Why do people hate Valentine’s Day?

So I was surfing the net last night at about 2am (technically V’day was just over) and some people were talking about how much they disliked Valentine’s Day
(such as tweeting #ReasonsToHateValentine’sDay, quotes about how Single Life Is Better, or making fun of a girl happily holding a giant bouquet by calling the guy stupid for buying something so expensive, etc.)

After reading multiple blogs and tweets, I’ve gathered enough information to conclude that these people hate Valentine’s Day because…

Everything’s so expensive – Flowers, Chocolates, Dinners, etc

They didn’t have dates / partners to celebrate this special occasion with

They think this date is too “commercialized” and “unnecessary” because everyday should be filled with love, not just on Valentine’s Day.

And I just can’t help but wonder…


Why do single / unhappily attached people like to piss in the faces of happy couples so much?

I mean, what is the point of laughing at / cursing at / shaking your fists at blissfully attached couples just cuz you don’t have a date yourself?

Can’t you be happy for other people that they’re doing well?????

Why you must emphasize on how shitty and stupid you think the whole event is? It doesn’t make YOUR day any better, does it? Not everything revolves around you.

All it does is make you come across as a jealous angry person who didn’t / can’t get laid or dated.

I KNOW it doesn’t feel good to be dateless and lonely on V’day, what with other people talking about what a great time they’re having and your day has been less-then-satisfactory but omg…

Can you stop it with the childish spite already?

I’ve been single on many Valentine’s Day as well, all alone cuz my friends had their own dates and shit but I didn’t go around pooping on peoples parades, acting like I’m above the whole thing!!!

Or even worse, being pissed off at people who had a good time just because I didn’t. What sort of person would I be?

V’day was actually very irrelevant to me when I was Single
, cuz it’s like…. I don’t even have a boyfriend, so why should I care about the occasion? None of my business right?


Whose fault exactly is it that you are loveless and single?? Maybe your jerky ex or your personality disorder but most certainly not the happy people you are indirectly insulting.

People happy want to tell the world about nice things that happened to them also cannot? I’d take a happy non-stop-gushing girl over an emo spiteful craphead any day. Would you rather hear cringe worthy sob stories about how emo somebody is?

If you didn’t wanna BE that person having fun on V’day, you wouldn’t be PISSED at that person for having fun on V’day.

So, you know what I suggest?

……Stop bloody whining and bitching or being a cheap, anti-social bastard with high expectations. Find somebody to go out with and just have fun!!!!!!

Maybe if you stop sulking, somebody decent might notice your smile.

Does it REALLY have to be about crazy passionate love making or extravagant bouquets of flowers and fancy dinners?

V’day is about showing the people you care about that you ♥ them – which means you could go out with friends and family too!!! A bf / gf would obviously be much more ideal, but beggars don’t get to be choosers.

And you’re missing the whole point of V’day.

I realized another type of people who hate V’day are ones that HAVE partners, but lazy / cheap / unromantic ones who can’t be arsed doing anything for each other on V’day so get all pissed off cuz other girls are getting flowers and shit.

OR they are already going on fun dates and getting flowers but they COMPARE themselves to other couples and blame the world for not being treated like absolute royalty on this supposed “special” occasion!!

Well guess what??

If your bf is so damn crappy and unromantic and it displeases you so much, why don’t you just dump him? Hate the player, not the game.


I HAD A BLOODY FANTASTIC TIME!! ....BUT. I didn’t get a ridiculously expensive but gorgeous bouquet of fresh roses.

Not even cheap chocolates.

We did go a nice hotel and ate at a nice restaurant and went for a nice spa treatment but I paid for a lot of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all… Do I mind one bit?


I told myself that if my bf is unwilling / reluctant / forgets to treat me nicely on V’day, I will treat myself and treat him instead! Girls, it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be the guy paying. Your mindset doesn’t have to be so backwards.

I didn’t have any V’day plans unless the night of 13th itself, I booked everything last minute. And I was more than willing to chip in for the price since my bf thought it was kinda pricey.

