Happy 3rd Year Anniversary!

Here’s to my longest relationship yet!


Thank you for the past 3 years we have spent together.

 It has been the maddest, wildest roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. We had our ups, then we had our downs… But the end of the day, they are all part of this crazy game we call l-o-v-e. We met each other in an online game. We talked our hearts out, every single day, for months.

You flew down from Australia to see me once, then you decided you’d like to visit every month from then on. Eventually you moved to Singapore altogether, having to leave behind your job as a medical scientist, friends, family, and life in Melbourne. That is undoubtedly the sweetest thing anyone in this world has ever done for me. We moved in together, and started a cake business, totally out of the blue. Built a new profession from ground up with nothing but a cheap $30 hand held mixer, some flour, and a whole lot of determination. Imagine that & where it has gotten us today. Now we’re embarking on a different journey as you’re starting on a new full time job…

Whatever happens, wherever this road takes us – As long as you’re squeezing my hand tightly in yours, we can overcome anything together. Just promise you will never ever let go.

Happy 3 years anniversary DaNang cupcakes and tea!!! luv u long time.



Singapore and Sam’s birthday

My favorite part about the National Day parade is everybody’s favorite part – the fireworks!!!

There’s just something about explosive colors twinkling in the dark night sky that brings out child like wonder from anyone who is looking up at it from down below with glistening eyes.

I think Sam is both lucky, and unlucky that his birthday falls on the same day as our nation’s birthday.

Lucky because he gets a free firework show and everybody seems to be in a happier mood on that day, but unlucky cuz he doesn’t get to go out and have a normal day in Singapore because it’s a public holiday and everywhere is packed off its tits!!!

For his special day this year, the boyfriend got a 3 night stay at Marina Bay Sands (yea, that place never gets old, we sat and watched the fireworks together *_*), a day of shopping and chocolates, among other things. He’s a pretty simple guy to please. Shove Royce chocolates in front of his face and he’s guaranteed to flash you a smile!

Sorry for looking so much worse than usual because I was REALLY tired (been a crazy ass busy week) and I had on minimal make up, apparently not enough to cover up my dark eye circles and tired peepers. I knew I should have put on falsies to make my eyes appear bigger but my eyelids were already heavy enough to begin with!!

Our aerial view of the NDP from MBS. Those people are so near, yet so far!!! I could almost see Lee Kuan Yew with binoculars. Almost.

Happy birthday babe! 26 already. Tsk so old.

I think we’re quite poor thing one. Do so many customized cakes for other people, literally we’ve provided Singapore with hundredssss of cakes… BUT WHERE IS OURS WHEN IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY??

Nobody ever thinks, “Hey, let’s get the customized cake makers customized cakes for their birthdays!” Nope, it’s like how you wouldn’t buy a cobbler a pair of shoes for their birthday. Kinda sad really, because I DO want to receive a customized cake instead of handing it out for once!!! Well, my 21st Birthday is next year in 2013 so if I don’t get one I’m going to punch somebody in the eye. LOL.

I got him this chocolate cake from Marina Bay Sands’ in house bakery, because I know he loves chocolate. I couldn’t possibly bake a cake to surprise Sam because we live in the same house! Surprises are hard to come by these days… The bakery staff weren’t kidding when they said the cake was “extremely rich” because it was 99.9% CREAM and I couldn’t taste a single ounce of cake crumb. It was more accurately a lump of cream instead of “cake”.

I couldn’t even finish a single slice, but at least the Birthday Boy loved it. (or at least he said he did, he’s a pig any way :P)

I thought this candid pic was pretty funny. I’m almost ALWAYS blurred out in candid pictures because I seem to be constantly moving.

Like this. I think this was me clapping my hands in excitement because I’d previously dropped a numbered candle on the floor (OMFG LOL) while walking into the hotel room to “surprise” him with the birthday cake…. then some kind soul came along to pick up the dropped candle and re-lit it after we finished singing the birthday song.

 I got his friends to stick the candles into the cake and apparently it wasn’t deep enough so the number “2″ fell right over. In some of the earlier pictures Sam was posing with a cake that had just “6″ on it @.@

What do you know?

 Less than 10 minutes after I brought my cake in, the Marina Bay Sands staff came in an entourage knocking on our front door singin’ “Happpppyyy Birthdayyy to yoouuu”…… bringing Sam THE EXACT SAME CAKE I JUST BOUGHT FROM THEIR IN HOUSE BAKERY NOT THAT LONG AGO.


I don’t wanna sound like a cheap bastard, but had I known these fools were going to give us the exact same bloody cake, I wouldn’t have spent over $50 on a small cake that wasn’t even fantastic.

