Straightening my hair again

2011 is definitely the fastest year of my life thus far. It’s less than a month to my birthday and I remember last year’s birthday like it was yesterday.

I guess work really makes time flies. I’ve never worked harder for anything else in my life :) And it’s high time I took a well-deserved, long break!


2 whole weeks of NON-stop action and fun. :DDDD! At first it was just all-talk and “maybe” and “ifs” while we discussed the idea 2 months ago, but just yesterday we’ve booked all our flights, tours and accommodation already. Literally shaking with excitement. I ♥ my baby girl so much and we will be meeting Sam in the Gold Coast. A holiday with your bbg and your bf – does it get any better? Kinda wish I could make a stop in Perth and visit my mum since I really miss her but our itinerary is so long already.

Some of the things we have planned:

Beachfront holiday apartment on Bondi Beach

Hang gliding off a cliff in New South Wales (!!! BEEN DYING TO DO THIS FOR SO MANY YEARS)

Theme parks like Movie World and Dream World in Gold Coast

Snorkeling off pristine beaches in Brisbane

And moreeeeeee. *dies* .. *excited face* ……… *spasm*

I’ll make sure to record EVERY bit of it down and share the journey with you guys!!! You’ll feel like you were on the trip with us hehe. I won’t be lazy this time and take less pictures after the first few days. I will force Fidelis and Sam to snap a picture of our every waking moment :P

I am so stoked about blogging details of the trip even though it hasn’t even started. Hope I have free time the next few days to schedule some pre-blogged posts so my blog can auto-update itself for the 2 whole weeks I am absent.

Anyways! On to a much lesser exciting topic…… hair.

Finally got rid of my frizzy hair, the perm has faded for so long and the aftermath was a giant uncontrollable fuzzball. Fidelis got me some hair vouchers from Clover in return for shooting the pictures for Clover Fashion and convinced me to rebond my hair, so here we go!

Before we start… Clover Hair Salon is located at

Far East Plaza, #03-12. Tel: 6836 2748

No, I am not sponsored by them, but they’ve always been nice to me and good with my hair plus the owner is Fidelis’ friend so I’m just doing them a favour by blogging for them!

Speaking of which, any hair / beauty treatment salon interested in being my long-term hair sponsor?

Will advertise for your salon with blog posts and pics, etc! I usually do my hair for free at Milly’s (my nails sponsor for a few years now), however since most of her staff are chinese speaking it’s a little difficult for me to communicate and tell him what I want. I don’t even know how to describe the type of perm I wanted to my hairstylist, I just said “quan quan” and he gave me whatever perm he chose in the end, lol.

Am STRICTLY looking for salons that have mainly English-speaking staff.

Preferably in town or east or somewhere not close to the west since I live in the East. We can work out finer details through email, so if you’re interested in collaborating with me, pls email me at ♥ ^.^ I can advertise for almost any other services except hair extensions and nails, I’m a strictly Milly’s girl, hehe.

You can’t tell here, but my permed hair was REALLY knotted. And frizzy and limp and fried and awful. Well ok, maybe you can tell after all lol.

I was at a photoshoot recently and the photographer said in a funny diva voice: “Gurlllll, ya HAVE to do something wit yo hair!” in a diva tone, while slightly shaking his head.

HAHAHA somewhat embarrassing but mostly funny actually. I’m like the laziest person on earth and each trip to the salon takes money and a few hours of my time omg. A few hours of sitting there tirelessly and staring at myself in the mirror -_-

Last picture of me with frizzy hair!!!! YAY!!!

Fidelis looking slightly psychotic and martian-like with that head gear lmao. I get to see her again tomorrow for a blogger’s event! So looking forward. AND the day after she’s coming to my place to shoot more pix for Clover! Love taking pictures of pretty girls :)

Stylist of the day working her magic on me… And err, yup, that’s my 2 exasperatingly different hair color tones. Don’t worry I’ll get it colored soon e_e

Fidelis snapping a candid of me looking icked out cozzz I actually HATE products on my hair. And on my face. I cannot stand any sort of “powder” or foundation or even sunscreen on my face. The only thing I apply is moisturizer otherwise I will break out in pimples everywhere and get reddish / itchy skin.

