What’s Bakin’? #13

First of all, Happy Good Friday everyone!!!

I have 3 things to announce:

1) I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, under local anesthetic. Yikes! It’s definitely not a pleasant experience, but it really wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected and the pain factor I am experiencing is like practically zero… discomfort and soreness along with inconvenience is another factor, however. I’ll get around to blogging about it soon! :D

2) I am feeling better about the moderately depressing thing I’ve been whining about the past two blog posts. I’m back to bubbly, happy, carefree Jessica! Ok, the carefree part has always been a front and a lie. I am not carefree. I am happy-go-lucky by character but you won’t believe the amount of stress I go through sometimes. I’m just incredibly convincing at acting like my life is all good and easy. But I find myself in lighter spirits despite having gone through a minor dental surgery yesterday. Life can’t be all that bad?!

3) Can you freakin’ believe it’s been half a year since I last did a What’s Bakin’? post? I remember when I used to do it monthly! Well, after you keep baking for awhile, you’ll realize quite a lot of designs that people request are repeated from your image gallery…. so nowadays I only take pictures of special orders / something we haven’t done before / just stuff I particularly like. So I only have a small collection of cake images below for you but I hope you enjoy looking at them anyways! And please do feel free to salivate all over your monitor and keyboard, it would make me most gratified.

In case you haven’t heard or realized..

Guess who’s back, back again?
Shiberty’s Sweets is back in business baby, so go tell a friend! 

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What’s gayer than a normal colorful rainbow?

A pastel rainbow cake with ruffles. Mmmhmm. Sam actually did this order all by myself as I was busy with other matters that day – I think he did a good job despite not being familiar with buttercream piping! I cover all of the cream coated stuff normally. I can’t wait till someone orders this again so I can have my own go at it! ;) Looks like a lot of fun to do!

This was actually a design from last year, but I forgot to post it up! This girl wanted wanted a nice big ribbon with a 3d fondant handmade figurine of her sitting on the cake with pink and polkadots as the theme. I love how sweet this looks, too bad it was extremely dark when we took this picture, it hardly does the real thing justice!

I haven’t seen Despicable Me yet. Can you believe it? Everyone’s talking about it and loving it, I’m almost feeling almost hipster-like refusing to watch it. LOL.

These little guys were so tedious to create…. but at least they’re naturally dopey looking so if one or two are slightly odder than the rest, you won’t be able to notice. I think. Don’t go scrutinizing my work now!

Okay, let’s see… What do girls love?

1) Pink & Purple
2) Whimsical Unicorns
3) Roses
4) Pearls
5) Heart Shapes
6) A yummy cake

Damn. Nailed it!

It gives me a lot of satisfaction looking at this photo, because this is real #cakeporn – you can totally tell how ridiculously soft, fluffy and moist our cakes are when it’s zoomed in as close up as this!!!! I take deep pride in producing high quality stuff for our awesome supporters, to make sure their cake is always as good as we can get it to be!

Sometimes some things are out of my control, anybody who has ever given baking a go can tell you that no matter how much experience you’ve had, things could potentially go wrong at any given time. It never always turn out exactly the way you want it to. Just watch cake decorating shows such as Cake Boss or Fabulous Cakes for example! But when I can help it, I do. We could easily use artificial stabilizers / preservatives, a pre-made cake mix, or shortening instead of real butter in our recipes so as to save ourselves a lot of hassle and time…. but we insist on using premium ingredients, self-taught recipes and baking only hours before the cake is actually collected, which runs the risk of us being late for our order (normally this doesn’t happen though) but it results in moister, fresher cakes and I believe it’s a calculated risk worth taking because of the wonderful feedback we’ve been getting recently!  Ah, I love my job. So damn messy but oh SO fun.

Oh, yes! The butterscotch flavored pink ombre cake you see above was turned into this Ballerina themed cake eventually. We were told to do “as much pink as possible” ;)

How about a boyish Jersey cake for a LA Clippers fan to break up the girlyness of this post?

I adore how much more clean-cut our work has become now! We’re not the best at what we do, and still have a long way to go on the learning curve… but practice makes perfect. And practice, we shall.

I LOVE THIS!!!!! I want a classic 2.55 with gold hardware.. In jumbo size!!!! Caviar.

Some day..

Bye everyone!!!! Thank you for visiting! :* 

Do remember to credit and link back to us at shibertys.blogspot.com if you would like to share our images online, please! And of course, head on over to the website if you’d like to ask about having a personalized cake for your special occasion to wow your friends!



