I kissed him then he kissed me on the cheek. That’s why I almost never kiss with lipstick / gloss on..

…Admiring the sea views and watching boats pass us by :)

To be honest I felt a little naked because once in awhile you’d get a few people walking past in the distance and although they can’t really see you – you can see them in plain sight!!!

Relaxation at 1000000000000000000%

The best thing they did for us was PROVIDING CHOCOLATE FONDUE during our dip in the jacuzzi!!!!

I don’t know why they did it, usually spas don’t give you any food except ginger teas and the like, maybe it was a Valentine’s Day special.

Whatever it is, it was the BEST idea ever.

I am usually not a fan of thick chocolatey substances but omggggg this was soo good. It wasn’t the cheap kind of overly-sweet chocolate so you’d feel sick or thirsty after a few mouhfuls, this was the REAL STUFF (Y)

Couldn’t get enough of it. Even lost interest in the spa for a bit :P


LOL our mouths were like this by the time we were done!!!!!!!

Subsequent pics had chocolate stains all over our mouths.. Glamorous indeed.


Self-timer photo spam!!!!!!! ♥

OMG I look so dirty with all that chocolate on my face lol!!

Wipe it on his face nowww :P

Look at his spastic expression. Tsk. Girl of your dreams kiss you and this is the face you give her???

And my faaavvooourriteee part next – massage!!!!!!!! Yay!

Actually the whole day was my favourite part :)

Got changed into their kimono thingy which is even better than a bathrobe because the material is sooo smooth, I gotta get me one of those!!!

And I put my hand on my chest because I imagine that’s what Japanese people do. Like y’know cuz apparently they’re very polite and kind xD

Some water to stay alive. Jacuzzis dehydrate you like CRAZY because it’s soo hot!!!

They washed our feet for us then dumped a chunk of “aromatic sea salt” into the foot bath and then told us to rub our feet together.

When I asked the therapist what it’s meant to do for your feet, she said, “It’s good for you.”

I LOL-ed. I guess she doesn’t know either…

For my foot to taste salty because they anticipate my bf has a foot fetish and there will be some foot lickin’ going on in our hotel room later or what? Cuz my feet sure didn’t feel any different.

…..Nevertheless, as I have once proclaimed before – Having your feet washed for you is one of the GREATEST pleasures there is in life!!!!

I swear.

After that it was….


Complete knock out.

Sometimes I wonder what is the point of a massage when I sleep through like half of it LOL.

Anyway as you can expect, I COMPLETELY enjoyed the whole experience!!!

Besides the awesome things like jacuzzis and massages, another thing that was excellent was the service. Even the cheapest spa I went to had great service.

They are always asking you if you are comfortable, is the application pressure okay and forever so polite!!!!!

I love it.


Afterwhich we headed back to our hotel room a little rest, a refreshing shower then off for our much anticipated dinner!!!

We’d already dined here before so we knew what to expect. In fact I was just here with my family 2 nights ago!

I adore alfresco dining when the weather is right. I don’t feel as confined as I would in an indoor restaurant.

We ordered a LOT!!!

Some parma ham for starters, then they gave us complimentary bread because the food took sooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOO long to come..

Pizza as a side dish. We hadn’t eaten the whole day before this!!

My crabmeat linguine!!!!! As recommended by Wendy, it’s mouthwateringly yummeh I want it NOW!!!!

Glorious generous chunks of crab meat lie beneath silky linguine strands and thick creamy sauce. Man I am so hungry right now :[

MUST. resist. self. from. going. too. often……..

Ending this post with a cute pic of Sam all dressed up ^________^

After our meal we headed back to the hotel room and Titanic was on TV!!!!!!!! How freaking apt??? My all time favourite movie!

As usual I cried and cried while watching it :’) How can a movie be so beautiful and timeless? No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it always makes me weep like a lovesick idiot. Undoubtedly one of the greatest films ever made..

I am so excited about it coming out for 2012 3d!!!!!!!! BIG SCREEN, YEAH!!!


…….*drops him to the bottom of the ocean*


In conclusion??


Everyone should totally abuse the occasion by milking your partners for extra hugs, presents and attention.

Thank you baby for being a real sweetheart that day!!! It was the best V’day I’ve had so far but I’m sure there will be greater things in store for us.

I love you. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I love us together, too.



Jurong Bird Park

My brother and Janice invited Sam and I to a day out at Jurong Bird Park a few days ago, and we excitedly agreed!!

I told Sam that apparently we (Singapore) have a world renowned Bird Park, to which he replied with a ridiculous expression on his face, “Then why haven’t you taken me there?!”