Same thing for my hair, whenever I have hair spray, wax, leave-in treatment or even conditioner…. I’m in a desperate rush to wash it all off. I dunno, I guess I like feeling primitive? Lol. I’m all fake lashes and thick eyeliner but some things I’d rather leave natural and untouched. Otherwise I feel so “covered up” like my face and hair cannot breathe O.O

Me: “hey let’s take pictures! perfect time for camhoing.”

Fidelis: “HAHAHA wtf why you look so fierce!!!”

I tried to lean in closer to her but she backed off abruptly. She no like my product-laden hair :’(

Hey haters! This face is for you.

Fidelis: You are smelly.

Me:… *pulls a convincing “go fuck yourself, bitch” face*


Andddd we are all done with rebonding!!! :D

Straight hair again, yay! I hate how flat my hair and how it looks so boring but I think it is an improvement from my perm-aftermath hair before lol.

The ends are still soft of poking out because my hair is really fine and layered. The length also means it pokes out a lil more but it was better after they dried it with a hairdryer.

Taken with my iphone coz my dslr is so heavy I cannot use one hand to carry and take from side angle o_x

SO STRAIGHT AND SMOOTH RIGHT?!? They did a short treatment for my hair (I think?) so it’s improved a lotttt! In a matter of like 2 hours? Just compare to this pic!

Old me. -flips hair-

I am now brand new. lolol

All done!

Are you happy to see my fuzzball gone? Hahhaha everyone say it’s such a relieving change. I didn’t think it was THAT bad… right? I do miss the volume terribly tho.

Bby girl looking fab with her new red color! Our hair looks so straight and smooth here ♥

COUNTDOWN TO OUR AUSSIE ADVENTURE: 8 more freakin’ days!!!

Waiting for indian food at our usual, Mumtaz Mahal. Oh and we didn’t plan to wear matching animal prints clothing but I guess we have some sort of synergy going on heh

♥ x ♥ x ♥


After hair + food, I had my ugly chipped nails prettified at Milly’s while Fidel waits for her bf to pick her up! It’s ULTRA convenient that my nails sponsor, hair salon and favourite indian restaurant is all located under one mall – Far East Plaza. I could spend the whole day there without being bored.

And after a whole day of tiring shopping can pop into Milly’s for a free classic mani / pedicure. Love being a blogger :D

Milly’s specializes in Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions and Nail Art.

I like glitter but Sam likes French Manicures, so I got an inbetween! :) Everytime I get my nails done I spend the next few days just staring at my own fingers..

So pretty and eyecatching!

Far East Plaza outlet
14 scotts road #03-129, Tel: 67376723

Bugis outlet
Bugis Street, Little Red Dot, Tel: 63384137


Other recent snaps:

Pretty yellow rose Sam bought for me some time ago. Been waiting for an opportunity to post this photo. I don’t know why but looking at this picture is strangely calming. ♥

Almost as if I can feel sunshine on my face and hear birds chirping.

We’ll be in Oz during Spring, I seriously hope I get to spot some gorgeous blooms!

One of our frequent Supper Sessions with Nich!

He just got his license (he’s my age leh omg I need to get MINE NOW) and he always drives me around everywhereeee. I ♥ friends who drive! I don’t just mean the lazy / selfish people who have a car, I mean good friends who actually drive you around willingly without you having to ask. ^.^

His car is SO COMFY it has this really nice old leather smell (hope I don’t sound perverse lol) but I always fall asleep in the front seat about 10 minutes into the drive.

Sibeh song. Friend picks you up from home, drives you out to supper (he treated us btw, why he so nice one?), drives you back home and you can even fall asleep in the car coz he knows the way to your house! He’s been such an awesome buddy recently ♥


The calm before the massive storm….

Rainbows and clear skies await afterward.

Sweet hand written note one of my cake customers, Melody, gave me!

I am really grateful to have the nicest people supporting me and Shiberty’s Sweets all this while. :’) Or I might have gone well insane by now with all the stress.

How cute is the hello kitty card? Oh wait and speaking of the cat with no mouth…

Recently pimped out my iphone with Hello Kitty stickers LOLOLOL.