Gardens By The Bay

So I’m still nursing the open wound I acquired last week.

Much of my free time has been spent with the sheets draped over my head, deep in pessimistic thoughts. I really didn’t think the cut would be this deep…. I guess the blade was sharper than it seemed. Let’s just say I don’t deal with rejection very well. And lately, my self-confidence has been plummeted so far down I don’t know if I have any left. I pretend I’m dealing with it fine but really I’m confused and hurt as fuck inside. I completely screwed up my own chances so I’m finding it impossible to forgive myself. After the competition was over, it left me in a lot of self doubt. What the hell am I doing with my life? How did I let such a good opportunity slip? What is wrong with me? What is my calling in life? (*rolls eyes at this*) Am I lazy, undeserving or just untalented? 

I used to think that only bored-out-of-their-brains, directionless people had those of thoughts of uselessness. People who sit on their bums and never do anything with their lives. I never imagined that even with goals and hard work and sweat and tears, I could still fall short of my own expectations, and feel worthless of my own dreams.

Like I don’t deserve to be somebody, or anybody. I try to be realistic when it comes to ambition, but then again… ambitions aren’t supposed to be realistic, are they? They were created to challenge yourself, to prove the impossible to be do-able if only you have just the right amount and mix of talent, luck and determination. I feel stuck in the middle, torn apart by two different personalities inside of me. One’s telling me to dream big, and never lose sight of my passions and to work even harder to do what I’ve always wanted to do. Another is telling me, forget it… Just focus on cake making and making money, what else time do you have left to pursue other interests? You’re not that great, anyway. Who would watch you, follow your journey and wish for your success? Get over yourself. Get real. You’re not that special at the end of the day. You know how many other people out there who are better than you, and want it more than you do?

So those are just some of the thoughts going on in my brain that have resulted in a very heavy and imploding heart in my chest recently. I wish I could be contented with a simple life, doing simple things, being an absolutely normal but contented person. I have met people like that and they seem happy going about their daily routines with a happy family and loving partners. Make the money, save some of it, spend the rest of it. Plenty of people work in jobs that they don’t particularly enjoy but it makes them the money to pay off the bills and that’s good enough. Why do I have to SO STUBBORN and insist that my job has to be something I love doing at the same time? Can I just snap out of this idealistic daydream and find a normal job already? Stupid person who said, “If you have a job you love doing, you’ll never have to work a day in your life again.” lied to me. Often, the stress that comes together with turning your interest into business completely ruins the meaning of why you enjoyed your passion in the first place. It rips away the pure, true untainted interest that stemmed it all from the beginning, and in its place is hideous greed and a insatiable hunger for more benefits. Sometimes I hate myself for doing this to me, for commercializing everything I ever loved, to the point where I feel like I can no longer indulge in my favorite activities without stopping to think about the possibility of even more commercial gains. Shame on me.


That aside, enough whiny relentless ranting…. here’s a complete change of mood – a happy picture log from when I visited Gardens By The Bay with the fam.  Even when I’m having the shittiest time in the whole wide world, nothing quite cheers me up like spending quality time with the people who matter the most.

I would love to continue wallowing in self-pity forever, but life still goes on!!!



I don’t know why it took me so long to finally visit Gardens By The Bay even though I’ve stayed at Marina Bay Sands a lot of times since its opening… but I did finally pay it a visit and it was a very enjoyable two hours!

Ho hum. I’m just waiting for my rainbow after the storm to appear in my life. Damn you overused cliche internet quotes, you’d better not cheat my naive feelings a second time.


I will always be a mummy’s girl. But I’m sorry mum if I’ve disappointed you recently when I didn’t make it through. :( I know you wanted it for me as much as I did for myself.

That’s the last of my emo nonsense. On to the other topic of the day – Gardens By The Bay was actually very pleasant to visit, because both garden domes are air-conditioned!!!! It was like this massive cold temperature glass house garden in the middle of my scorching but beautiful city, crammed with as many random plants as you could fit in a dome and I’m afraid my pictures don’t do it sufficient justice. You have to see it in person to know what the fuss is about! I have had two Australian couple friends visit Singapore recently and this was very high on my recommended list of things to do, they absolutely loved the experience!

I would’ve liked taking my time to snap nicer photos but my parents can’t be bothered to wait around, so all of these were snap-and-go in order to keep up with their pace. Jesus those old people sure do walk fast!

