A complilation of some of my favouritest blog posts ever


This is my new Twitter Display pic ^.^

I hate how screwed up Blogger.com’s archiving system is!

Most of my entries in my archive cannot be read by a normal reader (unless you google for the specific blog post name) because they only allow limited number of entries per month to be shown, which is really really dumb (fo real!)

So for the convenience of newer readers and people in search of specific entries, I decided to compile a whole long list of some of my favouritest posts ever to include in my sidebar!

The three categories include, “Good Reads”, “About my Boyfriend” and “I love traveling”

I might have missed out a few, accidentally or not (specifically left out a lot of traveling entries with my ex-boyfriend.. we went to various parts of malaysia and australia)

Trying to track down entries from wayyy back proves harder than you think… but these are the ones I can remember clearly or think that they’re the most interesting so here you go!!!

Good Reads ♥

Never good enough

Cyber Bullying

Getting over heartbreak

Self-Esteem Issues

I don’t need a lot of friends

Things I’ve learned about Friends

What does Jessica want to be when she grows up?

I am not possessive

How I’ve changed over time

17 things I did when I was 17

Don’t expect me to be your friend

For anyone who’s ever been in a Long Distance Relationship

What Inspires Me

Killer whales in Captivity

Rainbow Cake (just because so many people have been asking about it…)


About my boyfriend ♥

Sam is my new boyfriend

Sam’s first blog entry

Are we together?


I love traveling ♥

Viva Las Vegas! Nevada, USA

Fabulous Vegas

Legend of the Seas (Cruise, Part 1)

Legend of the Seas (Cruise, Part 2)

Adventure World (Western Australia)

Cottesloe Beach (Western Australia)

Phuket, Thailand (Part 1)

Phuket (Part 2)

Phuket (Part 3)

Magic Kingdom! (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Animal Kingdom (Orlando)

Christmas night at ICE! Gaylord Palms (Orlando)

Sea World (Orlando)

Clearwater Beach (Orlando)

Hot Air Ballooning over Florida

Aquatica Water Theme Park (Orlando)

Epcot (Orlando)

Universal Studios (Orlando)

The rest of Orlando

Road trip to Albany (Western Australia)

Road trip to Albany (Part 2)

Road trip to Albany (Part 3)

Kings Park (Perth, Western Australia)

Caversham Wildlife Park (Western Australia)

Fremantle (Western Australia)

Great Ocean Road (Victoria, Australia)


As for a new blog entry, I’m churning one out tonight!!!

I have to go cook dinner now, then I’m watching a movie after that, but I promise it will be up by lateee tonight and definitely by tomorrow :)

Just been having some time to myself to readjust to being alone again.. Y’know. Being emo lol

Come back tomorrow for a new post (of fluffy white snow!) and for people who haven’t read some of my older entries listed above, I hope you like em! Any new comments on old entries are still welcome hehe.

If you think any other entry should be added to the list, let me know.. and if you’ve any favourites, let me know too!



For anyone who’s ever been in a long distance relationship

A reluctant hug, and a soft kiss goodbye, he is leaving once again

Every month or so, he comes to visit then goes back on a plane

When he is with me, it is the only time I feel truly loved and complete

And when we are apart, all I can think of is when next we’d meet

He looks me in the eye and tells me he is sorry that he has to go

Pulling me in closer, he adds, “This is not a goodbye, this is only hello.”

I watch tearfully as he walks away from me, into the departure hall

He glances back for one last look and a short wave, before disappearing behind a wall

I wish he knew just how much I want and need him to stay

Before I know it, he’s long gone.. nothing but oceans and countries away

I tell myself to be strong, that life goes on – it should and it will

But why does it seem like every time he leaves, time just stands still?

The following days are spent getting used to not having hands to hold

The nights are longer, the side of the bed where he lies turns cold

I never knew before meeting him just how much I hated sleeping alone

Cuz instead of hugs and kisses in the morning, I now sit and wait by the phone

The comfort of his familiar voice is the only thing that keeps me sane

I try to keep myself occupied as much as I can to not think of the pain

With each passing moment without him, staying strong proves harder than I thought

This battle for a long distance relationship is the most difficult of any I’ve fought

Nothing compares to being kept away from the one person who makes you happy

I hate how I become such a different person, so lost, cold and angry

Can’t help but start blaming him for all the misery he’s causing

Can’t he tell that my heart’s tired of breaking?

Our feelings slowly change and patience gets much shorter,

At times I scream and ask myself, “Why the fuck do I even bother?!”