What I’m trying to say is, the more you’re “pressured” to have a good time and the more silly expectations you have, the more likely you’ll end up being miserable on V’day, with or without a partner.

Lower your retarded unrealistic expectations and maybe you won’t find yourself majorly disappointed as often!

It’s perfectly okay to have expectations in general, as long as they’re realistic and deserving of them.

And don’t you people pretend to not care about the whole huzzah because everyone likes sweet little gifts and thoughtful handmade cards and pretty flowers even if they die also won’t admit it!!!!!!

Obviously Valentine’s Day means something to you because you care about it enough to “hate” it. Nobody hates something they don’t care about.


Moving on!!! I feel the need to rant more!

Valentine’s Day may be over the top and expensive, but it is most certainly NOT unnecessary.

The most annoying thing of all is when people go “WHY does today have to be any different from other days??? It’s so commercialized and bullshit!”

How is Valentine’s Day unnecessary?

It is JUST as necessary and important as birthdays, anniversaries, father’s day, mother’s day, independence day etc, because it is a REMINDER to all of us to care a little bit more.

Not just on that day, but in general. We are only human. We make mistakes.

Sometimes we take our partners for granted. Sometimes we’re not as nice to each other as we could be, sometimes we just NEED a reason to be nice to each other especially if you live-in with one another and all you talk about is who should do the dishes today.

A reminder for a 70 year old man that his wife of 50 years STILL deserves a rose every once in awhile because she’s still his special girl.

A reminder that not everyone takes, but one that most people are grateful for.

Just because we want to be treated extra nicely on V’day doesn’t mean that we only appreciate Love on February 14th and that other 364 days of the year are gonna be sucky!!!!!

Don’t YOU wanna be treated nicely on your Birthday? Don’t you want to buy your mum a nice dinner on Mother’s Day?

So if your friends buy you amazing presents on your B’day, does that mean they don’t appreciate your friendship the rest of the time?

If you specifically take your mum out for an EXTRA nice dinner on Mother’s Day, does it imply that you only love your mother 1 day of the year???

Usually the couples who go ALL OUT on Valentine’s Day are the ones who are MUCH nicer to each other than any other normal couples on average days too.

Just Sayin’.

Look around, it’s true ;)


Oh and of course, my last point – about V’day being “too expensive”


X’mas dinners not expensive meh?

You might get discounts at restaurants during your birthday as an exception but that’s cuz you’re not as important as Jesus!

You’re like Mr. Scrooge who goes “bah, humbug!” when people mention X’mas and all things good that keep you warm at night.

Except you’re the V’day version of Scrooge. And I feel sorry for you.

…Actually not really, since you’re being so spiteful. Orbi.

Why don’t you buy the groceries and cook yourself a great meal at home with someone special???


Stop making so many excuses.

For every special occasion or public holiday there will be crowds, expectations and prices that are jacked up high EVERYWHERE. But is that a good reason to not enjoy the festivities???

Anybody who says Valentine’s Day is a waste of time = Logic Fail.

And anybody who is too cheap to buy nice things such as flowers for their girlfriends on V’day because they think it’s too expensive = even more Fail.

You dumb ass, you’re not ONLY buying the god damn red plant, don’t you know you’re buying yourself time, happiness and intimacy as well?

A girl who receives nice flowers is a girl a lot more willing to be nice to you than one who received nothing!!!

Happy girls = frisky girls

Frisky girls = happy guys

Happy girls and happy guys = less time spent quarreling.

And that’s a fact.


That is all.

To everyone who had awesome sex and french kisses and got flowers and yummy dinners, I betcha had a good V’day.

To everyone who sat at home bitching about how much V’day sucked… oh well, sucks to be you. Hopefully next year will be better for you! And don’t forget not to bitch your weight around and to start smiling more often! (remember, nobody likes negative people)

Happy post Valentine’s Day y’all!



Seeing Taylor Swift LIVE in concert!! + Poodlecraft & Friends


So I got the last minute tickets that I was desperately searching for and went and saw Taylor Swift live :)

Are you jealous?!?!?!

