Keeping up with the times


So I have 2 announcements to make.


I know I’m very slow *feels ashamed* but I figure better late than never, right?!

So if you like me or my blog or my boobs, go like my Facebook page okie?! ^.^

I’ve had a lot of people try to add me on my personal Facebook and I lazy to reject them so the requests just keep piling up, so much that I had to set my Facebook account strictly friends-only, no one can send me any requests andddddd since that is a rather drastic measure I thought it’d be easier just to create a “public” facebook account, so my personal one won’t get clogged up!

And of course this is another shameless method for me to satisfy my never ending craving for attention.

AND another platform for me to interact with my readers! You can go talk to me there and leave your comments / ask me questions, I will reply them all~~~

Also I think it’s just a good feature to have in general. I’m keeping up with the times I can’t believe I didn’t do this like last year -_-

If you wanna get updates via Facebook when I post a new post, or if you wanna receive updates via Twitter even though you don’t use Twitter or to simply stalk and praise me….

You can do so here!!!!!!

I have 1 like at the moment and it’s quite sad indeed.. so show me some love? :* ♥ ♥ ♥

I just got a new phone so I’ll try to post as many pics, updates etc as possible to Facebook.

I’ve also tried to add a “like” button to the bottom of my posts but eh I think I somehow coded that wrongly because it doesn’t synch up with my Facebook… I will ask my designer about it when she’s free.

Which reminds me, I will be posting a sneak preview of my new blogskin soon!!! I swear it’s fabulous, especially compared to this crappy makeshift blogskin I did up in Paint in a jiffy I don’t know why I thought it was good once upon a time. *facepalm*

It’s okay, though. I am shifting domain, shifting to a new country, shifting new blog skin…. my life is going through a drastic image / lifestyle haul very soon!!!

P.S – Probably going to have a mini contest giveaway soon on my Facebook soon, only people who’ve “liked” the page can comment in order to participate. I’m thinking of giving away a set of personalized yummy pretty cupcakes – or maybe one of my favourite mascaras? (new one of course)

Not sure yet!! Gimme suggestions! Also you can tell me what to blog about on my Facebook~~~


Second announcement:


LOL again I know it’s not new news at all but give me a break plz! I’m super happy!!!!! The graphics are so much sharper and better than iphone 3 and the camera is HEAPS better, I’ve been having a lot of fun snapping pics with instagram

(you can search for Shiberty and follow for instant pic updates, even the ones I don’t post to twitter / blog / facebook)

So can anyone recommend me fun iphone apps??

I was using an iphone 3 before this but the novelty wore off rather quickly, and I stopped playing iphone games like months ago. Once in awhile I’d play my die-hard favourites (like Scramble / Word with Friends and other word-based games!) but now that I have a sparkly new phone, I wanna download all sorts of apps!

I downloaded the basics like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (omg I love it, it’s the new instant lomo photography) and also some of the top downloaded free games but they’re all quite shit.

Ok, that’s all for today’s update.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been trying to be a lot more active online! Trying to blog more, tweet more, even signed up for Facebook. I guess I just want to be a bit more relevant, y’know? Afterall I’m moving to Australia soon… what if everyone stops reading my blog then and I become just the chick who used to blog but now lives in Australia?? FML!!!!

So not going to happen! Imma be more pro active and not fade into oblivion. (which I think I already have but it will all change soon)



Random pics that never saw the light of day

Was browsing through My Pictures folder earlier today when I came across some pics I meant to share a long time ago but for some reason or another, these pics never made it on my blog.. But here’s a revival for them!!

They don’t really have particular meaning or point to them… I guess I just like them coz they’re decent photos even without any photoshopping :D

By photoshop I mean editing bodily features, I HAVE to edit the lighting of every single pic I post on my blog, even if it’s a crap one taken from my iphone. I think I’m obsessed with editing contrast and hues.

With Sam @ our favourite indian restaurant!

I have tried so many indian restaurants from all over the place and even famed ones in other countries, they just can’t compare to Mumtaz Mahal @ Far East Plaza! (5th floor, look out for red signboard, near chicken rice / indonesian eataeries, opposite escalator)

I have been promoting them for a long time now, because their business isn’t really that good (baffling, I love their food) and I’m terrified they’d close down due to not having enough customers, so I figured they could use with some free advertising from me. Especially now that I’m going to Perth soon and will visit them a lot less often, I don’t want them to close down on me!!! I still want amazing indian food when I come back to visit Singapore.

I like this top!! But like a lot of my other clothes, it disappeared into the mysterious depths of the black hole that is my closet after the first time I’ve worn it. I seriously dunno where all my nicer clothes go, I’m highly convinced my maids have been stealing excessively from me -_-

With drastically different hair lol

Bahahah couldn’t resist posting this pic because I think I have a very kind gaze here!! I know it makes no sense but whatever meh this entry is pointless anyway

Reasons I have completely stopped camwhoring in the toilet:

1) Nobody likes seeing toilet bowls, sinks or contact lens cases in the background of pictures.

