So recently, there’s been some mad drama going on at my Formspring

Who’s the star of the show?


Or THY-DOWAGER as she likes to be called.

If you dunno who she is, don’t ask me, you can google her.

I wasn’t going to blog about this issue since at first I thought it was no biggie, but figured it’d make for gold content, so here’s your juicy bit of gossip today!!!

You heard it first on ;)

So it all started with………… this photo.

Dowager (I love calling her that) camwhored with a dirty 2 dollar note, and posted the picture on her blog.

And now, Wendy aka Xiaxue comes into the picture.

Wendy saw the picture and told me about it on MSN, and after laughing about it, she posted her opinions on Twitter, saying something like she saw a picture of someone putting a $2 note in her mouth to act cute, and she can’t believe somebody would do something so gross coz money is really filthy (IT IS.)

Note that Wendy was nice enough to not reveal Dowager’s name on Twitter, so it was anyone’s guess who it could be…

Anyway, some telltale minion went to report to Dowager on her Formspring page, telling Dowager that Wendy talked about her on Twitter regarding the $2 note, to which Dowager had varied replies for:

Dowager’s first reply was “I can’t be bothered”,

and her next one was “Wendy is an amazing girl with talent”,

and her next reply would then be TOTALLY different again, going as far as to say Wendy is “fat”, “mean”, “plastic” and a whole bunch of other lame insults.

(DON’T BELIEVE ME?? Go look at Dowager’s Formspring! ALL the evidence is there – If she doesn’t delete it!)


…And then somebody left her this question on her Formspring:


Apparently she has no idea why” Wendy talks shit about her on Twitter (not the first time, and I don’t blame her)…

Maybe it’s coz you’re so damn unlikeable, Dowager?!?

Anyway, this whole $2-note-bitching-on-Twitter-and-Formspring thing was between Dowager and Wendy..

But now that Dowager’s decided to conveniently include the fact that I’m a “suck up” out of nowhere, then shit just got PERSONAL, bitch.

People told me about the insulting things she’s been saying about me on her Formspring, and at first I was gonna ignore her, but she persisted comment after comment, so eventually I started insulting her back…

And the insults just went back and forth, and back and forth - if you have the time, you can check it all out on our Formspring accounts, it goes way back and would probably answer a lot of your questions.


Anyway this blog post is not a showcase for who has the better insults/comebacks (obviously me though hehe) or who is at fault, I was prepared to let it all go since it was just 2 bitches going at each other and it’d die out eventually…

But out of nowhere, THIS HAPPENED:


With a capital L on your forehead!

Or maybe on your chin coz there’s more space.

Do you guys even realize how classic this is?!?!!?

If you didn’t notice before, look at the account name of the person who left me those 2 comments!!


Miss Dowager left a SELF-PRAISING comment on my Formspring,

posing as an outsider, saying she’s “So much better than me” without realizing that she forgot to ask the question Anonymously!

Epic shit or what!! Couldn’t stop LOL-ing when I realized what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got really so dumb one anot?

….In this case, yes.

You’ve really outdone yourself dear.

And when I say outdone, I really mean Self-Pwned.

So after awhile, I suppose she realized the utterly stupid thing she’d just done, thus freaking out a bit and during a fit of confusion and embarrassment, came up with a pathetic cover-up that said:



This is just so classic Dowager! Incoherent and lame. Even just by the typing I can tell it’s her, lol!

Anyway, from my replies to her in the screen shot, you could tell that I wasn’t fully aware of what was going on at the start…

I was just as confused as anyone else in my situation would be!

I didn’t notice who the questions were from, I receive a lot in a day so I didn’t think very much about it.

But people started telling me, “OMG Peggy didn’t set her status to anonymous and now she’s freaking out HAHAH what a loser!!!”

And EVERYONE was laughing their asses off!

So not only did she #FAIL by trying to self-praise on my Formspring and ended up owning herself instead, the very next thing she does is try to cover up by pretending she got hacked??

LAME MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Even if you wanna lie, do it properly plz! Say it was your sister who did it or something moderately believable.

HELLO, who would wanna hack your Formspring account?

Got gold and diamonds inside izzit?

Formspring accounts are worthless, even if they’d wanna hack you, they’d hack your blog right??

Why isn’t your blog hacked instead / too ?

Plus, if the hacker hated me but liked you so much, why didn’t he / she just use an Anonymous name to leave a comment on my Formspring - why did they have to HACK you just to send such a lame message???

You seriously think anybody would be so free?

Meh. Seems like a pretty shitty way of showing a blogger your support – by hacking them!



