Browhaus Resurrection (Natural)

Hi! Notice anything different about me today?

No, not the fact that my hair has more blue highlights than usual…. but them eyebrows!!!!! They’ve gone missing! That’s actually what my brows look like normally without any make up on them. For those of you who have been following me for a long time, you would have heard all about my brow woes before. And for you new lot who have no idea, well, I was born cursed with sparse and oddly shaped eyebrows that are slightly downward sloping. I’ve struggled with eyebrow make up all my life, even now, when I consider myself very familiar with the application of make up on my face, my eyebrows seem to be the hardest and longest thing to do. I guess it’s because I have so little to work with in the first place, it’s kind of like trying to apply mascara on eyelashes that aren’t even there. Even if you have the best mascara in the world, it’s still going to look like crap because you don’t have a good base to start off with.

Now normally I wouldn’t be caught dead without my eyebrows drawn especially when the rest of my face is covered with make up – the contrast is way too noticeable! Even on lazy days, I try to make it a point to draw my eyebrows and apply a bit of cheek and lip tint so I don’t give innocent people a jolly good fright when I’m wandering around town.

The only reason why I went out with naked brows that day was because… I was going to get a Brow Resurrection treatment done at Browhaus!!! Woopie-doo!!!

Brow Resurrection is basically getting semi-permanent eyebrows drawn to a shape of your liking inked onto your skin using vegetable dye, and small but precise incisions. The effect can last up to 1-2 years, depending on how you take care of it. This is my second time getting Brow Resurrection done with them, the first session was back in 2010 and even though you can search for the entry if you’re curious to read about it I am so not going to link it here because reading back, my old entries REALLY make me cringe. Why did I like to dress up my blog posts with all sorts of fugly bolded fonts and rainbow colors and space everything apart so widely??? And my pictures! They were beyond horrid! It’s like reading a 10 year old’s scrapbook and it seems hardly credible. Sigh, can we just pretend those days didn’t exist? I wish I had a magical button I could click that would instantly make all my old blog posts slightly less retarded but the only button that exists for me is “Delete” at the moment, and unfortunately I’m not about to throw my archive away. When you bare your soul to the internet, shit ALWAYS comes back to haunt you!

Here is the PR representative of Browhaus, Weiying, explaining to me the whole process of Browhaus’ famous Brow Resurrection treatment and what it can do to help girls with brow problems like me, and I bet some of you out there!

Which brow crime are you committing right now?! I think mine falls under the “crayon” category – they need to make a new one on that book. :P

So here I am… Ready to resurrect my brows back to life!

If you look at the ends of my eyebrows closely, there are some remnants of my previous Brow Resurrection from 2010. It’s faded 95% or thereabouts, however the remaining 5% sort of gives my eyebrows a bit of a brownish looking tail (luckily) otherwise I would literally just have only the front part of my eyebrows. And no, it’s not because I groom them that way, they’re… just.. like that. Everyday, shaved or not.

I can really appreciate how the treatment fades away inconspicuously as though it was never even there, because nobody wants to have the same eyebrow shape for more than a year or two of their life, do they?! I’m all for changing the general shape of my eyebrows every other month, depending on my make up and dressing style.

The consultation begins with the therapist explaining the shape and arches of my natural eyebrows to me, and then proceeds to ask me more about what sort of look I’m hoping to achieve with my Brow Resurrection.

I told her I want something fairly natural and normal looking without a distinct arch, but it cannot be too straight, and it doesn’t have to be particularly thick or long. Definitely not thin or downward sloping at the ends either, though. *fussy customer*

And she gets straight to work!

According to what I’d described, she will draw the shape with a removable eyebrow pencil before doing the real thing with semi-permanent ink so that I get a good idea of what it’s going to look like. She also grooms your eyebrow before, so that the overall look is cleaner.

I got her to re-adjust the shape at least 3 times before I was fully satisfied with it and gave her the green light. I’m not going to settle for anything less than I consider the best it could be, because semi-permanent make up on your face is no laughing matter! I chose a natural brown shade as I wanted something less fierce looking.

The difference between Brow Resurrection and other less-than-desirable eyebrow treatments out there is that the eyebrow shape is inked on carefully, stroke by stroke, instead of a whole solid chunk, to recreate the individual hair look natural brows would have.

3 things about this photo:

1) There is a stick flying about to poke me in the eye
2) My hair.
3) Holy crap my hair line. I AM BALDING AT THE AGE OF 21… AND I’M NOT EVEN 21. Hello Beijing 101 or other scalp management places, I want to be your ambassador!!!!