I’ve NEVER been a Hello Kitty girl, in fact I’ve always found her appeal kinda redundant coz she’s so simple and doesn’t even have a voice or mouth…. but I walked into this store and it had all sorts of SUPA cute Hello Kitty stuff and eventually gave in. Bought hello kitty pens, notebooks etc :(


Sam made lamb stew the other day and it was soooo good! We’ve been cooking quite often and it’s a real joy. It’s usually a lot better + cheaper than the food we get outside. Our mentality now = the more we save, the more we get to spend on our upcoming trip so.. Save, save save awayyy!

at Mandarin Gallery. OMG LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

I can’t eat Ramen from places like Ajisen etc anymore. I’d feel like I was eating Maggi Mee. I have heard great things about Tanpopo too (is that how you spell it?) so I can’t wait to try it soon :D Any other good ramen places to recommend? And I mean GOOD places! Not fast food chains. “Authentic” ramen is so hard to find.

Snapshot of pretty Beatrice @ and Brad @ eating Churpie cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets made for Churp Churp’s first community gathering!

I got to learn a magic trick from an illusionist that day woopie!!! Now I can perform magic on ANYONE, as long as I have 2 books I can amaze your balls off I swear. I can read your mind lol.

Spotted at Mandarin Gallery: No Eating, No Sleeping and…. No making out?!?! :o

We were meant to be kissing (I think?) BUTTTT we’re just not one of those girls who kiss each other on the lips for photos sake.

Funny ass Neoprints we took during our double date!!

ROFL @ the pic on the left.
Do you like my Neoprint editing skills? :D

Piccy of my hamster, Mr Pudding, being UBERRRR KAWAII!!! I usually frown upon the word kawaii (even the word kawaii is act cute) but this one is a valid reason.


…..Beware, the pix below get EVEN cuter.






Fat-Free Yoghurt and why I can never be a froyo waitress at Frolick.

Something that enraged me this afternoon: (this part is going to be quite lengthy and draggy and ranty… so if you lazy and wanna skip to entertaining but just scroll down till you read the part about Frolick)

I had a heated email discussion with a previous cake customer who wasn’t happy with me or my services. She buay song because she was not very clear with the design she wanted, in the end the cake design wasn’t to her fancy.. and also because we were about an hour late in delivering the cake (this is our fault, fair and square. we had too many orders and her order took longer than expected. we simply couldn’t finish in time. as i say all the time, things go wrong with cakes. we can do it in advance and prevent the mad rush on the day itself however we prefer delivering fresh, made-on-the-spot cakes)

Anyway, a few days after receiving the cake, she sent me a hostile email blaming me for the undesired cake design. I told her, it’s her job to make sure she relays accurate information to me. I can only follow her instructions, I cannot read her mind.

She ordered a ROUND cake but linked me a picture of a SQUARE cake. Using common sense thinking she had some too, I assumed she wanted a similar design but in round shape instead because she specifically and consciously chose a round cake. You don’t go to a cake shop and ask, “Hello, I want to buy a round cake, but square. Have not?”.. Doesn’t make right? So I created a similar design to the cake but in round shape.

Dunno whether she’s fickle minded or whether she doesn’t know the difference between square and round. But I kena scolding from her, she said I “failed to deliver the design” and she also, “if you were going to change the design you should have informed me.”

Derp derp.

That aside, she was also angry at us for being late on the day itself. This I can fully understand and admit it’s our fault. It’s my choice and consequence for choosing to do the cake designs on the day itself, many cake shops have policies of completing projects at least a few days in advance to ensure nothing goes wrong at the last minute, however there is simply no space for me to store so many cakes, thus they have to go on the day itself.

She claimed my customer service sucks because I take 2 days to reply her on average and because I did not apologize for being late that day.

I told her, yes, it’s true, we are apologize for not apologizing on the day of delivery as it was a mad rush and we regrettably forgot about basic courtesy. I also told her that if it means anything, I am now apologizing for being late.

BUT we cannot be blamed for taking 2 days to reply her email, or worse, her own mix up when it came to choosing a square or round design!!!! I don’t understand why people get so pissed off when I take longer than 24 hours to reply your email. I work as fast as I can, for goodness sake! I don’t owe YOU in particular anything. Just because you need a cake doesn’t mean I die die have to accept your order? What if I’m sick or too busy? If I don’t feel like it, I can not accept anybody’s order request just coz I don’t like their face if I wanted to. That’s the plus point of being your own boss. You work according to your own schedule. Since when did I have a roster saying I must work 9 to 5 and reply all emails within 24 hours???