Everyone was going nuts on my Formspring, talking about what a huge liar and loser she is, etc….

But then, it gets more exciting -

Dowager then DELETED her Formspring!

She didn’t answer her readers questions of “Peggy were you really self-praising?!” but instead, completely disappeared from the cyber world for what she claims is 2 whole days.

What happened? Did she really freak out that badly?

I suppose it’s in order to support her claim of getting hacked?

“This user has disabled their account.”

Note that it said USER has disabled their account”, not “this account has been terminated” – Thus it was done by the owner of the account and not a management error by Formspring. Plus I’ve never heard of spontaneously-self-deleting Formspring accounts before either.

Of course everyone assumed she disappeared into oblivion in shame..

Too embarrassed to even talk about it or explain it.

Come on, it’s such a huge fuck up, if it happened to me I’d just bury my head in the ground and never appear online again!!!


…..But her lies just kept on coming.

Tonight, (12th December) Miss Dowager finally came back from being MIA and announced on her blog:


Stop it already!!! You tickle meh!!!!!!

You’re honestly cracking all of us up. O____O

FIRST you leave a self-praising comment, then you get exposed,

next you got conveniently got HACKED,

and then you go MIA for 2 days

and now you come back telling the world you’ve had FOOD POISONING??

What’s next?? You won the lottery and donated it all to poverty coz you’re a kind soul like that?!?

And somehow, after all this, you still DON’T KNOW why your Formspring account got deleted?!!!???!!


Someone give her a prize for her efforts already, this woman deserves a medal for being so ridiculous to believe that we’d buy her story.

Magical self-deleting Formspring accounts!!! The new in thing. They self-destruct when they detect their owners are getting pwned. Technology keeps amazing me with every new invention.

Or maybe the blame is on a non-existent hacker that supposedly likes you but actually really really hates you.

Even if I’d chosen to give her the benefit of doubt, she REALLY killed it by saying she got FOOD POISONING. (that’s what I tell my teacher when I don’t feel like going to school)

Getting food poisoning at the same time you get hacked ?
That’s got to be in a Guinness Book of World Records (for lying) somewhere.

If I were her, I’d at least cover up by pretending to get my blog hacked along with my Formspring (save a copy somewhere so you can make it go back to normal after drama is over) and then pretend to be very traumatized.


She claims to have not been online for 2 days as she’s been tossing and turning in bed in pain, then tell me,

WHY OH WHY, did she answer a few Formspring questions just YESTERDAY???

Wasn’t she meant to be sick in bed, and if you haven’t used the computer in TWO days, did your Formspring automatically answer itself again?

Izzit a new function I haven’t heard of from Peggytechnology?

And there is NO WAY she could have logged onto Formspring without receiving a swarm of insults or questions regarding the Self-Praising incident…

I’m sure she’s been working the Delete button on her Formspring like crazy recently.


Btw, posting a picture of medicine on your blog isn’t going to fool us. Nice try.

What do you think we are???? Children?

Anyone who is even the least bit REMOTELY intelligent

can see through her disgusting lies.

I’m not going to bother entertaining her claims about me being a fake bitch, pretentious, bootlicker, fat, underachiever – really, she can say anything she wants.

Whatever she says is highly irrelevant and completely not credible now.

Nothing she says about me will top what she’s just done, so she can say whatever to comfort herself if it helps make her feel a little better.

Most of it is probably more lies anyway.

Like ANYONE’S going to take anything you say seriously from now on..?

Plus, as I mentioned before, the whole point of this post is not about the two of us bitching @ each other, cuz bitching is about negative opinions and rumours and some lies that can’t be proven wrong without evidence, whereas in this case, I have CONCRETE PROOF.

How is anybody going to discredit this, eh?

Miss Dowager, how do you expect people to still respect you????

Actually I almost feel really sorry for you while writing this post… but not really. You asked for it.

This whole post had to be said and done. I can’t stand it anymore.

And lastly….

are attempting to stir up shit? Ok, maybe XX and QQ a little, since they talked about you on Twitter.

What about me?

As much as I disliked you, did I even utter a word to diss ya? No.

I didn’t say shit, at least not on a public platform like Twitter.

And yet, the moment somebody mentioned I’m arrogant on your Formspring and asked why Wendy wants to be friends with me but not you – you took it as an opportunity to insult me by calling me a “suck up”?

It’s not my fault she doesn’t think you’re worth having as a friend.

Why did you have to come provoke me???

Oh well. You can pay the price now, coz everyone who reads this post will know what you did and who you are.

