An update

Actually I really don’t have anything sufficiently substantial on its own to blog about but I decided it was time to take Sam’s ridiculously funny (but embarrassing) video off my blog’s front page lol.

He will never live that vid down!! -evil laughter- Buahahaha

Oh ya.

Guess where I’m going?

The place with the comfiest bed in the world omg!!!! I wish I can plonk onto the marshmallow giant white nice-smelling sheets right NOW!

View was especially nice because we stayed on the 54th floor! Or was it 55? Damn I can’t remember now but the room was GINORMOUS wtf Sam says it’s bigger than my house I think he may be right if take away the bathroom square feet.

I feel like it’s my 2nd home. I’m going again on Thursday -_- Don’t ask me why, my mum gets member privileges and it’s better than home in certain ways so I’m not complaining!

1) My maid is not there to annoy me and 2) Food is foc plus better than my maid’s cooking and 3) The bed and cable TV totally wins me over! AND AND AND 4) It means having no cupcakes to do!! Wahahahaha. (I complete them in advance before going to stay)

Ya I know I blogged about MBS just last week -face palm- and a lot of times before -double face palm- it’s nothing new anymore but srsly I don’t go to much other places besides go out for meals, go MBS, go movies and occasionally shopping + karaoke (I will prove this later on, you see the pics all related to these activities)

Such is my average, mundane life. I’ve been ranting a lot on Twitter so I don’t have much to complain about either lol.

Nevertheless repeated content is better than no content and I justify this post with hopefully pretty photoshopped to deat) pictures of my adoring self!

I believe this must’ve been your expression seeing my updateless-blog for more than a week.

But it’s okay… I am back to enchant you again!!! *sparkly eyes*

I call this the “desperate attempt to hide neck fats – have no neck at all.” pose

Sam tryna act sexy for you guys (girls?) because apparently I haven’t been sluttin it up enough!

What did I say about food quality being better than home’s???

I LOVE buffets because of the free-and-easy atmosphere without any uppity manners or waiting for people to serve you but I don’t think I get to enjoy the food at all. Too much variety of mediocre quality :3

Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go for it again though. -glutton smile-

Another reason why I keep going to MBS is to spend time with my mummy ♥

Signing for the bill. I feel like a grown up!!!

You know I don’t even have a proper signature yet? My signature looks somethin like this:

Yes, with the heart LOL. My capital J looks like some korean word and it’s so embarrassing. How do adults come up with professional, mature looking siggies?!

Then again I’m still a weetle kid… I mean cmon look at that face lolol

Fooling around with my iphone bunny casing :P It’s major cute but the fluffy tail that’s meant to act as a stand for the iphone keeps FALLING OFF gahhhhh


In other news…

My hands and feet are mad ugly!!!

My hands look like this everyday because of all the food colouring I work with on a daily basis. They don’t come off even with soap. You need to rinse a lot of times before it goes away :/

As for my FEET…


At first, only 1 split halfway down the middle. Then, the other one CAME RIGHT OFF. (the one you see in the pic above)

And THEN the first one that split in the middle fell off TOO after a few days wtf. I must be dying!!!!! People say that I don’t have enough nutrients – is that true? It hurts quite a bit and it’s damn weird having no little toenails, I feel like a freak of nature /sadface

Totally unrelated pics of Strawberry / Oreo waffles and whipped cream and cinnamon that Sam unexpectedly served to me via breakfast in bed one fine morning. Ah, it was a good day.

Even the strawberries are cut into little heart shapes hehe :)

He bought me a little gift too! This cute photo frame I saw in a gift shop the other day, I told him I loved it and wanted to put my mum’s and his pic in it so he went back and got it another day!

My mum eating durian. One of our many many meals together this week. (Ya I know this post got no link, from toenails to waffles to durian)

But I realized something… FAIL financial handling runs in our family!!!! Every time before we go out for lunch or dinner we say, “Ok, today’s budget is less than 50 dollars / 100 dollars / 20 dollars” (depending how big our appetite)

BUT… Every single meal ends up at least $100!!!! Epic fail!

We specifically drove all the way to Serangoon to eat at this porridge hawker place which she said was very nice but it happened to be closed on that day -_-

So we settled for Punggol Nasi Lemak, which was NOT cheap at all, at least $8 a person for rice and some cheap ingredients wtf. Then they had durian and other fruits which costed 80+ dollars.

My jaw dropped… I’VE NEVER HEARD OF PEOPLE SPENDING SO MUCH ON FRUITS BEFORE!!! Even giant sweet strawberries from the alps of Hokkaido or wherever only $20 la! Madness. I know durian is expensive but I cannot justify spending even 10 cents on this smelly turd.

But the endurance of the stench was worth it, but in the end they accompanied me to have my ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE Selegie Tao Hway!!!!! This bowl of beancurd silky smooth goodness is nothing short of divine. It melts in your mouth, it’s much healther than a lot of other dessert options and it’s so cheap!! A dollar plus only.

I swear if I could have it everyday I would!


HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok I have to stop with the retarded youtube videos as of late. That’s the 4 of us being realllyyy stupid at 1am singing Karaoke. Avril Lavigne’s “What The Hell” is so fun so sing even though I can’t reach the high notes!!!

Without make up and without photoshop. Great singing cannot be distracted by vanity!!!

Mentai pasta supper @ TCC afterwards. I LOVE THIS!!!! So roe-y and creamy and heavenly!

I ♥ Mentai more than I ♥ my boyfriend, true story. Who can recommend me a nice place to have mentai pasta? Pretty sure this is not the best in Singapore coz it’s not even a Jap restaurant lol!

I made a really bad move the other day.

I decided to cook chicken and beef enchiladas for my family for dinner, but didn’t realize Mexican food was so expensive to cook!!!! Coz good cheese is so hard to get and expensive in Singapore. (why??? WA MNG TI WA MNG TI! I LOVE CHEESY FOOD!)

Mexican is meant to be cheap food. -_- But in the end I spent over 30+ dollars on average tasting enchiladas. I could’ve cooked gourmet salmon or lamb chops instead grr


Anyway guess what… iphone pic spam time :D

You will be happy to know I ditched the blue alien-eyes for honey hazel lenses instead!! Hurrah!

I like them *opens eyes wide* THISSS much.

I know I pull this expression entirely way too often. But I like it!!! Kind of like a spastic yet adorable chipmunk.

What my genuine smile looks like. Small eyes, wide big cheeks

What my act chio smile looks like. Eyes forced open and not so cheeky smile LOL

Why do couples like to bite each other??? :3


“…Ouch Charlie, that really hurt.” – Am I the only one who imitates the Charlie Bit My Finger Again baby voice everytime I say ouch???


I’ve been hooked onto Hanging With Friends on iphone lately. And I like to spell stupid words with it :P And I cackle like a witch everytime people can’t guess it.

Who has the app!?! I challenge you!!!! You can find me at

I just don’t understand why they won’t let me submit this totally legit word.

End of random blog post.