It was actually quite easy to find tickets, within a few hours of posting asking for spare tics on my Twitter and Facebook, I got quite a lot of people texting me / sending SMS-es and calling!!

Thank you to all the people who helped me spread the message ♥

I turned down most offers though, because some wanted to sell at $400 each.


Not that she’s not completely fabulous or not worth the money, I just think you are one helluva opportunistic vulture and wouldn’t give you 2 cents extra to earn even if I had $400 to spare!

In the end I settled for decent seats for $160 each. They were $128 originally but whatever, considered very good deal already! To think I almost bought 2 tickets for $500 omg.

My seats weren’t that much in front, but the stadium is so small, it doesn’t matter anyway!! I’d rather take a further back seat but central view than look at her from the side -_-

Plus she walked over to my area mid-concert!!! Bloody happy!

This was the nice lady I bought my tics from!!!

Sam sneakily took a pic of her in case she scammed us HAHAHAH. She didn’t scam us of course, I just think it’s hilarious still.

I was kinda wondering what would happen if I agreed to buy from this one person and on the day itself they decided to not pick up my calls or sell my tics to someone else, leaving me helpless and stranded.

I came up with this conclusion of prank-calling their phones every night at 5am with my private house phone number until they change their line completely!!!! I seriously totally would lol. -revengeful nature-

Thank goodness I met this nice lady who gave us a reasonable price and additional discount when she was 15 mins late for our appointment and also, she called me to tell my cab driver to take Mountbaten Road (sp?) because the other roads were taken!! I avoided a massive jam thanks to her :D

Speaking of nice people, there was also another guy I “met” on FB who was damn nice and offered to help me look for tickets even though I didn’t know him, and he really called me up when Sistic released last minute tickets!!!!

I wonder if he sat there just refreshing for me? Coz Sistic didn’t announce any notification or anything.

The last min tickets would go out of stock in like 2 mins, then when they came back in stock, he’d text me again wtf!!!!

My faith in humanity has been restored. -happy sigh-

Sitting on the stadium steps waiting in line. Yes, my lippie was THAT red in real life. I scared Taylor cannot see me from far mah hahaha.

I was damn kia su and arrived at 5 plus even though the concert only started at close to 9!!!!!!

But I remember the previous time I attended Avril Lavigne concerts, I arrived 1 hour in advance and was still too late to go into the stadium!! The concert started while I was queuing outside. -face palm-

# LOL moment of the day # : While in line, there was a group of like 11 year old girls in front of us singing Taylor Swift’ss songs loudly and doing her signature hand actions super buay paisehly.

10 points for enthusiasm, 0 points for actual talent.

I wanted to die and bury my face. (and cover my eyes and shove an apple down their throats)

First neopets, now this. Thanks a lot, self-preference!! You suck!

Dragged Sam along even though he wasn’t a big fan.. there were quite little guys at the concert actually! Mostly tweens and a significant amount of ang mohs were present.

I hate going to the concerts with people who don’t appreciate the artist’s music!!! It’s like you’re so psyched and hyped and singing along like a fanatical fan (yes I know fan = short form for fanatical) but they’re just sitting beside you going “meh”.

Annoying max!!!!

I swear the next time I go to a concert, I’ll go with a DIE-HARD FAN!!! So when I turn to them going “OH MAI GAWWWWWWWDDDD!!”

they will return 5 OMG OMG OMGS to me instead of a -.- face.

The crowd!!!!! Sold-out show.

I can’t believe I didn’t hear about Taylor Swift coming to Singapore only until December?! I need to stop living in my little bubble and get out more!!

Anyway I still managed to get tics so I guess it’s all good. Remember how I blogged about how I was going to enter this contest and meet her and all that?

It sounded like a great idea in my head, but when I actually got down to doing my submission entry I was quite upset because I didn’t think it was good enough to be shown to the public!! I worked on it for 3 whole days though.

Such a downer :(

North entrance!!

And we’re going innnnnnnn weeeee.

