Genting Highlands Part 2!!

If you haven’t read my Genting Highlands Part 1 Post yet, click here!

Rise and Shine!!

….Not really. We’re not morning people at all :P So knackered from the day before we were, that we only managed to drag our bottoms out of bed when breakfast was over, so we missed out on the buffet breakfast! That’s alright though, because in two hours, lunch was gonna be ready for us.

But first, we venture into the Outdoor Theme Park! Tickets are priced at RM 50 per adult.

We got there a little past 11am and there was already a whole lotta people… it filled up even more as the day went on. It is always a popular place, so your best chances at short queue lines would be just when the park opens or when it’s about to close.

The first ride you’ll see upon entering the theme park – the spinner!!!!! It looks like it might give you a bad headache going in so many circles, but it’s not so bad. Way better than the pirate ship kind of ride.

My older brother used to LOVE this one. He hates roller coasters and heights, but he doesn’t mind spinning stuff, probably coz it’s not too high and the wind in hair feeling is quite enjoyable. :) I can still hear his excited wails going “WooOOooOOo!!!” in my head as I picture us going round and round, in the sky.. I was probably just 11 years old then.

Good times.

Waiting in line for our turn!

Cup corn – my must have whenever I’m in Genting!!! The corn is sooo sweet..  although the amount of melted butter at the end of the cup is quite alarming (and addictive o.O)

As theme parks go, the outdoor theme park wasn’t huge, but it was quite big, with all sorts of different rides. The kiddy ones are adorable! I’VE BEEN ON EVERY SINGLE RIDE IN THE THEME PARK!!! (in my life, not during this trip only) Can I get a medal please?

My favorite one used to be this horsie thingy that would go up and down…. I like the feeling of my guts in the air hahaha. Imagine one of those cute kids up in the air was me….. at 9 years old…. yep.

You can see the rainbow First World Hotel this prominently from the theme park – that’s how close it is!

If I had to use only one word to describe the aesthetic appearance of Genting Highlands, I would say…. Colorful. Everything is so brightly colored. I mean… just look at First World Hotel.

The queue for this hang gliding flying coaster was insanely long – had to wait something like over an hour!!!!! It reminded me a lot of a smaller version of the Manta Ray we sat in Sea World, Orlando.

It was brain-mashing fun of course, got the adrenaline pumpin’ going, by the time we finished this, we hardly had any time left for other rides before lunch came along. Anyhoo, some of my other favorite rides were either under construction or under maintenance, so we didn’t get to go on the other thrill rides.. but that was okay with us.

We managed to squeeze in just a teeny bit more theme park time at night, right before dinner, and we got through my favorite ride – the Space Shot!!!!

It slowly lifts you up into the air 185 feet off the ground, then DROPS you right down at 67km/h – NOT for the faint hearted!!!!!!  :D

Because Space Shot is located on the edge of a hill top, it feels a lot higher than it actually is when you’re dangling in the seats, with nothing below you and overlooking the whole theme park with the best bird’s eye view of it.


Nothing makes you hungrier than roller coasters and cold weather.

We welcomed yet another amazing meal by Resorts World Genting with open arms!!!! They seriously spoiled us rotten.

Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant @ Lobby Floor, Theme Park Hotel

What’s for lunch this time?

Yesterday for lunch, we had abalone, king prawn tom yum, the nicest steamed fish I’ve had… Next day, we’re having lobster, crabs with salted egg, and live prawns……..


How do you know your seafood is as fresh as possible? When it’s still swimming in front of you when you enter the restaurant! We saw someone use a net and catch a fish out of the tank right in front of us – we were so near, tank water almost got onto me.

Nice.. I think.

Sam found this seafood specimen hilarious. It’s called a geoduck. I was sort of glad it wasn’t on our menu, although it would’ve been interesting to try.

It looks like a……..

A………… ***PG-13 Rated Blog Post*** Normally, I’d say it, but this is a sponsored post, and I must be professional. LOL.

Sweet Corn with Crab Meat Soup - I would’ve liked the crab meat soup better without the sweet corn, but maybe that’s because I already had sweet corn before lunch. :P

You’ll find rather generous chunks of crab meat floating in the thick soup…. why is seafood in Malaysia (and Genting in particular!) always so cheap and gooood?

Australian Lobster baked with cheese – Fat Lobster. ’nuff said.

Sorry for the difference in photo quality as compared to pictures taken on the first day, I switched from my DSLR to an outdoor compact camera as I didn’t wanna lug a DSLR through the theme park.

Live Prawns fried Hong Kong style – I don’t know what hong kong style is, never been to Hong Kong. What I do know is that the stuff on top of the prawns is delicious, and so is the fresh prawn meat!!!

Live Crab fried with Salted Egg - To DIE for.

The salted egg sauce = super gao. Crab meat was firm (not soggy like gross old / unfresh crabs) and succulent. My favorite word to use on seafood is “succulent” LOL if it’s succulent then it MUST be good!!!!!!! The salted egg sauce beats any I’ve tried in SG hands down… but then again, I haven’t had a lot of salted egg crabs in SG – can anybody recommend me good restaurants with big crabs? :)

Deep fried chicken with Plum Sauce – tastes like sweet & sour chicken. Simple and satisfying.

