A heart full of roses

Oh… my.. GOOSSHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is possibly the most romantic gift I’ve ever been surprised with!!!!!! :’)

It came through the door while I was playing Left 4 Dead (an online zombie blasting game) and I turned around and was like WHAAAAAT?!?!? *heart skips a beat and jaw drops*

We had a big fight the night before (mainly me doing the yelling and him profusely apologizing), and I kept crying and telling him that things are “broken”, that we’re “over”…

And the very next day I receive this!!!

He said, “I know you’re heartbroken, that’s why I sent you my heart and some flowers to go along with it while I fix yours.”

Ughhhhhhhhh it’s just too sweet, I think imma explode from being so love sick!!!

I MISS MY BABY BOY SO EFFING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve just never seen a flower arrangement so simple yet so uniquely beautiful at the same time!! Honestly, I think no other bouquet could ever match up to this. How??

At my wedding, I’m going to be like, “Bah, but the heart shaped one Sam gave me was better!”


It makes me smile and sigh in contentment every time I look at it, because it reminds me that I’m really, really loved.. ♥

Some pics were taken in day / night hence the obvious photo differences!!

A girl can never receive too many flowers!!! My baby knows this best.

No matter how some people think flowers are expensive and a waste of money, don’t be cheap and believe them, because it’s definitely not a waste of money when you see that big wide grin on her face and she keeps gushing about how gorgeous they are / how happy they make her!

A girl can receive chocolates, jewelry, soft toys, etc… but there’s really nothing quite like a bouquet of beautiful red roses.

My room smells like roses soo much. I have about 100 alive ones, and about another 100+ dried ones. It’s almost as if my room is a rose garden!!

Ok I don’t mean to show off so much BUT I CAN’T HELP IT! THEY ARE SOO PRETTY.

Last pic of my flowery heart ♥

I love you more than you know, cupcake.

I’ve been extra emotional and demanding and bitchy recently, but thank you for always believing in us.. it’s why we can’t go wrong.