Advertorial – Neutrogena Wave

Everybody cleanses their face using their hands.




As though to prove that technology is advancing so much that one day machines could do everything for us humans, Neutrogena introduces a new product that will blow you away:

Neutrogena Wave.

The new Neutrogena Wave is a handheld vibrating cleanser that promises to leave your skin noticably smoother and cleaner after the first time you use it!


It’s really cool to know that I can take my daily facial cleansing routine a step further.

I think this is so much more effective than buying really expensive facial products, because no matter how good the soap gets, it’s nothing like the new Neutrogena Wave that vibrates to clean deep within your pores!

This compact power cleanser is designed in a way that it’s waterproof plus gives you a good grip so that it doesn’t slip while in the shower.

How does this work, you ask?! Seems a little too gimmicky or “futuristic” for you?

(I know, I never thought I’d use a gadget to clean my face but now I have)

I’ll explain:

The Neutrogena Wave is hassle and fuss-free, also recommended for daily use.

You can use it at the sink and in the shower, since it’s waterproof.

( absolutely bare faced… and by bare i mean no eyebrows xDD )

With just a click of the button, gentle vibrating motion massages tingly cleansing foam deep into pores to remove more dirt, oil and more make-up than ordinary cleansing.

Massage it all over your face and be sure to avoid delicate eye area.

The menthol in the cleansing pads makes skin feel tingly, and the salicylic acid should help keep pimples at bay.

You should replace the cleansing pads with each use, and when you buy the Neutrogena Wave, special cleansing pads are already included.

It’s just that easy!

I think this is especially good for girls who are horrible at removing their make up or doing carrying out proper facial cleansing routine..

With a cute and efficient “gadget” to do the job for you, there’s no room for flaws, just crystal clear skin!


Neutrogena Wave promises softer and much cleaner skin after just 1 use, and it’s not just a marketing sales line, you can take my word for it.

I feel like I’ve just had a facial after I use it, except this is a lot quicker and gentler. I’ve also noticed that I’ve stopped having break outs as often these few days, I had a lot of them when I first reached Perth (dry weather)

So yeah! You should give this small but power-packed cleanser a try, it’s very affordable and worth trying even if you’re not intending to use it for the long-run, you’ll be quite amazed.

If you’re still skeptical, I recommend that you do a full-search on Google for “Neutrogena Wave” and read all the (mostly) positive reviews on it.

They’re not advertorials done by bloggers like me (even though I sincerely like it), they’re reviews done by people who are genuinely interested to share about how good the product is with no strings attached, so you know you can trust them (and me of course)!

Neutrogena Wave is fun to use, good for your skin and everyone can use it. (even beautiful Vanessa Hudgens, heh)

Achieving better complexion isn’t so difficult now.

Do check out the nearest departmental store or anywhere that sells Neutrogena products to get your hands on one. Let me know how you like them once you’ve tried it!!!