What’s Bakin’? #14

Long gone are the days where I felt a compelling need to take photos of every single activity I got up to.

That’s just so not me now. That would’ve been me, 3 years ago. My 21 year old self is a lot more laid back about her blog these days. I still consider myself a blogger, but not an avid one I suppose.

Sometimes I see my blogger friends furiously and ever so enthusiastically snapping pictures of every product they lay hands on, every meal they eat, every outfit they wear…. and I look on at them, feeling old, feeling passé. Even though I’m mostly younger than a lot of them, I STILL FEEL OLD. I’m old to my god damn bones! But hey, you know what’s one thing I’ll never stop taking photos of?

My cakes. My creations. *rubs hands with glee* My babies!

They are the one thing I don’t mind losing myself completely in, and losing sleep over. They are practically my life, I guess you could say. Every day it’s about the cakes.

Oh and my pretty dress is the All About Details Embroidery Dress from the popular online boutique Hollyhoque.com, which is unfortunately completely sold out by now.. but I love the cutting at the top and the chiffon skirt details! ♥

I always grew up knowing I’d have a job in the future that would involve some form of art that gave me not only freedom and creativity to explore within my job scope, but also with regards to my lifestyle. Everyday I am thankful for having a job that I enjoy doing. And in case you’re new around here, here’s some of the stuff that I do. :)

All cakes are in Instagram square format because I took them off my account (follow me @shiberty if you haven’t already because I post there almost everyday!) and please credit my pictures to http://shibertys.blogspot.com if you’d like to use them! For enquiries and orders, please visit the website. It’s going to be quite a long and big update because we’ve been going FULL FORCE with our bakes recently! If you’re already following me on IG, you might’ve seen these pictures before… but who’s going to complain about looking at awesome cakes photos twice, right?


You’re my honey bee!

What’s up little Minion guy? I almost wish I didn’t create him as a fondant cupcake topper, because that meant he was going to be eaten in a matter of hours. D:

The only thing better than a cupcake, is a giant cupcake cake.

Made this cake for Mel Mel’s birthday last week! She asked for a tiny 2 tiered cake, so this one was a 5″ base with something like a 2.5 inch top. Super cute!!!!! Smaller than the size of my palm! I won’t be selling any cakes in this size though…

Minnie mouse is always a good idea with little girls!

Every other month, I go through a flavor craze. That means I’d obsess over a certain flavor combination that we offer at Shiberty’s Sweets and make copious amounts of the order whenever we get a request for it, so that I can eat any leftovers. My current favorite is sea salt caramel drizzle over vanilla frosting with light butterscotch cake. YOU HAVE NO FLIPPIN’ IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS. The slight savory tinge from the sea salt that I cracked into the home made salted caramel mix, generously spooned over lush creamy vanilla icing, sitting atop fluffy cake.

Yes, yes and yes. Yes all the way to infinity and beyond!!!!!!

A simple daisy cake, but a beauty nevertheless.

A customer liked our previous ballerina design in What’s Bakin #13 but wanted a design she could call her own, so we came up with a a varied but unique version of the original!

Creating this 3d sphere was extremely challenging, but super fun to make! Defying the laws of physics, all in a day’s work. *wipes sweat off forehead*

Eat your heart out, ombre rosette cakes… check out our pastel rainbow rosette swirled cake!!!! Boss or what?

The girl we made this special cake for was so delighted that she took this lovely picture of the interior and tagged us with raving compliments. If you’ve ordered cakes from us, please tag #shibertybakes on Instagram so I can see your happy pictures too!

Sweet pink cupcakes commissioned for a Jill Stuart event I attended!

Love these tempting looking assorted cupcakes that I brought for my vocal instructor, Ashton Koh of Millet Music! They’re carrot cake with cream cheese & nuts, chocolate and lemon frosting with strawberry jam. Wouldn’t mind the lemon one right about now O_O

I’ve started going for vocal lessons because I know I have a lottt to improve on and I love how I can hear the difference when I sing. I plan to keep going for vocal lessons until I’m confident enough to release another cover online that I can be extremely proud of!!! What was I thinking with Justin Bieber. Oh dear god. At least my hair looked pretty in that video and I was wearing a nice dress hahaha. Got a blog post on my vocal lessons and music school coming up soon so if you’ve ever considered honing your singing skills as an amateur you should stay tuned for that entry!

