Penang Trip – Part 2

Continued from my Penang Trip – Part 1 post!!!

My jumper says Love Maker.

Love Maker not as in slut, Love Maker as in I’m a big happy hippie who loves whales and also loves to love other people!!!

Spread love, not hate!! ♥



Our second day in Penang was dedicated to Watersports!

I’d missed watersports so much. I think it’s ridiculous how Singapore is such a hot and humid place year-round but there’s so little watersports to do here wtf… WHY?

How come no jet skiing and wakeboarding in Sentosa? Or parasailing?

Or maybe have but I don’t know??

Started our day with complimentary hotel continental buffet breakfast in the morning.. is there a better way to start your day than with a big hearty meal?
(yes, with a full body massage from your bf hehe ^.^ i love waking up to massages)

Getting foooooood!!

My favourite part of any breakfast is the EGGS. I can’t have a decent breakfast without ma eggs..

I like them scrambled with a little milk, salt and better and butter, but I love my sunny side ups too!!

This picture made me laugh because it reminds me so much of someone I know called Bobby!!!

Bobby is an asian chef who works in a hotel (four seasons) and he looks so much like good ol’ Bob hahahaha

My plate… of random food.

I used to LOVE buffets but I think I’m over them now.

I definitely prefer quality over quantity now… I like ordering a lar carte items in upper scale restaurants so I don’t have to deal with physical discomfort or poor service or mad crowds or unclean places, which I find very vital because it largely affects how much I’m enjoying my meal.

I still don’t mind hawker once in awhile though.. PENANG hawker ftw I miss it so much!! *won’t shut up about it*


After breakfast, we went back to our rooms for a little cat nap while waiting for the watersports activities to begin at noon time, then it was back downstairs in the glorious sun on the super hot beach!!!

Walking there, feeling so excited… My heart’s racing!

I don’t know why I get SO excited every time I do watersports.

Still walking….

Still walkin’! LOL.

I’m wearing a beach dress that’s made out of the same material as a normal swim suit, so technically it’s a swim suit dress and it’s AWESOME!!

It looks like a cute dress that you can wear both in and outta the water, so you don’t have to bring extra clothes or change at all, if you wanna play on the beach AND go into the water!

It was raining the day before and I was crossin my fingers hopin for a bright beautiful day… WISH GRANTED!!! Thank you thank you!!! :)

People sunbaking!!

I don’t know why the whole concept of tanning yourself could be considered enjoyable or desirable since I can’t stand the heat and would do anything to be fairer..

Most suntanners are either 20+ years old jocks and vain girls, or 60+ years old WHITE retirees who are completely sunburnt to the core like lobsters LOL

Here’s your typical 60+ years old white retiree sunbaking with some enlightening book in hand!

Looks like the good life to me!

Cafe by the beach side… very scenic indeed!!

Mum and Uncle John checking out the beach!! Mum’s like, “waahhhh its tooo hoottt….”

Saw this guy taking a long stroll by himself and thought it’d make a perfect emo shot!!

*sings Eric Carmen’s All By Myself*

Amazed at how I got such a clean shot when the beach was actually filled to the brim with tourists, boats, jet skiis, etc!!

Mum and I sitting on beach chairs while Uncle John negotiates our watersports activity rates!
The sun was BLINDING, I couldn’t even open my eyes… they’re very sensitive to light! I know it doesn’t look that bright in pics but you have no idea.

Glad my brother found a cute girl who’s really nice and suitable for him :))))

Uncle John was the first one to get strapped up and launched into the sky on a parachute!! They asked me to go first but I kinda got cold feet :P

He’s like 60+ but totally not scared haha!!!

Parasailing isn’t scary anyway… wish my mum would’ve given it a shot, but she was like, “I CANNOT!” LOL

I wanna be totally spontaneous like Uncle John when I’m that old!!!


After his turn, it was mine to go!!!

Was super nervous (I dunno why. Maybe it’s cuz it was in Malaysia and I was doubting their safety precautions and measures T____T)

Had really shit hair that day… looked like some tragic F4 boy’s wind-swept hair kind of look wtf.
Don’t I look totally sizzling hot in my harness?? lol

While the guy was strapping me up, he was hastily giving yelling brief instructions into my face…
I’ve parasailed before but directly from a boat, not from the beach before!!

He’s like, “OK, when I tell you to RUN, you RUN! When I tell you to go ARMS-FREE, you lift your hands up!! When I tell you to PULL, you pull this rope here!!”

……………All that was running through my mind was, “WTF? What if the rope breaks and I land into the sea and a great white shark jumps outta the water and chomps me into pieces??”

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so negative and paranoid when it comes to these things :3


I was daydreaming, completely unprepared when the guy suddenly yelled,


And I was like HOLY SHIT WHAT……….. OK *runs*


I took a leap of faith…. and… I’M OFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOO look at me go!!!

There was a boat pulling me along in front, and lifted me off the beach straight into the air!!!
Mad exhilarating!!

