Bangkok trip September 2009

Random pics of my Bangkok trip :)

This trip was sponsored by my Mummy and Uncle John as their birthday present for me and my brother!

The last time I was at Bangkok I was only like Sec 2, so I bought a lot of stupid stuff like mickey mouse 3/4 pants wtf.

This time I bought a lot of goodies!!! That I’ll definitely be able to wear for a really, really long time.

The only place in the world you’ll see Ronald McDonalds with his palms together.. damn cute xD

Lobby of our hotel, Grande Centrepoint!

I totally recommend anyone who’s going to BKK to stay here because the location is fab, the service is great and the hotel’s restaurant is AWESOME.

Anyway I seriously fucking love hotels because the staff is at your service 24/7 and it’s nice to come home to something already made up and all clean at the end of a long day. No cleaning, just playing! (..and paying)

Checking out the hotel’s facilities :)

They have a neat playroom for kids!

There was a dad with his little baby boy, and he was just sitting there watching his baby play around.. It was a heartwarming scene. The room was all quiet when we walked in, and they kept smiling at us.

Felt a little bad for disrupting their tranquil environment, but they seemed to welcome us I even got to interact with the baby ^.^

I seem to like kids a lot more nowadays… I used to think they’re annoying and too hard to handle, but well I guess I’ve met adults who are SO MUCH more difficult to handle that kids seem harmless.

Toys in the kids room..

I never really played with toys when I was younger, especially not this sort. Never found it interesting leh. Wonder what I did as a kid, I was quite an emo kid hahhaha. In primary school I was always left out and most of my time I spent reading.

I would read the whole textbook before the school term began so I would know everything the teacher talked before and fall asleep in class. I would read Harry Potter till 4am at night in super low lighting and that’s why my degree is so effing high now.

Oh that and I once spent $800 on internet a month because it was pay-by-hour dial up and I was addicted to Neopets. LOL. The adventures of a 10 year old.

I remember “falling in love” with this angmoh guy in Neopets and the reason why my bill for internet was $800 was because I stayed up night after night just waiting for him to come online (time difference) and I think he found me creepy/annoying so he blocked on MSN which resulted in more hours spent waiting rofl.

Why am I telling you guys this??? LOL

Guys always wear the same clothes nowadays! Black berms, some Tshirt with graphic prints, slippers.. kinda like how girls typically wear high waist skirts with some random top, usually floral prints.

Yeah Rena is not very amused hahahahhahaha. I can fit in those little kids’ tunnels, wow I’m amazed

My brother being weird~



The walls at the playground had disney stickers on them, I love!!!

Sam would like it too, we’re such Disney fangirls ;) I seriously can’t fucking wait to go to Disneyland this Christmas!!!!! I’m bouncing about just thinking about it

My fav Disney couple :)

Because it’s not all frills and I can relate to it.. Sam wants me to go rent the Belle dress costume lol! And we’ll do the Belle & Beast dance~

He sang the song “Tale As Old As Time” to me yesterday when I was feeling down.. Totally cheered me up.

A little place of haven in a concrete jungle.. I thought Singapore was a concrete jungle, then I saw Bangkok.

Looks nice but the pool was FILTHY. That’s one thing I hate about most hotels – why is every inch of the hotel spotless, but the pool always filthy and filled with bugs, leaves, etc? Shouldn’t it be the whole package?

Yay for having your own condos with realllyyyyy clean pools!

I love hotel buffet breakfasts omg yes I do!! SCRAMBLED EGGS ARE SOOOO YUMMY.

Can anyone tell me how they make their eggs so god damn creamy and yums? I know they use butter and milk/water, but my eggs still don’t have that creamy buttery taste that they have! I must learn how to cook nice scrambled eggs, because for the rest of my life I wanna have scrambled eggs + sausage + pancakes for breakfast omg win :’)

LOVE thai massages!!!

Accessories loots~
Most of them only costed $2 or so!

I bought aloooot of stuff but I decided not to blog about them all cuz abit lame la, too many and quite unnecessary.

I didn’t think the stuff in bangkok was that nice or that cheap really.. Definitely cheaper than SG but I’d rather pay the extra money than have to pay for air ticket, hotel etc.

Still like shopping in SG the best :)

I’ll never go overseas for shopping again, what a waste of time! I’d much rather hit the beach, visit historical sites or go sightseeing etc..



I blinged my camera!!!!! :D
It’s my first time blinging something, so I decided to use my shitty camera as a guinea pig.

This is what it looked like before…

Silver, scratched and so boring



Yay, all done!!!!!!!!

Well, not quite almost done but ALMOST. Except for some tiny pink crystals missing around the ring, ran out of small crystals need to restock :P

Spent very little on the bling, because 90% of crystals you see in the pic above, I bought in Bangkok for less than SGD 5 total!! How mad cheap is that?!

Think it looks rather good for a first-timer, only quite annoyed because I accidentally coated some crystals with glue on top so they don’t shine at all! Damn angry but lazy to re-do. 80% of the bling still shines though… Will do a better job with my next one.

Sam says he’ll bling my laptop for me!!! I has major luff for mai bf :D :D :D :D

Anywayyyy more L4D time now! Crash Course new map omfgggg woot. VERSUS! I did a hunter pounce for 40 dmg recently oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!