The gorgeous Blue Mountains – Part 1

I’ve never heard of the Blue Mountains prior to this, but while doing some research on Sydney, Fidelis read all the fantastic reviews about this tour on TripAdvisor and included this in our itinerary!

It was a lovely experience and the tour was superb value for money. It’s a small private tour owned by a couple, and they drive us around in a Mercedes-Benz!!! .…..van. Hahahah but it’s a Merc nonetheless right?

The tour is called Blue Mountains Tour and I have embedded the link for your reference. :) I highly recommend it if you happen to be in the Sydney area!

Our tour guide Alena picked us up from a street near our Bondi Beach Apartment and after making a few rounds around the city (I liked seeing the city in the morning) to pick up our other tour friends, it was about an hour’s drive up to the Blue Mountains.

Sydney’s traffic isn’t all that great.

On our way there, we stopped to have freshly baked giant pretzels, scones and English tea in a little family-run bakery!

Lusciously soft scone – much unlike the rock-hard ones I’ve had the displeasure of trying in SG.

I like how most restaurants and eateries are family-owned in Australia… The food is always fresh and good quality and it’s a different experience each time. :)

Too many franchised food outlets in Singapore. Boo to mass-produced fast food!

If I’m lucky enough, I may have something like this of my own one day. But instead of bread it will be filled with whimsical, pretty-to-death yummilicious cuppycakes!

I adore the smell of bakeries. The aroma of warm, freshly baked cake and pastries is enough to to put a smile on my face.

Our tour friends, Jenna and Andrew! They were on here on their honeymoon. Aren’t they adorable?!

Andrew is a real funny guy… his humor coupled with his thick English accent made me giggle to myself a lot of times throughout the day. Jenna on the other hand is major cute!

Fidel and me! The photo is dark beyond saving but I posted it anyway because no need for PS. Yay!!!

A brighter one, taken with her camera instead :) My DSLR doesn’t do too well in low-light and harsh background lighting conditions.

I’m wearing the same yellow sweater (again) because Sydney was SOOOOOOO COLD!!! Especially up in the darn Mountains! The winds were unforgiving. It was the thickest and warmest outerwear I packed. (I had grossly misjudged the climate) I was even wearing a long-sleeved underneath. The rest of my clothes were thin jumpers that wouldn’t be any good in 10 degrees weather.

We were still having breakfast when our tour guide swooped down over to our table and asked what we would like to have at lunch later on so she could pre-order it for us to minimize waiting time at the restaurant later on.

Talk about efficiency!

Back on the road again

When we finally arrived at the Blue Mountains, I hopped out of the van and my first thoughts were

“Wow, this is REALLY cold.”




HAHAHAHA please don’t judge my outfit.

I was going for maximum practicality and comfort. It was a longgg long day with a lot of different activities ok.

A day of adventure awaits us!!!

We got to explore the Blue Mountains 5 different ways – the Scenic Skyway, Scenic Cableway, (like a cablecar but slightly different. one only goes straight while the other goes uphill), by car, by foot and by an old Railway track!!!

I was sooo excited about the panoramic views that I was about to indulge in that I totally forgot:

I’m dead scared of heights.

I’m ok with roller-coaster or hotel room type of heights but definitely NOT okay with mountains-height, lol. On a whole new level. Despite wobbly knees I forced myself to go on the cableway and it was ahhhhh-mazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clutching onto Fidelis for dear life lol. I didn’t let it show but I was actually secretly shitting my pants.

Enjoying the views of the Blue Mountains!!! GORGEOUS.

Check out the lodging place right on the mountain’s edge. Madness!!!

I was told houses here start from 1 million and can go up to several millions of dollars.

Vast openness.
Just look at that. :)

If I was a bird, I would like to live and fly around here. Soak up the beauty every single day!

“The Blue Mountains are so named because, from Sydney, they look blue. They are clad in vast forests of eucalypts (commonly called gum trees), which in the hot sun discharge a fine mist of eucalyptus oil from their leaves. The mist refracts light, which makes the haze look blue at a distance. That same oil makes the Australian bush as volatile as a pine forest in a bush (forest) fire. The vapour explodes, causing the fire to race through the canopy.”