I screamed for awhile (in ecstasy) but calmed down after a minute because it was actually very calm and peaceful up in the air. Great way to enjoy the views :)

I must say that it wasn’t as enjoyable as my parasailing experience in Orlando because these guys just weren’t as professional!!!

Because of the way you have to “run” for takeoff, the harness can get caught in very awkward and uncomfortable positions.. the proper way to parasail is to sit on the harness as if it was a dangling seat.

This harness was supporting my upper thighs and even my crotch instead of my legs!!!

Very awkward position throughout. The trip was much shorter and it didn’t fly even HALF as high as I did in Orlando…

I think I went only 10 storeys high, but in Orland I went 30?? No SHIT!!

That’s me in the air coming back down to solid ground, after circling the island once!!!

Again, it was a new experience for me because I had to manually reach up for a really high rope up in my parachute and PULL it down fucking hard to lower my parachute onto the ground!!!

IT’S TOTALLY NOT EASY LA OMG the people who went before me, (Uncle John, random couples) made it look effortless because they were big strong tall men

but I am like this weak little girl who can barely open a soft drink can and they didn’t even warn me how demanding it was T____T

I got really scared because I was afraid that I’d miss the landing patch and end up face planting myself into the water (where a great white shark would be waiting for me) and the parachute would land on my head, thus drowning me as I can’t reach the surface to take in oxygen…
Or worse, land in the patch of sharp rocks and boulders or trees!!!!

HAHAHA look at that guy on the left running towards me, so afraid I’d go SPLAT or something!

Thank goodness I managed to find the strength in me to pull down that bloody rope and got myself landing safely in time…. Safely, but very ungracefully!!!

Most people would run when they touched the ground to remain on their feet, and others would stumble to the ground, but I just went SPLAT and landed on my fat ass.

Pretty fucking funny actually.

This was mum and Uncle John’s face when they saw my elephant landing. Really got so funny meh???

They were like, “JESS YOU’RE LIKE A HIPPOPOTAMUS!!!!!!!!”

……..Well, thanks for the encouragement, people. I’m just glad I made it out of there alive, lol!

Getting unhooked from the parachute!

The parasail guys were all like, “We thought you were going to land in the water!” and all laughing at me :P

Bro and Jan’s turn now!!! LOL @ the guy on the right spreading his arms like a chicken in example!!

He’s like, “YOU MUST FLY, OKEH????”

OK RUN RUN RUNNNNN RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111@@@@

And there they go!!!!!! I could hear Jan’s squeals from so far LOL!

Giving myself the thumbs up sign while waiting for them to be done parasailing. LOL. Totally enjoying myself :)
Nothing like watersports on a hot day to get your adrenaline pumping!!!

This was what the sand on Batu Ferringhi was like… quite thick and rough so it was painful to walk on @_@

They’re back!!!

As you can tell they’re a hell lot more graceful than me HAHAHAH they landed like an agile feline, so deliberate and effortless.

In my defense, they had my giant tall brother to pull the stupid rope down so it’s obviously a lot easier for them la!


We took a rest and then it was time for the second activity -


I ♥ Jet Skiing so much omfg favouritest spots eva!!!!

Walkin to our Jet Skis!

Me getting briefed on how to use the Jet Ski. (which was unnecessary cuz I’m a pro, wooooooooo!)

I adore Jet Skis because they’re so exciting but brainless to use also! No experience or knowledge required…

You just have to love the SUN, SEA AND SPEEEEED!!!

When I first took control of the jet ski and rode out to sea, I went really slow as I was still nervous but once I got used to the controls and warmed up to the situation and embraced my inner wild child, I WENT SO FUCKING FAST HAHAHAHA!!!!

I swear it felt like it was over 100km/h. What’s the highest speed a jet ski can go? Cuz I went almost 100% speed!! Like 95%?

Really fucking fast la, one wrong turn or move and I’d be sent flying into the sea head first!

I still remember my jet skiing accident with Sam in Phuket, where I went too fast in choppy waters and this HUGE wave came and took us underwater, throwing us off the jet ski and dragged it away in the current, too far for us to swim back to it!!!

Had to bob around in the middle of the sea, while being constantly dunked by crashing waves on top of our heads and then coming up to the surface gasping for breath (MONSOON SEASON YO!! note to self- never visit beach during wet season)
Finally we got rescued by people who spotted us….

I was a little more wary of my recklessness this time, but still it was so much fun!!! It reminded me of being on my ex’s sports bike, but this was BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER.

You get water splashing on your face, and even if you fall you hit soft water!!!

Plus my favourite thing is the JUMPS you get when your jet ski goes over a wave and launches you into the air!!! And your whole body and butt gets lifted off the seat, you feel like you’re flying, woohoo!!

Random pic of Jan on her ski!

Cruising leisurely was fun too, singing my favourite songs old loud while passing by fishing boats as the friendly people waved to me, I almost lost control once while waving back, LOL!


I was like. “FUCK SHIT WTF WAS THAT OMG ok just a fish not a shark.”

