The gorgeous Blue Mountains – Part 2

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This is a continuation from my post, Blue Mountains – Part 1!!!.. Click here to read it.

We stopped by this Eagle Hawk look-out point for one last majestic view of the Blue Mountains before we head off to our next destination, lower along the mountains.

I wouldn’t mind living on a mountain, really. Lol I’d just bake cupcakes and paint / draw / play zombie computer games / watch movies at home / look at this view all day.

Bye bye gorgeous views.

Our tour guide was pretty awesome – most tours would just take you to the top of the mountains to look at the views and to have lunch at one of their cafes there, but she went the extra mile and brought us to secluded locations not commonly known to most people!

This is my whole tour group. Aren’t they adorable?!!!! :P

I insisted on taking a group picture and made them all wave.

Gonna check out another waterfall!!! This one won’t be as big as the one we saw from the top of the mountains, but I’m sure it’ll be pretty anyhow.

Mini-waterfall! ^.^

Fidel & I posing in front of the pretty waterfall… I ♥ this pic - I wanna be out there amongst nature again ahhhhh I feel so cooped up in my room!!!!!

We were given an hour to roam around by ourselves to explore this BEAUTIFUL and quaint little town situated in the Blue Mountains itself, called Leura!

Can I just say…. I wanna live here I wanna live here I wanna live herreeeee!!!

It is so full of character.

Alena was telling us lovely stories about how despite the fact they’re such a small town, they keep things lively by always having different festivals and community events. For example, during Spring, some spontaneous people will open up their gardens that are filled with gorgeous Spring blossoms for general public viewing!

I wanna frolic around in them – it was only the beginning of Spring so the flowers weren’t all out yet but I can only imagine how pretty the whole town would look when it’s all covered in fresh bright flowers. :)

People in Australia take HUGE pride in their gardens, especially the older people / suburb people / mountain people.

It’s picture-perfect.

They had a street market open that day but I didn’t buy anything although I was hoping to..

I’d say it was more of a garage-sale type thing rather than a souvenir kinda stall.

Fresh fruits and veggies home-grown for only $3 per pot!!

Awww this totally reminded me of Toy Story.

The Garage Sale scene and poor unloved toys lying around, waiting to be sold for only a dollar…. I didn’t buy any because I thought about how the toys would feel about leaving their owner, and felt guilty.


This is what you could get with just a dollar!

Hahahah someone getting rid of their Barbie doll collection… I used to have one. Or two. Or like six. (I had one Ken and he made out with all of them. Tsk)

This woman sold bears with intricately designed flamboyant dresses that she’d hand-made herself!!!

I’m not sure if she made the bears herself too, or whether they were from the unwated $1 toy pile as seen before. LOL.

When you live life in a slow-paced small little town… You can afford the time to make dresses for teddy bears.

Most of us in Singapore barely have enough time to juggle between our personal life and a proper job.

Leura, why are you so pretty?

When you travel with me… this is what you’d see at least half of time. Lol Fidelis took this shot of me shooting away in Leura!

My face is forever buried in my camera. And yes, I use the live view to shoot pictures. I can’t stand squinting and looking through the viewfinder with one eye :3

Before Fidel came along to take these shots of me, I was there shooting by myself… and beside me was a couple making out like crazy on the bench, like 1 meter away. -_-

I felt like a huge lamp post but I wanted that picture and I was running outta time!!!

Talk about awkward. They were 2 teenagers furiously kissing away and making weird noises while I squat beside them taking pictures of flowers on the ground. LOL.

Dunno what these are but they are sooo colorful and they remind me of Sakura blossoms! ♥

I’d love to have a whimsical cupcake shop in the middle of these boutique shops. :’)

An all-year-round Christmas themed shop!!! I heart this!

Everything’s so colorful. And quaint. Eeee.

Fidelis is obsessed with candies!!! So I assume this was her favourite shop. That girl is ALWAYS carrying a packet of sweets or gummies around… (I make it a point to steal some every now and then. Om nom nomz)

Now whenever I see a packet of Starburst gummies (her favourite), I think of her. :)

I’m always acutely aware of my surroundings when I am traveling. And I have this obsession with taking pictures of seemingly insignificant details. I just wanna take pictures of as many things I don’t see in my everyday life as possible. Normally in Singapore I swear I walk around with my eyes half-closed, but when I travel every detail is so prominent to me.

From how the sky is a different kind of blue, to how their railings look different and even the way people talk to and smile at each other.


Our next stop was lunch at one of Leura’s Sports Club.

