Being part of QQ’s Budget Barbie filming!!

I don’t think I’ve ever actually had a proper picnic before, until 2 days ago.

Qiu Qiu invited us to be part of some filming for her web show, Budget Barbie by Clicknetwork, which Sam and I got to be a part of! Exciting!!!!

Since the theme was floral and picnic in celebration of QQ’s advanced birthday, how can we miss bringing cupcakes? Clicknetwork was kind enough to do a small feature on Shiberty’s Sweets! O.O Well it’s more like a mention than a feature, but still, I’m very grateful, thank you!!!!

Anyways, even if it wasn’t QQ’s b’day, I would’ve still felt obliged to bring a whole box of cupcakes. Everywhere I go nowadays, people expect cakes from me, LOL I cannot escape already. Whenever I meet a friend it’s like “Where are my cupcakes?” e_e

Almost feels like owing people money lol. “Where as my cupcakes??” …”Next time then give you! With interest too, so give you 1 more cupcake.”

Sam and I sitting on a patch of grass while waiting for Qiu to finish her solo filming! Here I’m wearing the little red heart necklace from my live chat the other day, and the same floral dress I wore in my blog post last week. LOL.

The theme was floral and I didn’t have any other nice and long floral maxi dresses (to hide my varicose veins) and since this is rather new (although I’ve shown pics of me in the dress before) I thought I’d wear it to the filming.

Which actually turned out to be a bad idea, coz when I checked Twitter afterwards, I saw an old twitpic by Clicknetwork that showed Wendy wearing the same dress in one of her Guide to Life episodes (yet to air, about BBQing one). LOL WHATTTT FML. It’s like wearing the same dress to the oscar awards as another actress in a microscopic scale, except well, she’s Natalie Portman and I’m just some nobody actress and her movie’s a lot bigger than mine and everyone is going to point the finger at me and accuse me for being a lowly rip off. Story of my life.



Sam says hi!!!

We were sitting between 2 mango trees, beside a carpark. LOL. We were meant to be at the top of Marina Barrage (which ppl say is very scenic but I haven’t had the chance to visit yet!!) but I think it was too hot? So nobody wanted to film there.

Qiu qiu doing her thang!!! (I am so uncool. D: I know nobody says thang anymore.)

Picnic!!! Qiu’s friend Yong Ming brought a lot of finger food. YUM! I really liked it lol I never get to eat finger food at home, it’s always either pasta, traditional chinese or maggi mee.

I also got to meet Clicknetwork’s producer Gillian that day! Who was camera shy so I took a candid where you can’t see her face but she’s the one in jeans. She was really friendly and nice and she liked our cupcakes, yay!!! Not to be up my own ass, but everyone there that day was raving madly about our cuppies. It was hard to not seem too pleased about myself :P

I brought 24 cuppies and here are the designs!!!!

Little dainty flowers…

And bigger, pastel-colored ones!

Picture credit to Qiu Qiu, a lot of other pics in this post I grabbed from her blog too. Some of which I photoshopped again even after QQ’s editing, (I have an obsession with high contrast photos) so you can go to her blog to see a before and after comparison if you ever wonder what sort of editing I do on my pics!

I really like my new little rosettes design! Kind of came up with it on the spot but I think it looks super apt for a wedding!!! Like 60 of these small rosettes in different pastel colors next to a 3 tier wedding cake. I can visualize it all now!!! Who wants to order? Lol

Left to Right:

Geck Geck, Sophie, Yong Ming, Dunno Who (LOL), Myself, Budget Barbie!

QQ edited until I look very funny here LOL. Like my nose too small I think.

My nose cannot be too small coz I have a wide face :((

I sorta think Yong Ming looks like Sam’s brother!!!

Sophie looks so pretty here! Following pics of Qiu Qiu also very chio. I wanted to the ground to swallow me alive lol they both have long flowy hair + thin + photogenic. God, y u no fair???

Lovin my Canon 550d! In bright sunlight the picture quality is awesomeee.

