Bits & pieces from my past week


Remember how I said I was sick and tired of being sick and tired? This was me, at Changi General Hospital, 11pm on a Saturday night… I couldn’t bear the discomfort in my chest and difficulty while breathing any longer, so I called my friend Nich up and he immediately drove down to my house, drove me to the hospital and sat right next to me for the next 3 hours plus while I got several check ups and x-rays done. So loved ♥

Doctors ran a few tests and it took so much longer than expected. Thank goodness I had my friend there with me, something about hospitals really scare me. Perhaps because I’ve been fortunate enough to never have to be admitted once throughout my 20 years of life, and I’d like to keep it that way. The only time I ever go to the hospital is 1) When I have to visit desperately sick people and 2) When I’m sick as hell and the usual clinics aren’t open. So yea, totally hate hospitals. (Yes, I know no one actually likes them.) I was there for almost four whole hours… I failed 3 nebulizer tests and my doctor wanted to have me admitted because I was still wheezing despite being pumped full of drugs that are meant to clear my airways.

Electric blue and drapey dresses are so in right now ;)

In the end he submitted me to a chest X-ray, and found out that I have a lung infection…. and bronchitis. :( I was right about my condition!!! I couldn’t be admitted to stay the night in the end (thank god) because there were other patients in worse conditions needing the hospital beds than me. Walking through the beds with all the miserable sick patients made me very sad. Some looked like they were on life support and I saw bloody victims, burn victims etc, ugh. The Accident & Emergency unit is not a pretty place. The doc was very sketchy with the details when I asked him about my situation, and simply said he has scheduled a specialist appointment and that I should go home and take all my meds promptly then come back for my appointment next time. While I was being inspected by a few doctors in the hospital wards, I was sat down next to this other bed with a patient in it, although I couldn’t see who because the curtains were drawn. The first thing that caught my attention was 2 policemen standing a few feet away from me. I stared at them with curious eyes that almost bulged out of their sockets when I heard the patient suddenly scream out vulgarities, scolding the nurses. I assume he was a pretty dangerous criminal because he was all chained up (I could hear the metal chains rattling against the hospital bed as he struggles to break free) and he keeps saying stuff like “LET ME GO!!! *struggle struggle clang clang* I DON’T WANNA BE HERE, YOU BLOODY FUCKERS, #@%@^#”…. 

Major FML moment was when I looked around and saw that this was the only empty bed in the ward, next to le criminal (with good reason) and briefly considered what would happen if they firmly insisted on admitting me and I had to lie there beside that noisy asshole the whole night… e_e

Sam came to visit me when I didn’t come home after 3 hours (he thought I was only going to see the doctor’s and get a quick round of meds) and he brought along Phillip & a box of freshly baked red velvet cupcakes! Seeing Phillip made me feel a lot better. (& Sam too I guess hahaha) A red velvet cupcake with cream cheese was exactly what I needed to cheer me up after being surrounded by so much sickness and solemn patients!!! So if you’re wondering what my condition is like now, after weeks of taking an insane amount of medicine and breathalyzers, I’m much better now.

 I think I still have a mild infection in my airways coz I still wheeze sometimes, but I have stopped coughing like crazy (finally good sleep omg), the fatigue & fevers & flu have pretty much gone away, now all I need to do is to completely get rid of the phlegm and mucus that’s still inside of me! I am sososososoo happy that my condition drastically improved after being prescribed the right kind of medicine. I had gone to another doctor’s before this hospital check up and the meds were useless!!! Moral of the story? Next time I’m sick I’m heading straight to A&E instead of wasting my time at GPs because they really don’t seem to ever know what’s going on!


With my sickness out of the way, I’ve been in a better mood these few days!

Ohhh and before I forget, I have another interesting story to share. Someone on Formspring said that they saw me, and my friend Gwen’s photos being used in a condo showroom!!! Nich & I drove down to Sky Habitat, the new condo in question, located at Bishan to check out whether it was true or not. We pretended to be potential customers, walked around several showrooms trying to locate my photo when we found it next to a bed!!!!


The photo they used!!! Sky Habitat, why are you so unethical? :[

You’re like a multi-multi-multi-million dollar establishment and you had to steal MY photo from my blog to put in your show room??? What pissed me off was that the other photos around in the showrooms looked like they were professional stock photos (which is perfectly reasonable and makes sense) mine seemed like the only personal photo there?

Next to the 3 bedroom showroom, if you guys wanna check it out, it looks like this.

 I questioned the person (real estate agent / property salesperson) who was showing us around the room on where they got this photo from and she was just completely clueless, saying that it was the interior designer who put it there. I was hopping mad – I’m pretty sure this is illegal!