I was also half hoping to see some dolphins or whales but I was just being naive obviously… the water’s so polluted, any whale would die there!!!

After bout 30 mins or so of Jet Skiing, went back to shore cuz I told myself if I don’t show some self-restraint and go back now, I’d completely lose track of time and not go back at all!!! Honestly I wanted to stay out cruising on sea for the whole day.

There were so many other jet skis on the water.. at least 5 more? Busy watersports day!

While you’re jet skiing you have to avoid hitting the parasailing boats and fishing boats!

My brother coming back on his jet ski like a hero, holding his sunglasses in place with one hand, lol!

Woooot Baywatch moment much?!?!

He’d never been jet skiing before and was TOTALLY psyched after that!!! He’s like,

Hardly see him that excited for anything at all!!!

Last pic on the beach!!! Adrenaline filled activities craving S-A-T-I-S-F-I-E-D.

I could taste the sea salt and sand in my mouth WTF. It’s because I was like “:DDDD” throughout jet skiing and splashes of water kept going into my mouth rofl

We were gonna head upstairs for a shower but on our way we passed by the gorgeous swimming pool… it was such a hot day, and the water was deliciously cold – I couldn’t resist!!!

Managed to convince them into jumping in with me! :)

It was a BEACH paradise indeed!! Would you look at how beautiful our surroundings were?

Hahahah they’re so cute!! Yay for underwater cameras!!!!

Janice’s eyes don’t hurt at all underwater omg. plus she has perfect eyesight. I’m so jealous!!

My eyes are mad problematic. They turn red very easily and are super sensitive to light and chlorine, soap, etc!

He’s 26 years old this year in case you were wondering

Omg omg omg we saw this guy with a HILARIOUS tank-top tan line, it looked like he was wearing a bikini!!!! Can you see the guy at the back??

I told Jan to go pretend I was takin a pic of her, but really, my main focus was the funny dude in the back with the sexy tanline! Way to go bro!

Goofy underwater shot

Relaxation at its maximum


After our glorious swim, it was nap time AGAIN!! Omg I loved that Penang holiday. Lots of fun, lots of food, lots of massages, lots of royal naps :)

Watersports are so freaking tiring!! Don’t you notice you get SUPER tired after being in the water?? What is it about water-related activities that are so draining?

I got woken up by mum for dinner and we drove into the city for a grand seafood feast.

Right beside the restaurant was like a dried up piece of wet land (???) that’s meant to be filled with water when it’s high tide!

Quite a strange view… but ok… at least it was remotely windy out there.

Couldn’t help but edit it to look all vintagey because of its natural sad looking elements!!

Not a big fan of seafood, but everyone else thinks it’s grand, so yeah..

I was taking a picture of the signboard and accidentally blocked this white guy’s path, then he smiled and said, “It’s okay. You can go first” in the FUNNIEST accent.

It was like the accent for retarded asian people who can’t speak english or something… y’know, like slow motion “yewww… kan… goo… fuurrssttt” complete with sign language and the retarded slurrrrrrrrrrr.

I looked at him funny and said, “It’s ok, I can speak english.” with my best put-on American accent LOL and he was like, “Oh you must be from Singapore!!!”

So we ARE known for being smart afterall!!! Yay!

Long walkway to get into the restaurant

I ♥ this photo of them!

Got them to pose for this photo because the lighting was great. It’s so hard to get good lighting with DSLRs, everything’s always either underexposed or more rarely, overexposed.

The images look really bright on the screen but they’re actually dark when you open them up in the computer wtf.

To get the lighting in the picture above, I had to set my aperture really small, exposure to +2 (HUGE!) and had a strong amount of natural sunlight!!! Madness.

Pretty twinkling fairy lights that lined the walkway..

I am so excited for Christmas, people!! Even though I don’t have plans for now, I know it will be just amazing :)
I even bought Christmas stockings to hang in the house hehe

Ok sudden change of topic, live seafood o______O

I dunno about you but to me it’s REALLY disturbing to see live animals kept in unsanitary living conditions within cages like that. Why can’t you put it in the back of your kitchen or something?

Like, I know that food on our places was once a living breathing animal but do you honestly need to SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN DAMN EYES just to confirm it’s fresh???

Isn’t that a bit excessive? I’m sure that’s kiasu asian culture!

Couldn’t help thinking WTF this would taste like… I’ve never seen anything like this before

Placing their orders… no idea what they’re ordering but don’t really mind since I’m no seafood fan

Prawns are so ugly. Srsly.

It was empty when we arrived, but packed up nicely once it hit 7-8pm!

I love all that vibrant red!!!!

Cute lanterns that reminded me of Chinese New Year :)

Some chinese sign that I can’t read. #Fail#
What does it say??

Peanuts as appetizers, another thing I’d never understand but don’t question tradition!

A cup of ice.

Because food took stupidly long and I got bored waiting, I took all sorts of nonsensical pictures. At least they played strangely pleasant oldies music while I absolutely adored!!

