back from bintan


I am back from Bintan!!!!

I know it wasn’t very long.. LOL but the photog has a busy schedule. He flies all over the world for his work.. so cool. I hope my job in the future takes me all over the world instead of the same old office everyday?

Anyways it was effing fun!



I really enjoyed myself sooo much. I feel kinda guilty though, cos the photog spent $1200 and I didn’t have to pay for anything! But whenever I offer to pay, he just rejects. LIKE A TRUE GENTLEMAN! (true rich gentleman)

I have tons of pics… They take sooo long to upload.. Bleh. I am tired as hell now, will go sleep.. It’s only going to be 11pm!

This must be the earliest I’ve slept in a long time.

I have so much I wanna say….

Is it possible to love two people at the same time?

Is it possible to love somebody, but not be IN love with them?

Is it possible to feel happy yet sad at the same time?

Food for thought… but definitely not today. Or tomorrow! There’s this Nuffnang blood donation thingy that I’m supposed to attend and I think it’s a realllyyyy goooood cause and Nuffnang is awesome for doing this.

I can’t donate blood cos I have anemia but if you wanna know more about it just go to!

Say hi if you see me! Btw I was told its not all just about donating blood.. there will be games and stuff to do there, so just come down to support if you can’t donate blood okie!

Anyways before I go off here’s a peek at the THOUSANDS of photos we took (crazy.. don’t think anyone has taken more photos than I have in such a short time)

Not my best angle cos it’s candid. But I love this pic cos I look super fair, my hair is messy in a good way cos I could let my hair down there and enjoy myself. Laid back and happy is what you see in this photo and I think I left a lot of my happiness in Bintan.


The “solemnity” of Singapore is slowly creeping in already…

Goodnight people!