Being “productive” the night before CS exam


I am sooooooo bored.

And I haven’t done anything all day except write one advertorial, played L4D (a lot) and bumming around the whole day.

….I have a friggin exam tomorrow!!!!


Communication Skills.


Once again my eyes are OVERKILLED from too much computer.

I cannot wait until my paper is over tomorrow cos then I can do alot of things!! I’m not major busy because of exams, but I’d feel GUILTY if I went out and had a lot of fun everyday so I’ve been forcing myself to stay at home… and…. do absolutely nothing at all.

At least I’m miserable like everyone else taking their exams should be, right?!?

I watched Night At The Museum 2 after my exam yesterday… wasn’t as good as I expected it to be, most of the funny parts were in the trailers already but it was enjoyable overall. Very lighthearted and cute.


Oh oh I forgot to update about my Marketing exam!!!

Ok so you will never believe what happened..

I reached school like one hour early but I was in the library and in the canteen and in the toilet and shit so when I reached the classrom, people have already started on the paper! WTF!

Was about 10 mins late.

THEN, I realized I didn’t know where my seat was since they had numbers assigned to you.

AND AND, I also realized that I needed to bring my IC to sit for the exam for identification purposes!

OMGWTFBBQ. I didn’t even bring my IC or EZ link card or whatever!
And so he told me I had to go to the general office to get them to print out my picture from database so I walked like 5 blocks in my uncomfortable flats to the general office on a rainy day..

And when I finally got to the receptionist, she said they don’t have my picture in their database. FANTASTIC.

Like why would they NOT want to keep my pretty picture huhhuhuh?!?!?!

She made some phone calls and blahblahblah…

In the end I still took the paper, but


You know what’s the best part?

I still ended about forty five minutes earlier than the given time.

Am I screwed? ..I don’t know, we’ll just have to wait and see.

One thing’s for sure – No A’s this time

Drama bananas for my first exam… I am SO bringing my IC tomorrow eh!!!



Narcissism is necessary :)

Hahahah you can see me smiling to myself while camwhoring in my shades’ reflection