You know why other bakeries can reply you so fast? They have bakers, delivery personnel, shopfront assistant / marketing manager, cake decorators, all sorts of staff… If I had so many people working under me, obviously things would be more efficient around here.

But no. There’s 1 of me, and MORE THAN 100 PEOPLE WAITING FOR THEIR REPLY, everyday. Besides baking, replying emails, I also need time to eat, play, sleep, shit, blog, and do other things right? Where got time to provide you instant response? She said, “I’m a customer too, why should I be treated any differently or wait for 2 days just for your reply?”

MY ANSWER: Because the 100+ other unreplied emails in my inbox are customers too? Don’t you get it? If I reply your email on Monday, you take 1 day to reply me on Tuesday, I might only get to read your new email on Thursday because I have to go through 100+ other emails before getting around to yours! I work via chronological order. You want a cake, so do these other people. I have to play fair by replying everyone equally. Not like you are willing to pay more means I give you special treatment?

Nobody is pointing a gun to your head and begging you to buy from ME. There are so many bakeries out there, honestly, if you send in an order and don’t receive a reply within your expected time frame, wouldn’t a normal smart person just approach another bakery as a back up plan or something? All I can say is, I do as much as I can. If that’s not good enough for you, then I cannot help it, you are welcome to approach more established bakeries. As long as you haven’t paid up, I do not owe you anything, neither am I committed to you.

I am committed to my cake buyers and lovers on the whole, not to anyone PERSONALLY.



ANYWAY, that helped me let off some steam, here’s the real issue.

Even after attempting to clear things up with this unhappy cake customer, she still buay song la. She rambled on and on in an unpleasant tone, about how displeased she is, and I was planning to brush it all off as I’ve already said my piece, all until she said THIS:

Oh, for flying fuck’s sake.

I am “MERELY JUST A YOUNG KID”??? Y u want to get so personal? I know you not happy with me, and I wasn’t very polite with you from the beginning, but instead of letting it slide you wanna start on how I’m just a young kid and make me so annoyed.

Yes, I am younger than you, I am in fact 19 only.. but I already have a relatively successful business drawing a very decent salary per month (hey what do you know? it wasn’t because of her invaluable advice and business lecturing) I don’t wanna sound like a show off so I’m not disclosing how much that figure is on my blog. The amount is irrelevant. My point is, what the fuck is everyone else doing at 19? Why wanna say like I’m some big failure? That’s hugely insulting because I’m actually very proud of who I am and the things I do. What were YOU doing at 19, if you are older than me? Unless you were running for the bloody olympics or doing something huge, don’t lecture me about being a small kid or success. You are just a big talker working as a waitress in Frolick. -_-

(I know this because I saw her facebook)

Me, being me (you know me, sigh, it would kill me to back down from an argument I’m damn stubborn I know), couldn’t help but reply her a sort-of-polite-yet-sort-of-taunting-reply (I know I should’ve just let her be, but lmao, I cannot maintain when ppl wanna argue with me. I’m all like,”U WANNA DANCE, BITCH? #trollface”

So this is what I said.

Not the best idea, that I’m aware of… but it’s already been said and done, and this was what I said.

Watch out for Huizhen’s next reply, it’s CLASSIC.

She said WHAAAAT? Did she just say what I think she said? Girllll you did NOT just drag your company’s name into this! I only mentioned Frolick casually, but now you wanna say something IN FROLICK’S NAME? You sure not?

Oh noes…. Kk, let’s read that again to be sure!

DISCLAIMER: All statements and assumptions and theories of Frolick denying undesirably physically built people work opportunities are based on the statement made by Huizhen Lee. I take no part in verifying it’s authenticity or confirming it’s validity, I am simply relaying the information in a dramatic, entertaining way. ^^

HOMAIGAWD. *kowtows*


I am so fucking sorry that I have cellulite and flabby thighs and a jiggly stomach and an unhot body that is unfit for work in FROLICK. Because it has always been my life’s ambition to work at FREAKIN’ FROLICK, serving froyo. How did you discover my wildest dream?