I love learning about and watching animals, but just thinking about the Singapore heat makes me wanna turn on the air con full blast and snuggle up in my comfy cool bed… @_@

Only had 3 hours of sleep the night before, surprisingly I managed to drag my ass outta bed in the morning after 15 mins of sitting up with my eyes closed, at the foot of my bed, deciding whether the day’s activities is worth getting up for or not.

Am I the only one who does this??

The alarm rings, I turn it off, the alarm rings again (I set like 5 different timings) then I hit the snooze button about 20 times before I actually DO sit up….

Then I’m just sitting there, utterly miserable and unbelievably sleepy trying to convince myself I SHOULD get up, but every bone in my body is screaming


What usually happens is I do decide to go out after all (or not if it’s school, haha) but I end up being late anyway. The next hour is a mad rush, trying to find suitable clothes to wear and putting on male up, etc (opening my wardrobe is disgusting – everything’s packed to the brim and falls out when you open it)

Anyway enough about me and what a miracle it is that I didn’t succumb to my laziness – more about Jurong Bird Park!!!!

And my gay looking boyfriend.. haha

I don’t know why he doesn’t mind wearing my girly glasses but sometimes get embarrassed when I ask him to carry my handbag for me. Apparently looking gay by choice is alright, but looking like you’re helping your girlfriend carry her heavy bag that’s straining her shoulders is a crime!

This is the bag in question btw…

Ok I suppose the fur makes it kinda strange for a guy to be carrying it :P

I just bought it recently!! Yay or nay?

I almost never wear fur (real or fake) but since it’s end of the year and the holiday season, I think this goes quite nicely with a lot of my outfits. It looks kinda plain but there’s gold dangling bits on the other side which you can’t see.

In true gluttony spirit, the first thing we do is eat before seeing any birds at the bird park.

Found these cute little children chairs!!! Tried to sit on one and almost fell over HAHAH.

And I guess that’s my impersonation of an elephant?…

And this is me looking painfully awkward. I know my outfit looks terribly mismatched, but whaddya want from me???

If the weather was extremely humid yet hot at the same time, and you know you’re gonna be super tired and sweaty but still taking lots of pictures… plus there’s a good chance of it raining – wtf?

What would you wear?

My brother acting cool.. he’s one of those people who would never let you take a candid shot of him and every photo is so posed and vain.

It’s almost annoying to take photos of him coz he checks every one and tells me not to post it or to photoshop him but I post em anyway haha

I post the nice looking-ones only of course!!! One of the pains about being a blogger – finding good looking, spontaneous photography subjects. -_-

Sam is a lot less poised as you can tell :P

Doesn’t his hair look ridiculous!!! We got a haircut yesterday (colored my hair a darker brown and touched up my roots) so we look a lot better now lol

Om nom nom!

My energy supply for the day!!

And we enter the bird park!!! Admission fee was about $16? Totally worth going!

I’d go more often if it weren’t for the fact it’s on the other side of the island and taking a cab there costs 30 dollars :3

With our tickets!! All set!


The first “birds” that we saw were…..

Lil penguins!! Aww!

Just splashing about merrily in that refreshingly cool blue water… I almost wanted to jump in myself. 10 mins in the bird park and I wanted to take a shower already.

What is it about penguins that make em so cute?

Is it the way they swim like tiny torpedoes underwater? Or the fact that they waddle clumsily on the ground when they walk, and seem to be completely harmless?

I wonder how they’d react to being stroked… I could reach out and touch it but it might bite my finger off :P

Jan, Jer and Sam learning about bird facts…

No prizes for guessing which bird the largest egg belongs to!

If you didn’t know… I was trying to act like a penguin so yes, that cock eyed expression IS intentional!!!!

He could blend right in!

Walking into the penguin enclosure!! It was dark and air-conditioned and very welcomed by us

This puffball is so aptly named the “Puffin!”

Ta-dah!!! Family of Penguins!

It’s so funny how they just stand around the whole day… aren’t they tired? Why don’t they lie down or do something else besides stare into space?

I LOL-ed at the Rockhopper penguin!!!

Looks so badass like it’s gonna take out an electric guitar and put on a rock concert, with its beady red eyes and mohawk hair do.

Cuteeee soft toys @ the souvenir store!!

I’m such a sucker for both souvenirs AND soft toys, it was really hard for me to resist and say “No, I’m not buying one.”

I love all things fluffy and cute and even better if they’re brightly coloured!

On a side note, that fake penguin behind me looks effing scary. Almost sinister… like a stalker or a serial killer penguin OMG I bet they’re so gonna make a movie out of that one day

Picture perfect backdrop, where you can pay 10 or 15 bucks (around there) to get a professional picture snapped with parrots on your hand / shoulders, or you can be cheap and pay nothing to get a shot of the birds alone.