The first cake Shiberty’s Sweets ever sold was a flower cupcake. Now look at everything else we can do. :)

Underwater themed stuff are always a whale of a time because there’s so many colors and elements to play with!

Made my high school girlfriend her 21st birthday cake, which I never ever fathomed I would. Imagine if 7 years ago, when we skipped school together to loiter around, I looked my best girl friend the eye and said, “Hey, one day in the future, we won’t even be talking to each other on a regular basis any more. But we’ll still somehow keep in contact every now and then, and I’d end up having purple hair and baking your 21st birthday cake. What do you think about that?” I wonder if we’d even believe it.

I haven’t seen these girls for years… it was a blast from the past reminiscing good old times! It was nice to see everyone again. We were 14 years old not too long ago, and suddenly, we’re 21 years old now. *sheds a little tear* I wish I never grew up. Now, can I just stay Forever 21? Because I swear I’m going to hit 30 and have tits that sag to the floor before I know it.

Ombre cakes seem to rival rainbow cakes in terms of popularity these days!

South Park fondant toppers that took longer to do than I expected because I was pretty particular about the details.

LOVE this set of floral brights I did for blogger buddy Beatrice Tan! These cupcakes will be featured in her upcoming kids fashion label. :)

And this set was for Tammy Tay’s friendscapade photoshoot! The pictures turned out sooo pretty, you can check them out on her blog. Credits to Ohsofickle’s Instagram for this picture, thanks Tam!

A girl’s best friend: Chanel bags. Make up.

…And cake, with more frosting than her daily calorie count allows. Never forget cake.

Because mummies are our guardian angels!

I adore these roses with gold tips painted on!!! So pretty!

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a Celine luggage for awhile now… I really want the hot pink one ♥____♥ But they don’t sell that color in stores anymore. Sniffle.

SO glad I have rid myself of my Candy Crush addiction!!!!!!! That game was eating up way too many hours of my life.

Got to almost level 200 before I dropped it. The levels became frustrating instead of fun after some time. I have a phobia of chocolates now, thanks to this game.

Cakes weren’t meant just for girls! I like how I am seeing an increasing amount of manly cake orders – 3d car cakes, golfing, soccer, video games related… ladies, if your man ever told you he doesn’t like desserts, it’s only because he hasn’t had one with his favorite soccer team plastered all over it yet. It’s guaranteed to make him smile, even if he doesn’t normally eat cake. Be the first lady in his life to do it!

Because apparently a ribbon isn’t enough and a tiara was demanded to be added on top of it. :P Super princess!

For my friend Pearlyn’s birthday, her bf Albert came over to help make this Chihuahua cake. It was the first time we’d ever done a 3d animal topper that wasn’t made out of fondant but I loved the outcome! Pretty good for a first attempt, I do reckon! And ++++ points for Albert for coming over to do the cake with us when he could’ve simply bought it off us. Romance is still alive, people.

Lastly, I just wanna share this collage that made me grin from ear to ear…

You people are my muse, and the reason for all that I do. So thank YOU.

♥ ♥ Order your very own customized cake at Shibertys.blogspot.com! ♥ ♥




That’s all the cake pictures I have for this post, but I’ve a random surprise in store for you awesome possums who soldiered on through my lengthy post till the end! :D

Last week, I had a fun night filled with shopping, playing games and dining at fabulous retail stores located in 313 @ Somerset
(Somerset MRT Station) with a few other bloggers, and these folks have very kindly provided us with vouchers to reward our readers for being so AWESOME!!! On a normal basis I already visit 313 @ Somerset very often because my hair salon Shunji Matsuo is on the third level, I must’ve spent at least a good coupla hundreds of accumulated shopping over all the times I’ve been there…. but today, I’m giving away stuff I’ve specially hand picked that I believe y’all would LOVE (I have the same  / very similar stuff so these are totally me!!!), as a small thank you for reading my blog.
Sorry to the few guys who are reading this in advance – everything in this post is meant for girls because I don’t think I have many male readers to begin with! These are the fabulous stuff I’m giving away to three lucky ducks, from shops like Victoria’s Secret, Lowry’s Farm and EpiCentre, all of which are located at 313 @ Somerset!