2) The lighting makes my nose looks unnecessarily huge

3) Feels very low class!!!

My fav necklace of all time is this vintage piece of YSL heart shaped pendant that says “In Love Again”

It’s sooo presh! I found it a couple of years ago wrapped up in this pretty silk packaging unused in one of my mum’s accessory drawers and I asked her if I could have it, and she said yes! I changed the chain to something a little bit modern, at first it was like.. silk also? Can’t really remember.

She said she got it at least 3 decades ago when she bought something from YSL and they had a limited edition promotion that gave these out!!! Perhaps during a V’day promotion?

Blowing bubbles, splashing in the water and soakin’ up the sunshine. Beautiful day.

Lookin effing tired after a longgg night of filming for a school project. But it’s all good because I received pretty flowers at the end of the day from my boyfriend for a job well done!

I was one of the actors (nobody else wanted to be) and my role was a drunken whore HAHAHAH I had to walk around with an F&N soda can pretending it was beer and that I was wasted.

I’ve never even been drunk or wasted in my life before so needless to say I couldn’t relate to the role very well.

I see you.

Is that fungus I spot on my tongue?

LOL jk.

Check out ma last birthday cake!!!!!!!!!!!! A KILLER WHALE CAKE ♥ ♥ ♥ It looks a little melted and messy but I reckon it’s still fab, it’s an orca after all!

This was still when Sam and I were clueless about cakes (but interested)

We’ve come a longgggg way. I can’t wait to see THIS YEAR’S cake because I’m sure Sam will make it epic!

LOLOL just realized how close I was to setting my hair on fire just to act cute in a pic.

+ my finger looks broken

This was what our tongues looked like for at least the next few hours after eating that much black food coloring – you know what this means??

Never order any design which requires a significant amount of black in your cakes, especially if you wanna take pics and people will be around!!

Me + spongebob + a name sticker on my arm at an MTV event yonks ago. Random? Yup.




Happiness is a decision

While typing my previous post, a burning question popped into my head:

What is happiness?

Because I realized in my second sentence of my previous entry, I said

“One day I’d be bouncing about in happiness, the next there will be moments of hysterical sobbing.”

The fleeting moments of happiness – is that REALLY considered happiness, or just an over-exaggerated word people throw around lightly in hope to convince themselves their life doesn’t suck that much after all?

I mean, if you’re laughing one moment, then sobbing the next, then cycle repeats – that can’t mean you’re truly happy, surely? Shouldn’t happiness be a safe, fairly constant feeling, and not unexpected whirlwinds?

While pondering over all this, I came to a conclusion.

That after so many years of wondering what happiness really is -

“Is it love? Is it the feeling I get when I’m starved and finally chomp down food? Is it achieving goals and fulfilling your dreams?”

I’ve decided that…

Happiness is a decision.

A decision to overlook all the shitty parts about your life, and to focus only on the good. Whatever that isn’t good, YOU CAN make better, if only you choose to.

It’s the decision to continue smiling once you’ve wiped those tears away, even when there seems to be nothing to smile for at the moment, it’s the faith that new beginnings will come your way.

It’s the ability to walk away from a treasured relationship completely broken-hearted, yet finding the grace in yourself to forgive those who’ve sinned against you and to open your heart to someone else again, in the future.

It’s the yearning to always improve the quality of life, and striving to be the best possible version of yourself you know you can be.

It’s the freedom of doing the things you enjoy, even if the returns do not pay your bills. Afterall, money has no true value unless you do something with it. Money can buy you a fancy car, a big house, and a private island but it cannot directly buy you pride and self-fulfillment.

It’s the expression of who you are inside, and ONLY what you really are, not the person you wish you were, or the person the people around you hope that you’d be.

It’s the peace of mind a person has when they tuck into their favourite food without having to worry excessively about calories and a diet.

It’s seeing the good in others, and yourself.

It’s being unafraid to feel different emotions and trying new things, even if it threatens to disappoint. Happiness is not about routine overwhelmingly positive emotions and safe decisions, it’s about taking risks and watching them pay off, and if they don’t, you can at least say you’ve tried your darnest instead of sitting at home all your life wondering what could’ve happened if you had done something different.

Regretting someone you’ve done is awful, but regretting something you wish you had done is worse.

It’s knowing that life isn’t always fair, but you do the best you can. And even if your best is not enough for other people, it should be enough for yourself. Nothing is ever perfect.

Which brings me to my final point – that happiness is not perfect.

It’s usually attached with sacrifice, tears, time and commitment.

Being happy doesn’t necessarily mean everything is going perfect, it just means you refuse to wallow in self-pity and slime and watch life pass you by.

Some people have it all on the outside, but have nothing but empiness on the inside. I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all.

So yes, I guess you can say, I’m emotional as heck, and life is no field of rainbows, but I’m still happy.

Because I choose to be.


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