Bintan Trip!!!

Hehehe :)

I love being happy

I love blogging about happy things!

Uploading all the pics will be painful…

But such memories are too good to not be shared ;)


Sunny wonderful island… Yet incomparable to Pulau Besar.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop me from having the time of my life.

Victor came to pick me up at 7am..

I honestly hate waking up early :(

I am sooo not a morning person.

We took a cab over to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

Where we met up with FAM..

My awesome photographer who made all of this possible! He knew I was emo so he brought me on a getaway trip to take photos and have fun… And it worked soooo well, I am over the moon right now and I cannot thank him enough.

Checking in!

Did you know that getting to Bintan and back only costs around 50 bucks? SO CHEAPPPPP.

I was starving and craving for McDonalds but we didn’t have enough time to order mac. So we just settled for Killiney’s Kopitiam

Me with my kway tiao and big fat spring roll and egg..

Rofl even though I went on a trip with two men, I was the one who ate the most

They were truly amazed by my appetite.

We bought sea sick pills..

I get motion sickness by sitting at the back of cars so I was worried I would get sea-sick.

The moment I stepped into the Ferry..

Omfg it was truly a disgusting feeling. You feel yourself swaying back and forth but it wasn’t exaggerated movements, more like long subtle movements that make you wanna pukeeeeeee!

Violet sky.. so pretty!

I was happily filling up my immigration card details by the window sill cos it felt so nice to write beside the sea… Like, felt so poetic, you know?!?

Early in the morning writing beside the sea. Damn.

Then Victor had to ruin my poetic moment by exclaiming loudly, “You stupid or what? Here got table, don’t want to write, want to write there.”


So I switched to this.

Everyone’s heading to Bintan!

They served food and snacks onboard… which was AWESOME.

After like 1 hour plus…



The water at the port was crazily disgusting and murky!!!!

I was worried that Bintan would be polluted as well :(

Afterall, it’s so commercialized.

Took a bus over to our fantastic resort!

We were immediately greeted by traditional dancers :)

What a warm welcome. They sure made me smile.

And the moment I walked in, a hotel staff passed me a refreshing glass of fruit punch! Mmmmm I so needed that, the weather there is just like Singapore.

Checking in once again! Hehehe.

Fam is damn cute right?!?

While they were preparing the room for us, I went to walk around their souvenir shops and bought something for my mummy and myself!

I bought my mum a handphone pouch which looks really sophisticated and I bought myself a super pretty pink straw bag!! For beachy times.

This was the Floral Suite we stayed in..


Check out the cool bed baby… I HAD THAT ALL TO MYSELF.

It was sooooooooooooooooooooo comfortable and truly awesome! Almost comparable to my own bed at home. LOL

The advantages of being a girl! They always carried my stuff for me, paid things for me, hold the doors for me, let me have my way….

Ahahaha because of the way the toilet is, I always have shifty eyes whenever I shower! Can’t help but feel so “exposed”

Our balcony.

Lovely lovely lovely

Our “living room”…

It was the most spacious hotel I’ve ever stayed in!

We had two TV sets. One in living room and one inside “my bedroom”, directly opposite “my bed” so I didn’t have to snatch the remote control from them! Ehehe

Me, just arrived, very impressed and very happy

I love my sponsored colorful floral sundress! So cheerful.

My hair lookin extremely frizzy

I think my nose has gotten sharper! Yipeee

I dunno why I like to lift my fringe up whenever I camwhore.

Maybe it’s cos if I don’t, my fringe will be covering half my eye.

Then it was time for LUNCH…

Food. Againnnnnnn. Hehehe

Fam made sure I was very very well fed during the trip! He paid for all meals. Not only all meals, but for everything la. For karaoke, jet-skiing, transport etc..

I was abit pai seh to order good food initially cos he was treating me but he was very nice about it and assured me he wanted me to feel happy and well fed, cos then he would have nice pictures! LOL.

Bintan is so commercialized and expensive… the prices were just like Singapore’s. Use SGD currency too!

One sprite is like $3?

We said to have something light but I ate a huge burger and french fries.. LOL

Then after a very filling lunch, up we went to prepare for our first shoot!

