Gettin’ my purple on with Shunji Matsuo 313

So, this happened recently.

It started from like this….

My red hair. I loved it to bits.

 It was almost a signature look already. I even dedicated a whole blog post to it at the start of this year. But it was getting, just kinda old….. (I know, I’m so fickle) but c’mon I mean, red is so common now, what with half the female population coloring their tresses red for Chinese New Year. And so when the bright color faded to brownish red and when it was time to make another trip to my trusty salon, I decided to take it to the next level!


Something’ goin downnnnnnnnnn. I spent more than a combined 10 hours in the salon over 2 days.

The red pigments in my hair were so stubborn and strong, that it took THREE times to bleach / lighten it to this color.

Bleaching your hair once is bad enough…. I’m quite amazed I managed to survive it three times in a day, followed by 2 rounds of purple dye. That’s pretty intense shit.

But at the end of the day, all the hours of repeated tedious coloring, washing, combing, blow drying done was worth it…. because THIS was what we planned to achieve!!!


I’m getting my P-U-R-P-L-E on! ♥ With streaks of electric blue, because purple solo isn’t quite mad enough for me. I should have been born a peacock instead.

I’m soooooo happy with it!!!! When I saw myself in the mirror, I almost leaned forward to kiss myself. :P The only thing stopping me was a swayed sense of dignity and a slight sense of pride.

My relatives wouldn’t stop talking about my hair color during Chinese New Year, much to my narcissistic delight of course. It was always brought up during our dinner table conversations. I bought this Chu Yi dress to match with my hair and bag! I freak out when my shoes and bag don’t match.

And this is Chu Er’s outfit!!! Surprisingly, purple hair goes well with almost every color… except brown, green. Brown just looks like crap on me somehow (no matter my hair color), wearing green makes me look like an eggplant (LOL I’m serious you can even envision it). But that’s okay… because I don’t wear a lot of those colors normally, anyway.

How it looks like when it’s curled! I normally like curly hair on myself but I think purple hair looks best straight or slightly wavy. Curled hair seems to lose most of its shine after the extreme heat sucks out all the moisture!

I only could imagine myself doing these crazy colors on my head because I FULLY trust my salon Shunji Matsuo @ 313 with all my heart (and hair).

 I showed them a few pictures of pretty purple hair on other girls, and told them to do whatever they believe would work best on me. I also mentioned I’d like to include some streaks of blue. And this was what they came up with. Aren’t they genius? I owe so much to them!!

My stylist hands after he was done purplifying my hair up. So grateful to my stylists who stayed back late and worked long hours of magic on me!

I dare say I enjoy rocking this purple even more than I did with my redhead. Like, I’ll still always like red because it’s a classic look and easy to pull off and all that, but this purple is really something else. You can’t NOT spot me in a sea of people like this! If you couldn’t already tell, I love the attention. Perhaps I’m used to how it looks by now but I reckon it’s not very unnatural looking – which is a good thing. You know how some people have loud colors and they just look plain ridiculous because their hair is so awfully dry and damaged looking that it comes across almost like a wig? Yeah, thankfully I don’t have that problem.

 My hair WAS dry at first (it was colored a total of 5 times, 3 bleaching 2 purple dyes) but the more I washed it and treated it well with conditioner and hair masks, the softer and more manageable it gets. Of course, going back for nourishing hair treatments at my salon helped as well.

Now, after a few weeks of having this purple hair, it doesn’t feel damaged anymore, in fact it is quite shiny and smooth to the touch!

Big BIGGGGGGGGGG l♥ve goes out to Shunji Matuo @ Somerset 313 for always outdoing yourself when it comes to making my hair even more shocking and pretty!!!! ^________^ Thanks to you guys my hair is always in top form, no matter the occasion or crazy color I attempt. What would I do without you, really? Probably still have some safe boring color.

If your hair salon isn’t making you look your best, time to hop over to the bright side. Why settle for less than best? Remember to make your appointment with Shunji Matsuo 313 before heading down if you’re looking for a particular stylist that day, because from the many times I’ve been there… I can tell you that they’re ALWAYS busy, especially in the evenings. My main stylist’s name is Eddie, but if he’s not available, you guys can also look for stylists named Jerry or Caely there, they’ve done my hair before and I love them all to bits!