And I thought that was pretty until I looked over to my RIGHT side (I was pre-occupied with the left side of cable tram)

A massive cascading waterfall!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

It had less water falling through than I’d like (I was hoping for a lottt of water for a more dramatic effect lol) but it was still beautiful to see.

An alternative view! I heart waterfalls. Something about water falling all pretty and the misty air and the smell of fresh water makes me want to frolic around in the bottom of the falls.

Me taking photos of the views.

It was quite challenging for me to NOT hold onto the hand rails while taking pictures (I needed both hands) I looked rightttt down and felt queasy for a second and my face went white…

Our tour people were all like “Are you ok??? :o” coz I looked like I was gonna die but I just reminded myself NOT to look down and everything was ok.

Say cheese!

You can so tell when I’m faking a smile LOL. *sweaty palms*

Last picture I took before we reached the other end of the cable way.

It barely lasted 5 minutes – hardly enough time for me to just sit and admire the views!! Hmph. Nevermind.. I’ll get more opportunities later on.


After the Scenic Skyway, the Railway was next!!

The world’s STEEPEST railway track going down a 415m descent! It was pretty damn steep actually, like as steep as when a big roller coaster would go down a slope.

So… this is a picture of what the first ever built railway in the Blue Mountains looked like, but since then they have implemented extra safety features

Getting into the very oddly shaped railway tram. :3

Anddd we’re off!!!

It was really cool breezing past an ancient rain forest. It was like a roller coaster but Jurassic Park version LOL.

When you look up all you could see was a canopy of trees!

Speaking of roller coasters, the old owner of the Blue Mountains actually built a ROLLER COASTER TRACK (a real coaster, not some railway track) for his grand kids so that they could whisk around the mountains having fun….

But upon completion of the coaster tracks, they tested it out with sand bags and guess what? The sand bags never made it back lol. So they dropped the whole idea but till today the coaster tracks are still there!

HOW MIND BLOWING would a roller coaster around a gorgeous mountain like this be?!!!! I’d kill to go on it!


Getting off the railway track, we embarked on our journey into the rain forest.

Alena was narrating and telling us some pretty morbid stories…

She was elaborating on the history of Mining in the Blue Mountains and mentioned that wayyy back then when technology wasn’t so advanced, to avoid having their ventilation system run out of oxygen before realizing it was too late, they’d keep a certain species of blue-colored bird (forgot the name) trapped where the miners worked for the purpose of when the bird suffocated to death, it was a sign to let them know that oxygen levels were getting dangerously low for human level. o_O

LOL and that wasn’t all.

She also told us a story of how poor donkeys or ponies or whatever had to slave away ALL their lives in these wretched mines, and when the donkeys became paralyzed or too old to be useful anymore, the miners would just leave them to rot IN the mines, never actually bringing them back out. As you know there’s not a lot of food or oxygen in the mines…

……….Me and Andrew (the English guy) were listening to the stories then looked at each other like this o.o;;

History is always so horrifying to learn about wtf.

Freaky lookin’ mine artifacts

Where an exit / entrance used to be, but it caved in on itself.

Which I assumed killed a lot of miners. *shudders*

Oh hello, you ugly devillish black bird.

WHY IS MY POST SUDDENLY SO DARK EH????? On to happier stuff!!!!

Our tour guide left us to explore the rainforest by ourselves for about 30 minutes and we decided to go trekking.

Peekaboo, I see you!

I take good pictures don’t I?!

*retarded sideways pose with a peace sign*

Towering trees that have been around for hundreds of years.

It was a beautiful day. :)

Tryna take an artsy shot.

Rainforests are so cluttered, it’s hard to take a nice picture of anything!

Cute old-ish couple from Chicago. They were so nice to us. Everyone was incredibly friendly in our tour group!!!

I love it when golden rays peek through the canopy leaves and you get a little burst of it here and there.

At the start of the 30 mins rainforest trekking, I was all lyk

WEEEE this so fun :D

:D Gorgeous rainforest and views and fresh air and beautiful weather hnngggg woooweeee..

But after 20 mins of walking non-stop and bloody uphill slopes I’m all lyk


I actually started perspiring a bit despite the weather LOL. I hateeee rain forests for the fact that I enter it all happy and looking for adventure but when I leave I’m tired as shit and grumpy from all the uphill trekking.

Hate how everyone else makes it look so effortless!!!