A numbing cream is applied all over my brows, I waited for 15 minutes, then the procedure officially begun. I wasn’t nervous at all because I’ve done it once before and know it doesn’t hurt that much despite my low pain tolerance level, so I almost fell asleep a few times through treatment, which took about half an hour. As I’m not allowed to take photos of their top-secret techniques (hehe) I can only tell you guys that I felt almost no pain except for one or two occasions where I felt a prickling, stinging sensation that lasted for about 2 minutes only. All I did was close my eyes, lie back on a comfy chair and let the therapist do her thing… She was gentle and patient, so I felt completely at ease. I would safely say the overall pain was lesser than stepping on a lego or getting your eyebrows plucked. I can’t even stand the idea of waxing any part of my body because of the fear of physical pain, so there’s really nothing you have to worry about. The previous time I did Brow Resurrection, I admit I did get a massive headache and slight bleeding / swelling afterwards but this time I encountered no such problem. The new Brow Resurrection 2.5 is supposed to be more light-handed and natural looking, compared to the “heavier” Brow Resurrection 2.4 from years ago.


Less than an hour after my consultation, I finish my treatment, and… I feel like a new person!!!!!!!

HELLO beautiful eyebrows!! I haven’t seen you in awhile, where have you been?
(If I look like I just got up from bed, that’s because I did)

I was pleasantly taken aback by how natural it looks, even more so than my first experience – and I’ll be damned, if no one told you my new eyebrows were inked on with vegetable dye by a therapist you would probably just have guessed I was born with naturally beautiful brows! (well, I wish) Don’t underestimate the difference well-maintained eyebrows make. It frames your whole face, and could make you look younger / older / fresher / angry / surprised / tired without you having to alter your facial expressions.

This was a few days after, a more close up view shows the individual strands better.

The color intensified after the swelling went down from the first day, and my eyebrows started to scab and itch a little due to the open wounds.. but it didn’t bother me. You’ll be provided with after-care creams to apply, and there was almost no down time, besides the fact I should stay away from swimming, exercising and sun tanning the first couple of days, which I don’t do much of anyway. Now that approximately a month has passed since my Brow Resurrection, the color has lightened significantly and looks deceivingly natural! If you like the effect, NOW is the perfect time to get yours done too! Browhaus is offering a very special promotional rate to my blog readers to try the Brow Resurrection 2.5 (Natural).

If you quote “Shiberty“, you can get the same thing done for only $300! Usual price: $2140.

With all good bargains, there’s always fine print… so the deal is, you have to be a first-time Brow Resurrection customer (it’s okay if you’ve done other services before) and there will be no touch up sessions included in the $300 pricing. This promotion is only redeemable at these specific outlets: Browhaus Cathay, ION, Katong, Raffles City Basement & Street Level and is valid till 31st May 2013, so you’ll have to make an appointment in the following week.

With normal customers who pay the full price of $2140, they get unlimited touch ups for up to 2 years. But for trial customers from my blog, there is none included. You guys can first try out how you like the service and if it’s to your liking, you can purchase the touch up sessions separately. So much better than paying the full price upfront in my opinion. In any case, with my old Brow Resurrection I only went back to touch up my eyebrows once and then I totally forgot about ever going back to touch up again (just never crossed my mind). I’d imagine you would need maybe maximum two to three touch ups a year if you want it in tip-top condition.

With the senior therapist who did my brows at the Cathay outlet, Elisa!

Thank you Browhaus for saving me precious time and frustration now that I don’t need to suffer coloring my barely-there eyebrows in everyday. Drawing in my eyebrows is one thing, my biggest problem was that eyebrow pencils are all water-soluble so whenever I perspired more than usual or brushed something against my forehead, my eyebrows would be spontaneously and tragically wiped off. There is nothing more embarrassing than half smudged eyebrows. Oh the horror!

Thankfully that won’t be happening at the Social Star Awards which is happening this Saturday. Anticipating the amount of people going, it’s definitely gonna be a sweat fest but my eyebrows ain’t melting off this time! Did I mention? I’m going to see Aerosmith perform live (*DOES LITTLE STUPID LOOKING EXCITED DANCE*) a shout out to Nuffnang and Starcount for the kind invite, Sam and I can’t wait to watch these legendary rock stars in action!!