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313

313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
6238 0226

Quote “Shiberty” blogger for 10% off certain services! If you want the same hair colors as me but don’t know how to tell them exactly, either show them a picture or ask for “Shiberty’s red” / “Shiberty’s purple”, they’ll know what to do.



Ah Boys To Men acoustic mash up

So if you’re a Singaporean and have any sense of national pride or curiosity, you probably would have already seen the Ah Boys To Men movies.

If not both, then at least Part 1? But if you haven’t seen Part 2, YOU SHOULD!!! IT’S SO DAMN GOOD. In my opinion it’s leaps and bounds better than Part 1 and it’s the best local film I have seen to date. There isn’t a single dull moment, I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout the show. I laughed a lot, and cried a few times. :’)

I liked the movies so much, in fact, that I decided to do an acoustic mash up cover of both theme songs from Ah Boys To Men with actor/rapper/dancer Luke Lee (aka sexy Sergeant Heng in the pink bikini) and Sky Ong, the talented producer and videographer of my videos. Sky was the one who helped me materialize my Youtube ambition with this first video cover of Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again”!!! I owe so, so much to him.  Luke contacted me awhile ago, and after finding out he plays one of the sergeants in Ah Boys To Men, we figured a mash up of the theme songs would be totally appropriate and awesome. Of course we had to get Sky to do the video with us, what would we do without him???

Here’s my singing if you haven’t heard it before. It was done in October 2012, and since then, I’ve really been itching to release another music cover. I don’t know why it took me so long to get this done. I am the queen of procrastination. I was thinking of doing more Taylor Swift songs but I didn’t wanna seem to predictable or anything y’know, so I delayed for a few months, thinking what cover should come next. Nevertheless, I’m just really happy this new video is out there right now.

Without further anticipation…. *drumroll*


This is our brand new cover of Ah Boys To Men Theme Songs Mash Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Filmed at Esplanade a few days ago. Sky works fast on his videos, haha.

Sooooooooooooo. I hope you liked what you just heard!!!

I felt funny saying the word “chiong.” That’s just…… not a world I’d normally use. You get to see my new purple hair in action. :P And Luke’s wicked dancing and rapping!

There’s not a lot of me in it actually, as you might have noticed.. pretty much just a few singing verses to add a feminine twist to the song, sorry if that disappointed you a bit…. most of the songs consist of rap, which I can’t do – but I’m still proud to be in this production, working with wonderful people and singing wonderful songs with wonderful meanings!!! The older I get, the more I truly appreciate living in a country like Singapore. I don’t believe there is any place else in the world quite like it, and I’m nothing short of privileged to be able to grow up and live here. I love how it’s filmed with Marina Bay Sands in the backdrop, considering how it is such an iconic landscape, and I spend so much time there.

I’m going to be putting out another music cover video real soon, probably in the next week or two, and that one has mostly me singing in it! Like 90%. Hint: It’s a Justin Bieber song. LOL NO DON’T RUN AWAY YET.

We made it nice to listen to (I think.) So have some faith in me :’D

If you enjoyed our cover or think it’s pretty neat, please do embed it on your blog or facebook / post the link on twitter and mention @shiberty (I’ll happily retweet you!) / like and subscribe on youtube, and basically share it with your friends! It would mean the whole wide world to me, Luke, and Sky. We would actually give you a hug if we saw you in real life if you helped us spread the word about our work. Ok maybe not them but me, sure. I’ll throw in a kiss or a first born even. LOL Check out their Youtube channels as well, it’s in the video description! I’ll be happy to hear from you guys about what you think – even if you hate the video (why would you? T_T). I’m open to all sorts of criticism and feedback because I’m still trying to figure my way out through this whole Youtube thing… Thank y’all so very much for supporting my first ever music video Begin Again and giving me 30+k hits for it, here’s hoping this one will be as well received as the last!!!

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. Singapore represent!



Mini Golfing at LilliPutt

What do 4 bored people get up to over the weekend, when they don’t want to do the usual activities such as watching a movie or shopping?

..Give mini golfing a swing, that’s what!