My shimmery gold cardigan, beady pink necklace and dinner time cleavage.. because, why not?

My best buy ever, along with my iPhone. Gadget Gurl 4 lyfe!!11111


Momma’s Boy!!! (or old man in this case hahaha)

After foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, our food finally came…

First dish was a MASSIVE bowl of Shark’s Fin and scallop soup.

Was slightly hesitant to eat it at first, since before I went on this trip I’d just been watching youtube videos of people heartless slicing off the dorsal fins of sharks then throwing them back into the sea to die…

But I thought to myself that this $80 bowl was already sitting in my face, whether I eat it or not would not affect the life of any live shark now so I gobbled it up. Plus it helped that it was super yummy.
The serving was MASSIVE!!!!

I love the ocean but I really hate some creatures in it… well like sharks for example. You eat people for what??? I can’t help to not feel that bad for you! The less sharks, the better coz swimmers / surfers / divers / fishermen etc have less to worry about too.

I know they’re a huge part of the ecosystem and whatever but meh… I really don’t like em yea.

I don’t have a problem with people eating sharks fin at all, I just think they shouldn’t be so wasteful to use only the fin of the shark and throw the rest of the body into the ocean so that it’d float to the bottom of the sea!!

Why don’t they just use the whole shark, I wonder??

Is it high with mercury toxins so it might cause mercury poisoning, as the same with dolphin meat? Or is it simply just not yummy enough?

Why don’t people kill more sharks and less whales??? Whales don’t eat people PLUS they’re much more lovable and intelligent and graceful and useful!!

Some leafy chinese veg fried with soy sauce and topped with crispy garlic pieces. Yum!

This weird ass shelled creature is called a Mantis Prawn. It looks like a prawn without the curved body and its Bigger than 30cm!! Giant prawn. (creepy looking as heck)

Quite yummy tho… they fried it with some spicy and salty seasoning :))))


Black pepper crabs… nothing compared to Jumbo’s, but still very yummy!!!

By the time we’d finished our meal, it was already dark….

So all the twinkling lights turned into bokeh!!


“Bokeh” is a Japanese word that means a pretty fuzzy circular out-of-focus light source that usually gives off a surreal feeling in a photograph! ^.^


Afterwards we went shopping at some random mall where I noticed EVERYTHING in Penang was on sale. Wtf??

The clothes were so cheap I wanted to buy em all!!! But I told myself not to waste anymore money on stuff that I wouldn’t use often enough to justify its cost so I didn’t buy anything in the end.

I’m so mature now!! *pats self on back*

3 hours of shopping and it was, once again, time for food.
Our gluttony is so excessive, once you get over the fact that it’s a luxurious lifestyle, you realize it’s moderately disgusting HAHAHA is there any day that we don’t stuff our faces??

I liked the hawker at Batu Ferringhi a LOT better!!

But you can’t have what you want everyday!


And that, dear lovely people, is the End of day 2 of my Penang Trip!!!!

Stay tuned for Part 3 ^.^


An update on my CURRENT life – Been leading a very carefree lifestyle these few days…
I don’t wanna think about the future.

I wanna live in this moment, RIGHT NOW, and stop fussing my little head over things that I have no control over.

I like living this way. Doing what I want, when I want it, with who I want.

It’s amazing, like freedom I’ve never experienced before :)

I know it won’t last long so I’m treasuring every moment I have.

Also, my new hamster Pudding is SUCH a dear!!!

I ♥ him so much.

He lets me cuddle him and feed him and stroke him and poke him and he’s so active and fun loving!!! So different from Hunnybuns.

What a great decision to have bought him.

Thank goodness things are so much better now, I hope they remain this way.




O hai evwyoneeeee!!!! ^.^

My name ish pudding, teh pudding hamster! (i noe right, so creatively named)

So vewy nice to meet you. *extends paw for a handshake*

I just got myself a lovely new owner yesturday and have alweady adapted well to my surroundings!!

My new home is a big glass tank, which is easy to clean and purrfect for Jess to view all my little furry, irresistable hammie antics that makes me her go “Awww” like crazy… Silly human!

I’m a curious little hammie who likes to play with new toys all the time! Adventurous and fun loving are my best traits…

I may nip lightly sometimes, but that’s only because I want to check you out. My bites don’t hurt very much, I pwomise!!

Some of my favouwite activities include burrowing around my bedding, throwing pink fluff evwywhere.. Squeeeeeeeee

Running around in my wittle hammie wheel so fast, you’d never be able to get a pwoper picture of me!

Jess says I’m already tooooo fat, so I need to work out and diet more! (but she keeps feeding me all sorts of treats.. evil human)

When I’m tired and sleeeeepy from all that playing and running around, I like to cuddle up into a puffball and take snoozes in the corner of my tank!