Stir fried baby French Beans with Belacan – Tastes just like home.

Every dish has been at least a 7/10 so far.  Even though Happy Valley restaurant has a more humble layout and concept than Imperial Rama, the food was still great. You can’t survive just on abalone and durian tempuras everyday, anyway! :P

Steamed Soon Hock – It was the same type of fish as the day before, but tasted completely different (equally as awesome though) because of the way it was seasoned! Soon Hock, you are my new favorite fish to have at a restaurant!!!


Sadly, we didn’t have time to stick around for dessert, because Sam & I had to rush off for our appointment….

We were going to do INDOOR SKYDIVING!!!!!!!

Genting Sky Venture @ Level T2A, First World Plaza

2nd time I’m doing this in my life, and Sam’s virgin attempt! I’d raved about this unique activity to the bf time and time again, I was glad he’s finally going to try it himself. I’d first did indoor skydiving also at Genting with my cousin more than 6 years ago!!!!

We bought the DVD filming of us “flying”... And here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

Sam helped me edit the video (his choice of captions ahaha), and I requested for “I Believe I Can Fly” as the theme song. LOL. The first part of the video, you’ll see Sam struggling to stay airborne, a random cute chubby kid doing swimming movements, and towards the end, at 2:13 you’ll see me. Acting completely retarded. I commented, “I dunno why my hands look so weird!!! I had no idea I was doing that action with it. So stiff.”

I have my hands spread out in this stuuuuuupiiiiddd “CLAW” position all the way till the end of the video…. My friend Nicholas burst out laughing when he saw it.

He said, “You look like you’re drying your nails!!! YOU’RE DOING THE SALLY HANSEN POSE!!!!


We both laughed and laughed so much I think I had a tear in my eye. I really WAS doing the “dying my nails” pose – that’s EXACTLY how my hands look like when I’m having a manicure done, waiting for my nails to dry. Hey…. I wonder if I paint a fresh coat of nail polish then air dry it at the indoor skydiving wind tunnel, how fast it’d dry, since wind speeds go up to 193km/h.

How stupid I look aside, indoor skydiving was BOMB, just like I remember it to be. You feel an instant sense of weightlessness when you enter…. you somehow immediately float up the moment you lean forward. I tried to smile for the camera because I knew it was rolling, but couldn’t, because the wind speeds were so strong, it felt so forced!

 My favorite part was how at the end the sky diving instructor came and grabbed me then spun me up and down and up and down. I have no idea how he manipulates his movements so easily. The wind is so strong, it’s deafening. I think I did not bad though!!!!

Mission accomplished babe!!!

Who is this girl and why is she not afraid of looking stupid?!?

Another one to check off the list of crazy things we’ve done, and are going to do together :)


The perfect way to end a crayy crayyy day like the one we just had…. is with a BLISSFULLY relaxing time at quiet spa. Hell yesssss!!!!

M Spa & Fitness @ Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting Hotel

A nice place to get away from the hustle & bustle, which is all about in Genting.

Okay… I’m ready to be pampered, M spa, so let’s see what you’ve got!

Carol sweetly pouring tea for us as Sam looks on in bemusement… CAROL!!!! DON’T NEED TO KNEEL PLZ. Lol.

I happily snap vain pictures as I wait for hot tea to be poured. Why my life cannot everyday like this ah??

Thanks to Carol & Christine, Sam and I got the couple room for our massage treatment that is to come. However, there were separate sauna & jacuzzi rooms for males, and females.

You get to enjoy 1 hour usage of this area before your treatment starts!!!

 Unwinding begins in three…. two……




Hot bubbles melting all my worries and troubles away. Err, not that I had a lot at that moment in time. Except, how was I going to eat more abalone for dinner? I was still full from lunch.

The steam and sauna room… which I couldn’t last more than 3 whole minutes in. Too hot to be considered relaxing for me! I know it’s meant to be good for you because it gets out the toxins in your skin etc etc but I eventually gave up torturing myself and just sat in the warm jacuzzi chatting with the PR girls from Genting.. which was a lot easier.

Can you tell? I’m as relaxed as relaxed can be.

 Do I look like I just went indoor sky diving and sat on roller coasters and screamed my lungs out on thrill rides? No? Good.

I was led to our couple room for the massage to begin :D

We were not naked, ok? I know confirm someone’s gonna ask if I don’t have this disclaimer up… We’re wearing disposable shorts / undies / bra underneath our towels.


Our treatment was called the Hot & Cold Stone Therapy - like the name suggests, it uses stones soaked in either cold, or hot water, rubbed with massage oil all over your body. It really is quite lovely and unlike your usual massage with bare hands.

I prefer the texture of smooth, curvy rocks on my skin – soothing, and it works better for me because some times I feel uncomfortable when human hands touch me.

They lay hot stones on the bed for you to lie down on, covered with a towel (so it doesn’t jab into your skin). It sounds painful, and it kinda is a little sometimes, but most of the time it’s very very very relaxing. The mixture of hot and cold stones on your skin takes some time to get used to, but once I did.. I relished every single second of it. Probably one of my most favorite spa treatments of all time because it was that special. It was about 1 and a half hours long – to my liking.

The longer the treatment, obviously the better… n_n

Here’s some other treatments they offer if you’re interested in checking M Spa & Fitness out!