Going further up the mountain (for more views) via the other cable car.

Hell yeah no more trekking n_n

Australians are always so warm and welcoming!

Hahaha a candid shot of that kind couple.

Who offered to take a pretty shot for us!!! Yay for pro-active travelers.

Fascinated Fidelis.


We’re now at the highest point of the Blue Mountains!!!

Super duper windy. I actually lost my pink scarf to the rough winds up there…. The gust of wind came so hard and fast, I didn’t even realize I’d lost it till hours later. *face palm*

I love, lovelovelovelove LOVE sightseeing. ♥

I don’t get to see anything back in home country. My dream is to travel the world… and blogging about it.

Everyone trying to get that perfect picture!

The famous Three Sisters limestone formation of the Blue Mountains!

“Their names are Meehni (922 m), Wimlah (918 m), and Gunnedoo (906 m).

The commonly told legend of the Three Sisters is that three sisters lived in the Jamison Valley as members of the Katoomba tribe. They fell in love with three men from a neighbouring tribe (the Nepean tribe), but marriage was forbidden by tribal law.

The brothers were not happy to accept this law and so decided to use force to capture the three sisters causing a major tribal battle. Battle ensued, and the sisters were turned to stone by an elder to protect them, but he was killed in the fighting and no one else could turn them back.”

Ah… it’s amusing, the stories / rumours / folk lore legends ancient tribal people come up with to explain what Science couldn’t back then.

It sucks how much less impressive the Blue Mountains look in pictures as compared to real life. But I guess that’s with everything that has true beauty. It can’t truly be captured on camera.

Looooooool the psycho hyper side of me that doesn’t quite shine through in my writing.


Cute koala bear plooshies we saw in their souvenir shop!

But we soon forgot about those because we found something MUCH CUTER:


Little wee baby wombat! (of course, real wombats are not like that at all as I have learned from disappointing first-hand experience years ago)

Not one, not two…


I died of cute overload.

Pudding had merely passed away a few days prior to this trip soooo I was still pretty emotional and cut up about it.

I got myself one and named him Pudding. After Pudding. The Pudding breed hamster. #ihavenoimagination

Fidelis got herself one too and named it Nutella… or was it Peanut? I can’t really remmeber.. She named it after one of her guinea pigs who passed away too :(

So we were both clutching the baby wombat plooshies on our hand feeling sad over our deceased pets. Kinda funny thinking about it now.

Walked around the store a little more, and a lady offered “real honeycomb” for me to try.

For some reason I thought it’d be like the chocolate Maltesers’ center honeycomb bit… LOL boy was I wrong. Real honeycomb is MADDDD sweet and has that disgusting waxy after taste. But it’s supposedly good for you, like all other higher grades of honey. (my mother is obsessed with Manuka honey gross one point in time she made me take it almost everyday)

Am I the only person in this world who DOESN’T like honey? I hate honey lemon drinks, I hate honey in my tea or on my pan cakes etc.. I’d much rather maple syrup.


Sorry for the abrupt end guys, but Part 2 of Blue Mountains to be continued soon!!! :)

If I combined all the content into ONE post, it’d be one epic longgg post with almost 200 pictures in it so I think it’s best I stop here today.

In the next post, you can expect pretty pictures of a very quaint and beautiful little Australian town called Leura, and fluffy pictures of Australian animals because we visited a Wildlife Park!

Have a good Halloween weekend y’all.



Someone Like You

Some late night pondering.

Recently, I have been obsessing over the song “Someone Like You”

- Someone Like You by Adele

As I was singing the lyrics “Never mind I’ll find someone like you…” out loud, I actually stopped for a second and thought to myself, “No, I won’t.”

If I broke up with my boyfriend, I wouldn’t find somebody just like him.

I’d actually find somebody totally different, because if it could work out with someone like my ex, I wouldn’t have given it up, or messed it up. It’s called an “ex” because it’s an “example” of what kind of guy you shouldn’t be dating. Maybe you’d want to find someone who can make you feel as special and wanted as he did, but girls, if he had you but decided to give you up… Trust me, you don’t want to find somebody like him.

You should want somebody better.

Too many people dwell on the past so much, they forget to look to the future. Reminiscence is futile. Instead of trying to hold onto a person who’s already gone, learn from your mistakes and walk away with your head held high. It’s not always that simple, or that straightforward, I know… but not trying is letting yourself down.

