Awesome birthday presents

Received a good number of really spiffy presents for my birthday this year, so I thought I’d take some pretty pictures of my favorites!!! ^____^

How retro is this hat?!?
I absolutely adore the colour :>

I plan to wear this out with a flowy skirt or a white dress!!! I’m not a hat person but this is too cute to pass up. I remember my mum used to have these HUGE hats, much like the one above but much bigger… They were so in trend like 30 years ago.

I saw pictures of her on holiday in Europe wearing these big hats paired with beautiful dresses and she looked so pretty!!!! Ever since then I’ve always wanted to wear a hat like that but hers was extra big and I was afraid people might think I’m crazy (this is Singapore, not London / Paris) so I never wore it out but I’m glad these hats are making a comeback because they are infinitely charismatic.

Sam brought me out for a full day of shopping and this was one of my fav buys. I wish I could post pics of the lush dresses I bought but clothes don’t look very good unworn and draped across the floor lifelessly…

Example pic of this dress I got and wore for my birthday!!!

It’s supa cute in real life with the pearls and high waist black skirt but it looks so sad just lying on the floor like that… and I can’t take pics of myself properly. Even though I’m a camwhore, I’m not a very good one. I don’t trust anyone to take pictures for me either lol people are so bad with cameras

Close up of the pearls… thought it made an interesting pic

Super cute floral shoes!!!!! These are seriously too adorable to be true!

Actually I’m not even sure if this pair of shoes are my birthday presents or not, I found them together with the stash of other presents but I don’t remember ever buying / receiving them wtf but I’ll just assume they are for now.


I haven’t got around to eating them yet, but I think I will after this post. Love the key one! I guess turning 18 is sort of a big deal, of course not as much as 21 but hey, I’m not an underage girl anymore!

I can drink and club and smoke legally now.

Not that I’m going to start picking up any of those nasty habits just because I have easier access to them of course.

Yay new perfume!! ^.^

I finished my third bottle of Chanel’s Chance a while ago and I ♥ that fragrance because it’s so strong and sexy but I wanted to try something new so I bought a Victoria’s Secret one which had this lovely vanilla scent, but I spilled the whole bottle in my luggage while traveling in Australia during my previous trip… Pooey!!

I just spritzed some of “Lola” onto myself and I like it! Very soft and femine.

I’m actually more intrigued by perfume bottles than the actual fragrance because they’re always so different and pretty!!! Who else likes collecting perfume bottles? :)

(but mine turn rusty and disgusting so I have to dump em after awhile)

chunky gold necklace that I can’t wait to wear out!! It’s slightly dressy so I don’t know when I can wear it… but imma wear it anyway! So shiny *.*

No one else was around to model it for me so I hung it over my thigh, LOL. But I assure you it’s a lot prettier when worn around the neck >.>

Adorable cup and keychain with my name on them!!!! Squeeeee

They look like they were meant for a 5 year old… That’s why I love em hahaha I’m still a very childish girl deep down inside.

I love Disney classics and playing with food and refusing to go to school and talking in a baby voice (around my boyfriend) and doing all those other things 8 year olds like to do.

It’s ironic how one picture above this plastic mug is a necklace that looks like it’s meant for somebody about two or three decades older to wear!!

Mum and Sam love buying me real jewelry even though I rarely ever wear the real stuff, I’m happy with costume jewelry and accessories. I don’t lust over diamonds or precious stones, but I can’t deny the pleasure of receiving them nonetheless…

She bought this garnet set for me from Australia!

Chic sling bag! Perfect for pretty much every outfit :)

Puffy heart-quilted turquoise bag!! Cute? :P

I don’t really like / wear blue but once again this was another exception. Maybe I’m wrong…

Perhaps I am starting to like royal navy / teal / turquoise / baby blue after all. Y’know, the pretty blues, not the yucky kind of blue.

Cookbooks… JUST what I really needed :’)

I’ve been cooking regularly for several months now, but every single time I rip recipes off from the internet.. and sometimes they are fail, though I do know of a few trusty websites, you just can’t be sure!

With a proper cookbook I’ll never go wrong again.

I do love cooking and baking,
especially Italian / Western food and cupcakes / cakes!!! It’s tiring but so calming and gratifying at the same time. I’m a huge fan of my own cooking, well obviously I alter everything to suit my own taste which explains a bit.. I cook everything with excessive butter lol I hate using oil.

Is it just me or does oil have a really nasty taste and texture?

Recently I’ve been obsessed with cooking pasta…
It’s cheap, filling, amazingly easy to cook and yummy.. What’s not to love?

A giant headed deformed dolphin… …..yeah.. why not :P

This one makes me go aww and wtf at the same time.

“Dearest Jessica, because you’re very special….. Therefore you deserve to receive a cute birthday card with a sweet message, and a picture your worst fears printed right beside it.”

Mum booked a deluxe room for me and Sam as a surprise… Thanks mummy!!! :)

Marina Bay Sands is fast becoming my favouritest place in the whole of Singapore.

Every time I’m there I have a huge blast, and it’s almost always to celebrate a special occasion. It’s got a special place in my heart now ♥

Looking forward to the next time I stay there again!

And this!!!!!!!!!

Probably one of the best present of them all!!

Sam printed out HUNDREDS of photos from my blog, and I was soooo excited when I saw them because I’ve been wanting to print out photos for the longest time but never got around to doing it because I’m such a lazy arse procrastinator!

It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to hold these photos in my hands…

So different from looking at them on my blog. Being able to touch and feel and keep them makes the memories so much more real..

It’s like nobody can take them away from me now.

I’m really big on photography, so these photos mean a huge deal to me.

Thank you baby, for always completing me and knowing exactly what I need and when I need it.

I can’t wait to print out even more and start framing them / putting them in albums, etc!!!

I’m gonna look at them 30 years from now and be all nostalgic and teary-eyed awwwwww.


I would post more about my other presents, but I don’t wanna bore you guys too much so I guess I’ll end here!!!!

I’ll talk about how I celebrated my birthday next time, right now it’s time for me to ease my aching heart because Sam just flew back to Australia this morning and I’m gonna have to deal with being lonely for the next month again.

Talk to you guys soon