Everyone’s happy and rejuvenated after their spa treatment. We walk over to have our dinner at

 Genting Palace Restaurant @ 2nd Floor, Maxims Genting.

Which proved to be overwhelmingly popular – the entire restaurant was packed with people and the lines outside of it was pretty atrocious!

I think….. the spa therapy was very good. In fact, just a little too effective. Because somehow, taking a picture of the menu slipped my mind, and I dug in without even asking of the names of the dishes. LOL. I was both sleepy and hungry at the same time. Oops!!!

But since I already have such an extensive coverage of food above… I figured you could do with mouthwatering pictures of the food without captions this time. :)

It was fabulous, in case you couldn’t already tell. Once again taken aback by the stunning quality of food we’ve had in Genting. Judging by the amount of food photos I have in this post, this is turning out to be a food tour of sorts!!

We had a friendly chat with the chef, who danced a little for us (hehehe really) and slowly talked the night away over a 2 hour dinner…

That, was the end of our wonderful second day of adventures in Genting.


Next morning, we were all packed and prepared (but very reluctant! T_T) to go home the next day.. but not after some breakfast at

The Bakery @ Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting.

This is where my family and I normally have breakfast when we’re at Genting too, my grandmother sits and sips coffee here.. but now they’ve renovated the whole place and updated their menu – it looks so much more modern.

What a spread! We had everything on our table, from smoked salmon sandwiches to beef focaccia to mango cupcakes to cheesecakes to hot chocolate to latte… that was about half the table’s worth only. Yummy!!!

A good breakfast set the right mood for the rest of our day – which mainly consisted of a 7 hour coach ride back home to Singapore. We gave Carol & Christine hugs, said our goodbyes, and begrudgingly left the mountainside for our concrete jungle once more. I hope this won’t be the last time I’m back here!

A shout out to Resorts World Genting for their generosity, giving me the opportunity to revisit this nostalgic place and relive memories, Nuffnang for arranging this for their lucky bloggers, and the rest of the people who made the whole experience mega awesome!!!

Sam & I had immense fun! I’m glad he ended up enjoying himself that much considering the last time we were in Malaysia, we didn’t have such a good time at another popular tourist spot that failed to live up to expectations.

This has changed the way I look at and feel about Genting – now, instead of just precious memories with my family & friends, I have some with other bloggers & my boyfriend! And to be honest, I’ve never quite associated Genting with  good food… but now…… I clearly will. :P

I will continue to have dreams of durian tempura and abalone and indoor skydiving for weeks to come.



Genting Highlands Part 1!!!

At the end of June, Sam & I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a sponsored trip to Genting Highlands, courtesy of Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang. Genting is nestled on a mountain peak (maximum elevation about 1,860 m) in Malaysia, about 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur.

I was really psyched for the getaway despite having been to Genting more than 10 times in my life because it was Sam’s first time there, and I wanted to take him to see places I used to hang out at when I was a kid and tell him stories about all the times my family spent there. I jokingly said I could walk around Genting blindfolded, and turns out, that was true for the most part. Genting actually has a very special place in my heart. My immediate & extended family used to come here for our annual trips together, so at every corner of Genting I turn to, I look at this place and go

“Oh, this eatery is familiar. Mum used to buy us breakfast at this place in the mornings” and a few minutes later, I’d be like “Hey! This is where my brother and our cousins used to hang out at night. And that over there would be their favorite place to buy snacks from.”

My tales of Genting are quite endless.

 From old childhood friends to aunties to cousins to maids to ex-boyfriends, Genting is my own personal treasure chest of memories. Before this trip I hadn’t gone back in a few years, so it was very nostalgic to be there again. Like I’ve said, I’ve been to Genting many times – but I’ve never experienced it the way I did this time. I stepped into fabulous restaurants that are new establishments (wish they were around during my time of frequent visits!), was brought to attractions I’ve never been to before, and of course… re-visited old ones.

The first thing I noticed when I got off the coach bus and stepped onto mountain soil was how much warmer it had become. Probably good for people who can’t stand the cold, but coming from Singapore, wearing a jacket outdoors is somewhat of a fascinating luxury. I recall having to don thick wind breakers whenever I was in Genting to face the teeth-clattering cold at night and during colder days, when I wanted to visit the outdoor theme park. This trip I was walking around in shorts and T-shirt without a problem, some times even breaking out in perspiration. Is this the result of global warming? :(

Nevertheless, I also realized it was noticeably cleaner than the last time I visited it. They’ve maintained the grounds quite well considering Genting Highlands has been around for a long, long time! At least 20+ years.

We were given complimentary rooms at First World Hotel, which had hordes of people waiting at the lobby,  the most people I’ve ever seen at a hotel, with good reason – it is the fourth LARGEST hotel in the world, going by the number of rooms. A whopping 6,118 number of rooms!!!! source: wiki

Lucky for us, First World Hotel was extremely near the outdoor theme park and other attractions, boasting an indoor theme park of it’s own, so while we had to walk around a lot during this trip, thanks to the proximity of our hotel to everything else, walking time was cut back by quite a lot.

The first place we were whisked off to was Imperial Rama, our pit stop for lunch on the first day. We only had 2 nights, so there was no time to be wasted napping even though we felt pretty battered from a 7-hour bus ride from Singapore to Genting Highlands.