Stop poking me when I’m having my hammie naps, stupid human!!! (Yes, I like sleeping with my head squashed inbetween my abundant squishyness and the glass tank)

This is me spanking new home!! It doesn’t look like vewy much now, but Jess promised it’d be super pwetty and awesome once she’s done making and buying me toys and other decorations to pway with all the time..

She likes me a lot better because she says I’m much friendlier than the other hammie in the house, whose name I do not speak of because I want alllllllll her attention! ^.^

She drew and stuck this onto my tank today while I was sleeping! Me likes it vewy much *nods furry head*

Yup yup yup, that’s my name!

Okie, his hammieness is gettin sleepy now, it’s time for royal napz once again..

She wasn’t kidding, blogging is real tough work!!

I’ll talk to you humans again soon… hopefully next time Jess would take more photogenic shots for me and maybe photoshop my fat chin away!! ^.^



Penang Trip – Part 1

Oh heeewwoooo lovelies!!!

First of all, I’m terribly apologetic for the lack of updates. I feel so bad because I’ve been receiving a crazy amount of ♥ from you guys yet I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog a little.

Thank you so much for all the encouraging messages, emails, comments, etc!!! I LUFF YEW!

I was on a short getaway holiday with family to escape all my nasty feelings back at home and it really worked wonders because I’m so much happier now!!!!

Everyone should take holidays once in awhile, it’s the ultimate de-stresser, even if it’s an affordable short one to Batam. (cheap spa treatments there!)

We went to Penang, Malaysia... don’t ask me why coz my mum chose the location. o_o

Honestly I didn’t think much of the place and wasn’t sure how excited I should be but I ended up having a blast!!! I think it was the company, good food, luxurious resort and the fact that everything was paid for by my mum hehe

This trip was really impromptu (come to think of it most of my trips are) and it was organized by mum because she knew I loved the beach and how much I needed a break.

They were planning to go to KL originally and I wanted to sit out, but she changed the location for me and I was all like, “beach resort?? hell YEAH!!”

Now I present to you, my Penang Trip – Part 1! ♥

I’ve a new character to introduce on my blog – Everybody say hello to Janice!!!!

Not that she can actually hear you… :P

She’s my brother’s girlfriend and I adore her! She’s chirpy and sweet.. and very easy to get along with ♥

Yay isn’t she cute? She’s pretty, quite short and super skinny, I feel like a giant pregnant walrus beside her wtf.

This was in the cab on our way to Changi Airport…

I love living and the East and staying so close to the airport!

I just ♥ my condo in general. From the airport to home = 10 mins. Despite living like 10 mins away from the airport I’ve never heard a plane from my house before!

My bro and Jan~

Throughout the trip I took 93245792784 pictures for them wtf -_-

Walk around with a DSLR hanging from your neck and people will automatically assign you as their official photographer. And there’s so little pics of ME!! Boohoo.

Totally not enough to fulfill my narcissistic needs lol.

I like going out with other bloggers because they’re always so enthusiastic about taking shots, and not just any shot, NICE shots! With proper angle and lighting. So hard to find people like that nowadays.

You ask a normal person to take pictures for you and they look at you with an expression on their face going, “You’re so troublesome!!”


Like I said, I was the official photographer for the trip.

Ok la at least they’re a cute couple.. I would hate to have to keep taking photos of unphotogenic people LOL

With mummy and Jan checking in at the counter!!!

I was blinking :(

But it’s a pretty funny expression haha I look high off my nuts or something. My camera needs a couple of seconds to Auto-Focus the shot so you can’t really tell when it’s snapping because sometimes it takes 2 secs, other times like 7 whole seconds -_-

I think other people are so used to instant-shutter point and shoot cameras that they get confused while handling mine!!

They’re always like “why haven’t take yet ahhhhh”..…….

It’s focusing. PATIENCE, my friend!!!

Them doing the check-in for us… while I goof behind them!! Like the kid that I am.

I like going on holiday with my mum because she handles all of the authoritative matters! She books the flights and the hotels and the tours.. plus pays for them too lol mad awesome.

I feel soo grown up whenever I travel on my own but with them I can be a 10 year old and nobody really cares.

I like it when people always ask me, “Are you hungry? What do you feel like eating? Are you tired? What do you want to do?” and people giving me wake up calls, etc.

What can I say? I’m too used to being pampered. *not shy about it at all*

Jan and I!!!

You like my smiley face jumper? Hehe.

I needed a reason to smile when I was feeling shitty, and how could I NOT smile wearing such a cute outfit?!

Thank you Mummy and Uncle John for the trip!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Appreciate it sooo much


Had lots of time to spare before we had to board the plane because my mum is mad kiasu, she ALWAYS rushes us like mad everywhere and in the end we have nothing to do because we are always at least an hour early at the airport!!

So lunch at Soup Restaurant it is!

Ginger boiled chicken…… yuummmmm I usually hate ginger but this is oh so yummy!

I HAVE to order this + ah kong fan shu ye + claypot tofu when I’m there.

Claypot Tofu!!

Does anyone know what they put in it to make it so yummy? It’s like really sweet and starchy.