I like how I could see the city skyline from inside the gardens, it was the perfect combination of nature and urban civilization! It reminded me of how I felt standing in the gorgeous King’s Park in Western Australia, overlooking Perth’s water and city buildings.

I loveeee being surrounded by greenery, flowers, plants and trees but I absolutely HATE insects. Normally they come hand in hand together but at Gardens By The Bay, I didn’t come across any mozzies or insects that bothered me… best of all, NO BUTTERFLIES!!!! YES!!!!! 
It was like a dream come true for me!
There are two domes at Gardens By The Bay, the first being Cloud Forest and the second is Flower Dome. Cloud Forest is rainforest themed with some futuristic elements, but I preferred the Flower Dome more for colorful frivolous reasons glaringly obvious in the following photos!
I admit, I’m an Instagram whore. I never stop taking pictures with my phone. 
On a side note, can I just comment on how much I love my jade bangle that was only $2 from Bali? Best buy ever! I’ve been wearing it a whole lot. I’ve been on a hunt for jade-lookalike accessories but it sure as hell isn’t easy to find. Other precious stones / crystals such as rose quartz have been catching on with the trends, but not so much for my good friend Jade.  My nearing-80-years-old grandmother even commented it was nice because well, grannies wear a lot of jade stuff hahaha. Clearly it’s not real jade but I have no problems with costume jewelry. They’re fun. I’m not that keen on buying real jade because they look a little too traditional… any girls know where to buy jade costume jewelry?! Let me know please! 
The perfect backdrop for photos :)
They’re so cute together. Any elderly couple that still hold hands when they walk together are cool shit in my books. 
Gardens By The Bay is the perfect place for a first date, I reckon! Imagine exchanging cute flirting back and forth while walking through these lush flowering gardens and sitting in these little pavilions basking in each others company… Ahh, young love. Or, old love works as well – even better!!!
Loved the short but sweet time I spent at Gardens By The Bay, it’s like escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city while being in the heart of the city itself… Singapore, how do you manage to outdo yourself with every new attraction? I’m so lucky to be living in this wonderful country and even though I still have this longing of wanting to live somewhere else in the world in the future, I’m glad I didn’t leave so soon for my university studies last year because there would’ve been so much that I’d missed here. 
The rest of the world can wait, for now. Singapore has my heart at the moment.

Living on a prayer

I used to have a problem.

My problem was not having enough exciting or interesting events going on in my life and thus resulting in me not having anything substantial to blog about. This I suppose, was quite awhile ago, when my life was relatively directionless and I was just floating around.

These days, my problem is having TOO much going on in my life, all of which I sorely wished I had enough time, energy and resources to openly share with all those who are still interested in checking up on this neglected and humble blog of mine, because I hate to leave this space without any updates for prolonged periods of time…. I want to capture every single precious memory I have and spontaneously relive it every time I read my own blog post about the experience. Unfortunately, I’ve reached a stage in my life where blogging has inevitably taken second place in terms of priorities, for some reason another matter always seems to top it, somehow. I remember when it used to be number 1 and I just HAD to take a picture of everything or jot it down in my mind so that I could go back home and tell everyone about it. But now, a few years down the track, I guess I’m slightly older, and have found new and possibly better ways to cope and deal with the events and emotions that go on in my life aside from pouring my soul out to an online audience. I can deal with sadness, difficulty, excitement without announcing it here. Wow. I never thought this day would come. I know I’m almost totally contradicting myself with this statement considering how I’m letting all these feelings loose in this very post, but there is a difference when I consciously choose to blog about something to purposely share with y’all instead of feeling like I NEED to blog about it to get it off my chest / mind so that I remain sane. I have learned how to take a heavier load on my shoulders with every year that passes in my life, and I suppose that is all part of growing up. So much has been going on in my life the past week, you won’t believe what I’ve been through in such a short period of time and the number of times I have broke down and cried, also the incidents where I just burst out in hearty laughter… I never knew one person could be so sad, stressed, happy and gratified at the same time. This is life in a whirlwind at its full glory. I guess this is what it feels like to be 21 years old, when you’re trying to figure this world out, and you look and act like an adult… but really, inside you’re still kind of a kid still, but you know that will have to change soon.

