Best Ex-Boyfriend ever


This message is way too long to send through sms, I know you’ll be reading my blog anyways so..

Thank you so much for keeping me company today.. and for keeping me sane.

I know you took more than 2 hours to travel up and down just to come my place.. I know the feeling, remember? But I swear the next time would be really fun!

I promise I won’t be like today. I will be the happy-go-lucky girl you used to know, the one without anybody bringing her down.

Your efforts have not gone to waste, I assure you!!

I feel a lot better, really, I do. Even though I was talking a lot of rubbish throughout the day, but that’s just cause I’m a very whiny person.

Still, you didn’t complain at all… nor did you look frustrated or bored even though I was almost intolerable.

You were patient with my mother, never got bored of her neverending stories.. You’re a great listener, no wonder she loved talking to you so much, heh. And me too of course!

She had a really good impression of you btw! Wonder if your mum would ever feel the same way about me?! HAHA.

At times like this, I’m so glad that I still have friends out there who would be there whenever I need them. The most unlikely of people…

Out of everyone in my life… I think you’re the only one who really understands me. The only person who can see right through me.

The only person who knows what I want and need, and how to give it to me.

I’m impressed, after so many years, you can still tell straight away whether my mood has changed or when something unpleasant is on my mind.

You know when something is wrong.. and I can’t stress how much that means to me.

You tell me I am beautiful, personality-wise and looks, even without make up (lol), and if other people told me that I’d just think they were trying to be polite..

But when you said it just now, I believed you. You make me feel good about myself…

You convinced me that there is someone better for me out there, and that he is definitely not worthy of my love.

Today reminded me of why I fell in love with you more than 3 years ago..

Because you would never judge me, and you always know what to do to make me smile, and you’re funny in your own silly way, and the list could go on and on..

It feels so so good to know that old friends like us can still be so comfortable around each other even though we may not meet up so often..

But you have a special place in my heart, you always have.

I’m glad you brought home the cards that I drew 2 and a half years ago!!! They were rightfully yours, and have been sitting in my house for too long.

I will get over “it” soon, but I will be needing your help.. so bear with me for awhile! Heh.

May god bless you (LOL @ what happened today at the temple) and I hope you will suffer less injuries at my house the next time!!!

I suppose me and my house are hazardous?

If only we lived nearer to each other…

Oh yes, I thought that the wallpaper wouldn’t make much difference cos can’t see his face but after changing it to “your sexy legs” now, it really does make me feel better when I look at it!

It’s so ridiculous that it’s funny anyways.

Who would be obsessed with their legs except for you?

I can go Bintan with a big smile on my face now!

And no, I’m not talking about James, in case anyone is wondering.


Btw, I just found out that the photographer booked a SUITE.. And it costs $500+ per night, omfg! I totally can’t wait and I do hope its as beautiful or even more than what it looks like in photos.

Some people are just that rich / are really generous. I wish I was really rich tooo!!!! Shopping makes me happy.

I am also VERY happy that mummy has given me so much freedom lately.

How many mothers trust their 16 year olds enough to let them travel overseas with friends? It’s the third time too!

Thanks mum, love you too!

Bye bye everyone, off to Bintan!!