Thought we could board our flight immediately after lunch but no… still a lot of time to spare -_-

I ♥ Singapore’s airport!!!

I’ve been to quite a few places around the world and am devastatingly disappointed by how substandard other airports are.

Airports are so important because it’s the first impression you get when you step onto a country’s land for the first time!

They’re small, dirty / old looking, boring, and makes me feel like their country is a depressing place. Singapore’s air port is clean, with lots of restaurants and shopping and wonderfully air conditioned and green plants / fountains everywhere…

Lovely :)

Cute plushies for sale at a souvenir shop!

Like I said.. plants everywhere! Does so much for the “relaxing” atmosphere!

Bro waiting with our luggage while mum shops around…

I think that was her intention, to arrive early so we have no choice but to wait for her to shop. Crafty!!!

Mum and Uncle John watch-shopping in Omega..

Mum’s like, “I want this one!!” and he’s like “Oh FML.”


Never understood peoples fascination with watches. Isn’t it uncomfortable??

Plus if you wanna look at the time you can always take your phone out. And they’re so expensive!!

I can understand if guys like em because it’s about the only jewellery they can wear without looking too gay but females have better fashion statements to wear!!

Sorry but watches are so not fashionable to me even if they’re worth 8 thousand dollars and dressed up with bling.

I’m not sure if this one was the piece she picked in the end but I quite like it coz it’s elegant simple. Most watches are plain ugly :(

Still bored…. so I take pictures of my bro and Jan doing nothing in particular. Why do people get annoyed when others point a camera in their faces??

Personally I’d be very flattered, I love the attention and would pretend to be candidly posing hahaha

Realized what boring photographic subjects they were so I moved on to something better. My own face :)

LOL I’m so laughing at how stupid I sound

And yes, that is me sitting in a high class watch shop placing my bulky DSLR on their counter top snapping vain pics with self-timer pretending to be blissfully unaware that my picture is being taken.

Oscard award for shamelessness, anyone?

Hello baby!!! ♥

I’m talking to my camera… not you.

:) xoxo

Digressing a little…

I was at a cosmetic shop wanting to buy foundation for the first time in my life, so I asked the make up artist working there, “What shade should I buy that would best suit my skin tone?

To which he replied with a funny expression on his face, “You don’t need foundation.”

You shoulda seen his face! I didn’t know to laugh or to be flattered.

I have an obsession with head bands.

I think the top part of my hair is absolutely disgustingly out-of-shape and flat and my fringe can be pretty gross so I almost always go out with a headband pulling my fringe all up.

Should I cut bangs?? Usually that solves my gross fringe problem… but I don’t wanna look childish :/



After what seemed like forever, we board the plane!

Passport? Check.

Boarding Pass? Check.

Took this picture before we flew..

I’ve flown in planes at least 5 times this year alone but I get really nervous before each flight still. I have a phobia and this weird feeling in my gut that things will go horribly wrong.

Then again I’m afraid of everything exploding in my face, even microwaves and cars so I guess it’s not such a big deal…

How can people be so casual about being so fucking high up in the air?!?!? Scares me shitless every time!!

Sitting in the window seat makes me feel a lot better because the stunning views is a great distraction from my vigorously thumping heart.

This picture is the perfect backdrop for an inspiring quote!!! Something like…. “The sky is not the limit.”

Hahah okay that was bad. Maybe something better like, “Tomorrow is a new day.”

LOL nvm I fail at quotes. But one from Tumblr would be nice!

Such a beautiful clear day!!!

I usually fly in the night so I never get such views.. I didn’t realize before this how much I adore clouds :)

So fluffy and makes me feel all dreamy-ish!!! I wanna bounce up and down on them.

I love this shot!!

Actually I love a lot of shots from this trip hehe.

There’s plenty more gorgeous pics coming up in the next few posts :)

Interesting cloud formations!

Apparently they all mean different things, like whether it’s going to rain or not..

Who else likes trying to make shapes out of clouds? Usually I lie on my back in the swimming pool, just floating in the water…

Then I look up into the sky and stare into the clouds with my sunnies on (coz my eyes are very sensitive to light) and usually I see elephants coz they’re fat, lol!

I’m jealous!!

I want somebody special’s arm to hold on a flight too. I get so nervous it’s not even funny wtf. The slightest bit of turbulence makes my heart explode and I grab onto the handrests for dear life.

Btw I asked my brother what would happen if we crashed into the water and he said that we’d float because all planes float.

FOR REAL?? I tried google-ing but couldn’t find a definitive answer. Will airbuses float?

Every time I see an air stewardess I sing Busted’s “Air Hostess” song in my head, heh

Not that there’s anything wrong with this particular one, but I think that what they say about air stewardesses having a certain “standard” is completely bullshit. Maybe it existed in the past but not anymore.

Any fail-english-speaking ah lian also can be an air stewardess nowadays… and totally not pretty or well mannered / educated at all!!