And what a huge change 2013 has brought about in my life. First of all, I have a rabbit that is now my responsibility to take care of. I never imagined I’d have a pet so soon since I had no intentions of getting one, especially not a rabbit, but somehow little Mochi the fluffy chinchilla colored bunny found her way into my life. Many of my mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights are spent cuddling with, playing with her, chasing her around, feeding her, and picking up after her poop… She brings me so much joy! Secondly, I have officially moved out of my parents’ place last year, and in 2013 I am REALLY feeling the pinch of living by myself. Although I stay with my boyfriend and brother, I cannot and do not depend on them to provide for me. They don’t get me food or clean up after me the way my domestic helper maid or mum used to. Not that I expect to of course, I’m just sayin’, I live with people but I’m pretty much on my own. Now, every single meal of the day has to be accounted for by myself, I can no longer go home and expect a decent home cooked meal to be sitting on the dining table prepared by my mum or maid for me, because I don’t have anyone waiting on me any more. And I NEVER realized just how much housework one house could create. I keep mopping and sweeping the floor and clearing the rabbit’s litter tray and washing the laundry but OMG everyday there’s more dust and dirty clothes to be washed and it just hit me that for the rest of my life I have to be doing housework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is really depressing. I don’t think any other 21 year old does the kind of housework I do. (Clean toilets, mop and sweep the floor, cook, bake, wash the dishes and laundry… blah blah blah) Most are still living with their parents which I sort of wished I was. I LOVE the freedom, but I miss the feeling of being sheltered. Reality is such a cruel and unforgiving place. Not to mention coughing up $1k extra every month for rent is a bit of a big bad bitch as well.

So that’s just a brief gist about what’s been going on in my crazy life. Aside from the parts I have complained about, there have been a lot of lovely people I had the privilege of meeting recently making a difference and impact on my life, which I am truly grateful for.

I participated in this top secret event (lol) that would’ve been game changing for my career, but unfortunately things didn’t work out so well for me…. however, the experience was mildly life changing, I would say. It was nerve wrecking enough to make my heart feel like it was going to stop right there and then, and sometimes stressful enough for me to completely let down my pride and break down in tears in front of other people. But most of all it was wonderful in many unexpected ways and I find myself more sorry about having to miss out on the awesome company of the astoundingly talented people I have met and the opportunity to learn more from them than actually winning the title of the competition. Which I suppose I never stood a great big chance of doing so, anyway, they’re way out of my league. They’re going to rock your socks off, Singapore.

Actually I don’t even know how I got to stand there with them in the first place considering I have never sung in public before or given any sort of performance whatsoever prior to this, besides my self indulgent Youtube videos which I post on my blog. They’re like, way up there in terms of knowledge, skill and experience…. and I’m just here.  I don’t know them very well or for very long at all, but I swear I’m not kidding when I say I miss them already. When people are struggling to stay on one boat together…. you share this immediate bond.

We also shared laughter, fears and goals in the short amount of time I knew them. It’s not everyday you get to meet like-minded people with such admirable determination and similar interests as you that you happen to get along super well with.  I found myself staring at many people in the competition with utter respect and fascination. How can seemingly normal looking people be so damn great at their passion but be so humble and likable and hardworking and friendly and admirable at the same time?

Some of them are everything I want to be, and more. I wonder how long it took for them to build up their confidence and technique, or were they just born awesome? I couldn’t believe my eyes, and my ears. So many of these peeps are soooo damn young as well!!!!!!! How do they do it? Why are these people holding my hand, encouraging me when I’m scared and being a friend for me even though we barely just met? And a few of them gave me warm hugs, when I truly needed them most. The journey on the way there is just as, or even more important than the destination to me. It molds and shapes you into a better, wiser person. And as short-lived as my journey was, I can say it was more fruitful than I had ever hoped for, and I’m still thankful it happened to me, out of thousands of people. I don’t know if I’m supposed to feel bitter, but I’m not. I could not imagine more worthy and deserving people to go up against. If anything, I am only upset at myself for making a few crucial mistakes that led to my own eventual downfall, and I only have myself to fault. But I was so new to the game, and since it was my first time ever doing it I really don’t think I did all that bad in the end. I should give myself credit for trying, too. I felt like dropping dead at some points. I am not allowed to reveal anything vital or specific about this event, so this is about as much as I can say before I accidentally let something confidential slip… but I suppose some of you will figure it out sooner or later by yourself anyway, if you keep yourself in the loop with media!

With this chapter of my life coming to a close, I take away with me valuable memories and lessons which I know will prove priceless and useful in my years ahead. So thank you to everyone who has impacted me greatly over the last few days. I look forward to keeping myself updated with your journeys and wish the very best for all of you ahead, no matter who the ultimate crowned champion is... you are ALL badasssssss ROCKSTARS. ♥ 

Shine bright like a motherfucking diamond!!!


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