All in all I spent about $400 to see Taylor Swift live. $320 for the tickets, $50 for cab fares (peak hour and shit) and $20+ on snacks, etc. One small packet of chips was like 4 bucks!!

Upon entering I was prancing around the indoor stadium like an excited little kid. Happiness is contagious, and you could really feel the air buzzing with excitement!!!!

My excitement soon died down though, because they started ONE HOUR later than stated timing :[

And the opening act was kinda lame. So yeah.


So, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!

O HAI THERE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!11111@@

Aren’t you awfully real and close to me?!?!!?!?!?!?!

Sorry for the ultimate shit quality pic but I thought they’d confiscate my DSLR if I brought it (the Avril Lavigne concert I went to was super strict – had people walking around checking)

But to my disappointment, everyone else was shooting away with big ass DSLRs and security didn’t mind at all!!! Grrr if I had known I woulda brought mine too :( So wasted.


She came down from the main stage and WALKED to the middle of the stadium (past thousands of screaming hysterical fans trying to grab her) and plopped herself down on a little platform right in front of me and started singing.

I was actually closer to her than it looks in this pic, you know how things always look further on camera???

And everyone got off their seat afterwards to rush forward – so did I!!!!!

When she was walking through the crowd, people were trying to grab her and everything it was so scary omg!! What if somebody stabbed her or scratched her up badly or something?



Anyways sorry for acting like such a teeny bopper fan :P

I didn’t think I’d be so star struck either. I didn’t realize how much of a fan I was until 1 day before her concert I started feeling really sour about not going.

I ALWAYS sing her songs (used to do it daily for 5 hours straight) and put them on repeat…

And then I noticed how I purposely stopped listening to her songs these few weeks in order not to wanna go to her concert!!!

So I was like, “fuck it, even if it’s expensive, i’m going.”

And I’m glad I did!!!!! It was a cool experience. Definitely nowhere near as fancy or extraordinary as I imagined or expected it to be (refering her Fearless tour vids), but ok enough I guess.

I might be really biased because the last (and only) celebrity concert I’ve been to was Avril Lavigne and I’m a MUCH bigger Avril fan than Taylor. (well back then at least)

When I went to Avril’s gig I was really CRAZY over her, knowing ALL the lyrics and tunes to each and everyone of her songs, I know her favourite drink, fav pizza parlour, and just watching her used to make me happy.

I say used to because I’m not such a super hardcore fan anymore – in fact I haven’t even listened to her new single “What The Hell” yet… but I’ll get around to doing it soon!


*more Celebrity Singers rant*

I am not that big a fan of Taylor’s new album “Speak Now”, I guess I’m less familiar with it cuz it’s just been out but I like songs from her 1st and 2nd album the most.

Songs like Tim McGraw, Change, Teardrops On My Guitar, and all that jazz so I found myself clueless throughout most of her Speak Now concert as I didn’t know the song / lyrics!!!!

The crowd obviously agrees with me, cuz when she sang “You Belong With Me” EVERYONE screeeeeeeeeeeeamed and sang along, but when it was time to perform “Enchanted” people were like, “what?”

The show lacked a lot of special effects
(like lighting, etc), her entrance to the performance could’ve been grander, her vocals coulda been stronger / louder, she could’ve been more interesting and interactive

(she kept saying cheesy lines.. almost cringe-worthy. like “Hi my name is Taylor and I write songs.” not that cute.)

AND another reason why the concert was a little below satisfactory was how low her mic’s volume was.

I could BARELY hear her at all over all the fans screaming their guts out. Most of the time I hear annoying girls beside me singing and that’s it -_-

I might come across as being too critical but hey, I paid good money to see her!

And I wanna give my honest opinion to those who are curious about what really happened during the show. When compared to Avril’s concert (I keep mentioning it coz I’ve only been to hers twice before), Taylor’s one was actually really weak and boring, but at least Taylor sings better live than I’d expected!!!!!