Gettin’ my purple on with Shunji Matsuo 313

So, this happened recently.

It started from like this….

My red hair. I loved it to bits.

 It was almost a signature look already. I even dedicated a whole blog post to it at the start of this year. But it was getting, just kinda old….. (I know, I’m so fickle) but c’mon I mean, red is so common now, what with half the female population coloring their tresses red for Chinese New Year. And so when the bright color faded to brownish red and when it was time to make another trip to my trusty salon, I decided to take it to the next level!


Something’ goin downnnnnnnnnn. I spent more than a combined 10 hours in the salon over 2 days.

The red pigments in my hair were so stubborn and strong, that it took THREE times to bleach / lighten it to this color.

Bleaching your hair once is bad enough…. I’m quite amazed I managed to survive it three times in a day, followed by 2 rounds of purple dye. That’s pretty intense shit.

But at the end of the day, all the hours of repeated tedious coloring, washing, combing, blow drying done was worth it…. because THIS was what we planned to achieve!!!


I’m getting my P-U-R-P-L-E on! ♥ With streaks of electric blue, because purple solo isn’t quite mad enough for me. I should have been born a peacock instead.

I’m soooooo happy with it!!!! When I saw myself in the mirror, I almost leaned forward to kiss myself. :P The only thing stopping me was a swayed sense of dignity and a slight sense of pride.

My relatives wouldn’t stop talking about my hair color during Chinese New Year, much to my narcissistic delight of course. It was always brought up during our dinner table conversations. I bought this Chu Yi dress to match with my hair and bag! I freak out when my shoes and bag don’t match.

And this is Chu Er’s outfit!!! Surprisingly, purple hair goes well with almost every color… except brown, green. Brown just looks like crap on me somehow (no matter my hair color), wearing green makes me look like an eggplant (LOL I’m serious you can even envision it). But that’s okay… because I don’t wear a lot of those colors normally, anyway.

How it looks like when it’s curled! I normally like curly hair on myself but I think purple hair looks best straight or slightly wavy. Curled hair seems to lose most of its shine after the extreme heat sucks out all the moisture!

I only could imagine myself doing these crazy colors on my head because I FULLY trust my salon Shunji Matsuo @ 313 with all my heart (and hair).

 I showed them a few pictures of pretty purple hair on other girls, and told them to do whatever they believe would work best on me. I also mentioned I’d like to include some streaks of blue. And this was what they came up with. Aren’t they genius? I owe so much to them!!

My stylist hands after he was done purplifying my hair up. So grateful to my stylists who stayed back late and worked long hours of magic on me!

I dare say I enjoy rocking this purple even more than I did with my redhead. Like, I’ll still always like red because it’s a classic look and easy to pull off and all that, but this purple is really something else. You can’t NOT spot me in a sea of people like this! If you couldn’t already tell, I love the attention. Perhaps I’m used to how it looks by now but I reckon it’s not very unnatural looking – which is a good thing. You know how some people have loud colors and they just look plain ridiculous because their hair is so awfully dry and damaged looking that it comes across almost like a wig? Yeah, thankfully I don’t have that problem.

 My hair WAS dry at first (it was colored a total of 5 times, 3 bleaching 2 purple dyes) but the more I washed it and treated it well with conditioner and hair masks, the softer and more manageable it gets. Of course, going back for nourishing hair treatments at my salon helped as well.

Now, after a few weeks of having this purple hair, it doesn’t feel damaged anymore, in fact it is quite shiny and smooth to the touch!

Big BIGGGGGGGGGG l♥ve goes out to Shunji Matuo @ Somerset 313 for always outdoing yourself when it comes to making my hair even more shocking and pretty!!!! ^________^ Thanks to you guys my hair is always in top form, no matter the occasion or crazy color I attempt. What would I do without you, really? Probably still have some safe boring color.

If your hair salon isn’t making you look your best, time to hop over to the bright side. Why settle for less than best? Remember to make your appointment with Shunji Matsuo 313 before heading down if you’re looking for a particular stylist that day, because from the many times I’ve been there… I can tell you that they’re ALWAYS busy, especially in the evenings. My main stylist’s name is Eddie, but if he’s not available, you guys can also look for stylists named Jerry or Caely there, they’ve done my hair before and I love them all to bits!

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313

313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
6238 0226

Quote “Shiberty” blogger for 10% off certain services! If you want the same hair colors as me but don’t know how to tell them exactly, either show them a picture or ask for “Shiberty’s red” / “Shiberty’s purple”, they’ll know what to do.