Some people might point out that she didn’t spell out the word “F-A-T” directly. But that doesn’t make her statement any less obvious or demeaning. So let’s not pretend to be stupid. You know what she’s trying to say, and I know it too.

Oh ya, the girl in the pic above… that’s her, by the way. Her name is Huizhen Lee and she is the star of today’s blog post. Yes I am posting her picture because, well, I thought everyone should know the criteria to apply for work at Frolick. Must be gawgus like her. When you insult me like that, I don’t even give a shit whether you used to be my cake customer. You just turned from Cake Customer to Bitch Who Wants To Dance.

Guys, guys.. (or girls, rather) listen up!!

If you are FAT, CHUBBY, UGLY, HOMO OR STUPID OR DEFORMED ETC ETC… You probably can forget about joining Frolick already. I am informed that you have to be as divinely CHIO and THIN as this girl *points above* to work there, like it’s some sort of exclusive chiobu sanctuary where they bask in each others chioness while serving yoghurt. I dunno how it works dude, but this is the general idea I’m getting from this chick.

I was all like…. Woah, steady, girl. Do you know what bringing Frolick’s reputation into this means not?

It means,



Oh… snap.

FROLICK, Y LIKE THIS??? Y u no love your customers and workers, flabs and all?

Just serving yoghurt only what. What makes you guys so special that us non-thin people cannot be a part of? What’s the big secret / deal?

I used to buy Froyo from you you know. I dunno if this info from Huizhen is true, but if it is, then I am honestly disappointed. If I am fat, so not good enough to buy froyo you too isit? What the fuck is this – elitist froyo?! Froyo socialiate high fashion model store?! Even if it’s not true, why would your staff member slander your name liddis?

Congratulations, worker’s rights have just taken 100 steps backwards because apparently if you’re fat you’re not good enough to work at a yoghurt store. You know how many FAT and SKINNY and NORMAL SIZED people you are potentially offending and scaring off your store? Just by letting her get away with this statement is unsaid consent by itself.

What sort of message is your staff member sending across to girls and boys alike out there who are dealing with self-image and weight problems? Or for people desperately seeking a job, only to told they’re 1 kg too heavy and it simply won’t do. The kind of “FAT” I’m talking about is chubby people like me of course. Obviously I’m not thin, but I’m nowhere near obese so why should I be less competent of a worker than a thinner girl? If I’m not any less competent a worker, does it boil down to LOOKS then? Are LOOKS really so important?!

I mean seriously, what a disgrace this is to Frolick, big name company reputation being tarnished by small fry ah lian.

Hmmm “unforgettable experience”… I wonder what she means. You wanna add special ingredients to my froyo, or you wanna show me how good YOUR service is? By the way you reply your email and talk about your own company, don’t think you’ll be any better at it than I am.

It’s tragic that I was not born into a LOADED family like yours. Wowowow your 21st birthday celebration was held in an MBS suite, BFD! Sweetie, I bo dai bo ji also get to go stay in their suites for free, just to shake legs and soak in the bath tub. 21 years old and you’re still leeching off your family? Urgh. What for work at Frolick when you don’t even use that money to pay for your own shit? Btw, I have the answer to your last queston in the above paragraph. #justsayin’

But I’m not like you, base all insults on looks only. So this is the last time I will mention your looks, or the lack thereof. Because I for one know there’s actually more to a person than that. However, guess I’ll never understand what the environment at Frolick is, because, like you said I’m not THIN or CHIO or good enough to work there.


IF YOU’RE FAT, Huizhen says... You’re not GOOD ENOUGH for Frolick.

U can haz your grapes bub, but no Frolick’s awsumsauce TooThin4U yoghurt.


Poll time! Do you guys think Frolick will do anything about this?


But Huizhen is a member of Frolick and therefore in a way, representing Frolick itself, so yeah.. this is rather personal to me.

Me? I am just someone who used to buy Froyo from them that probably won’t anymore, because I feel unwelcomed. And of course, offended. This is coming from someone who has worked at Frolick for awhile now, shouldn’t there be some sort of credibility to her words?