This is one of the tables in our hotel room… Check out the design, I like it sooo much! It is simple and unique. Just dump some sand and seashells inside and put a glass top over it and ta-dah!

Great design for a beach resort.

Offff we went to the beach.. I was really curious to see the beach’s condition

I was slightly disappointed because I expected it to be as nice as Pulau Besar!

Pulau Besar has got cleaner and more refined sand… And the water there is A LOT cleaner and clearer!!!

Bintan was, well… Polluted.

But not as bad as Singapore.

Woot!! The beach and the bitch.

I think it looks pretty unique leh… not your typical asian island beach. I think it looks like some angmoh country!

I don’t have any other photos of the beach cos I left the pro shots to the photographers.. will upload them next time :)

After our shoot at the beach we went to the pool to chill and have a drink~

The swimming pool

Ahaha I told Fam to go take a picture of their awesomely intelligent signboard

Weeee randomly taking photos everywhere I go!

I love holidays, especially when they’re free!!!

Ya ok I know I’m taking the “spread your arms wide open with the rainbow sarong” thing a little too far.. LOL

And uppppp we went!

The boys had to ask for an extra bed and sleep on the couch..

Poor things =x

Me obviously enjoying myself!

I wish my view wasn’t obstructed by so many stupid coconut trees -_-

It’s a beautiful day~


I think it is extremely overpriced but I bought it anyways cos no one can deny its sweetness. Not telling how much!

After awhile we began our second shoot…

Yea, in the bathtub!!!!


Shiok la.


We requested for many bottles of soap to be sent up to our hotel room… we had a hard time creating enough bubbles!

I know some of you must be wondering what sort of shoot I could take in the bathtub.. You’ll know in the next post :)

As you can see in the photos, I was wearing a bikini so it was extremely decent and chikopeks out there can stop fantasizing porno bathtubs pics next post.

After a refreshing shower, we went for our dinner!

The food was well-presented and tasted pretty good. I liked it, overall.

However, the ambience of the restaurant sucked cos there were too many loudmouth angmohs laughing their white asses off so loudly it was deemed inconsiderate.

Plus, the service SUCKEDDDD.

I asked them for caramel sauce and it took them 15 minutes to give it to me! By then, I’d finished my dessert. Food also took ridiculously long to be served…

Well anyway our dishes were

Seafood on a bed of cheese baked rice!

This was Fam’s dish. I didn’t fancy the seafood but the cheese baked rice was ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL!

Needless to say, I stole a portion of it. Heh heh. I make gluttony sound so innocent.

Mmm… Even though I just had dinner, thinking about it makes me hungry again!

Victor’s dish..

Cod fish!

I didn’t steal a portion.. this time, it was offered to me! Ahaha. It was good as well

Lastly, my dish!!!!

Wtf is this, you ask?

I dunno also leh. It said on the menu “crab something something”

The moment I saw the word crab, I knew I had to order it!!! I thought the crab meat was gonna be very little cos afterall, it’s hand plucked..

But I was delighted when I bit into it, they were very generous with the meat! Yummy. Wrapped with pasta, on a bed of tomato salsa

Salsa is the closest thing to salad I’ll ever eat…

Victor’s dessert is the one on the left the red plate is mine.

His was almond something. Damn those fancy names, I can never remember food names.

YUCK! I hate almond. I almost puked at my relative’s wedding when they served me almond soup or whatever for chinese dessert.

Mine was Panna Cotta… Which was pretty good except for the fact the fuckers took so long to serve me my caramel that I just ate it without the sauce. Was pretty plain but whatever!

After a long and tiring first day, you’d expect us to go up to the hotel to sleep since it was already 10 plus when we finished dinner…

But nooooooo! We went KARAOKE!! Ahahaha my idea. I love karaoke :)

..We saw something DAMN CUTE on our way there!








Their karaoke was expensive.. everything was expensive.

50+ per hour!!!!


Uhm. The hostess and Fam.

Belted love ballads until 12 midnight and it was time for beauty sleep!

Clean, neat hotel.. then some messy singaporeans came along.