Highlands hotel, as seen above, was normally our choice of accommodation for my family, but  I never got the chance to dine at Imperial Rama because it only opened for business after we stopped making our annual trips here!

Imperial Rama @ Level 2, Highlands Hotel is a Thai-Chinese fusion restaurant that serves amazinggggg mouth-watering food!! I crown this my new favorite spot in Genting. Even when we were just walking in, I got all excited because I could tell this was going to be a good meal… the place looked so fancy!

We were ushered into a private room tucked away in a quiet corner, which is a nice touch. I hate over crowded and noisy restaurants, but not that I noticed Imperial Rama had that problem.

This is the general public dining area, equally elegant and inviting :)

Sam is like…

“I am SO ready for my first proper meal in 12 hours!!!” Or probably more than that since our coach left at 6am for 7 hours, and before that we were sleeping.

Feeeed me!!!

My favorite thing about chinese restaurants? Their lazy susans! Otherwise known as a turntable. I like the concept of sharing food but find having to get up and awkwardly reach over half the table to reach the food terribly hassling.

I looked through our menu that was about to be served. Raised an eyebrow.

Jaw dropped to the floor. Did a little happy dance without anyone noticing. Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?!!?!?!? This is our LUNCH? All of that for 6 people (2 other bloggers Miyake & Yutaki, Sam & Myself, and our 2 guides & PR people from Genting)…

 If this is what our first meal looks like, I can’t WAIT to see what else Genting has in store for us. O_O

Lily Bulbs with Emperor Sprout Orange Salad - my first time trying a chinese salad. Surprisingly not bad and I ate more of this compared to the other dishes because it was refreshing and cuz I wanted to save stomach space for the main courses hehe.

Smoked Duck Roll – anything smoked duck is good to me.

Thai Fish Crackers – this did not impress me as much as the rest of the dishes, since crackers are just crackers to me, but Sam liked it.

Spicy Mango Salad with Dried Squid – Nice, but a tad too spicy for my liking! By the time I attacked this with my cutlery, the other dishes were already being served so my attention quickly diverted to…

King Prawn Tom Yam Soup - Like Sam is suggesting, THUMBS UP!!! (Y) I would give them a whole hand up for this dish if I could.

When I saw this on the menu, “K lor, tom yum soup only. How good can it be? Sounds quite boring actually, I’ve been to Thailand so many times before, have had tom yum soup as authentic as could be so how is this going to impress me?”

I was (happily) mistaken. This tom yum soup is surprisingly different from everything else I’ve tried and it’s currently my favorite variation – it is less sour, much more sweet and prawny tasting, still has a spicy kick.. and a thicker consistency compared to the clear Tom Yum Goong typically found in Thai restaurants. I LOVE IT! The king prawns were obviously huge as well, they looked more like crayfish or small lobsters to us. I finished the whole bowl with a grin on my face, which was a generous serving held in a heated bowl.

I made it a point to point out to the chef how delicious I thought it was – when they could, the PR people arranged for the talented chefs to seat down with us and have the meal together, it was interesting being able to meet the people behind our food personally and ask them questions about it, which they were more than willing to answer!

Braised Abalone with Pumpkin Sauce – This converted me into an abalone eater. ♥

During Chinese New Year, whenever my mum gleefully brought out abalone for her kids to enjoy, I would frown disapprovingly and not understand what the fuss is about. I thought it tasted like rubber. Expensive, edible rubber, lol. Guess I wasn’t eating the good grade ones, or it wasn’t prepared properly. BUT THIS… I think I had 4 thick slices all to myself, because the others didn’t seem that interested – lucky me!!!

I asked the waiter what the yellow colored sauce was, because it accompanied the abalone so well.. he looked confused then replied, “…Yellow sauce.” #okcan

Never mind.

Then when the chef came and joined us, I asked him what the yellow sauce’s main ingredient was… and I found out it was pumpkin!!! Which is why it has a subtly sweet taste to it. The chef also told me their abalone is from Australia, which is why it tastes so dang good.. everyone knows food from Australia is amazing!!!

Steamed Marble Goby Fish with Crispy Ginger and Garlic – man this fish was huge!!!

Don’t think I’ve ever seen this much fish on a plate. :o I’m not sure if I was extraordinarily hungry that day or something, but the food blew my mind. At least the tom yum soup, abalone and this fish really did. I couldn’t stop raving the entire time. The fish was fresh, succulent, and like the crispy ginger & garlic pieces on top, it was done to pure perfection.

 Around this time I made a mental note swearing to myself that if my mum ever visited Genting again, I’d convince her to dine here.. Even better, if I go with her I will personally bring her to Imperial Rama myself to try the dishes I’ve had the utmost pleasure of devouring! And hopefully the chef would still remember me. :)

Guinness Stout and Coffee Pork Ribs - Alcoholic ribs? Eh? That didn’t sound too great to me, so I had the coffee one. Regrettably, now I’m sitting here in front of my computer, 12am, wondering what the Guinness Stout one tastes like… *drools* Sam said it didn’t have any particular alcohol taste, it was pretty tasty.

The coffee sauce ribs were tender and topped off with a sweet, sticky glaze.