She IS stunningly pretty too. Like you just wanna stare at her all day long :)

She doesn’t have the most perfect features or the best body but she has amazing eyes, awesome make up, golden blonde hair, sparkly dresses.. I mean c’mon!!! What’s not to love? (besides the fact she sometimes looks a bit rodent / horse like. haha….. just kidding. don’t kill me TS fans)

Seeing her in real life is EXACTLY like watching her in her videos.. Same style, same smile, same kinda dresses. She definitely has an X-Factor about her, and she knows it. (that’s why she plays it up so much – and also why I wanted to see her live!!)

I was star struck because you’d expect stars to be less perfect IRL but no she’s perfect sigh why. They’re so sparkly and pretty, I feel like I have no place being so near to their perfection :P


Ok, end of gushing!!!!!!!!

I’ll be perfectly honest with you.

I have a love-hate relationship with Taylor Swift.

If you’d followed me on Twitter for a long time, you might remember me dissing her a coupla times and that’s because she really did suck live last time!!

Like how come she sounds SO bad during her Grammy performances? I reckon it’s because they don’t have autotune on as high, so as to appear authentic.

I believe even in commercial concerts they have higher autotune so yeah.

I’d like to think she’s improved a lot now though, and yes, I hate her because she’s so perfect!!!! Why she gotta be so pretty and famous and talented? (writes awesome songs though many are similar)

Usually superstars around my age kinda messed up in a way (think Miley Cyrus) but Taylor seems to have it all going for her.

It’s very seldom that I’d look at a girl and feel stupidly inferior and crappy about myself like an under achiever, but it happens every time I look at Taylor Swift.

I guess that’s why I love and hate her at the same time ;)

So, that was my Taylor Swift experience wrapped up with very few pics and a lot of words!!!!


The following is a shout-out to my friends at www.Poodlecraft.com!

A blog reader sent me an email one day telling me she was preparing a present for me, and some time later, she dropped it off at my condo!! (I gave her my address)

It was a big bag full of goodies and I was pleasantly surprised at how cute and personalized everything was ♥

I’ve never quite seen anything like this!

www.Poodlecraft.com is an Arts & Crafts DIY sort of website where you can order lots of handmade with love goodies from Toto & Friends!!!

They’re not your typical “engrave your name on a bracelet” or “print your picture on a cup” kind of people.

So some of the goodies she gave me included this set of Heart Shaped pillows…

Upon tearing the wrapper open, I was like... “What??? Is this it? What’s so special about two black pillows?”

….Then I found out that there was a very special way of customizing the items by myself!!!!!

The creative peeps at Poodlecrafts handmake these snazzy Velcro Hook colorful cut outs that you can stick onto the basic plain colored items you can get from their website!!!

So instead of the once-boring all-black cushion before, you’ll now get…

Super cute, ultra personalized cushions the way you want them!!!

Pac-Man wuvs you :P

At first glance they look like mass produced stuff (good quality) but upon closer inspection you can tell it was painstakingly done individually by hand and it looks sooo good!

These would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift, no matter intended for a girl or a boy!!!!!! ♥

Me and Sam stuck the message on together, hehe :)

I hear that www.Poodlecraft.com is only making 20 sets of these for V’day, so place your orders ASAP!

I think I was meant to use the Velcro Hook cut-outs sparingly because she gave me accessory pouches and stuff too but I went nuts sticking designs all over on this one!!

It’s a laptop case, of course!
Perfect for when I go to Uni in Perth and would need my lappies for lectures :D

And it’s black and made out of awesome long lasting material so I don’t have to be afraid of wearing it out or dirtying it!!

Another thing perfect for my schooling days from Poodlecraft – a notebook!! :)

I can already imagine all the lecture notes and dozens of pages worth of random bored doodlings on the pages of this book!

Look, it even has my name on it!! ^______^ I LOVE IT!

Everything is so pretty and unique and high quality and yes I am gushing not because I was paid to do this but because I am genuinely in love with their thoughtful products.

I could’ve stuck on more Velcro Hookie cut outs but I chose to keep it plain black.

Looks like it contains top-notch secretive information this way, y’know? :P

Wooo lucky me, I caught myself a Mr. Perfect!!!