This is the original photo from my blog post  “Hi, 2012. Be nice to me please”… what makes me even more mad is that I’m not the only one in the photo – my friends are in it too!!! If you wanted to use my own personal photo coz I’m a blogger, I guess I can understand. But, dafuq, you have not only violated one person’s privacy / modesty, but FOUR in total! Those are my other friends Kexin and Wayne at the back, Gwen is the one beside me. I haven’t even told them (Kexin and Wayne) about this yet. For a brief moment in time, while standing in front my own photo frame in the condo showroom, I considered stealing the frame and putting in my hand bag and walking away. WHAT? It’s mine after all!!!!

 But of course, I have loads more ethic than that, and I walked away with my head held high knowing I don’t steal from people. I guess an interior designer must have read my blog and decided it was a funny idea or good decision to include this in one of their future projects. Honestly, did you think I would never find out??? Now I’m wondering what I should do about this. Sky Habitat is being built by Capital Land – should I called Capital Land and ask which interior designing agency placed my photo there and demand for it to be removed? Nicholas keeps telling me I should be compensated. Whatever happened to copyright laws?! I can’t believe their nerve! Pffft.

What would you do if you were me?? :/


All negative thoughts aside, here’s a barrage of happy pictures taken with my iPhone over the past week!

Peekaboo. I see you.

Lounging around in the sun, having high tea with Nich at our favorite haunt. I don’t even drink tea normally but this lychee tea is freaking fragrant and so yummy!! Totally worth the $12 that it’s priced.

Going shopping at Orchard Road, cruising around with the hood down in good weather, tea & pastries break while we snap photos and gossip, then shopping some more till our legs break & then a nice dinner… My idea of a good time! :)

Outfit of the day! Recently I’ve been quite mad about teal. I’ve been sporting a lot of blue and greenish hues than normal.

You can see Sam unglamorously eating at the back…. He’s eating the home-cooked lunch that Nich kindly brought over because he knew it’s my favorite dish – super yummy!!!!!

No idea what this is called in Chinese, but I just call it the “black praised pork with egg and tau kwa”. It’s sooo good, my grandmother used to make it all the time, reminds me of childhood days spent at her place :’) Tastes like CNY, tastes like nostalgia!

People ask me all the time why I don’t cook more chinese food. This is the reason why, lol. Chinese food looks hopeless in photos!!!! I like making western food because it looks better, and I like to post pictures of it online. As simple as that. I love food that looks and tastes good, hence why I love decorating cupcakes too.

A good example is this creamy salmon & basil pesto linguine that I made for dinner the next day… it’s totally photogenic (although not as much as my burger), and you can pretty much tell how awesome it’s going to taste just looking at it. See what I mean? With Chinese food, you need to taste it before you’re convinced.

Speaking of pretty food, Sam decided to make me strawberry shortcake the other day and it was soooo good!!! Much better than any I’ve had in a store because this was so fresh.

Fluffy light vanilla sponge cake with lotsss of whipped full cream and juicy strawberry bits everywhere! I dusted mine with cinnamon and Nutella. I love dining at fancy restaurants, but I LOVE home made food, haha… I told you all about that in my previous post already.

Perfection. ♥_♥

I took this photo yesterday. Sometimes I feel like I live in Willy Wonka’s house – sweet treats and crazy colors everywhere! That’s what my rainbow cakes look like before they are stacked and turned into art! When you love what you do, work tends not to feel like work at all.

Ma new necklace – isn’t it pwetty?! I have a thing for long gold chains! Especially if they’re heart shaped and filled with diamantes in the middle ;_

Ending this post off with photos of this lovely new dress I bought!!! I tend to stay away from tube dresses because of my flabby arms and broad shoulders, but I couldn’t resist this one.

It was love at first sight. I crazily ADORE crochet & lacy dresses – they are basically all I’ve been buying these days. :)

By the way, I’ve picked the winners for the Mother’s Day Cupcakes Giveaway last night – thank you to those who participated, reading your heartfelt comments and stories about your mums made me shed a tear (or two, or three). Some of your mums sound like my mum… Speaking of which, I totally miss her now. I’m happy for her that she’s always traveling, leading the good life & seeing the world, but some times it makes me sad that she’s hardly ever at home any more. The house just doesn’t feel the same without her around.

Thank you for sharing your stories with me, how your mum has stuck with you through the good & the bad times, they are all wonderful, I wish I could give more cupcakes. In fact I doubled the winners and picked FOUR instead of the announced two! For those who didn’t win any cupcakes, you can still make this Mother’s Day the best one your mum’s ever had by being extra sweet to her and show her your love through your own ways!!! :)

P.S – You can read 2 of the touching winning entries here, and here (this is my favorite one!!!) And lastly, the most creative entry of all.


 Tells me nothing about her mother… but 10/10 for wit and creativity!!!! Put a huge grin on my face ;)