….If you hadn’t decided to camwhore with a $2 note in your mouth (seriously?? who does that? oh and did I mention she claims the note’s new from the bank? LOL)

If you had just kept your stinky mouth shut and not be bitchy about the situation coz money in your mouth is undoubedly filthy

If you hadn’t dragged me into your problem for no good reason…

None of this would have happened.

Now that she’s been getting so much shit from people, Dowager says she’s going to put an end to this whole saga.

You think you can just start shit with people by calling them a suck up and simply end it as and when you feel like it?

I think not.

I think you have some explaining to do to your readers, if you’d still like to have any supporters left at the end of the day.

Stop thinking you’re invincible coz you’re Peggy Heng, it really doesn’t mean much nowadays.

I’ll admit that I did like you before, as you enjoy going around telling people that as if it makes any difference now – 3 years ago when I was 15 years old, young and stupid..

But then I grew up, got smarter and better.. so don’t be mad coz I don’t look up to you as a blogger or a person anymore.

Don’t keep digging up the past to say kk? What matters is RIGHT NOW.

And right now you’re a capital L!



Erm.. lan jiao? Ok nvm you don’t have one.

A lot of things have changed since 3 years ago darling!

You’ve bitched about me and backstabbed me, and I’ve definitely done the same to you, everyone knows we’re both not innocent, so let’s not act like angels and be true to ourselves at least.

I know I’m a real BITCH too – it’s ok,
I don’t need any reminders.

But hey, at least I can admit it to the world and to myself!

I don’t try to put on a “nice girl” image like you.

Like one of my readers said, your constant “Holier-Than-Thou” attitude is annoying.

There is so much more nasty things I’d like to say about you, believe me, but let this post not be about random personal insults.

I want it to be a clear account of the blatant lies you’ve been telling these days, not just about me,

..but also about yourself.


The moral of the story today, boys and girls, is….

If you can’t handle the HEAT, don’t play with FIRE!



Baking Christmas Cookies!!!

Tis the season to be jolly, Fa lalalalalalalaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!!

2 more weeks till Christmas! Are you guys excited??

I know I am, but I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do on the day itself, wtf. I might just stay home and host a mini house party and cook up a storm because I’m homely like that!!

I wanted to go on a vacation but air fares are RIDICULOUS.

So anyway, the best idea struck us yesterday… baking CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!

First it started out as an idea to bake gingerbread men, then I thought, “Why stop at gingerbread?? Go ALL OUT to make them as cute and christmassy as possible!”

To our delight, they turned out absolutely AMAZING! And I even took pictures to show you guys how to make them, because its the season of joy and sharing, yay!

Things you’ll need:

For the shortbread cookies-

2 cups butter, softened
1 cup white sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
4 cups all-purpose flour (NOT self-raising flour!)

For the royal icing-

4 egg whites (seprarate the egg whites from yolk and use the whites only)
4 cups sifted confectioners’ sugar
1 teaspoon lemon extract (We didn’t have lemon extract so we added lime juice instead)
food colouring

First, preheat your oven to 180 degrees, then while it’s heating up, let’s get the yummy icing ready!

Sam got me this electric mixer for my birthday… such a lifesaver! I can’t imagine that I used to bake without a mixer omg.

Beat the 4 egg whites in mixer on high speed until foamy, gradually adding sugar and lemon extract..

Beat for at least 5 mins, or until your icing is really nice and thick!

I’m so happy to say I’ve found THE PERFECT COOKIE ICING RECIPE, and this is it! This recipe is everything I’d want in icing.

Not overpoweringly sweet, a thick consistency so it’s easy to pipe on, and after a few hours it dries completely to a wonderful glossy coating!!! Using egg whites for icing instead of butter is genius.

This is royal icing that I find is best suited for already sweet sugar cookies, not the usual buttercream icing on cupcakes, so don’t use them on cuppies!

Seperate your icing into little bowls and add different coloured food coloring into them!

I mix them with chopsticks because I dip the ends of chopsticks into my Wiltons Gel Food Colouring and start stirring the colour into my icing mixture.

Since it’s a christmassy theme, the main colours we’ll need is White, Red, Yellow, Green and some Black if you wanna draw on black outlines for santa’s face etc.

(this is optional, we ran outta black so we didn’t use that)

Now for the cookies mixture!!!!

Mix 2 cups of softened butter with 1 cup of sugar until it’s fluffy, then add 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract and finally 4 cups of flour, and mix well.