And I really think they should stick to a uniform hairstyle and make up code. Dramatic faux lashes are tacky and so is blue eyeshadow :/

I wonder if first class passengers on airlines like Emirates would get super hot air stewardesses!

My on board snack… tuna sandwich + apple juice

Yay for vintage looking photos!

It was a very short flight, only about an hour so before I could get over the fact that we were flying few thousand feet in the air, we were landing already.

A mini rainbow effect greeted me as we landed!!! Totally made me smile :)

The first thing I noticed about Penang was how they had HOUSES AND SHOPS right next to the landing runway.

Like seriously 100m away or even lesser, they looked so dangerously close!!!!

Safety precautions = FAIL!

One wrong landing and all those people would get run over, how horrifying!

Plus wouldn’t all the aeroplanes taking off and landing be deafening?

Waiting for our luggage..

Penang’s a lot cleaner than Kuala Lumpur, and infinitely safer also, it’s considered the 2nd safest city in Malaysia!

Very comforting fact because my mum is always telling me to beware of rapists and muggers in M’sia wtf makes me damn scared everywhere I go

Our hotel sent a van to pick us up and off we went on a 40 mins journey to the hotel!

Their city is quite interesting, at times you see very modern high-rise buildings and right next to it is a worn out old looking kampung hut kind of house lol.

Fell asleep on our way there…

I love falling asleep in cars because when I wake up I feel like I’ve been sleeping for ages when it’s only been like 15 minutes or so!

Best power nap :)

Camwhore shots before I fell asleep!

Took this with my compact cam because it’s stupidly hard to take self shots with a DSLR -_-

Fact : Everyone looks good with shit cameras like webcam and fuzzy pixelated pictures. No photoshop required.


…And we arrive at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa! Ta-dah!!!

Extremely inviting lobby!

The cozy atmosphere made everyone feel right at home and even sleepy :)

But I was more excited than anything. I kept gushing to Janice, “oh wow it’s so beaaauuuttiiifffuuullll!!!!”

Checking in!!

There was a hiccup with our rooms so it took awhile… So I ran around excitedly snapping pics everywhere I went ^_^

Saw this pretty plant on the check in counter and was snapping a close up of it when this Japanese guy approached me and said, “Same camera!!!!” with a big smile on his face.

He could barely speak english but he held up his own Canon 550d and gave me a thumbs up while excitedly telling his friends about it. I think he must be in his 40′s!!!

It was so cute haha.

Picture spam time!!!


It was so massive that I only managed to take these few pics before we had to go up to our room! The other side of the resort is even more luxurious I wish I had taken pics there :(

More pics of the resort in my next post!

Such an exquisite 5 star hotel!! I’ve been to other 5 stars but they didn’t feel quite as cozy as this, I guess it’s because this is a BEACH side resort, that’s why they have so many wooden furniture and plants and other awesome modern yet traditional touches everywhere!

I ♥ it so much.. wanted to stay there forever :)

2 more pics of the same plant from before because I love the colours!

So many different angles and ways to shoot a single plant :)


Went up to our rooms, took a short nap and changed before we headed down to check out the beach!!

We couldn’t really do any day-time activities because by it was sunset by then. It was all good though, I managed to take some nice sunset pics!

….”And if you die out there in the sea it is so not our problem.”


I was so shocked to see a horse on the beach!!!

Horse back riding on the beach by the sunset sounds awesome, it was really affordable too, but I didn’t because we were going for dinner soon and I wasn’t so sure about it…

That thing around the horses mouth looks painful and I felt a little sorry for it :(

I’m not an animal rights kind of person but I don’t like seeing animals suffer either. Does anyone know if this sort of handling hurts the horses??

Besides horse back riding, they also had ATV riding (yes on the beach!! wtf), parasailing, jet skiing, banana boating.. all sorts of fun stuff!!!

I was realllyyyyy eager to try them all but they were closing for the day.

Oh well there’s always tomorrow!!

Me and kor kor! (lol)

This would’ve been a gorgeous shot if it wasn’t for the indians behind hahah they were the ones in charge of handling all your sports-for-hire needs.

But I guess it adds charisma to the photo.

People say we look nothing alike. What do you think?

He looks a lot like my mum though… I suspect my mum picked me up from a rubbish chute when I was younger :P

And I should’ve smiled with my teeth!!! I look too fierce in that flowery sweet dress.. which is like my new fav dress ♥

Sunset on Batu Ferringhi ♥ ♥ ♥ :)

It was a pretty nice beach which is surprising because it wasn’t that far from the city!! And we all know water near the city = gross.

We went during the wet season, so the water and sand wasn’t as clean therefore no snorkeling or swimming in the sea but still passable!! Better than Sentosa.

I bet this beach would be gorgeous during summer.

That’s what you get for going out with new couples…

They’re always whispering and cuddling and kissing in front of you omfg get a room!!!

Actually they did get a hotel room but I was unfortunately sharing their room with them.

FML x 9999999999999

Wow I totally dig the sunset glow in this picture :)

You can see the sunset progression here!