Loneliness and frustration becomes my only companion, it seems pointless holding on

I don’t think I can continue living like this, when the love is all gone

Despite the fights and tears, something in me refuses to let go

It’s a feeling so deep, inexplicable, I can’t tell you why this is so

Maybe it’s because I’m helplessly stubborn and naive

But love like this is something you’ll have to experience to believe

As the freezing snow in a hostile winter eventually melts away, summer comes around cheery and warm,

I believe there’s always a rainbow waiting to shine after a thunderstorm

The time finally comes, he waltzes back into my life as if nothing’s changed at all,

Whatever petty problems we had back then suddenly seem so small

When we kiss, it’s like the first time we have ever done it

When he tells me how he adores me, my heart still skips a beat

We haven’t been fighting a battle, it’s been a god damn war

But it’s over a year now, and I’m still wanting more

Cuz I love the way he brushes my hair and says my name

From the moment he told me “I love you”, things have never been the same

You see, I’m in a long distance relationship now, and this is how we roll

It’s trying, exhausting, expensive, and sometimes eats away at your soul

Though truthfully, I’ve never done anything as rewarding or humbling before,

Because across the world is somebody who’s thinking about me and believes I’m worth fighting for

Distance may only keep us temporarily apart,

Nothing will stop you from having my heart

Being so far away all the time is painful, but loving you is easy

Today, you shared a part of a weary heart, and this is my story.



Things I’ve been up to recently

Usually I try not to go without updates for more than 4 days, but Sam took an impromptu flight down to Singapore and we’ve been pretty busy sorting things out recently…

He was acting like a major mofo and we almost ended things but I guess you don’t just throw away a relationship so easily, so I gritted my teeth and held on to whatever’s left to salvage.


Pray to god I’ll have the strength to get through this shitty time!!!!!!


Not really in the mood to discuss what went wrong and stuff now, I’ll do a post when I feel like it, so don’t ask me questions k?


Us in the cab… On our way to City Plaza!!!

Mum brought me there the other day for shopping and we had lunch at this quiet corner which surprisingly served really yummmmyyy food at super affordable prices.

Thought Sam would like to try some local food instead of westernized restaurants for a change so I brought him there!

Did anyone actually notice he dyed his hair?

They don’t match his eyebrows at all lol! Oh and speaking of eyebrows, my Browhaus brows have faded soo much that it’s barely noticeable now!!!

As you can see it looks much shittier what it was when I first posted a picture of it. Had to draw on eyebrow pencil because it’d be too thin otherwise. I have a free touch up appointment to go for soon, and hopefully after then it’d be good again!!!

I don’t know why mine faded so much when my mum’s one is fine….

It’s also kinda annoying how it’s still BLACK after fading when the salesperson convinced me it’d be dark brown!!! :< Keep you guys updated after I go for my touch up. Maybe it’s just a problem with my skin since other people who have done the same treatment seem to have no such problems…

Penang Assam Laksa = First dish that we ordered at the quiet eatery in a really obscure corner!!

There’s a whole lot of stuff inside this dish, tuna (I think), lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts, and a heap of asian spices.

Great kick but only for people who can really take spicy food ♥ One of the reasons why I love being asian.

I don’t know the name of the shop or exactly where it’s located, just that it’s at City Plaza, possibly on the top floor and at the very end in some weird corner lol.. (Sorry I have no sense of direction!)

I did take a picture of the inside though!!! If it looks like this then you’re at the right place. If you like authentic, cheap and yummy asian food you should totally give this place a shot..

Sam loved every dish :)

Proof that his stomach approves hehe ♥

Nasi Lemak!!! Fragrant coconut rice with sweet chilli pasta and fried chicken coupled with a sunny side up. What’s not to like??

He liked this so much he ordered TWO plates. Blogging bout this is making me so hungryyyyyyy

Super oily Char Kway Teow Fav that’s worth the heart attack in years to come :P

Haven’t had better CKT in ages.

Me eating …

If you’re wondering why I’m blogging about mediocre and mundane stuff like this,

it’s because despite how busy I’ve been recently, there seems to be very little photo opportunities for me to record the day’s activities by and I hate blogging without pictures unless it’s a Food-For-Thought entry!

It seems like the only time we ever stop whatever we’re doing to take pictures is when we’re having food, and waiting for food to come, so I guess that’s why this whole entry revolves around the food we eat…

I also can’t really do wordy and lengthy blog posts when Sam’s around because I need to be completely alone and have hours and hours to think about what I’m going to write properly before I can even produce anything so I guess you’ll have to make do with random bo liao pictures that don’t really mean much for now :P

Mango Salad… Doesn’t look promising but it’s actually quite yummeh!!!!