Green Curry Chicken with Golden Sweet Corn Fried Rice – “No way I’m going to have room for rice in this tummy”.. before the rice was served.

“WHY IS THIS RICE SO NICE?? I wish I could have another bowl. Why must I be so full?!” -

 after I had my first spoonful of rice. #truth I don’t even eat rice normally, I probably only have it 2 times a week, tops. Which is very little for a Chinese person. I loved the way Imperial Rama incorporated Thai food elements into chinese cuisine!!! It goes together so well.

I looked Sam dead in the eye and said, “Eh, even if we came on a 7 hour bus ride just for this meal, I don’t mind. It’s ridiculously good.” 

He laughed… but I was serious. LOL.

Last, but definitely not the least dish. Deep-fried Durian Tempura with Sour Sop – Ok.


I am not a fan of durian, or its pungent smell. I will give my mother an earful if she buys durian back because it stinks up our whole house. I think it looks like yellow stringy gooey poop. If it smells like poop, then half my mind is already convinced that it tastes like poop.

I don’t know how… but the chef worked his magic and made this dessert into something I’d eat again, and again, and again. You’re about to be very, very jealous.

This durian tempura is flaky and crispy on the outside, without being too oily or crusty. On the inside is smooth custard heaven. It tastes like sweet creamy durian, except it has NO stench at all, in fact it smells quite pleasant. Just look at the picture, ok??? Cuz I have no words. I can’t even think. I’m salivating so much I am swimming in a pool of saliva. Someone throw me a life vest.

Like Miyake said, “How can this be so yummy?!?!” I don’t know how. All I know is I will never eat durian again until I come back to Imperial Rama in Genting :( Because nothing will ever match up, and I know this for a fact.

Sam, Myself, Le Amazing Chef, Yutaki, and Miyake pose for a group photo!!! #takemeback

Thank you Resorts World Genting for feeding us so well throughout our trip! It was quite literally food for kings.


With our tummies now filled to the brim with all sorts of happy food, we return to our hotel rooms for a short break before scooting off to our next destination about a 15 minutes taxi drive down the mountain…. a Strawberry Farm!

I have heard about this place before, but it was is my first time here. Mum never bothered taking me to farms, she doesn’t like outdoorsy stuff.

Mandatory tourist shots ;)

Sam digging the Genting trip so far. He says this is definitely one of the better parts of Malaysia he’s been to.

This is Christine on the left, and Carol on the right!

 They are the sweet PR personnel from Resorts World Genting who attended to our every need and made sure our trip went smoothly. Thanks to them we had such a fabulous time!!! ♥

Strawberry farm – here we come!!

Upon first sight – I was kinda disappointed.

I was expecting Strawberry Fields Forever (did you read that in a Beatles voice?) but… it wasn’t the right time of the year, unfortunately. I was informed that most of the crops had already been harvested for souvenir and products sake. Nevertheless, the premises still looked pretty and there were fresh and plump strawberries waiting to be plucked if you look a little harder!

This is me scanning the rows of plants in the distance for strawberries….

Not really, just me being vain. :P

Oi people come here to pick strawberries, not flowers la!!

A farmer (I dunno what else to call him. An Indian strawberry farm helper?) saw me snapping photos then offered to help me take a few. He instructed me to hold a hand out, dangled a strawbie in front of my DSLR lens and then….

LOL. Genius!!!!!!!! How come I didn’t think of this?

And the Guinness World Record for largest strawberry in the world goes to…

I’m so happy I got my DSLR fixed up (it was totally unusable before) for this trip. I love how the photos turned out :)

Our basket of juicy goodness ♥ Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits!

With Carol, she & Christine picked most of the strawberries actually… I just pranced around like a fairy admiring the pretty strawberries. Don’t like to do the gritty work :P

I purposely picked a red flowery dress for this farm visit… only to look like a giant strawberry myself.

Only 100g for RM 6!

After picking our share of strawberries, we take a short walk over to the lavender and flower farm, just a few minutes away.

A mushroom and vegetable farm was also very nearby. I didn’t know there were so many farms in one area – I thought there was only strawberries!

An accidental shot of beautiful lavender blooms. Aren’t they beautiful?

I say accidental because I was using manual focus, but I only half-bent down to snap a picture of the plant on the ground without really knowing what exactly I was taking a photo of, hoping the pic would turn out nice… and it did!

If you think these don’t look like lavender at all, then you have the same thoughts I did when I first saw them. They look nothing like your usual lavender but upon intense googling, I found out that there are approximately 39 different types of lavender, and the scientific name of the type found in this farm is called Plectranthus Ecklonii Mona Lavender.

…Right. Let’s just call it lavender.

This just makes me want to frolic in a field of gorgeous wild flowers and take frivolous photos all day.

 I’ve been dying to visit Australia during spring time but I haven’t gotten the chance.. this will be my fix for now! I liked this place even more than the strawberry farm, because it was quieter and blooming flowers were littered everywhere.

Me snapping away with the iPhone to tweet pictures of later. Do I ever stop taking pictures? No.

Look mom!!!! I’m matchy matchy with the pretty flowers!

Then I spotted this WALL of… morning glories? Perfect backdrop for all your picture taking needs!!!!