Becoming a redhead

…Was one of the best things I did this year.

Sure, I’ve done a lot of other things with my life in 2012 probably more worthy of an honorable mention on my blog sensibly speaking (such as working hard to lose 10kg of fats, moving out of my parents’ place and renting an apartment of my own) but you know what…

Having a head full of fire kinda gave me a whole new identity. 

It made me change the way I styled my clothes, myself, and it prompted me to bother to dress up more often to suit my loud tresses. And I guess it even changed the way people looked at me. It screams personality, and it gives people a little insight to who you are just by first glance.

Unnaturally loud hair colors are almost like visible tattoos on a person’s body. It is there to serve as a statement. They say something about you that you wanna tell the world. I am me, hear me roar. Not everyone will approve of it, certainly not everybody will think its pretty or cool…. but YOU like it, and that’s what matters most, because it makes you, more you. I suppose this reasoning applies to hairstyles in general, not just wild hair colors.

Now, you don’t want to make the mistake of entrusting your precious hair to just ANY salon. The last time I went to a random salon to do my hair, my permed hair ended up looking like pubic hair. :’) It took me many months to grow it back after I cut it all off..You don’t even understand how many hair catastrophes I had to go through to finally settle down with a hair color + style + condition I’m more than satisfied with.

These days, I get my hair touched up and maintained at Shunji Matsuo 313 every other month! And I always walk out of there feeling amazing. AND FIERCE. ;)

The friendly and lovely stylists there take care of all my hair coloring, styling, cutting and treatment needs.

Here is my stylist, Eddie, tying pretty little intricate braids for me when I requested for “a different look” from my usual.

Because I’d previously bleached my hair to get an ombre-purple-pink style earlier this year (at a different salon, not Shunji Matsuo) my hair ends were awfully dry after negligent care (as it always is when you have to bleach your poor hair!), on the verge of breaking and splitting too easily. After religiously going back to do treatments every month, my hair condition has improved leaps and bounds!!

My all-time favorite hair treatment that Shunji Matsuo 313 offers is this 100% Organic Curement Treatment!

Using all natural herbs and oils from mother nature, this 4 step herbal treatment is suitable for people seeking more volume and shine for their hair, and especially good for super dry hair like I had. The difference is instant, noticeable and most importantly, long lasting. More treatments only result in my hair looking and feeling good for a few days tops, but my hair felt softer for weeks. I highly recommend trying this at Shunji Matsuo 313 if you have hair in need of urgent repair! Pricing for this treatment ranges from $101 – 155, depending on your individual hair length.

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you can do a comparison of my hair BEFORE I started visiting Shunji Matsuo (Somerset 313 outlet) and after… judge the difference for yourself.

Pictures can do the convincing better than my words can.

This is what I call a true crowning glory!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

You can compare the Before and After effects from the pictures above and below this chunk of text. The pretty “After”math is the pic above – luscious healthy hair with treatment done, and robust color. The not-so-pretty “Before” pic below… faded red, roots growing out, noticeably drier texture.

Thanks to my stylist’s advice and concern, Eddie has also provided home treatments for me to DIY at home, which I believe is an important factor as well because you can’t possibly go to a salon every single week – you need to be able to maintain it yourself at home! If you visit Shunji Matsuo 313, ask them more about home care products that would suit you. After switching shampoos and conditioner upon their recommendation, my hair fall rate (which used to be a big balding issue) has decreased significantly, and my hair tangles less often. I’m using Matrix Biolage range and loving the results so far!

Thank you Shunji Matsuo 313 for giving a head full of hair that I can be proud of. I am happy to say I almost never have bad hair days any more… every day is a good hair day!!!

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
+65 6238 0226

Alternatively, find them on Facebook here. Mention or quote “Shiberty” for 10% off certain services!

To sidetrack a little, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had random strangers come up to me, smile and say “I love your hair!!!”. It ALWAYS makes me grin instantly, not just because someone is giving me a compliment, but because its not everyday you have a reason for people you don’t know to approach you and say something nice to you. They don’t have to do it, but they do it anyway. And living in Singapore where it is uncommon for everyday people to be nice for no apparent reason, I lap up every opportunity I get. It’s like how I always smile and appreciate it when someone who walks by me says, “Good day!”. It might not have been accurately so, but because of those two words, it probably will turn out to be a better one after all.


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