But why would I wanna pay money for those parrots when I could take close up shots of THESE BEAUTIES!!!! :D

They are soooooooo gorgeousss… can anyone tell me what species they are?? They’re really small and I love how they come in threes! They look like three musketeers birdies!

Now I wanna keep birds as pets!

A trainer and her parrot.. she was very friendly to me, happy to make the parrot talk when I asked her to and to tell me more about their habits, etc!

“O RLY?”

More of the three orange cute weetle birdies!!!!!!!!


The weather was nice and cooling for a bit coz it started drizzling a bit, a perfect time to take a quick birdie nap!


Cute birdies backsides :P

They kept waking up and falling back asleep, whenever one would wake up it’d accidentally nudge the other one so they all wake up / fall asleep at once. Adorable!!

Thought this necklace would be appropriate for that day - wings, geddit?? LOL ok I know it’s kinda lame.

But I haven’t worn it out before and Wendy gave this to me!

If you like active, brightly coloured fancy animals that are neither dangerous or smelly and ones that you can get really close to – you’d like the bird park!

I get really annoyed when I can’t see the animals in their enclosures (coz they’re hiding / sleeping etc) but never had that problem here.. they were always proudly on display :)

Beautiful feathers!!! They are all so exotic!

I was never really into birds that much before this, but after watching a few David Attenborough documentaries, I’m hooked – both about learning of birds and watching his shows. He’s such an admirable and charming host!!

And possibly one of the most knowledgeable person I can think of.

Parrots of different kinds!

Compared to other birds, they’re not really that interesting or fancy but some of em can TALK!

I adore talking parrots – they always make me giggle and smile!

Haha I want to punch my own face for pulling such an annoying touristy pose :PP

More walking and more birds… didn’t take photos of the ones in ugly cages or ugly birds in general.

These look like the bird version of the Rockhopper Penguin we saw earlier!!!
Yes no??


Pelican! (redundant caption but there’s nothing else to say lol)

Since this is a bird park obviously there’s gonna be lots of pics of birds..

Stopped for a short rest at a pavilion and some self-timer shots!!!


Oh wow I love this shot!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like it was taken with a much more expensive DSLR than the one I have right now, (which is an entry-level beginner’s DSLR)


It’s not a very pretty plant but I reckon it’s a pretty photo nonetheless, just because of its clarity! :)

Sam posing with my ancient China fan LOLOL my saving grace in the blistering heat and even that barely kept me alive

WORK it sista!!!!

His “top model” poses alwayssss crack me up!

Lucky for us, the drizzling stopped and the Sun came out to shine and it turned into a pretty nice day after all!!

Something I’ll miss when I’m studying in Australia.. evergreen plants

Sam snapping away with the Nico Digi I did an advertorial about previously!

Yup it’s THAT small.

I can’t resist taking a photo of any decent looking flower if I have the time to stop for a pic.. do you guys find it unnecessary though??

I think I prefer this sort of composition much better for flower shots

Another well-received air-conditioned pit shop where we learned more facts about birds nobody else cares about LOL

Like how long an ostrich egg takes to cook!!!

I wonder what it tastes like… :333

Never did I imagine one day I’d post a picture of bird innards on my blog. How’s this for original content??

And my favourite thing about this bird park - their walk in aviaries!!!

Instead of viewing the birds from outside their enclosure, you get to WALK INTO their habitat now and if you’re lucky enough, they’ll fly over to say hi and even land on your shoulders.

So fun!!!!!

I love watching them fly RIGHT past me – literally 4cm away from my face and I can sometimes feel their feathers and the gust of wind that follows them!

Before we were able to get a proper glimpse of birds close up, we saw THIS BIG FELLA:

Holy shittttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!

It’s an iguana, people!!!! What is it doing in the aviary?? To freak guests out?

I was just strolling along leisurely when this big fella came out from behind the bushes and crossed my path, forcing us to stop dead in our tracks coz no way we’re going near that thing.

I doubt it’s potentially dangerous if they let it roam freely in the aviary but still.. it looks so freakkyyyyy!!!

Very cool though!!! Got us all excited, going “WTF” coz it was just sitting there in front of us lol!

We saw it another time while leaving the aviary… I think it followed us O_O

Second cool thing we saw – a tinnyyyyyy yellow birdie sitting in a mini waterfall!!


Look at it!! It was just standing there, chirping, soaking, splashing as if taking a nice bath ^.^

It’s so small and bright yellow and fairytale-ish, kinda like those birds you see flying around Snow White!