The next morning, Fam shook me awake at like what… 7am? I was still soooo tired and sleepy and he was mumbling something about a nice sunrise and he shoved his camera into my face

He showed me a picture of the “nice sunrise” he was talking about.. He was panting cos he went to the beach to stroll while me and victor were still sleeping and noticed the “nice sunrise” so he ran all the way up to wake me up for a shoot

…In the end I just stared at him blankly and went like, “Hmm… really ah? Ok.”

Then I went back to sleep. HAHAHAHA


When I finally DID wake up around 9+..

We went down for our complimentary hotel breakfast buffet!

Yay, I love hotel breakfast buffets :)

Sometimes the lunch/dinner buffets are soooo bad.. but for breakfast, you can never go wrong!

How bad can french toast and scrambled egg and hotdogs taste?

After eating, went up to change to a big white shirt..

I think girls who wear big white shirts are so cute! Not those oversized shirts you see everywhere in Bugis, I mean those real men shirt they were at their BF’s house or something :)

…omfg did I just call myself cute? Ok I was just talking about the outfit.

Finished our big white shirt shoot…




Then we went


I’ve never taken control of a motorized vehicle before.. Heck, I don’t even know how to ride bicycle lor.

Fam was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle it since I’m a first timer so he sat in front of me at first..

The feeling was indescribable!!!

We had to ride out to sea play… and there was nothing surrounding us except the massive endless ocean and the horizon. The people on the beach were specks..

All I remember was my hair slapping on my face as the wind rushed mercilessly into my face,

my fake eyelashes were dangling by the rim threatening to be blown away anytime soon,

screaming at the top of my lungs and seeing the sea water sparkle under golden sunlight

adrenaline pumping through my veins more vigorously than blood

I loved it when the sea waves splashed onto me!! Especially those violent “jumps” (like the pic you see above) whenever I cut a wave.

I told Fam to move aside and I took control of the Jet Ski... Fam said I was DAMN FIERCE, HEHEHE :)

I was surprised at how well I could control it too… Perhaps I’m a natural! I’m going to check whether East Coast Park has Jet Skiing. Does anyone know? Comment me!

It was an awesome experience and I definitely wanna do it again soon!

I’ve finally tried it after wanting to for such a long time.

And then I went up to shower cos the sea water was so icky and salty!

There was salt on my legs when the sea water dried up, ewww! A bit of sea water flew into my mouth too. Gross.

One last look at the super huge toilet before checking out :)

Which was like my bedroom size at home? LOL.

I want my house’s toilet to be like that toooooooooo.

Then it was time to check out and go home! Boohoo.

While waiting for our private van to pick us up, we went to chill at…

Check it out baby!!

It’s kinda like Cafe Del Mar except that is was close to the beach and not on the beach and a lot classier and cleaner..

But Cafe Del Mar is DISGUSTING! Everything’s stupidly overpriced and dirty. The beds are like.. I dunno.

I don’t take alcoholic drinks but Fam and Victor were always drinking!!

So I took beer all the while… I used to hate beer but now I think it’s ok. Tastes kinda sweet to me now.

At least it doesn’t have the GROSS liquor taste that other drinks have… Fam ordered Singapore Sling for me and assured me it’s very sweet

Tasted like shit!!!!

Oh god I’m so glad that I don’t drink, I don’t club and I don’t smoke :)

Then it was time to leave our resort and head to the ferry terminal once more…

I saw this interesting souvenir shop!

This guy doesn’t use a normal pen, he uses a “Flame” pen! Heh. He uses the extreme heat to like… burn the surface. Eh, I don’t know how to describe it but I think you get what I mean!

I’ve never seen this before. Ok wait I have seen the merchandise before but I’ve never seen it live and how it’s done!!!

Awesomely cool :)

Most of the time for these kind of arty farty handicrafts, it’s always guys doing the job… I wonder why?

Guess what I made? Hehehe

Bought something for him cos I knowwwwwwww he will go,

“Got buy anything for me baby?!”

I knew he would like it as much as I do :)

You can’t find another pair of this in the world! It’s not pre-made ok, I told the person what to draw and the design. (“v”)

After that we boarded the ferry, then reached SG then Fam sent me home!

And that was my Bintan trip!

Totally awesome, just wish it was longer, but I’m extremely satisfied and happy already.

Now I just can’t wait for my trip to Vegas and other parts of America…


….8 more days.


Anyways, here’s what coming up in my next post…