Carrerista Jamboree 2008 Day 2

I went for my 3rd day of work yesterday and almost died :(

It was very very cold, even for me, someone who’s not that afraid of coldness but I was shivering! So me and Fidel hid in the car and stayed inside there for the next 3 hours before going home.

We didn’t do anything at all, what a waste of time! Well except me playing DS Lite all the way

I was playing The Simpsons game which is DAMN FUNNY and actually quite fun! But I kept getting stuck in stages and I couldn’t complete the game.

Heheheh look what I drew

And Fidel was reading some book about dogs…

We had a grand total of 1 picture taken yesterday. There was practically NO ONE there except us. If not for the loud R&B music blasting, it would have been dead quiet.

1 flyer given, 1 picture taken. It’s too slack until I’m bored out of my mind already!

It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t feeling unwell… I was having migraine in the morning.

I was still fairly energetic though! I was like this:

But by the time noon came I was feeling nauseous and very giddy. Sitting in a ridiculously uncomfortable bucket seat in a race car that was so stuffy and competing with Fidel for oxygen didn’t help either!

Ok anyway I told Fam I was really feeling unwell so he came to pick us up early.. Isn’t he the sweetest thing ever?

Btw I didn’t go to work today cos he told me to rest at home! Awwww.

Anyways… I went home, felt like SHIT.

Called baby and whined and whineeeed to him.. and he offered to come over to my place to pass me some medicine because I refused to go see a doctor!

He came all the way from Bukit Batok to Simei just to take care of me, I feel special!

I was so tired that I decided to take a nap without removing my make up or showering.

Before I zonked out

Under his care last night, I am finally well again this morning!!! THANK YOU MY LOVEEEE.

I hope the fever doesn’t come back though. Tomorrow is gonna be a long long day, staying until 1+ for the countdown party…

Ok ok enough whining….

Pictures from day 2!

In Fam’s car.. Fam drives us there and fetches us home everyday… (“v”)

The never ever ever ever ever ending road we have to drive on to get to Changi Exhibition Centre everyday.

Camwhoring away… (told you we had nothing better to do at “work”)

We both had purple eyeshadow! I’ve never applied purple before but I wanted to match Fidel, since we had matching outfits! I kinda like it :)

My partner in crime

I was surprised to see Jazzmine there!

And anywayyy if you look closely at this picture, you can actually tell that I’m wearing shorts, which proves I am a very innocent young girl who is terrified of exposing her hot pink panties. *meek smile*

Yeah baby I am talllll~!

I’m using Freshkon lenses instead of Dueba/Geo now.. It has a different feel cos it doesn’t have that black ring around the pupil! Needs some getting used to.

But I like it coz it gets rid of that huge-eyed “kawaii” look.

Camwhoring from the toilet to inside the car on display. HAHAHA. She doesn’t appreciate my kiss :( You don’t know a good thing when it’s in front of you, woman!!!

Woot, say hello to the twins.

HAHAHHAAHAHA WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! *pinches her cheeks*


Jojo was working there too!

So were Candy, Cordelia and Michelle!!!!

I was talking to them at their booth and suddenly this photographer came up and asked for a picture of all 4 of us. And I’m like, “wtf I’m not even from their booth!”

Their outfit matches the car and all so perfectly and suddenly a bright pink girl pops out of nowhere LOL.


We’ve been talking about meeting up and hanging out since like what, HALF A YEAR AGO?!?!

I was telling her if not for this carshow, who knows WHEN we would get to see each other! Before I left I said, “Bye corde! See you 2010!” HAHAHA.

She is a darlinggggggggggggggggggg.

Told you they are cute.

We are all bored out of our minds!!!!

Corde: Pleaseee don’t post this on your blog!

Me: *evil laugh*

I like going around kissing cute girls!


My arms fit 3 sexy babes nicely. HEHEHE.

Ok. I realized that most of the pictures I’ve posted is of me looking very poised and cool with the SAME expression which is TOTALLY NOT TRUE HAHAHA.

Enough of glam, bring on the ugly!!!!

I’m usually quite spastic. Most of the time… I actually look like this.

HAHAHAHAHA Omg you know I think I look like that hamster rodent thingy from the movie BEDTIME STORIES!!!

Wooo! Cool car!

Can’t wait to buy my own car, I tell you it’s going to be HOT PINK with BLING!!!!

Alrighty. End of Day 2.

From my camera, at least! Post the photos from photographers another time.

See you guys! Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition so head on down if you wanna see cool cars, drifting races, racequeens, and fireworks at the countdown party!