The final special touch was matching funny Ah Pek shorts for me and Sam to wear!!! Hopefully on V’day? :P

Don’t ask me why… I just accepted it cuz it’s cute!!! I have one exactly the same too.

This one’s labeled Sam, but I have my own!! :)


All the wonderful products featured here are purchasable at www.Poodlecraft.com!

This Valentine’s Day, get personal with Poodlecraft :)

And thank you to Toto & Friends for the wonderful gifts!! ♥



Chinese New Year 2011

How was everyone’s Chinese New Year? :)

Mine was surprisingly good, and lucky for me I didn’t eat as much snacks and fattening goodies as much as I expected!!!

I spent mine visiting my dad, cooking food for my relatives, collecting ang paos, playing card games… awesome fun.

Chinese New Year is like the ching chong version of Christmas!!!

There may not be presents exchanging and dong dong qiang songs may be a lot more annoying than beautiful X’mas carols but hey, I don’t need to give ang paos (only receive) plus I get to wear cheongsams once a year so I don’t mind!!!

One of my favourite parts of CNY is picking out my outfits… but this year’s outfit was bought last year (didn’t get the chance to wear it then) and YAY IT STILL FITS!

My second favourite thing about CNY is waking up in the morning (by morning I mean 12 noon) and hearing all my relatives going “Happy New Year!!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!”

Smiles everywhere.. so joyful :]

Of course, my 3rd favourite thing no need to say right?

My aunt and cousin exchanging red packets!!!!! $$$$$______$$$$$$

LOL I struck gold this year, got about $500 worth of ang pao money and Uncle John is coming home later!! Means MORE ang pao!! Eureka!

But I hear people get over 1k or even 2k… those must be the kind who either have rich relatives or they visit their uncle’s cousin’s god-mother’s niece’s maid’s boyfriend’s house for 5 days straight just to collect as many ang paos as possible… :P

Momma and Sammy!!!

Like last year’s outfit, my mum got Sam this chinese traditional outfit for this year too. He had matching kung fu pants and my bro said he looked like he just stepped out of China or somthing lol.

He’s half chinese half vietnamese, so he used to celebrate CNY with his family, this whole custom isn’t exactly new to him.

Got Sam to help me cut my bangs with a pair of scissors the night before Chu Yi because I figured bangs looked more “Chun Li” style!

Oooh and I changed my DSLR’s lens filter, my previous one made my photos a little dark and I think because they’re brighter now, the quality is also much clearer!!

Probably not obvious now but you’ll see the difference soon.. I hate how my image host reduces the photo quality so much :( It becomes much more pixelated on my blog cuz in my pictures folder it’s like WOAH sharp.

18 megapixels afterall!!!!

My aunt and cousins!!! They are the first to arrive every year :)

Although I don’t see these people often at all (usually twice or thrice a year) but they are all really nice peeps and soo easy to get along with! All my cousins are like that.

I think it’s good to have a smaller family coz I’d really hate to have someone annoying or competitive as my distant cousin or something like that.. y’know always being compared to the other person and stuff? The family relative who’s always tryna steal the limelight and impress everyone else?

Not that I have one of those, but I can imagine!!!

My cousin on the far right is an A Math teacher (and apparently a discipline mistress now?) of a secondary school!! Another one of my cousin topped her school and went to London to study..

Wtf why are they so smart??

My dad’s a professor / lecturer / dental surgeon, how come I didn’t get any of his genes?!? (besides his stubbornness)

My little cousinsssss! So cute :)))

Especially the younger one *pinches cheeks*

It’s nice not to be THE youngest in the family coz I still got some cheeks to pinch and kids to boss around muahaha. Actually I’m very nice to them lor, whenever they come over I always let them use my computer and Wii to play!! I’d make an awesome jie jie! Always wanted a sister.

Speaking of which, the little girl was using my laptop beside me whilst I use my computer on the table and when I turned around to look at what she was doing,… THE HORRORS!!

She was playing Neopets!!!

..But that’s not it.

The problem is, SO WAS I. LOL.