I liked walking through the aviary very much.

It’s surprisingly soothing, with tall trees shading you from the sun but still allowing golden rays to shine through its separated leaves, with colourful happy birds chirping and flying past you and with the sound of man-made waterfalls’ rushing currents, the ambience is perfect and complete!

Popping in and out of their bird house!!!

I love how brightly coloured they are :)
Makes me happy just looking at em ♥

Really blurry crap pic but I was amused at how this bird could “stand” upside down LOL

It should’ve been born a bat instead

Sam showing how much he’s enjoying himself!!!! LOL

I told him to pose since I knew there were gonna be a lot of bird pictures so I wanted to break it up a little

We got out of the aviary and saw a very different kind of bird:


WTF. I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen them in real life before, but when I did this time, I ran over going “OMG.” coz they were just sooo big, much taller than ME even – and I’m 1.7m!

An ostrich and my brother :3

I am constantly amazed by how a zoo, or in this case, a wildlife reserve could obtain animals from all around the world, from different climates, habitats and continents and just house them efficiently in one large combined habitat!!!!

Isn’t it amazing?

Where the heck else could I see a giant rare ostrich this close? This particular one in the photo above came RIGHT UP to me and my bro, face-to-face!

Sam and his love for Dinosaurs!

And THIS was probably my FAVOURITE part and place of the day – the Lory Loft!

Where you get to touch, feed and play with Rainbow Lorikeets!!!!!

We bought a feeding cup for $3 which was money well spent because you could feed so many birds with just 1 cup and the experience is really quite thrilling!

HAHAHAH what a wuss.

I was trying to smile but I ended up showing a mixed look of terror, bewilderment and excitement!!!!

I know it doesn’t look like I was THAT close to the bird, but trust me, when you’re right in front of the bird’s face you feel like it’s only 5cm away from you…

No shit!!!

I’m not particularly scared of the birdie, but being the morbid person I am, I imagined that it was fully capable of pecking my eyes out or poking a hole in my face with its beak so I didn’t go TOO close to it.

I wish I’d been braver and gone closer to them!

Sam took over the feeding and I took over the photography!!!

See, why couldn’t I have had a shot like that? He was holding the bird just as far away as I did, but it seems much closer because of the angle I’d taken it from!

I always get really frustrated whenever people can’t take nice shots for me and I conveniently take MUCH nicer shots for them :(

…Is it really so hard for others to get the basics right?

It’s not that hard – just angles and light sources!

Everything else I can fix with image editing.

Anyway the funniest thing happened while we were walking away from the previous bird we were feeding -

this other random Lory just flew right into Sam and landed on his CHEST!!!

Ahahaha it’s clinging onto the collar of his polo tee!!!

A bit too close for comfort I reckon. If you were him, you’d be looking down at your chest wondering why the heck there was a bird in your face :P

The guy behind Sam’s pretty funny too, he looks like he’s getting attacked or something

Sam looked at me with a giant “WTF” expression on his face as the bird casually latched itself onto him, still feeding from the cup and he was like, “HELP ME!!” and I’m like, “LOL what do you want me to do???”

So he managed to gently shake it off but once that one flew off….

But right after the first one left, TWO MORE FLEW OVER AND LANDED ON HIS BACK!!!

LOL you shoulda seen Sam’s reaction – SOOOOOOOOO FUNNEH

I couldn’t contain myself - I burst out in laughter and kept laughing and laughing!!!!

I could tell he almost wanted to scream and run around going “GET THESE BIRDS OFF ME” but he had to maintain his cool in order not to freak everyone else and himself out :P

I think the most alarming thing about these birds is how quickly they take flight and land on you!!!

They are neither graceful nor gentle - they’re fast and furious!

Their movements are so sudden and dramatic, what with the furious flapping of wings in your face and the unpredictable factor of animals, you feel like you’re being attacked when all they really want is a nice human perching stand :P

Him trying to smile but still very worried about the one behind his neck, as you can see!! Haha I would be too!!

It kept nipping the gold chains of my bag… Sorry birdie, it may be shiny but it ain’t tasty!

Sam finally calms down and smiles for the camera properly! :P

I think he didn’t like em on his back… said their claws dug into his skin and hurt quite a bit!!

Isn’t it just GORGEOUS?

Lorikeet heaven!!! Dozens of rainbow birds flying around whilst you walk among tree tops on suspended bridges, and the best part is you get to feed em too! ^.^

Felt like I was transported to paradise… one that happened to have a lot of birds in it.

For a moment, though, it was a great grand getaway.