 Too bad I was so iffy about all the insects flying around that I freaked out after a few snaps and went into the souvenir store, giving up on photos. Miyake & Yutaki soldiered on, a caterpillar even got onto Yutaki’s hat… but they weren’t fazed at all. That’s true dedication. LOL.

We moved on from the lavender & flowers farm… to a vegetable & mushroom / assorted plants farm! They don’t seem to stick to any particular theme.

These cacti are so brightly colored & cute!!! Wanted to buy one home because apparently they don’t need much taking care of, but I wasn’t sure how to take it home safely :3

Candid funneh pic of Sam gawking at something ahahah he is sometimes so primitive looking, like an orang utan. :P

I didn’t take any pictures of the mushroom farm because as interesting as it was, it wasn’t exactly photogenic. They weren’t growing out of the ground like you’d expect, they kept them in dark, cool, moist plastic bags in rows and shelves of different mushrooms.. which all emitted a musky smell.. so… no photos.


After spending an hour ish at the farms, the sun started to set and we made our way back for dinner.

Dinner was buffet fare at Coffee Terrace @ Maxims Genting, Lobby Floor.

Don’t be fooled by its name… this is not just a place for coffee – it boasts a very impressive selection of buffet food!

I liked their octopus ball better than famous brands like Tako Yaki :) #craving

At Coffee Terrace, you get Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Western.. all sorts of food, with many stationed chefs ready to whip you up a piping hot bowl of Assam Laksa (my fav!!) or grill you some fresh seafood!

This is what Sam looks like when he’s starving but I’m forcing him to pose for a photo before he can take his food and eat it. Life of the boyfriend of a female blogger.

They’re either forced to take lots of photos for the girlfriend, or exploited for content themselves… HAHAHA. Anything for true love, right?

Christine and Carol patiently waiting at the table for us while we get out food first! They’re always so accommodating and patient, I felt right at home at Genting with them taking good care of us.

Here’s my plate – Round 1.

Think I went for 2 rounds, and was going to go for a 3rd round for dessert, but most desserts were already wiped out as we got there rather late… Kua kua! The food was surprisingly decent quality considering it had such a huge variety. I’ve had breakfast buffets at Coffee Terrace before, which was ok, I find their dinner much better. At buffets, I’ve learned not to expect too much and that most of the time, you either get 1) Quantity or 2) Quality. Most of the time it’s the former without the latter, but when you happen to get both, rejoice.

I especially enjoyed their indian and local fare. BBQed sting ray… chicken tikka.. get in ma belly!!! Too many different types of food to name individually!!


We probably shouldn’t have eaten at a buffet considering what we were going to do next…

Run around and scare the living daylights outta ourselves in a haunted house experience located at First World Plaza!!!!!! O_O

This is what it looks like from the bottom and outside, you have to take an “elevator” up to an enclosed room, where the terror begins.

I think the elevator totally elevates the frightening atmosphere because it kept squeaking and moved so slowly… Check out the huge poster for the haunted house on the elevator!

We look very happy but actually we were quite apprehensive..  We almost had to force Miyake to go in with us, because she didn’t want to in the first place.

Hahahah she clutched onto my arm, going “SHIBERTY, why are we doing this???” Or was it, “Shiberty, why are you doing this to me?!?!?” I about pissed myself laughing, and shat myself in fear at the same time.

So.. what was it like in there?!

No photography or videos allowed (too busy running for my life to record anyway), but basically, A LOT of screaming and shrieking involved. Before we even stepped into the maze, someone in a disguise suit scared us and we jumped about 3 meters back. LOL. I remember going into the haunted house several times before when I was a kid, freaked the hell out of me.. this time? STILL DID.

It was almost pitch black dark, with narrow passages throughout the confusing maze. Half the time you can’t see where you’re even going. Loud noises and bright flashes going off everywhere. Things popping out at you from nowhere. At first we formed a single line, me refusing to go first, so I clutched onto Miyake’s back and Sam was the last one with Yutaki being brave in front… but when the creepy men in scary suits started chasing us, tailing dangerously close behind, we broke up formation and started pushing each other in order to get to the front so we won’t be the last person behind to get ?murdered? by him. Things got pretty rough and I stumbled a few times, but I was determined not to be the last person!!! I can’t believe how caught up in the moment we got!!!

You don’t think it sounds scary?! Wait till you’re in a dark dark room in a foreign country with these shady, possibly dangerous masked men in dementor outfits going “AGHHHHH” and chasing you at top speed from behind ya. Trust me, YOU’RE GOING TO RUN, whether you say you’re afraid of such things or not!!! Sam was all “I’m Not Afraid” like Eminem, but when they chased him, he screamed like a girl and ran like a bitch. LOLOL. They actually REACH OUT AND GRAB AHOLD YOU, it’s not like they stand behind glass walls and pull silly faces. My heart was pounding so fast it threatened to burst right out of my chest!!!!!! That’s some good cardio right there. I (we) screamed so much, my throat went hoarse for awhile. Miyake & Yutaki even developed bad sore throats the next day, poor them.

That was possibly the most fun I’ve had in awhile. I would do it all over again if I could!!!


When we finally calmed ourselves down (took a good whole 10 minutes), we had a stroll around the rest of First World Hotel’s indoor theme park.

The shops at the plaza and indoor theme park rides mostly close nearing 12 midnight, which left plenty of time for us to do exploring even though it was already 10+pm!!! Gotta love late night activities.