One 18 year old and one 11 year old sitting side-by-side playing Neopets. Obviously the 11 year old needs to grow up pshhh :P

Which reminds me, she is like 11 already OH MY TIAN she still looks like 7 years old I swear!!!! And the older one beside me is 14! I remember when she was like 2!!!

..Just kidding, when they were 2 I wasn’t even born. But y’know the feeling of watching your family grow up.

When I was 11 I already looked like 15 or something, totally not cute like them. Now I am REALLY doubting my genes… :(

Ling ling and her cousin, Jennifer! Here’s a shout out to Jen because she’s my blog reader haha I was so surprised when my uncle came over and said, “I have a visitor for you!”

She’s from the other other side of the family so I dunno her personally but nice to meet you that day! ^.^

Oh and if you are wondering why these photos have got such good, professional-like lighting, it’s because I bought light stand (also known as the “ring light” popularized by Wendy) and it’s awesome :D

Blinding, but awesome.

Recently my house has been having lighting power failures and this ring light has come in handy!!! You can just plug it in and use it as a normal light too it’s DAMN BRIGHT!!!!

I wonder how I haven’t gone blind (or the other chicks who use it all the time) from staring into it

Random close up pic coz I was trying to test the lighting. But check out the vivid details!!!!!

(ya I know my hair is kinda dried. that’s what happens to perms after awhile. i still like it though)

Me and mummy!!! This is probably like my FAVOURITEST picture with her ever taken :)))

Lighting, angle.. everything is perfect. (including the woman standing beside me)

Love you mama ♥

As I grow older, I enjoy occasions like Christmas and Chinese New Year more and more because I realize just how much family means to me.

How its value can never be replaced, and how much all of us really need it no matter how we refuse to admit it!

My elder female cousins ♥

I really miss this particular cousin Linda, but she’s not around anymore.. :(

When I was younger she doted on me heaps and now every family gathering I always think of her.. though we try not to mention it..

Anyway… back to happy matters…

…..Don’t worry, I feel like punching my own face when I see this picture too.

♥ ♥ ♥

CNY will truly never be the same without THEM! We hang out around each other the most every year.

This year we spent most of our time playing games like Taboo and chilling watching TV by the couch.. :)

Look at that greedy face!! Have you ever seen “G l u t t o n y” imprinted more clearly on somebody’s face!!!!!

(besides mine LOLOL)

As usual, every Chu Yi we have Steam Boat! My mum buys the freshest awesome ingredients so I look forward to it even though I’m not a fan of steamboat.

Everything tastes…… the same D:

Nom nom nom

HAHAH this pic of gran is damn funneh!!!!

My cousin was playing with my DSLR and he turned to my gran going, “Ah ma pai zhao!!” (or something like that)

And my gran immediately went “:o AH MA LAO LIAO BU HAO KAN!!! BU YAO PAI ZHAO LA!!!”

Florence, my cousin Ruiwen’s gf!! She is super sweet I like her lots :)

But I am terribly sorry coz I mixed up her name with Ruiwen’s ex-gf’s T____T

FHL and FML, but their names both start with F and I only see her once a year so….

*awkward moment*

I love how CNY is full of awkward moments!!!! It’s hilarious to watch everyone squirm when being asked questions they don’t know the answer to.

“Why haven’t you gotten a job yet? … When you gonna get married? ….. When wanna have baby? ….. What you eat, why now so fat?!?” - LOL the last part happened to me :(

ALSO, why do Chinese relatives always discuss how their daughters look?!?! It’s damn awkward!! My aunties were talking about boobs and butts and openly discussing the curvatures of my body in front of male relatives present.

…Talk about awkward srsly T_T

Give me a break about my weight!! It’s not like I don’t see my own flabs when I look into the mirror – I’m not blind

Rui Wen and Florence!! Good looking couple.

Forence & I! ^.^

..Yay for loud prints that you can get away with only during CNY without coming across as super AA!

Chu Yi is really full of nomz.

Totally random candid of Mum and Uncle Kevin eating, but at the left corner of this pic you can see the SUPA YUMMEH VIETNAMESE SPRING ROLLS that Sam hand made from scratch!!!