If you’re doing it by hand, it’s gonna take a lot of effort.. and if you’re doing it by mixer, be warned, it gets messy!! I ended up getting batter splattered all over myself hahaha yummmyyyyy.

When you’re done mixing it thoroughly, you should get a soft and moist dough that looks something like this!

Get your cookie cutters ready for all sorts of fun Christmassy shapes!!!

Take a ball of dough into your hand, compress them in your palms and use a rolling pin (or your hand) to press them flat, then use cookie cutters to press out fun shapes!

If you don’t have suitable cookie cutters, don’t worry, you can always draw the shapes you want on a piece of paper, cut out the shape and use it as a stencil as you use a knife to “trace” the outlines.

Or you could be a ninja and do it freehand like us, we took a knife and started cutting and moulding our own custom shapes like Christmas trees, Santa hats and Christmas stockings!!!!

It will take a few tries to get the hang of it but it’s so much fun and you get to experiment with different shapes!

This is probably the most fun part about baking because you get to be super creative :)

The amazing thing about this dough is that it’s so easy to mould, unlike gingerbread cookies!

Shortbread is kinda fluffy yet kinda crispy and crumbly at the same time… wonderfully buttery, it’s the ultimate cookie to rule them all!


First batch ready to go into the oven… ^________^!!!

We ran out of grease paper (omg yes my house is very low on supplies) and so we greased the pan like crazy, hoping our cookies wouldn’t stick to the pan while baking and thus crumbling when we try to remove them afterwards, and guess what…

They came off so easily. I really love this cookie recipe, it’s idiot and low-supply proof!

Bake at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes or until it turns golden brown… (Not BROWN ok, golden brown lol brown means chao tah already)

If you cook it a little lesser, it’d be more moist and soft, if you cook it a little more, it’d be super crispy!

Hahahaha look at this Santa that Sam made!!! So cute! ♥

The cookies are EXTRA yummy when they’re fresh out of the oven, so I suggest eating some while they’re still warm, they kinda melt in your mouth :’)

Once the cookies have cooled significantly, start decorating them with your icing!

Because the icing is of such a great thick yet creamy consistency, you can use a spoon / spatula / knife to spread it on and use a piping bag with a small tip to pipe on the smaller details!

Remember to leave the icing to dry for a few hours, icing is easily damaged when it’s wet.

Oh hello gingerbread man without eyes!!!

Look at all that glorious royal icing dripping down his sides…. Mmmmmmmm

O hai Christmas tree!!!

SEE what I said about “when the icing dries, it forms a glossy sheen”?

Check out my already-dry stocking – it’s so shiny and perfect!!!! *super happy*

And now……..


My finished product!!!!!!!!!!!


So cute!! Almost too cute to eat :3


We have the northen star, a jolly santa, frosty the snowman, a christmas stocking, a fluffy christmas hat, a christmas tree with ornaments, holly leaves, giant heart, a gingerbread man, a flower…

And there’s even more in the 2nd batch!!!

Real proud of me and Sam, it turned out even better than I’d imagined. I can’t decide if they’re more cute than yummy or if they’re yummier than cute.

They look perfect just sitting on the dining table, I almost can’t bear to eat them!

If you don’t know what gift to get someone for Christmas, make them Christmas Cookies!

I think this would be a WONDERFUL Christmas present to give to anyone, who wouldn’t like colorful cookies? Especially if they’re X’mas themed!

Home made cookies add that extra necessary jolly touch to any decent house party. *nods*


So very pleased with my cookies indeed.

I hope you guys liked this how-to post, they’re extremely easy and fun to make, so make them with family and friends to get into the ULTIMATE Christmas mood!

Extra bonus fun points if you play christmas carols in the background and chase each other with batter on your fingers and laugh when flour gets onto someone’s nose, hehe :)


And of course, if it’s not too early to say this…




Pudding & Me & Recorded Ustream video!

We were broadcasting live for SIX HOURS.

Six flippin’ hours!!!! Can you believe that?

That’s like longer than a radio DJ’s shift for one day… madness. It only felt like 3 hours or something though.

We didn’t manage to record the whole thing, only started recording bout 3 hours in, so here’s the recorded video for those of you who didn’t make it for the live chat!!!

P.S – Just realized how distorted my face looks on webcam, lol!

P.P.S – Girls couldn’t stop commenting on how cute Sam looked!!! I’ll agree, super cute looking there baby, hehe!!! ♥








Haven’t really been posting pictures recently, so here are some random pics from like 2 days ago!!