I’d first tried mini golfing in Australia more than a year ago, and have been itching to do it again ever since. I know the activity is rather juvenile, more suited for those under 15 to play… but what can I say?? I relish being childish and young at heart. I mean, I publicly broadcast my relationship with my soft toy penguins, for goodness’ sake.

So off we drove, all the way to East Coast Park for some mini golfing fun at LilliPutt.

I don’t actually have any interest in real golfing (well I’ve never tried it) but mini golfing is so funny and brainless, everyone should give it a shot if you’ve never had a go at it – a fantastic couple, family or friends activity!!! Unless you’re actually good at real golfing…. then which, I suppose, you’d find this ultra lame. :P

The rest of you non-elitist people, mini golfing is the next best thing! You just pick up your putter, give it a swing, and wait for the hilarious laughs that will follow.

Lilli Putt has 18 different holes themed according to Singapore’s attractions and landmarks. They were so creative and it was fun exploring the different holes!!! (That’s what he said. Wait, ew no… not really) This one’s something to do with the SAF obviously. And check out how the track goes into a 360 degree turn!

If you’re a local, you’re gonna find these set ups pretty cute and familiar. And if you’re not a Singaporean, here’s a little insight and peek into what goes on in the little red dot called Singapore!

Changi Airport! I miss living less than 10 minutes away from the airport, at Simei. East side is so tranquil and nice compared to the North T_T

What to do when your friend is beating your score

Sam and I get amazingly competitive when we play games with each other. I HAVE to beat him.... I just have to, every single time!!! Be it board games, arguments and mind games (lol). But I ended up losing the round of mini golfing to him by 1 point. Le sigh. S’ok, I got the mind games part nailed. :’D

If at first you don’t succeed…. put the damn ball into the hole with your hand.

The esplanade! Looking, um, disturbingly browned and rusty. When you hit the ball into the passages, the durians light up.

Diana, wrong hole lah!!!!! LOL.

I was impressed by their innovative thinking – this one featured the MRT train system, and you had to wait for the traveling train to stop at its station before putting it into the carriage… and then it would be carried away and deposited into a different section! How fun. *am easily amused*

Me and my crayner Diana. We’re the Jedi Masters. I’m glad a blogging work trip could bring about a valuable friend in my life. ♥

Suntec City.. Going up the escalator!

Diana and Byrne giving us a pose. Spot the famous fountain of wealth at the bottom right of the picture… and the hole for the ball to sink into! Wasn’t an easy feat getting it in there, especially not with ONE shot, but I did it!!!! Woop woop!

At the Jurong Bird Park!

No prizes for guessing that this is at Harbourfront.

When I first saw this exhibit I was like… whatttt?! Since when did Singapore have skiing and slopes like that? Then I realized it was supposed to be the man made Snow City. A bit (or a lot) exaggerated, but…. #okaycan.jpg?

What is your favorite hawker centre food?

Mine is chwee kueh, prawn mee (soupy type), ba chor mee. satay and roti prata!

Haw Par Villa used to freak me out when I visited many years ago. Walking through the different levels of hell and looking at “people being punished for their sins”……. If you’ve never been, imagine this: If you told lies, your tongue will be ripped out from your throat. And there would imagery for all of this. I’m surprised a place as censored as Singapore would allow kids to run about those premises with such gruesome looking statues.

“Jess, why do you always make me do degrading shit for your blog…?”

How the different courses look like when placed side by side

After finishing all 18 holes, we shifted our attention to the arcade machines outside…. and dumped in more dollars than we would’ve liked to get these four toys. LOL.

We didn’t even want the toys, but the cheap thrills from claw machines are just too ridiculously addictive to pass up.

The pink one’s supposed to be me, and other, Sam. Everyone altogether now….. Awwwwwwwww.


So, if you’re looking for a relaxing and good natured fun weekend activity that everyone in your family and group of differing ages and interests can do together, why not check out LilliPutt’s mini golfing at East Coast? Visit their website for more information, such as opening hours, admission rates and CNY opening days. PS – Bring socks!!!

LilliPutt Mini Golf
902 East Coast Parkway
Block B #03-05
Big Splash
Singapore 449874
Tel: 6348 9606 Fax: 6348 7637


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