I took this pic for her! Am I a good photog or what?! 3 times she flick her hair sideways to take a “wind in hair” pic, 3 times also I get it correct. Lol. Luckily I’m not one of those people who can’t time photos. I get jumping / hair flicking shots / moving shots every time!!

Posting a lot of her camwhoring shots even though it’s not my face but happy to see my cupcakes being appreciated :D

Love the “happy” vibe of this photo! Lens flare, bokeh and all! Tho I’m pretty sure QQ added those in herself lol

This lens flare is natural however!!! QQ trying to be artistic lol. The sun was a killer that day (what’s new?) but it made a good day for photos. Every now and then I buy a $1 bottle of bubbles, waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it and this was one of them.

Different angle. Still cannot see the bubbles D:

Sophie and I trying to blow bubbles and look cute but failing coz the sun was so bright, we couldn’t open our eyes LOL

QQ holding the camera trying to egg us on. “OPEN YOUR EYES BIGGER!! Still not big and cute enough!”

And finally….

With a o.O face the both of us managed to sort of open our eyes.

An apparent forced attempt, I think I prefer the closed eye ones haha

Sam’s “dreamy” bubbly shot. His bubbles turned out so nice!!!!

Cute pic of my bf and I! ♥

His eyes looked really big that day idk why!!! I wanna know the secret!

-wishing my unphotoshopped nose was smaller-

Ahahaha I love how whenever one person pulls a silly expression in a photo, the other one automatically follows!

Group pic!!!! End of filming, yay!

Note to self – next time you wear large prints, don’t stand like that. You look 10 months pregnant. (I know women only get up to 9 months pregnant btw that’s the point)

Filming was actually super fun even though we as “calefare” only had small parts. It felt kind of like a class excursion and Gillian was the teacher lol.


QQ and gang went off to have their own fun, while Sam and I took a cab over to Marina Bay Sands! Mum booked 2 nights at a suite, we’re gonna watch the Cirque Eloize show and take long bubble baths :)

It was amazing we could laze around in MBS, cab back home, finish all our cake orders in time and cab back after 5 hours. I need more hours in a day!

Been here so many times but honestly, it never gets old. I can’t get enough of the view!!!

And looking down from the 49th floor STILL freaks me out. I swear if I hold my breath and lean onto the floor-to-ceiling window, I can FEEL it vibrating and shaking. Then I run back into the bed, all scared that the building would topple -_-

We were really excited to see this show but it’s quite disappointing!!! Silly of me to expect it to be like the Cirque Du Soleil shows I’ve seen in Vegas. This one, even though half-produced by Cirque Du Soleil, didn’t even match up to half the standard.

I actually found myself falling asleep about halfway into the show wtf. I don’t even fall asleep in movies but if I could fall asleep during a live performance that must be saying something!!!! There were several stunts here and there, but overall, there was wayyy too much boring breakdancing and unimpressive moves, not worth the $80 per head ticket at all if you ask me, I wouldn’t recommend going.

You’d be better off spending the money and day at Universal Studios and watching the live performances there!

But I still had a good time, spending time with my family.

And there’s nothing a bubble bath can’t fix. We popped by Sephora and bought this $12 bottle of bubble making soap, it’s the best formula I’ve ever tried!! Makes a lot of bubbles, very long lasting and smells GREAT.

The brand is Soap & Glory.

Took only 2 caps to fill a bathtub this large full of white foamy goodness!!! And that wall behind the bathtub is actually a large blind that you can press a remote control button to have it pulled up and you can stare down at everyone in your glorious nakedness. Lolol

I could spend all night lying there, listening to the tiny bubbles popping and feeling the tingling sensation on my skin. *sounds like a pervert*


And, just so you know…

My glasses broke.

Again. For the 4th or 5th time? It’s really time for me to wear my new one. I have a brand new pair sitting in my drawer begging to be worn but I can’t bring myself to dump this and use a new one!!! Obviously, I’ve a problem with “out with the old, and in the with the new”.

Plus, I like this particular geeky look!

&&&& I can’t wait to see the Budget Barbie episode when it’s out, hurhur. -crossing my fingers and hoping I don’t look retarded on video-