Still, the thought was kind – they heard it was Sam’s birthday and within 30 minutes sent a cake up without us even asking. Yay for excellent service!!! Boo for making the same choice of cake as me. I liken this to turning up to an awards show with your rival wearing the same damn dress. I am threatened of being outshone. *falls to my knees*


Thanks to all his awesome friends that made the effort to come down and make Sam’s birthday a special one and for filling our night with tons of laughter and smiles!!!

You brave souls conquered the Singaporean peak hour traffic coming into the city on a public holiday. There is no friendship truer than that. *tears*


These pictures are not in chronological order lined up with the rest of the post above, but since they’re related Birthdayly activities, I figured I should post them anyway! :)

Buffet lunch with my folks. They had king crabs by the buckets. I died and went to heaven. Bloody zero carbs also – totally guilt free eating… ♥~♥;

Guilt free eating, I reckon, is the BEST kind of eating there is!!! I can’t even enjoy a plate of my own awesome home cooked pasta these days without feeling a tinge of guilt hidden somewhere beneath my gluttony. Urgh.

I know I’ve said this before (hahaha) but Sam has a very childish, (mildly unflattering?) ape like grin. I find it strangely endearing. I know that when I see his monkey grin, it’s not a fake smile!!

My mum got his some headphones for his birthday. I’m not sure why either. But thanks mum.

The view from our hotel room at night – Gardens By The Bay.

 Its amazing how fast Singapore builds itself up…. not that long ago this was just an ugly constructing mess and suddenly now its beautiful. You should see this view when the early morning rays have just softly creeped over the sea water and onto the gardens – captivating. Haven’t actually been there to the gardens yet… I’ll make it a point to the next time!

Hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend and National Day celebration!!!! :*



Phillip’s PJS!!! ♥

So a couple of days ago, something really random and wonderful happened.

We were at a shopping mall (Northlands) and we walked by Lincraft, which is a really big fabric / arts & craft store in Melbourne, and Sam casually said, “Hey, do you wanna make something for Phillip?”

And I’m like, “What do you mean?”

And he’s all like… “We could make him some pajamas. :D”

So I said ok.. I love the idea, but I don’t know how to sew though. Apparently, however, Sam does. o_O Surprise surprise. I can’t think of ONE other male I know that sews lol. I mean I think I know BASIC sewing but I can’t sew anything proper!!! Sam’s parents used to be tailors so I guess he picked up some skills from them here and there. So with a fair bit of skepticism, we stepped into Lincraft and bought a 1 meter long really cute printed fabric with duckies on it, then headed back to his place shortly after wards.

That night, Sam spent 4 hours sewing… taking Phillip’s measurements (LOL no more fried chicken for you, little penguin!), figuring out how to sew sleeves and buttons, his mum and dad even came along to help…

And after a lot of fussing and huffing over the sewing machine…


He even has a matching PJ hat (do humans really wear those to sleep?) and three cute yellow buttons! Cute overloaddd.

Isn’t this just the cutest thing ever????? I can’t believe my boyfriend did that for me!!! I mean a guy who cooks, sews, bakes, and gives awesome massages surely is marriage material. I’m a bit young for that at the moment but I’ll definitely keep this in mind in the future!!!

I’m so pleased with the results, I’m now trying to convince him to sew clothes for my other toys. I think I have like 30+ soft toys in my room.

Me: “I think you should make Phillip a dress! A pink frilly one with pearls!! ^.^ Would look so cute in it hurhur”

Sam: “But why? O.o Phillip is a boy!!”

Me: “Guys wear skirts too! Look at Irishmen!”

Looking at Phillip now puts an even bigger grin on my face than before. His cuteness level just DOUBLED, if that’s even possible. :’)

I think this is pretty high up the list of, “sweetest gestures people have ever done for me.” ♥

The most amazing part was how Sam suggested to do this for me all by himself, without me ever suggesting it to him (like I said I didn’t know he could sew) and he did it because he knew it would make me so happy!!! And it does!!!! It might seem silly to other people, but this means so much to me. It’s the little things like these that matter the most. Knowing how to make your partner happy another person would have no clue of.

I feel so blessed.

So does Phillip, because he has fluffy duckies PJs to wear to sleep now! :) He’ll be kept warm and snuggly all night! His PJs are tailored to fit him even better than mine are, lol, mine are just $7 ones from K-Mart.


Update: Random video that came about when I received a Formspring question going, “What personality does Phillip have?”

You’ll have to turn the volume up to get past my maniacal laughter. Words cannot describe how much I ♥ Phillip!!! Singing and dancing is but one of Phillip’s many talents. :D


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