The First World Plaza features a whole range of clothing brands, souvenir & gift shops, and it looks SOMEWHAT like a Malaysian New York City, it has a statue of liberty of it’s own and it never sleeps!!!

Or maybe it wants to be more like Paris… lol ;)

Indoor roller coaster tracks running through the mall. When you’re walking below and the coaster zooms past right above you, you’ll hear screams of exhilaration echoing through the building. Quite fun to watch.

We came across this Glow In The Dark bowling alley that blasted clubbing music the whole night, and decided to have a go at it.

Genting Bowl @ Level 2B, First World Plaza

Yutaki posing like a bowling runway model. LOL. Werk it!

I’m not a very good bowler, but since they say they don’t play much, it was a confidence booster for me :P

The most happening bowling alley for sure. Neon lights & all – all they need is a dance floor beside the bowling alley and Yutaki will be the first one jumping and grooving to the beat on it.

At the end of our game, I ended up getting… 2 strikes? And I eventually won with the highest points!!! Yipee yay!

Miyake & Yutaki went back to the hotel room to sleep, while Sam and I pressed on through the night with some archery. Whenever we go on overseas trips, we tend to pack as much in our itinerary as possible. I like non-stop action!!! Bring it!

This is the where you’ll find the small archery range in.

Gearing up!!! Safety first.

An instructor teaching Sam how to work a bow and arrow. Turns out it’s not that difficult after all, even I could do it… and if I can do anything relatively sporty, that means even children can.

Katniss Everdeen would be proud. I got close to a bullseye on my very first shot. ^.^

My biggest problem was letting go of the arrow… the finger gloves we were wearing made it difficult to let go of the arrow smoothly. In the end my aim was thrown off because it would rebound quite a bit.

The boyfriend looks sexy as an archer ;)

I love it when I get to spend quality time with him. We bond so much when we’re overseas together.

Genting is a suitable place for families, couples, and friends to visit – simply because there’s soo many things to do on one mountain – there will be an activity for everyone.

Most people will only think of it’s casinos. Sure, there’s a casino for the risk takers, but there is also the outdoor theme park for thrill seekers,trendy night spots for the young couples… and family orientated activities everywhere.

A slow walk back to our hotel room…. the lobby looks strangely empty and serene compared to the chaos that it is in the day time.

And with that, we retreat to our hotel for a well-deserved good night’s rest to prepare for the day’s worth of exciting activities in Genting that awaits us the very next day. I almost couldn’t fall asleep thinking about tomorrow.


…. To be continued with Part 2 very soon!!! :D

 xoxo, Jess


I belong in the kitchen

So you might have read my blog post about My Love For Cooking back in April 2012.

Here’s some of the frantic cooking I’ve been getting up to, since then. It’s so therapeutic… I feel like I’m in my natural environment when I’m in the kitchen these days. You know.. when men say women belong in the kitchen, I can’t help but feel there’s some truth behind it. Bahahaha. I love baking and cooking

Not saying that it’s all a woman should be good for, but rather… isn’t it a valuable trait to have as a woman? Kinda like how us ladies expect guys to be handy around the house, and with a computer (well I do at least) I’d definitely think somewhat less of him if he couldn’t even fix minor technical difficulties. Anyhoo, home cooked food galore incoming!!! Some of these dishes were cooked some time ago, and are in no chronological order…

And no, I don’t eat like this everyday, in case you’re wondering. Some times I just have an apple and some grapes for dinner, but when I cook I like to make it fancy. :)

Let’s start off with some egg porn. Every one I know loves eggs. This is my version of eggs benedict! If you lightly fry the egg with no oil on a good non stick pan, it’s just as runny and soft as a poached egg.. and a lot less trouble. Bacon slices + a slice of cranberry toast instead of english muffins, because I like the subtle sweet kick it gives.

However, since I’ve been trying to eat healthier….

I’ve since substituted my bread and 2 slices of bacon for just 1 slice and eggs, hollandaise sauce + salad with cherry tomatoes. *face palm* Eliminate the carbs.

I honestly think dieting is harder than breaking up with my ex-boyfriend, who was once my everything. At least with a relationship it’s just Hello and Goodbye, with a diet it’s the most torturous on and off ferocious battle of trying to not get fat but being seduced by food every single day.

Rib eye steak…. herbed butter… red skin potato salad. ♥

When I’m too lazy to go out and get my Marche crepe fix, I make my own.

Something fishy is going on here!

Salmon roe on salmon mentaiko on grilled salmon fillet with dill. Salmon is my favorite fish!!! Sidetrack: Overcooked salmon is one of my pet peeves. I don’t like any overcooked food but I get really annoyed when it’s salmon. How can you possibly screw up such a simple and perfect fish that needs minimal seasoning???

Peri peri chicken (I love my Happycall grill pan! It’s so versatile) with potato wedge-fries (lol it’s like a cross between both)

Home made wedges / fries with sour cream and sweet chilli…. BOMB!!! I’m sick of all the pre packeted fries and wedges served outside.

Calamari rings, boiled eggs, croutons, mesclun salad, tomatoes, glass noodles, italian dressing. I love me a good salad bowl.