Whenever I’m upset because I’ve quarreled with my boyfriend, a common piece of advice I’d always receive is, “Just think about your happier times in the past.”

To which I would secretly scoff at under my breath. WHAT is the point of constantly revisiting the past just to convince yourself that the situation you’re in now is worth it? You should stay in a relationship because you’re excited about your FUTURE together, not because he “was nice to me last time.”

Last time is last time. Last time doesn’t matter anymore.

Now is right freakin’ now. Now = r e a l i t y, so get yourself a reality check. Are you happy now? Do you think this guy is capable of making you happy in the near future? The future hasn’t arrived, but if you find yourself trapped in the past or your “honeymoon period” then you can safely assume your future is bleak. What matters most about how a man treats you is during the tough times. The good times? I’m not saying forget them.

What I’m saying is that if a man can’t handle you at your worst, then he sure as hell does not deserve you at your best.

Find someone who is willing to rough it out with you because when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. If he’s not tough, your relationship will not be going anywhere eventually. It’s not difficult to find a boy who is cute and charming at the start. Every guy WILL be nice to you at the start of the relationship.

Because he wants you, because the chase is still thrilling, because he’s trying to impress you and because he hasn’t begun to take you for granted yet. We are ALL flawed, and we all take things for granted some times. But some people look into their partner’s eyes and realize what they have is special. While others, go through their whole life drifting from one facade to another.. You can’t stay in love if you don’t love being in love.

Don’t judge a boyfriend’s character from how he treats you the first 6 months, because those 6 months will not last you the rest of your life. I wasted so much time on my ex this way. I just kept wishing for better. Why make wishes when you’re in charge of your own life? YOU can make your own life better.

One of these days you’re going to run out of happy memories to tide you through the bad times. You’re going to need new ones. Judge your relationship’s strength by how he handles your quarrels AFTER the honeymoon period. Does he still try as hard? Take as much time as you need to decide how you feel about him for as long as you’re together. It’s totally okay to change your mind.

That’s what I tell myself all the time. And I honestly believe it’s true even though I may come across as being selfish. I can’t be feeling guilt because my feelings have changed. I can’t tell my heart what to feel and I can’t tell a boy to love me if he doesn’t anymore. You can’t love someone else properly if you don’t love yourself first.

I don’t proclaim my love to be selfless like most other people, and I would gladly tell the world that my love is selfish. I love you, I do.. because you make me happy. But if somehow you don’t make me happy anymore, one day, I’ll stop loving you.

Give yourself that right to choose your path of happiness.

It is possible to fall in and out of love with the same person. Because that person is always changing. The only constant is change..

At times, change is what we really need in life. Definitely not replicas of our-ex boyfriends. Stop the self-pitying. The only way to truly get over somebody is to believe you can find someone BETTER than them, not someone just like them. If not, you’ll live eternity in regret. So if you think you’ve got something really special going for you…. don’t give it up.

This blog post is a public reminder to myself and everyone out there who needs it – that nobody is safe from heartbreak. Just love every partner you have like you’ve never loved no one else before, it’s the only way to part without regrets.

As Adele sings,

“Sometimes it lasts in love.. but sometimes it hurts instead.”



What’s Bakin’? (this one’s special!!!) #7

Hi. (please excuse and ignore the chubs on the right side of my hips, it’s too difficult to photoshop fml)

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much, you would’ve thought since I’ve been back from my trip for more than a few weeks now I would have more than 1 travel post up. You know, with me being super excited about the trip and going on about how much I have to share. (I do.) But besides being ridiculously busy (aren’t we all?) I’ve also been desperately S-I-C-K.

Coughing so frequently and hard I threw up in my own mouth, reduced to shivering in my bed the whole day long due to hot and cold fevers. My nose just won’t stop running and my whole body feels like shit. Omg it’s the disease season isn’t it?

The weather has been so unkind. It’s hot and humid then it rains then it doesn’t, then it does…. I’ve been sick for over a week now and in this past 30 days alone I have been sick probably more than 20.

So yeah, I really do want to get my posts done but every time you have a reason to blog, life gives you 10 more not to. I swear. Fingers crossed I get better realllll soon because I have a lot of work ahead of me!