He half-assedly told me he’ll be making food for my relatives during CNY and I didn’t take him very seriously, but he woke up at like 9am in the morning or something just to go out and get groceries to cook!!! ♥

I’m not a fan of spring rolls or deep fried stuff like that but it was really addictive and deliiicious!

They were SUCH A HIT, the whole day my relatives kept going, “Got some more popiah or not?!” (popiah = spring rolls.. in er.. hokkien?)

Since they popped the first spring roll into their mouths, they’ve been singing praises of Sam ever since. All my relatives really like him, and that’s fantastic coz they absolutely hated my ex haha!!!

Everyone ♥s a good cook.

I realized it doesn’t matter if you’re ugly stupid annoying or smelly, if you can cook a good meal, people will still like you.

Other evil things :[

♥ Hehe

…Can’t remember what I was eating here. Pineapple tart maybe?

Shu Yuan looks extra pretty this year!!!!!

I think it’s the cheongsam, seriously.. any girl who wears a form-fitting classy cheongsam immediately looks hot in an oriental chic way!

Am I whoring out my own outfit indirectly? ……….Indeed, I am.

CNY is the one day I put on loads of make up and wear a dress I can’t breathe in just to stay at home and look good.


Handsome men to share!!!!!!

I really like Rui Wen’s plucked neat eyebrows, I’m gonna do the same thing to Sam’s eyebrows weee!

Thick eyebrows on guys = ♥

I cannot think of any other male person I know under 40 that wears traditional costumes like these LOL but he’s cute in it, isn’t he?!

Over lunch, my uncle was saying “I like your outfit, where did you get it?”

And I added the comment

“Nice right? It’s reversible and 2 way, so next year he can just slip on the other side and nobody will know it’s the same shirt!!!”

And my cousin said, “Now everybody knows, coz you just told us.”

……………………Feel damn loser LOL.

The only group picture I have!!!

There were MUCH more people that day, but everyone left and arrived at random timings so it was hard to gather everyone together :(

These were the peeps that stayed throughout most of the day…

Wish I’d gotten some with the others but oh well! There’s always next year, and the next, and the next!!!


The following pictures are me testing out my ring light, wooohoo!

Bought it for awhile now but never really put it to good use until CNY.

Me tryna figure out how to work this shutter remote control thingamabob!!!

Angle = fail.

We didn’t have anywhere high enough to set my DSLR on (the light is very tall, so are we) and we had to bend our knees just to get the right angle…. We looked very stupid and since my room is cluttered and messy like hell, we were just all over the place!!!

Many accidental shots turned out like this:

LOL I can’t stand my own face sometimes.

Can see the remote control + can’t see the top of our heads…. still fail

The bright is EXTRA effing bright in a super dark room at night!!!

Damn hard to keep your eyes wide open and maintain a straight face, in the first few shots I was squinting and the above is a pic of me trying to smile while going, “AHH!! MY EEEEYYEEESSS” hence the expression :P

I anyhow pulled out a pair of sunnies from my stash of accessories to protect my eyes but didn’t look to see which pair I got – ended up being this random Gangsta pair of $2 shutter shades I got from Bangkok 2 years ago ~.~

Did nothing to help at all

I love the glow that the light has on the skin!! I can see why Wendy raves about it so much now!

I ♥ blood red lippies

Yo. What’s up?

I may be wearing a cheongsam and the dude beside me may be wearing a tai jian outfit, but we’re still gangsta’.

ILU, fool :)


I actually think this is my best angle, but it’s such a ridiculous head tilt – I can’t possibly do this outside when taking photos with other people, right??

So hard to look non-weird when taking photos dead on.


Hope y’all had an awesome Dong Dong Qiang new year!!!


P.S – If you’re interested to know, I spent Chu Er / San visiting my dad and gambling etc but don’t have many pictures taken on those day so probably not gonna blog about it!

Or I will if my dad sends me the pics, coz the pics are with him :)

*pokes him for pics*


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