I have no confirmation from Frolick yet whether this is all true, thus giving me freedom of speech at the moment. It’s anyone’s guess or say. You are as welcome to share your opinions on this matter as I am entitled to my Delete Comment button, just so you know.

Will Frolick just keep quiet and pretend nothing happened and hope this would go away unresolved? Well I’m not so sure myself, I am not confirm that all of this is true, so I decided to ask Frolick myself.

Since this screenshot is broken up into several segments, I thought I’d just copy and paste what I wrote to them here.

“Dear Frolick, earlier this afternoon, I was rudely informed by one of your staff members that Frolick does not hire FAT people?!? This is a shocking revelation to me and my friends, and everyone I have relayed this information to. They have always had a relatively positive impression of Frolick and it’s staff members until now. Since said person I got this information from has been with Frolick for awhile now and is a representative of your company, she probably has insider info?

It all started when I casually told her, hopefully next time I get the chance to work at Frolick. But she shocked me by revealing that Frolick does not hire FAT people. “Just a heads up”, she said. I have tweeted about this on Twitter and another of your staff member confirmed this information with me. She continued on to say, “opportunity to join Frolick? let’s just say cut down on your calories first.”

I am now wondering out loud, is this really true? What is the reasoning behind the unfair bias towards people who are overweight or chubby? Fat people are people with abilities and emotions too, right? Being fat doesn’t mean a person cannot become a valuable worker to a company. Fat people should have equal rights when it comes to working. If everyone has this sort of mentality, then unattractive or overweight people are doomed to be jobless. In this case I had better inform everyone that if they’re chubby and looking for a job, Frolick is not for them.

I am very disappointed to hear about this as I am dealing with weight problems too like many other people and feel self conscious about it, but never in my life did I expect that I can not even work at a Froyo store I enjoy patronizing because of my looks or physical condition. This hurts my feelings and I’m sure many overweight or chubby people out there (and even skinny people who are reading this) will be outraged by this statement made by a Frolick member herself. It’s not like I’m fat until I’m disabled or obese or any less competent a worker / customer. The world is already superficial enough. What about ugly people too?! It’s highly correlated and I hope Frolick does not deny people opportunities just based on looks. If fat people are not allowed to work at Frolick, surely we can at least buy from you??? Or still not good enough for you?

My underlying question is, are your workers carelessly slandering the company’s name, or is there a good reason for this sort of treatment? I’m not ready to accept just one person’s statement yet as I am halfway convinced, however I am keen on expressing my desperate concern. Should it be true, this whole situation and discrimination against chubby people such as myself is ABSURD. If this is not accurate information, perhaps you’d like to ask why this staff member would even say such a thing. I still have the recorded evidence of this conversation between me and your staff if need be. My friends and I will be waiting for your answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.”


Now awaiting their response.

Will let you guys know when I’ve received one. In the mean time, imma go watch a movie and snack on froyo from another yoghurt store and get even fatter while bawling my eyes out. I cannot even work at Frolick, what’s the point of trying to diet? /sadface

P.S – If you think I’m overreacting, damn right I am. I am pissed off, so don’t expect me to be a little ray of sunshine. I’m not even pissed at her for being rude to me in the other emails. I’m a rude bitch myself, I know and admit it. What’s truly unnerving about this is the fact that she has the nerve to claim fat people don’t get to work at the elite froyo store SHE works at. Coz she + Frolick is so damn good eh? SMH.

If people told you such an absurd thing wouldn’t you be stunned too? I know I’m not thin, or have a good figure, but telling me that I’m not good enough for your froyo store is stupid. I’m not fuckin’ perfect, sorry. But I think I’m much better off without this “opportunity”, thanks.

And, of course, I speak on behalf of all chubby people out there. ♥ It’s ok, if next time when I have my own cupcake store, I will employ anyone who’s a good worker.

THIN, FAT, UGLY, SHORT, TALL… Everyone should be treated the same. At least by froyo stores. *rolls eyes*



What’s Bakin’? #6

The more cakes I do, the less pictures I take. The less outings I have. The less motivation to update my blog coz I’m drained. (and the less I do of anything else, really. mainly including sleeping and having leisurely free time. it’s like a full time job now) …mind boggling tiring!!!