With that aside…

I’ve noticed quite a few people re-posting my images online without any credit back to me.

So, as I’m just about to post up a bunch pictures of pretty & yummy cakes I’ve painstakingly handcrafted from scratch, here’s a gentle reminder to my readers. I have no qualms with you posting my pictures anywhere, on your blog, facebook, tumblr etc.. as long as you DO credit back to this site, or

Feel free to share my stuff, but have some conscience. If you like the art, credit the artist. :)

All cakes & cupcakes in the following post are lovingly made by Shiberty’s Sweets!!! Visit our website for more pictures and information on ordering from us.

Just did this one earlier this afternoon. Red velvet cake coated with chocolate buttercream, done for a girl who’s mummy loves purple pansies!

This is the last red velvet cake we will be doing. I’ve axed some flavours from our recipe list that weren’t as good as the others, and added in a brand new one! The current new flavour is LYCHEE.

If you love lychee, you’ll love our lychee cake because it is really fragrant! :)

The other flavour I axed was coconut. After more than half a year, NOBODY has ordered coconut, not even once. How sad lol. I was under the impression people like coconut-flavored stuff especially for the older folks? Meh anyway I’ll be bringing in new flavours again soon, any suggestions on what you’d like to see? Orange? Lime?

Lychee was our most requested one previously, so ta-dah!!! It is here!

Marvel cupcakes for the comic fans!!! Did you know batman was originally blue?

The hulk. I don’t like him but all of my geek guy friends think he’s awesome. He’s so ugly…. there IS such a thing as too much muscle!

Came up with this design for a sweet girl who said she loved unicorns, the color pink, stars and all things whimsical. ♥

It’s so sweet and pink it’s like a birthday cake fit for jigglypuff

Doesn’t she remind you of My Little Pony? We named her Star… because of all the stars on the cake. *crickets*

Can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my poker face…

Roulette cake! I think we’ve done almost every kind of gambling cake.

Gambling chips, cards, dices, mahjong, roulette, even baccarat…

For a Make Up Forever Artist! :)

That lipstick was almost a replica of one of my M.A.C lippies!

(the real thing)

For all you geeks out there – what could be better than a Street Fighter console cake?!

Answer: A Street Fighter Console Cake that comes with a matching set of cupcakes of course.

AWWW they look like little babies lol @ akuma

Domo is very yummy.

Now you don’t have to think what to get your bf / gf on your upcoming anniversary / monthsary. :D

Have a break, have a kit kat!…. cake. (and yes, kit kats do come in square packaging!)

Ever since we’ve posted our first 3d car cake on our website, we’ve gotten requests for all sorts of cars! Like this Audi…

And this Ferrari!


The last set of cupcakes featured is a really special order!

You might remember this post where I did “20 fun facts about me.”

Fact number 15 was: “My current favourite blog is She writes well, easy on the eyes, talks frankly about traveling, cooking, photography, life, love and random thoughts… everything I love to indulge in!”


IN DA FLESH!!!!!!1111 :DDDD

Awesome pictures credit to Bing

Check it out. Bing and I. *fans self rapidly*

Ok the story goes like this.

I was browsing through her blog as per usual… I love that she updates so often, I can go every 2 days and there’s almost guaranteed an update! ….*guilty face*

Anyway I saw her post about a certain cupcake store she tried cupcakes from that she didn’t QUITE appreciate because they weren’t “homemade” and “authentic” tasting. Cupcakes you buy outside have a “metallic” aftertaste, as Bing says, and she hates that. She thought their cupcakes were still pretty and decent however, and gave them a pretty high rating.

So when I read their post I was all like


LOL. That was the first thought that popped into my head. I thought to myself, “If she thinks their plainly frosted cupcakes look good, I’m gonna blow her mind!”

So I decided to email her and offer her to try out our cupcakes… Lucky for me she was visiting Singapore soon (she currently lives in South Africa) and she kindly agreed, and I got to meet her soon-ish after to pass her some customized cupcakes!!!

She did a very very very very nice review for Shiberty’s Sweets (GRINNED LIKE CRAZY WHEN I SAW IT) which you can read HERE.

I know Bing would not be the type to compliment something excessively if she didn’t actually like it, so it made me feel all that much better knowing her praises were genuine!