Our tour guide picked this place to serve us lunch because according to her, it’s a place typical of Australian culture. People who live in the quiet suburbs will just come to this type of club in the weekends to play the slots, do some sports, or just to hang out with other bored people in your town. Lol.

I was taking a picture of them but they thought I was taking a pic of the (empty hallway?) and so they dodged out of the way. Hahahaha

Thankful that we’re getting this lunch break…

The pretzel and scone we had in the morning was nowhere near enough for an action packed day like this!!! I was starrrving.

Another really nice older couple that we were talking to during lunch! Unlucky capture of her eyes being closed, but it’s ok, she still looks pretty and kind. :P

The whole time I was trying to figure out their ethnicity because they look sorta asian but not really…. I guessed something ridiculous like “Mongolian” – LOL?

But it turns out they’re actually Thai people!!! Amazing. I’ve never seen Thai people look like that before.

Engaged in conversation while Fidelis takes this strange shot of me. My side profile is so weird :3

Lunch is served!!!!!

This is called a chicken schnitzel, apparently very popular in Australia… but it just tastes like fried chicken to me. (maybe that’s the whole point lol but I’d never order this in a restaurant besides this – I heard the name and thought it’d be something spiffier)

Fidelis’ fish and chips! Very very Australian.

Australian food is essentially your very basic western food…. but I love the other types of cuisine found in Australia (italian, korean, japanese etc) because their portions are huge and prices are so reasonable for the quality you get!


Once our stomachs were filled, we had doughnuts and cupcakes bought by one of tour friends for dessert (I had to boast about Shiberty’s Sweets when I saw the cupcakes, so I whipped out of my phone and showed them pictures lol) and then we headed off to Featherdale Wildlife Park where Fidelis was excited to pat some kangaroos!

I was actually not that excited about this segment (as I was about other things, because I’ve seen Australian wildlife a lot of times before) but I guess looking at animals still makes good fun no matter how many times you’ve seen them.

With our Featherdale passes!

AWWW look at this bird!!!! It was so docile and would let anyone pet it and scruff up its feathers. So cute.

The look on my face is a mixture of “aww cute bird” and “shit is this mofo going to nip my fingers?”

On the other hand, this bird (parrot?) right next to it was TOTALLY psycho. Lmao it even looks psycho. Alena said not to touch it because it’d pretend to be all friendly with you for awhile, and then it’d nip your finger really painfully in a hysterical fit!!!

Wallabies hopping around the park freely!

Haaaaaaaaaai! ^.^
They’re so soft and furry!

Definitely the star attraction of Australian Wildlife Parks because they are so friendly and tame.. what other animal could roam around so freely without being a potential threat or too much hassle?

The Tasmanian Devil! All it did was run around it’s enclosure again and again so it was hard to snap an in-focus picture.


This is the FAT ASS wombat Fidelis was so excited to see for the first time in real life. LOLOLOLOLOL.

It is totally NOT cuddly and NOT cute and NOT squishable like the fake toys we see in the shops!!!! The toys are a dramatized overly-cute version of BABY wombats.

Baby-any-mammals are always so cute so it doesn’t really count – how could they deceive us like that?!

“Fidelis, let me show you how a REAL wombat looks like!”

She took one look at it and went “WTF. NOT CUTE. I feel so cheated. Why like that???”

More than 2 years ago, I blogged about the same sentiments…. how many of you remember that? If you do I totally love you because it means you’ve been reading my blog for ages! ♥

Ehhhh… I’ve no clue what this is. Perhaps another type of wombat.

HAHAHA #random

I spotted this really intriguing big black bird with brightly colored red and blue markings on it’s head and thought it was pretty cool. It’s size and posture resembled an Ostrich but apparently this bird is much more dangerous!

I wanted to go nearer to it but it’s enclosure was marked with the words “DANGER: DO NOT ENTER.” in bright red so…. I didn’t.

Man, even the alligator enclosure didn’t have a huge warning sign – how dangerous can this bird be??? Maybe because it looks so noob, some people wander into it’s enclosure without realizing its lethality and they get owned… lol. I imagine the bird pecking someone’s guts out. o_O

Smart way to upkeep this conservation park. You get money, your kangaroos get fed regularly…

Om nom nomz.. ^.^



Not in front of the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A family walked past with their little daughter, and covered her eyes with their hands. LOL. Animal having sex = comedy to me.

I stood there and observed them for awhile (yes I give them no privacy) the kangaroo on the left actually FOUGHT off the dude humping the kangaroo chick and took her for his own! Fierce! If you want something, go get it.

This scheming fella KNOCKED the food-cone out of my hand so that he could get easy access to it on the floor!

