What’s Bakin’? #12

“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

I can’t believe my last What’s Bakin post was in May. Sorry for the lack of updates!!! I remember how last year I used to overwork myself so much to the point I dreaded replying emails in my inbox every single day, and HATED the thought of cakes. I felt like a slave to my job. A hobby turned nightmare. I didn’t just hate working with cakes, I hated any cake for that matter… the smell of one could possibly make me throw up. Looking back now, those times seem so far away. The more I think about it, the more appreciative I am of Shiberty’s Sweets, every single day.s

So here’s some of the recent(ish) creative work from shibertys.blogspot.com… My pride and joy. ♥ Feast your eyes, and enjoy!!! It’s going to be a pretty picture intensive post because I haven’t showed you guys my work on here in ages! I do post often on Instagram and Twitter though :)

How our rainbow cakes pretty much look like before they’re frosted with cream completely. Working with bright colours all the time puts me in a cheery mood. I mean how could you possibly be upset, surrounded by rainbows?

Besides rainbow interiors, we now offer gradient colored cakes aka ombre interior cakes. Sooo pretty! We’ve done pinks, yellows, hues of blue.. just gorgeous, and definitely more unique than the rainbow cake because that’s just so overdone now. Too many people copying the concept!

“I am the Lorax, and I speak for the trees.”

Am I the only one who didn’t enjoy the movie so much?? Even though it had ma girl Taylor Swift in it. I thought the little marshmallow nomming ?bear? creatures were cute though. I guess it’s cuz I’m not a fan of Dr Seuss (but Horton Hears a Who was hilarious)

My favorite giant cupcake cake so far! The shape and colors really appeal to me. This thing weighs a ton, and probably feeds a ton… I have no idea how my clients even cut and serve this oddly shaped ball of a cake? LOL. I’ve never even attempted cutting a two tiered cake myself before. How very odd.

Awww. Lookie.

It’s a Hello Kitty in a Totoro costume!!!! :’) This received a lot of likes on my Instagram. It looks like a wittle baby!!! Soooo cute if I do say so.

Snoozing snoopy!

Classic cupcakes never get old

This lady asked for a “pink and violet with ribbons and hearts and a chanel bag on top” theme for her 21st… I hope I delivered!!

Silly little lions – with the top left one being my personal favorite ;)

Can’t read my, can’t read my no he can’t read my poker face

I wanna be the very best that no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause. OMG why do I have a theme song for every cake

LOL… this one goes “du du du du du du du~ du du du du du du du~” and “bloop bloop bloop”. High 5 if you know what I’m talking about.

Normal cute kitty cat.


Cheekopek kitty cat.

MyfacewhenOppaGangnamStylegetsplayed kitty cat.

Just so you know it takes a long time to make that many roses…

So imagine my horror when the same-ish design was ordered twice, one week after another!!

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?

PS I like your hair Ariel, you inspired me.

Moooooo. Done for Greenfields Singapore, who held weekly contests on their Facebook page giving away a box of my cupcakes to the winners! How nice!

Because girls never get enough of Hello Kitty.

Someone asked for a simple design with the Tiffany blue color in mind for her 2 birthday gal friends, and this was the end result! I quite love it! So basic but timeless. I saw her Twitter feedback as well which said “pretty cake. so much better than expected!” and I’m not sure what that means. Does that mean she expected not so good results, but ordered anyway, or was she expecting wow but got WOWOWOW instead?! I hope it’s the latter..

Ahoy, Sailor!

The “sand” is made from crushed digestive biscuits. I like it when new opportunities to be creative surface!

For the footy fans

Cream covered Candyland themed two tiered cake!!!

Cheerful garden with bright flower and cute bumblebees was requested. I don’t normally like bees, but anything cake-fied turns adorable.

An army of pastel penguins!!!! I LOVE PENGUINZZZZZ ♥•♥

What’s better than a yummy rainbow cupcake?  A yummy rainbow cupcake with an edible version of a girl’s favorite nail polish on top of it.

WARNING: NSFW content ahead.
Those viewing with younger siblings or parents or bosses or colleagues around… be forewarned!!!


I mean, what’s not to love about my job, right?

Recreating human genitals with edible sugar art. Something everyone should try at least once. Guaranteed fits of giggles no matter how old you are.


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