Nevertheless, I’m thankful for the amount of orders and support we have been receiving. About half a year down the track and we’re still going strong. Still getting more orders than we can handle lol.

Although I’ve met some unreasonable / rude / immature / ridiculous / nightmare-ish customers that seriously made me reconsider this decision (*shakes fist towards the high heavens*), I’m amazed at how far cupcake decorating has taken me. So thank you for loving what I do. ♥ Every day is a new test of my creativity, work is never boring and that means so much.

I haven’t shared Shiberty’s Sweets photos with you guys in awhile… I hope you enjoy these photos :)

Fondant jet fighter planes!!! For a real pilot :D The whole time “Like a G6″ was playing in my head.

These look like japanese bombers in WW2 o.O

The whole fleet.

Safari cake that was superrr fun to decorate! There was so much fondant details this thing weighed at least 5 kg me thinks.

Funny lion and alligator. I think you all know by now that every single detail is painstakingly handcrafted and 100% edible :*

Nawwww. How unreal are these monkeys? MY BABIES!!!

King Kong wishes you an awesome 21st!!! The recipient of this cake emailed us a few days after with very kind compliments which made my day. Appreciative customers always make me happy ♥

Side view!

Instead of the normal hello kitty, this time we got a special request for a NERDY kitty! I actually kinda like it hehehe.

Simple mermaid-couple-themed cake. The guy cracks me up lol he’s got serious double chin problems

A pretty shade of blue

2 tiered (or rather, 3 including minnie’s head) cake that was covered in the sweetest pink ever!

Baby mickey and minnie.. they look sort of warped but customer loved it lol

Girly Marie Cat design!!! So feminine ^^ Rainbow interior of course, what else?

10″ eeyore cake with cute lil flowers :)

Sexayyy 2 tiered cake with scroll patterns, blood red roses and black stripes. Red, white and black is such a good color combination.

This was hard to draw… I have a problem with drawing symmetrical lines and estimating drawing space. *nervous sweat* e_e;

The best part is, if you fuck up…. You get to redo the whole cake. …Joy.

No room for error. Making cakes = STRESSFUL. There is so much that could potentially go wrong, honestly.

Oven failing, running out of ingredients halfway, accidentally screwing up a design, meeting deadlines, dealing with difficult / demanding requests and people, ensuring the cake is as perfect as possible for someone’s special occasion… making it a birthday cake they won’t forget anytime soon.

A Volkswagen Polo car cake!. The first of what we expect to be many more 3d fondant car requests after posting this photo up!

Excuse the awful quality pic by my iphone. Was in a rush.

This was fun and simple to do, birthday girl wanted 2 tiered rainbow cake with bright colors and candy elements! The hearts are marshmallows.

Buttercream hello kitty, the original. Last cake pic of the day.


Oh, and one more thing…

My gorgeous kiddo neighbour Sarah celebrated her birthday in advance today! She brought our cupcakes to school. Isn’t she just ADORRBBSSSSS ♥

She looks like an angel. :* And she is a real sweetheart, always so polite and cute. I hate bratty kids so thank god my neighbours are the best ones you could ask for!

I remember when she was just a baby lol, I was like 15 years old then. Funny watching her grow up. Will miss them very much when I move out, which should be soon enough.

In “exchange” for our cupcakes, her momma Lynn, brought over some yummy cupcakes from Sparkle earlier this afternoon!

Sparkle is this apparently famed cupcake store in Sydney. Her husband just came back from a trip there so they gave me some to try. I’ve been curious about them ever since hearing rave reviews from Lynn.. they were yummy!

Absolutely zero points for presentation LOL, but their cake melts in your mouth. Buttercream was ok.

I think their cake is better than ours because it remained soo soft and fluffy despite being through a flight from Sydney to Singapore. However I think our buttercream beats theirs, hands down. Sam reckons our taste a lot better. *buay paiseh*

It’s always interesting trying out cupcakes that other people have made. Very pleasurable to eat a cupcake you didn’t have to make yourself. Novelty. You’d think after working with so many cupcakes, I’d get sick of em… Not at all!

I still love creating them, looking at them and eating them! Every single day of my baking life I am tempted to steal my customer’s orders. I see so many cupcakes in front of me I cannot eat :( If I eat = lose business and get fatter lol. Tough choice.



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