Omgosh, this was one of my favourite parts of the day!!!!!! See this cute owl-like birdie here?

It’s called a Tawny Frogmouth and it is officially my new favorite bird!!!!

His name, is Mr Schmiggles.

And he really, REALLY likes being pet and cuddled and fawned over!!! Just LOOK at him soaking up all the attention. When you reach out to scratch under his chin, he automatically stretches his head upwards because he loves it that much!!!!!

Whenever you pet or cuddle him he just gives the most ADORABLE expressions and reactions. He’s like *^.^* whenever you touch him. SO amazingly cute I wanted to steal him home.

The woman beside me was just as fascinated as I was, she said “I don’t even like birds, but that is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!!” because you just don’t expect that sort of reaction from a bird. Maybe a cute little yellow chick, but not this misleadingly grey bird!

We all got to pet him. His fur is so soft :)

See how happy Alena is just from playing with him!

She says she can’t tell him apart from the other Tawny Frogmouths in the wildlife park, so what she does every week when she comes to visit is to go up to each and every Tawny Frogmouth bird she sees, and calls out “Mister Schmiggglesssss!” until one responds in the adorable manner that Mr Schmiggles so popularly known for.

Seriously TOO cute. Where can I buy me a bird like that???

Cute little fairy penguins!!!!
♥ Penguins are also another of my favorite birds!

They’re like mini torpedoes in the water :* And I like the way they waddle when they walk.

Excuse me for shoving a peacock’s ass in your face.


But Fidelis and I came out of the loo and the first thing we saw this peacock’s ass exposed in full glory and we thought it was so funny so I had to post it up!!!

Much prettier from the front, buddy.

This funny duck was jealous of all the attention the peacock was getting and started to peck at Fidelis’ shoes. The more we laughed at the lil duck, the more it pecked at her boots, LOL.

We refused to give it any attention and it looked so frustrated!!! Sorry duckie, talk me again when you have feathers pretty enough to be worn as earrings.

I don’t really like koalas. They stink…. a lot.

But it was a free photo op, and we might as well take it!

Yeah you can tell I get very uncomfortable around certain animals. Especially when I can’t keep my eyes on them. I get this feeling they’re gonna attack me lol so I have to keep my eyes on any animal that is near me.

Gorgeous colors!!!

The gold hair on top if its head (or feathers..) is so slicked back and perfect, Malfoy would be jealous.

To my absolute horror, after I took this picture, some horrid little brat of a kid ran up to the bird and scared the bird into running away from him. When the bird started to run, he GRABBED the bird’s long tail feathers and yanked it hard and wouldn’t let go!!!!! The bird looked like it was in so much pain and kept trying to break free from his grasp. I was mortified. D:

I said as loud as I could, “OH MY GOD, whose kid is that?!” in hopes that his parents would be nearby and would take notice of what he was doing and reprimand him. Instead, his parents calmly called for him to walk back to them, and didn’t even look embarrassed to have such a kid at all. No scolding the boy whatsoever.

If I was his mother, I’d smack his hands real good and teach him how to respect wild life. I wonder if the park rangers had seen what the boy did, would they throw the family out of the park?

LOL. I have no words.

After the Wildlife Park, we got back into the van and by this time we were absolutely beat. Our day ended off with our tour guide taking us for some last exploring via the van (driving us to see certain sights like where the 2000 Olympics was held) and our final attraction for the day was a boat ride from the outer regions of Sydney into the heart of the CBD!

It was a relaxing end to the day, a 30 mins boat ride cruising into Circular Quay.

I loveeee boat rides.

I wuz all lyk

I’M ON A BOAT!!!! :D

Andrew looking cute. Oh no… I shouldn’t say that about engaged people lol

Me and the Sydney Opera House!!! Still on the boat btw. And all of this is included in the tour price. (food, boat ride, wildlife park entry) maddddd!

♥ Sydney Skyline!!!!!!!
Spot the Sydney Harbour Bridge behind me.

If I look tired with my eyebags and all… that’s because I was, lol.

We took a bus back to Bondi to our apartment for some rest before going out for dinner at an Italian restaurant nearby, then back to our apartment where we dropped like rocks onto the bed.

Amazing pasta and a huge portion of steak! Gosh I miss Australian food so much. Can’t wait to have dinner after I finish this blog post.

To-die-for caramel tart with fresh cream and berry compote. Which I had the full pleasure of finishing all by myself because Fidel was too full after the pasta and steak. MMM mmm!!!! *rubs tummy*

A fulfilling end of a perfect day out at the Blue Mountains and further exploration of Sydney. :)


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