This particular lory was really aggressive – shooing away a friend that wanted to share its feeding up and when I put my finger near it, it’d try to nip me!!! DEVIL!

I wonder what’d happen if someone caught one and put it in their bag o___O

We left Lory Loft’s aviary and took a tram ride to the other side of the park, where a performance show and another aviary awaits us!

Sam and his african friend LOL

….Ok, maybe they’re more than just friends :((

Sam, are you cheating on me with a black dude?!

I saw a nice spot that had good lighting and a good background for pretty photos so I told Jeremy and Janice to stand there and pose but they didn’t want to, so Sam volunteered and thus came about more epic modeling shots of his:

It IS a nice spot, isn’t it!!!

Me yelling across to him: “Not good enough!”

that’s what I’m talking about!!!
♥ ♥ ♥ Wee-u-weet!!

Walking towards what is said to be the world’s TALLEST man-made waterfall!!!

Sigh… so beautiful and magnificent.

If a man-made one can be this awe-inspiring, I’d love to see the Niagara Falls for myself in person!!!

Just the sound that a waterfall makes is enough to make me feel completely relaxed.

Two nerds taking a picture of a waterfall with their iPhone 4 while I take a picture of them taking pictures with my DSLR :P

But the iPhone4′s camera is indeed quite impressive, I must say! Vast improvement from the 3GS.. makes me wanna get an iPhone 4 now dammit! What am I gonna do with my old one then?

Mandatory dreamy shot by the waterfall…

Jan and her candy floss as we sit down to watch some birds put on a show for us!!!

This woman got picked from the audience to hold up a hoop which the parrot would fly through!

Lucky her, how come I never get picked as a volunteer even though I always put my hand up??

…Is it my face??? T_____T

It’d actually be quite funny if the parrot’s aim was off and face planted into the hoop LOL.

Other cool tricks included holding up a dollar bill and the parrot would fly towards you, take the bill from you and fly back to its trainer, depositing the dollar into his pocket!

Watching them throwing fishes at the birds made me think of how they throw fishes at dolphins and killer whales in Sea World!!!!!

I miss Sea World so much and there’d never be a better place to learn about marine animals AND have fun at the same time anywhere else in the world! I’m dying to go back there…

Why does it have to be so god damn far away? 28 hours in the plane and a 3000 dollar ticket! Gah. Not to mention the currency differences.

We caught another performance, this time of Birds of Prey and Sam got chosen as volunteer!!!

His task was to shoot a piece of meat with a catapult into the air, and some eagles / vultures will try to snatch it from each other mid-air before it falls to the ground, all this happening within a span of a few seconds!

The shows were entertaining, and definitely an eye-opener for Sam who had never seen so many different kinds of birds in such close proximity and in such a hands-on environment too :)


Our last stop for the day was “World of Darkness” – or in other words,

“World of OWLS!”

A hedwig lookalike snowy owl!!!

I wonder what material they used as the fake snow (or is it really ice?) and what temperature they keep that room in!!

Gahhhhhhhh… something a LOT less cuter – gray owls!!! Motherfucking scary seriously most owls freak the hell outta me.

They look like they’re staring right into your SOUL, and the way they sit so perfectly still until you make a noise then they’re suddenly bolt awake is frightening indeed.

Their eerie calls through the forest (supposing I am in one) doesn’t help either.


And that was the last bird picture of the day!!!!!

Saw this in the souvenir shop, and although it has nothing to do with birds it’s so funneh!!!!

Rabbits made out of carrots. Quite ingenious really.

And pigs made outta cauliflower!!!
LOL who would’ve known?!?

Random cut out of a penguin near the exit – this is how Sam measures up next to the tallest penguin in the world!

He looks just like one, with his black and white outfit and hunched back and bulging tummy ahaha

Of our day at Jurong Bird Park.

A total whopping number of 108 pictures for this post!! And so many bright, happy ones, I love it!

I’d definitely recommend people to go if you haven’t been in awhile, or if like me, have never been there before at all. It may not sound like fun, looking at birds, but it is!!!

I had a bird of a time (can I substitute whale with bird?? same thing right? just asking) and I now have a new-found fascination for birdies.

I’ve always envied their ability to fly and would dream of flying like a bird when I was younger!!! And to be truthful with you, sometimes, I still kinda do.

It’s fun to learn about the different nests they build, the calls and sounds they make, their preying techniques and of course, their courtship methods and mating rituals!

I’ve always thought of bird-watchers to be a silly “cuckoo”, but now I can understand their fascination this much more!!!!


P.S – For those of you who don’t know yet, find out more about the next Live Chat timing and potential Blogger-Reader-Meet-Up in my post below!!


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