A little photoshop works wonders ♥


When it got dark, we went to have dinner!!

The hotel manager recommended a hawker center a few streets down and normally I’m very skeptical when it comes to hawker centers but that place was a


It was crowded, a little dirty and veerrryy hot and humid but omfg the food was completely worth it.

I was surprised to see so many white people dining there… I LOL-ed @ them because a lot of them ordered pizza instead of local delights.

Fat juicy grilled prawns!

Oyster omelette… best I’ve eva had!! Soooo hungry as I’m typing this.

Why do I always do this of myself?? I’m jealous of myself for the food I’ve eaten in the past!

Fuzzy pic of mum coz the lighting was really bad.. and coz I was hungry lol

I think this was their version of hokkien mee?


It’s so close to our hotel, it’s cheap, it’s totally delish and possibly the best part is that you tell them the table number you’re seated at and they BRING the dishes to you, something that almost never happens in hawker centers anymore.

I hate standing around waiting for food.

Me nom noming my Penang Laksa!!!
Very pleased indeed.

I knew people said Penang = Foodie Paradize but I did not believe them until I ate their local dishes myself.

It pwnz Singapore’s hawker for sure. It’s not coconutty, it kinda tastes like fish soup + tom yum and the noodles are soooo springy it’s like mini udon but better.


Oh plzzzzzzz tell me!! The texture is to die for!! Even the penang laksa sold in Singapore doesn’t use the same kind of chewy noodles :((

Even their indian food is different!!

This butter chicken is a lot more watery and tastes like a whole new dish but mad freakin yumz as well.

We ordered a shit heap, but those were the only pics I took.. I know they don’t look that spectacular in pictures but you have to try it for yourself!!


Yes, I love it THAT much.


After one of the best meals I’ve had in ages, (I lie. I have fucking good meals all the time. The way I’m quadrupling in size says it all) we went shopping at their night market!!!

Fake branded hangbags, t-shirts, decorations, handcrafted items, everything under the sun. It was really big, and it reminded me of a mini-Bangkok!!

Colorful and bustling with life.

It was 9 or 10pm yet everything’s still open. Gotta love Asia :)

Everything you’d ever need for a getaway is a few streets away, an amazing hotel, a nice beach with lots of sea sports, cheap market shopping, cheap massage parlours and salons, night clubs and bars, great cheap food.. did I mention cheap???

It’s like a hidden gem!

I’d enjoy Penang so much more if it wasn’t for the heat O_O

That’s the problem I have with most asian countries. So hot I could melt and die.

Super pretty Japanese flower hand painted plates!! Such intricate details. After I took this pic, the owner yelled, “NO FOTOS!!!”

Most shops don’t allow photos so no more pics.


We walked and shopped till our feet couldn’t take it anymore, and we happened to spot a massage parlour just as we were gonna go back to our hotel!!!!

Got a 1 hour massage and it was sooo gooodd!!!! ♥

Again, no pics because how weird is it to take a picture of somebody massaging your foot? Lol. But it was very well received by my aching body!

Shopping destroys your feet.

Ended the day with a trishaw ride!! I’ve never been on a trishaw before and I was pretty excited hehe.

The experience was heaps more fun than I thought! I’m gonna take it every time I see it now :D

If you don’t know what a trishaw is, it’s like this little open-air cart that you can sit in, pushed along by a bicycle that your driver is pedaling!

Great way to do sightseeing in relatively short distances :)

In Penang, trishaws are considered the “Kings of the Roads” because they usually only carry tourists and are verryyyy daring when it comes to cutting into lanes and completely blocking oncoming traffic.

They have no problem making an impromptu U-turn and stopping 10 cars dead in their tracks for their own convenience… that’s what happened to us!!

They’re almost crazy lol luckily Penang drivers are used to these sort of reckless driving and didn’t seem to mind at all.

Uncle John in a separate trishaw!

See what I said about reckless driving? LOL

Weeee so breezy and fun!!!!

Mum totally uninterested to camwhore with me because she’s intrigued by the different sights and sounds we were passing lol

Our trishaw driver and his cute umbrella!

I get so excited by the littlest things haha.

I had the biggest smile on my face throughout the ride :)

Back at the hotel!!!

It was decorated with all these flowers and twinkling nights. Very pretty in the dark~

Our driver kindly offered to take a picture for us. What a friendly guy.. Penang people are surprisingly friendly!


Went up to the hotel room and plonked onto the bed immediately!!!

Why are hotel beds so comfy dammit.


Tiring, fun, relaxing, and most definitely enjoyable.. all at the same time.

Ordered room service (yes, we are gluttons) and then it was shower + sleepy time!!!!


Had a really good night’s sleep. I woke up 3 hours later though wtf my sleeping patterns are effed up coz in Singapore I usually only sleep at 6am.

We’ve come to the end of Day 1, will update the rest of the awesome trip soon.

I love holidays, haven’t had a good one with family in ages and this was so amazing. Quality time spent together :)


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