I am super busy these few days. AND SUPER TIRED!!

Considering I’m not even studying at all, I don’t know what the hell I’m busy with.

My class ends at 2pm tomorrow and I have a shoot @ bugis @ 3pm which means I have to change out of my school uniform, put on my contacts and make up in a few minutes.


Yes, I am convinced I am going to be late and tomorrow sounds “wonderful” already.

It’s quite irritating, one moment you have no shoots at all and the next moment you’ve got so many that your schedule is completely filled.

Doesn’t help that I’m schooling either -.-

I have a shoot on Saturday morning which starts at 9am! Imagine how early I’d have to wake up to prepare :(

20 photographers attending the group shoot~

Some of the photogs who shot me previously before are coming down to support, yay! Fun-ness.

There’s also a BBQ held by the photogs in the evening :D

Not sure if I can make it back in time. I’m not a fan of BBQs, so hot + smelly + dirty + troublesome =(

It can be fun though.

Guess where’s the location for both the shoot and BBQ?…






Ya ya ya my condo again. I’M LOVING IT.

It may suck that it’s so early, but at least the weather is cooler and all I have to do is wake up and take the lift down and Hey Presto.

So it’s not that bad.

I’m bringing my bestie Jasmine along this time :)

So wish my biatch good luck for her first shoot!! Hahaha. Can totally picture her freaking out.

Oh yes, helping my friend to gather new talents:

Any girls interested in photoshoots/events may email me at Shiberty@hotmail.com with the following details:

Your name:

Your age:

Your height:

Your weight:

Past modelling experiences:

Paid or non-paid shoots?:

(For paid, you don’t get the pictures, but for non-paid, you do. Girls without prior experiences may not opt for paid)

If paid, expected pay:

Available for what kind of photoshoots:

And provide me as many GOOD photos of yourself as you want. You can leave me the links of your friendster, photobucket, etc.

Preferably at least one close up, one half body, one full body, and one bikini shot.


I’m having ANOTHER group shoot at the exact same timing next Saturday….

At my condo again.

ROFL this is getting predictable and boring so I’m stopping here.

I will be busy as hell for the next few days, so I won’t be updating much. Sorry for the lack of update, dearies.

You can go entertain yourselves with naughty pics of Edison while I am gone. *grins*