alone in perth

Read title!

Well, I’m not exactly alone in PERTH, but I’m alone at home at least. Everybody went to the casino but I couldn’t get in even though I look mature cos the bouncer was like,

Hey wait a min, you can’t go in, you’re underage-girl!”



It feels extra lonely because this beautiful apartment is HUGE, 3 storeys high!!!! It’s amazing how big houses get here..

There’s so much land and so little people.

Anyway I miss blogging soooooooo much man, have you missed me?!? Heh heh.

I am having such a great time here! I spent most of the past 2 days shopping, but I went to watch Phantom Of The Opera just now… In my opinion, highly overrated yo. Thank goodness tics were pretty cheap, only paid $100+ for both me and James.

I am probably heading to bed earlier today because I gotta wake up at 6am tomorrow for a FULL DAY TOUR!

We’re gonna go see pinnacles (sp?) and koalas and go sandboarding and much more! Eeeeeeee I can’t wait :) :) :)

I kinda miss Singapore but I don’t really wanna go back cos the weather is sooo good here and people are so nice, you can’t help but smile at almost everyone you see.

Even if I’m in a bad mood, I won’t be too upset for long cus everybody’s pretty cheerful aye.

I met a few people who didn’t seem to like the fact that I’m asian (otherwise known as racist)

But OMG THEY DUNNO! I’m more angmoh like them than they can imagine!

I love pizzas! I don’t listen to ching chong music! I speak fluent english and and and… *thinks*

My contacts are blue? :P

Well I’m reluctant to go home but at least when I get home, I’m one extremely happy girl, who had a lot of fun in Perth while she was there!

Perth is not as boring as everyone says, there’s a lot of attractions nearby… I’ve went to some of the top must-visit places like Adventure World and Cottosloe and I LOVED THEM!

I think most of you will be horrified to know I haven’t actually taken much pics, most of them are in gwen’s cam but I’ll try to take more tomorrow!

Gonna shower now! Idk why but I love showering here in Perth. I dislike showering in SG. Am I weird or what?