I would totally blog more, except that my days are SO extremely lazy I absolutely have no activities to blog about! It’s like me and Sam would wake up, find something to eat, then watch a movie at home or play with my hamster, than go out for dinner again and probably watch another movie or play an online game or go swimming….

Plus I’m almost 99% wearing casual (meaning unattractive) clothes and without a trace of make up so I’m not in the mood to take a lot of pictures.

Yes, we’re sloths, and I am the mother of all sloths. I just woke up and decided to blog, and it’s like 3pm now!! Madness.

I sleep at 6am average everyday.. this awful sleeping pattern has to stop!

Besides these random pics, I wanted to blog about an issue that’s been on my mind recently, and even though it’s a sensitive, sort-of-personal topic I REALLY wanna share because… it’s so juicy and ridiculous and fun to bitch about other people to that I can’t help myself!!

Maybe if she really persists and annoys me enough, I will blog an epic entry, which will obviously work towards my advantage because it’d be great content for my blog and I’m sure my readers would be able to relate ;)





Piccy time!!!

A pair of heels that I’d bought recently!!

Aren’t they cute?

At first I thought it was too much lace, but then I figured the whole lace and cut out feature made it adorable.. plus the fact that it’s made of suede!

I almost never buy heels but this one’s very forgiving on my feet, it’s actually walkable-ish in so I just HAD to buy it. Plus it was only 50 ish bucks.

I feel like a giant every time I wear heels… with these sort of heels I’m around 1.8m!! Ridiculous!

I think my hands are possibly my least favourite feature about myself. Why do they look like crab’s claws in this picture!!!!

♥ my hair colour here!!!

Was annoyed with my super flat hair so I was fluffing it up, add an over the top expression and it’d make a good picture!!

Who knew?

Candid shot after fluffing up my crazy hair and I don’t know why I was smiling like that hahahah I think Sam said something funny

Be prepared for cute OVERLOAD!!!!

Lotsa hammie pics coming up ♥ ♥ ♥

..Pudding nomz on carrotz!

I wuv my ham ham!!! ^______^

I was showing off Pudding on live chat the other day and they asked why I called it “ham ham” when its name is Pudding..

Ham ham is just a nickname for any hamster!! Kinda like how I call kitties “meow meow”… LOL or am I the only one who does it?

It’s nomming on another treat I gave it!!!

It’s so cute, super docile and almost never bites until I poke him really hard when he’s sleeping, LOL!

I can’t say how happy I am to NOT have a roborovski… I can easily pick up Pudding any time I want, sometimes I’ll put my hand in the cage and he’ll automatically jump onto it!

I’ve been letting him around the house recently.. something I would have neverrrr dared to do with my roborovski because she runs at the speed of light and would end up being lost in some obscure corner in my house and we’d find a dead hamster 3 days later -_-

I’ve always wanted a pet but never had one and a hamster is just the perfect pet at the moment!!!

Momma won’t let me get anything bigger than a hammie, but I really want a kittie or a doggie.. maybe both! I can’t wait to get one when I have my own place!!!!

Me and Sam were watching funny hamster videos yesterday and laughing our asses off - I just HAD to share some with you guys!!!

HAHAHAH OMG this seriously made me giggle non stop!!!

I nicknamed this one Lan!! LOL Sam kept laughing when I told him so.

Why are some sisters hammies so psycho??? What makes them so miserable, and why did they turn out so much worse than the others? Food for thought!

Another one of my favourite! It spazzed and squeaked and bit the girl super hard!!!! Funny as


This is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

The 0:57 mark is awesome, when he goes “BAAHHHHH” and even though the guy was speaking in Russian I’m pretty sure he said something like

BAHHH run for your fucking lives!!!!111″

Look at that thing go! It’s completely unafraid and it’s so brave for fighting off 2 giants of its size. It’s an endangered European hamster and is totally wild…

I reckon it’s a RATTATA!

A wild Rattata appeared! Rattata used Growl!

But it is not effective!!


End of spastic hamster videos. Back to my amazingly adorable fluffball!!!! ^.^

…..Shooooooooo cute!!! *dies*

Sorry for my terrible nails o_x

Ham ham in its toilet roll tube!!! He shredded that thing to little pieces!

Ham ham dropping out of his tube O_O

He likes to take suicide leaps out of my hand… so I have to hold him still.

I hope he comes a little less active when he gets older so I can just sit there and cuddle him without having him keep running around all the time!

End of random pics!!!

Big thanks to everyone who joined us for the live chat that day, we had over a thousand viewers and it was totally fun!!! ♥

We might have one again this weekend. Who’s up for it?

Till then, talk to you guys soon :)



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