Fragrance & body lotion from Victoria’s Secret. We may not be able to look like Victoria’s Secret angels but at least we can SMELL like one!!! And then print out Alessandra’s or Miranda’s picture to paste over your face.

Just kidding.

Pretty white eyelet dress from chic apparel store Lowry’s Farm. The size states M, I’m guessing it fits UK 8-10 best!

Bling iPhone case from EpiCentre! So shiny *.*

Want to win one of these three items for yourself? (of course you do!)

Follow 313 @ Somerset on Twitter, then leave me a comment on this blog post stating your name, email address, twitter username, item you’d like to win and why you like shopping at 313 @ Somerset, OR why you like reading my blog. LOL I am including the second buay paiseh option because, what if some of you have never shopped at 313 before?! *lousy excuse for wanting to feel loved*. Remember, you have to be a follower of their Twitter account to qualify! All comments will be moderated & screened so you don’t have to worry about privacy or leaking out personal details. Winners will be contacted via email.

Till the next post… chao!



Cooking Tutorial: Baked Kale or Kai Lan Chips!

First of all, let me just tell you how sorry I am for not blogging for THREE whole weeks. T_T

WTF. I did not even realize that time passed so fast. I honestly just cannot grasp how fast 2013 has gone by. Life has never passed me by this quickly. I swear the last time I checked it was only a week since I last blogged…. I thought I’d make it up to you all by posting an extremely simple, healthy, and delicious recipe that even ultra kitchen goondu idiots could whip up in 15 minutes!!!!!

So here’s the deal.

I like chips. Unhealthy chips like the ones made from potato. I like them a lot. Here’s another thing for ya. I like seaweed. Probably more than I should because I can eat an alarming amount of seaweed at one go. And then here’s the last thing. I am on a diet…. of sorts. (No, not really actually.) I kind of eat whatever I want, however potato chips just seem to be far down my list of Food Eating Priorities considering it’s junk food but the calories are ridiculously high. What would be the most sensible thing to do?

Eat a carb-free, low-calorie VEGETABLE chip that tastes like seaweed, so that I can snack away without any guilt or repercussions whatsoever!!! In fact, I could eat this everyday and lose weight! This is the magic vegetable that makes it all happen.


A dark green, leafy, curled at the edges sort of power vegetable.

Heard of it before? If you haven’t, that’s okay, you probably live in Asia where kale is pretty much non-existent. Probably something like 90% of Singaporeans have no idea what kale is. (Random statistic pulled out of my ass) What we have in everyone’s households instead, is a relative of Kale called the Kai Lan.

Let’s talk about Kale first. I have always seen fitness and “Real Food” enthusiasts talk about Kale like it’s the god of vegetables. About how it’s good for your body it is, and how incredibly yummy it tasted. So, naturally curiosity (or gluttony) got the better of me and I set out on a random hunt for the elusive Kale in Singapore, only to realize that absolutely NOWHERE has Kale in stock. I’ve been to Sheng Siong, NTUC, Cold Storage, etc….. couldn’t find any at any supermarket. Finally, sheer luck should have it that one fine day I chanced upon it at North Point’s Cold Storage when I wasn’t even looking out for it!!! Wooohooo!!!!! I was so excited to finally hold Kale in my arms. It was like holding my long lost lover or a twin sister I haven’t seen in 10 years. Never did a veg excite me so much before.

However….. I was mortified to realize that a small packet of Kale was 6 WHOLE DOLLARS. I’m assuming because it’s organic and, well, hard to find in Singapore.. maybe difficult to grow, as well? Cursing under my breath for buying a vegetable that is more expensive than a lot of cuts of meat, I bought the $6 Kale, thinking I’d just try baking kale chips once and get it over and done with to satisfy my curiosity. Little did I know that trying it once would only make me want to eat it again and again. I’m dumbfounded by how simple and brilliant this is, so I HAD to share it with y’all. I don’t often share recipes, but when I do… you know it’s going to be something worth waiting for ;)

YOU WILL NEED: (this recipe makes however much or little you want to make)

♥ — Kale, or Kai Lan for people who can’t find Kale (or do not want to pay $6 for it)
♥ — Olive Oil
♥ — Salt & Pepper 
♥ — Onion / Garlic Powder Seasoning (or your favorite bottled seasoning)
♥ — A large baking tray and baking paper

Step 1: Wash the vegetable, then remove the stems completely and dry thoroughly with a kitchen towel. It’s important to remove every last bit of stem and water, then tear the leaves into relatively large bite sized pieces while noting that the size will shrink more when baked.