More cranberry toast + roasted capsicum spread, topped off with either egg mayo and honey baked ham or egg mayo and smoked salmon! You’ll soon come to realize I have a few favorite ingredients that I use repetitively in my cooking… namely cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, capsicums, bacon and salmon.

I don’t normally cook Chinese, so if I do, it usually means my mum is in town and back from her travels and Chinese is her preferred type of food :)

Unfortunately Chinese food don’t always make good photography subjects! In the above is eggplants & minced pork in black bean sweet sauce, salted egg prawns and samsui chicken.

Speaking of samsui chicken (is this the proper name for this dish?) I love the one from Soup Restaurant and managed to create something quite similar! The sweet ginger sauce is soooo addictive. Because it’s all boiled with minimal seasoning it’s pretty healthy as well. Sam loves this!

I’d really rather eat Western any other day. Beef meatballs, garlicky broccoli and cheesy potato gratin. Best effin’ potato gratin ever might I add.

Offered to cook up a mussels feast for the fam one night, and we polished off what must have been 4kg worth of mussels… O_O

One is a slightly spicy tomatoey sauce, and the other one is creamy garlic. Mussels with cooking wine based sauces and garlic bread to dip with = you can’t go wrong!!

Jesus… this is so sinful…. just looking at it makes me feel like I’ve gained 500 calories. BUT IT IS SO GOOD.

Mentaiko pasta with bacon slices and pan fried fat scallops. YUM.

Every time I post up an oily food picture I must make up for it with a salad pic next after. LOL.

This is grilled black pepper chicken, red onion, cherry tomatoes (evident in 70% of my dishes), baby romaine salad in home made italian dressing

Mushroom soup full of awesome portobello mushroom bits!!!! :D

I love cooking soup, even though it takes a relatively long time, it’s very fuss free (and cheap lolol). Cook your ingredients till soft, add seasoning and stock and water, then blend. (or skip the blending option of it’s asian soup!)

Sam hates what he calls “rat tail noodles” but I love mee tai mak. Or is it bee tai mak?!

Stir fried with mushrooms, spicy sambal black bean sauce, minced meat, topped with spring onions and chicken floss!

A long-time-no-see friend came over impromptu one day and requested for bolognese pasta, so this was what I whipped up!

Can’t believe I used to have roasted potatoes for brunch…. carbohydrates are like a luxury for me these days. I won’t waste it on just roasted potatoes, lol. Pasta is higher up on my priority list.

More rib eye steaks bought from this place called Mmmm! (with 4 M’s I believe) They sell all sorts of seasoning, different types of meat and it’s the closest place to home I can get quality meat at.

Accompanied by onion rings and spinach.

The inside of ma steakkk… this is how pink I like it!!!

Mushroom risotto with truffle salt and bacon pieces. Risotto is such a pain in the ass to cook. I’ll take pasta any day!

Feeling cheapo and weight conscious one day, I threw vegetables in a pot and minimal pasta and made minestrone soup. The perfect dinner for when you don’t feel like eating very much at night.

Kong ba paoooooooo!!!! O_O Very easy to make but I’m an extremely impatient person and hate slow cooking recipes. Slaving over a stove for 3 hours, monitoring the fire, adding water when it dries up….

Buttery garlicky prawns and smoked salmon atop a summer salad.

Sam said to me one day, “I like capsicums.”

So, I went nuts and bought a whole bunch of baby capsicums then stuffed basil + feta cheese + random ingredients filling in it.. turned out pretty good!!! They were baked, the puddle of oil in the center piece is just olive oil and oil from the cheese that oozed out, which we spooned out afterwards.

More ching chong food for the fam!

French beans with minced pork and dried shrimps, tofu with baby corn, carrots, black fungus and mushrooms in a sweet sauce and steamed pomfret.

A craving for Secret Recipe’s lamb stew turned into another slow cooking process. I get very happy when I crave for something from a restaurant and my home made version turns out to be cheaper and better tasting!!!

Roasted chicken and vegetable medley… I wanted to let the skin of the chicken get more crisp, but left it in for 5 more minutes too many so it got slightly burnt. LOL

Spinach rosti (thanks to my happycall pan – it makes perfect rostis!) with smoked salmon & sour cream. Another quick fix, takes only 20 minutes to whip up.

Grilled dory fish (seasoned with black pepper, paprika, lemon juice and bay leaves) and a passionfruit glaze.

Tom yum soup!!!!! I added black fungus to mine because I like the chewy texture. This was also surprisingly easy to handle for a first timer. I thought the restaurant needed to boil it for hours… but it’s pretty much instant. And so dang cheap without the seafood! You can get a tom yum pack from NTUC Fairprice for a dollar something, then just add stock + ingredients and more seasoning.

I prefer kimchi soup to tom yum because of its thicker consistency. I cook mine with golden mushrooms, silky tofu and cuttlefish balls (LOL random ingredient)

And this is the stuff I eat when I’m too lazy to cook, yet too lazy to go out and eat. I stack jalapeno cream cheese with salmon and season generously.

Ok pretty sure I’ve cooked a lot more dishes than this but I GTG out now, if you guys want the recipe for a certain dish that’s appealing to you (and if enough of you want it) just drop me a comment! I’ll find some time to do another cooking tutorial post. :)

Hope you enjoyed looking at my food pictures!


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