EVERYTHING I’ve tried from that stall is good wtf.

We usually order at least 3 soft drink cans during each meal. We’re hardcore soda addicts.

I wonder if soda addiction is a real medical condition because if I go without my sugar high for too long, I feel DEPRESSED.

Like no kidding.. I’d have no appetite for anything and feel really lethargic all the time until I pop a can of coke in my mouth and I’m all bubbly again.

Shopped around City Plaza before we cabbed over to Far East Plaza for… what else? More shopping and food!

Too bad the shops don’t let you take pictures inside :(

So many pretty bling shoes I’d love to take pics of!!!!!!

We stopped for a drink and mango pudding at Graffiti Cafe.. It’s a pretty cool concept where they allow any customer to take out a pen and just start doodling on their walls or tables!

Their only “decoration” for their restuarant is legit vandalizing acts from bored enough people with an itchy hand!

Nom nom nom nom

I think I have a much better nom nom nom nom face

Who Takes A More Artistic Shot of an Orangina Bottle Competition:

My shot

Sam’s shot

Boredom at its peak

I started reading the random messages and doodlings drawn on our table and they’re all so lame that it’s funny!!!

“Which smiley is the most retarded??” …

Merry Christ!!! LOL #fail

Merry X’mas is fine but Merry Christ just sounds so wrong…

Then it suddenly hit me :
Why don’t WE leave our own graffiti mark in this cafe too?

Not a stupid message or some lame smiley face, something people would actually enjoy looking at while having their meal.

We ran off to buy some permanent markers and came back to brainstorm together:

What would make a good table drawing?

Started off with the idea of drawing a branchy, silhouetty tree because I love plain black ink on a white canvas.

We picked the cleanest whitest graffiti-free table around because we wanted to draw on the whole table!

Autumnish tree drawing done, with S ♥ J carvings and a squirrel hole in it too cute!!

Wanted to do a couple sitting beside a scenic tree on some bench at some park, inspired by the movie 500 days of Summer (which is a really shit movie btw!!! can’t understand why people like it)

Basically Sam would draw a rough sketch of the images I have in my head as I relay them to him… then I’ll go over his sketches with some finishing touches and I think our combined effort is amazing!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Used to draw like this so much back in high school.. especially during math class when I’d start to daydream and doodle on my textbook!

Our end product!!!!!

“Every moment with you… is a picture perfect memory.”

It’s so pretty and gives me such a perfect nostalgic feeling :)

Wish I could take the table home!!!!!!

If you visit Graffiti Cafe at Far East Plaza’s basement, you’d see our drawing on one of the first few tables. I hope some idiot hasn’t gone and drawn over it because it’s too pretty to be ruined!

The next time Sam comes to Singapore, we’ll go back there to see if its still around…. all the wiping from the waiters might take off the ink sooner than we think though.

Did more shopping and walked over to TCC for dinner before singing Karaoke at Party World into wee hours of morning

Hahahah I love how psychedelic this picture looks!!

We get a little bit too excited when we sing karaoke. Always attempting Mariah Carey songs then breaking our throats while doing so.


Some pics from yesterday!!!

Went out for dinner with Zoe, Wendy and Jayme and I wore this cute polkadot dress that Sam bought me for the first time :)

Man I hate compact cameras… why the quality so lao sai one!!!

Retro is the way to go (Y)

Dinner at Waraku ^.^

Then shopping at F21 afterwards.. good fun!!!

Zoe sent me these following pics!

Wendy wasn’t in a picture taking mood so none with her..

Unnecessary additional picture of me eating.. more noodles… *is noodles and pasta fan*


Ending off this super random entry with more drawings me and Sam did awhile ago!

Thought I’d share them since they’re so cute and happy looking :)

Rainbow headlights at the back of your car while driving on Smile Street FTW

If only happiness came in a pill… but I guess candy comes close enough :)

Lollipop land!!!!



More blog posts when Sam’s gone. He’s leaving in a few days T_T

Then I’ll probably fly to Perth and then Melbourne!!!!!!! HAPPPEEENESSS.

I can’t wait for Christmas…. for the holiday mood to come and everyone’s all joyful and planning overseas trips!!! Hopefully this year I’m spending Christmas with my family in Bali.

*crosses fingers*


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