Step 2: Line your baking tray with baking paper, arrange the vegetable pieces onto your tray, preferably not touching each other. Drizzle a litle bit of olive oil (I like using extra virgin), sprinkle salt, seasoning and black pepper over sparingly. A little goes a real long way with this recipe. Add just a bit, then you can taste test it after it’s been baked and add more if need be. You can refer to the picture above to see approximately how much seasoning and olive oil I added. Don’t mix the veg through with the oil, just bake it as is so that you get a slight variation of flavors and consistency through the pieces of vegetable. 


And that’s all it for the preparation!!!! Pop it into a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees to bake and crisp up for 8 minutes, or until the veg has turned crispy and changed a bit of color. (By changed color I don’t mean brown – I mean patches of different green) The baking time will vary a LOT depending on 1) Amount of vegetable you’re using. 2) Whether you’re using kale or kai lan, I find kai lan takes longer to crisp up 3) Your oven’s settings and functionality…. So please monitor closely and judge for yourself.

But it’s not rocket science, people. keep an eye on your veg. It can change from ultra crispy to burnt pieces of crap in a matter of 2 minutes, so you don’t want to leave it unattended for too long. I would recommend checking the consistency after 5 minutes, then decide from there how much more time it needs in the oven. 

The result?

Delicious and CRAZILY addictive vegetable chips that will leave you popping them into your mouth so quick, you’ll wonder where your $6 went. I swear they’re better than the any sort of packeted potato chips to me. They also sorta taste like my favorite Korean seaweed sheets, but with more texture and bite, and minus the preservatives. They’re BLOODY AWESOME, in short. They may not LOOK all that crispy or appetizing to you but it has amazing sound effects when you chew on them like “grrncchhh kkrrtthhh” with every bite – you know, the sound that over-the-top crispy food makes. I liked them so much I put them on toasted buttered garlic ciabatta for an awesome lunch… yippeee!!!  

But my favorite way to eat this is by its own, using my hand. I can finish a whole plate of this within 5 minutes. 

Another meal idea for kale chips – eat it with grilled fish!!!  The flavors go together sooo well, what with the saltiness and texture of curly kale chips with mild, tender white fish. It’s so tasty while being as low carb as possible – perfectly delectable diet food! As you can see here, my kale chips are just a tad too brown. Like I said, goes from crispy to burnt very quickly, and that time I wasn’t giving it enough tender loving care.. :P

Oh yes – if you REALLY can’t find Kale, you are also welcome to try this recipe with your commonly found Kai Lan…. thanks to a follow on Instagram for this suggestion! 

It’s exactly the same recipe and preparation method as the kale version. This is what my kai lan chips that I made earlier looked like. Because Kai Lan isn’t as thick or curly (or yummy hahaha) as Kale, it turned out quite different. Not as much chewy texture and it’s not as epic as kale chips BUT still a decent fix if Kale has somehow eluded you once again. But the basic concept and idea is the same – crispy, addictive vegetable chips. Also, it’s a lot more affordable than Kale!!!! 

I served my kai lan chips with milky cheesy scrambled eggs for my quick fix of a lunch this afternoon!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Perfect combo that goes together like coke and fries. Strangely satisfying for a meal that is meat-free, low-carb and took 15 minutes to prepare and cook. While the chips were baking, I fried up my scrambled eggs!

You HAVE to try this if you love chips or seaweed!

 Or, if you just like trying new things in the kitchen in general. It’s a fun experiment for 15 minutes, even if you don’t end up making this a staple in your home cooked food menu like I did. :) And it’s perfect for all you health and diet watchers out there. There are few recipes in this world that are so fuss-free and good for you, so I’m happy that I can share this with you all. I think vegetable chips are still a relatively alien idea in Singapore (the closest I’ve seen to it were deep fried asparagus and kang kong, but fried stuff isn’t healthy and doesn’t count!) why don’t you guys try making this for your partner, friends or family one day, and see what they think of this innovative food idea? ;) Perfect for a mid noon snack! In fact I may just go make more to munch on tomorrow!!!