When I asked her what design she wanted on her cupcakes, she mentioned she loves photography, her favourite animal is the giraffe and she is a hopeless romantic. Oh and also that she likes Milo.

Even though we don’t have Milo in our usual recipe list, I created a new recipe for her! Hope it was ok, twas my first time attempting it :3

Photography + hopeless romantic? Check…

Personalization? Check!

Funky looking giraffes? Check!!!

This is her complete set! Obviously, I fail at giraffes, lol. But overall I think I did good. It meant a lot for me to receive her approval because I look up to her and her food on her blog always looks amazing wtf. I’ve tried her recipes before and they’re good, in a way I wanted to give back.

Bing / Karen devouring an oreo cupcake with Butterscotch frosting!

Meeting Bing in real life for the first time was similar to meeting Wendy aka Xiaxue for the first time. I was all like… WOAH! This person is real, dude!!!!

I kinda want to pinch them in the flesh, but that’d be kinda rude hurhur. Seeing them up close, sometimes I just stare into space when they’re talking to me. Even after seeing Wendy for a lot of times, sometimes a voice in my head goes, “Oi, talking to you leh. Sure not? This is weird. Eh stop fa dai-ing! (daydreaming)” LOL then I’d snap back to reality.

Happy day!

Luckily for me Wendy and Bing were both incredibly nice to me (so I don’t have a phobia of meeting other bloggers irl omg that would be awful), it’s a good feeling when you have inkling this person would turn out to be nice and that you two would get along and you DO! I had a good afternoon chatting with Bing and her friend over coffee! We talked about blogging, motherfood (don’t ask me why I’m interested in that when I’m 19 lol), relationships, and everything under the sun.

So if you’re too lazy to click on the link I provided earlier on, here’s what Bing had to say about our cupcakes… on Shiberty’s Sweets:

“It’s screaming love.. and heart.. and soul.. seriously, Milo flavoured cupcakes with a camera on top.. giraffe faces (my fave animal).. and hearts and roses coz of the romantic I obviously am. I was so moved.

Jessica’s cupcakes are au naturel with no additives in them. How you tell is from the taste (no chemical after taste) and the tell tale sign of a natural uneven texture of the cake. Cakes that have emulsifiers like lecithin added have a uniform crumb texture.

The cupcakes were delicious and really one of the softest, moistest ones I’ve ever had. They were so light that I thought they were baked with cooking oil. But no, it’s all good wholesome butter. Yummmm…

I would have preferred a stiffer frosting because I like my frosting SWEET. The best part about Jessica’s cupcakes is that she bakes every single one by hand and can customise to suit all needs. So she’ll definitely make my next cupcake with a stiffer frosting.

Shiok! But don’t just take my word for it.. ask my gal and nieces.. =)”


Omg they are so cute with their lil thumbs up haha.

Can you believe that all happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so thankful for the opportunities blogging has given me. I may not be a professional or famous or big time blogger but you wouldn’t believe how many places I got to visit, things I got to experience and amazing people I had the blessing to meet because of this blog.

It is humbling. :’)

Without my blog I am convinced Shiberty’s Sweets wouldn’t be where it is today. Having talent alone is useless, you need a platform to express it and thankfully I’ve got that little advantage.



The following vain camho pictures have no real reason to be part of this post. Lol just feel like posting coz I feel like my face has been MIA on this blog for a little too long.

Here I am… blemishes and all. :3

(Y) to this sweater top I got from Topshop. I’m sitting and waiting for Fidelis to arrive at this blogger event we attended that I’m not really interested in blogging about so I’d just post vain pix from it.

A meh cupcake, I haven’t eaten cupcakes from another place that has won me over yet. Lol yes I very obnoxious.

You know at public places… and you’re waiting alone, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re shameless, you will whip out your phone and pretend to be texting someone that doesn’t exist.

If you’re REALLY shameless, you will just sit there taking pictures of yourself instead of mingling with the PR people like you’re meant to be. Sigh what to do #bornthisway

Andddd my gf arrives! :)

for pix or what?!

I miss you! WHY don’t you meet me more often? -angry face-

In Fidelis’ car. I really, really like friends that drive. A lot. You would be my BFF. :D

End of narcissism.

Enjoy your weekend.


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