Laurier Super Slimguard Advertorial

It’s that time of the month again…

Yes ladies, I think you know exactly what I’m talking about. (boys might want to skip this entry hehe)

Mood swings, abdominal pains, bloatedness, loss of appetite, and the worst of all.. how uncomfortable the whole situation is.

You can’t wear tight bodycon dresses, you can’t do sports or jump and frolick around, and heck, sometimes you feel like you can’t even go to bed and sleep in peace because you’re paranoid about staining your sheets!

But all that’s changed for me….

Ever since I received this in the mail!!!


Adorable stickers that were inside the package!

Laurier – “We can’t change periods, but we can change the way you feel about them!”

After trying out the new Laurier Super Slimguard, I’m COMPLETELY sold and swear on never using any other similar product again!!

Yes I am going to talk about periods, so don’t cringe or flinch ok!! Boys you are given permission to promptly disappear now.

Now back to my point ladies…

We are all young adults and I’m sure we can talk about this very maturely. *giggles*

No matter how much you try to avoid talking about it, you can’t deny that it happens every month.. And since no one else is willing to talk about it, well…. I will!!!!

This package came at the right time (of the month), so I was able to test these out and give the Laurier Super Slimguard an honest, from personal experience review!! Take this from a girl who absolutely hates her periods and used to think that nothing could make me feel better about it.

The Laurier Super Slimguard is the thinnest napkin in the market at 1mm..

Yet 200x ultra absorbent!

Here’s their five different lengths for each girl’s individual needs!

1) Light Flow 17cm

2) Day 22.5cm

3) Day 22.5cm with Safety Gathers

4) Heavy Day 25cm

5) Night 30cm

6) Heavy Night 35cm

Now you’re probably wondering why there’s so many different types of the same product, and if you think it’s all unnecessary, you’re completely wrong!

This is not a “One Size Fits All” kind of product. We need very specific measurements and absorbency to ensure that we get maximum protection at minimum discomfort.

Here’s why!!!

The four main ones I’d use most commonly would be..

If I’m having a normal light flow day, I’d use the Day time 22.5cm one for average daily activities. They have a 17cm light flow one, but I’d prefer a minimum of 22.5cm! Because of how thin and absorbent it is, it feels like it’s “barely there” – ideal for the last few days of the cycle.

But usually, I have rather heavy flow, so I think the Heavy Day 25cm would suit me better! Especially for the first four days.

When I know I’m going to have a really long and active day, with a lot of walking / running and physical movements, I’d choose the Safety Gathers because we all know what a bitch side leakage can be. Yea, it happens to you and me too, sister!!!! There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Finally, before I go to sleep every night, I’d change into the extra long 35cm because when I’m lying down, it flows all the way to my butt. I’m sorry but there really is no delicate way to say this hahahah I am actually laughing while I’m typing this.

But yea, I LOVE SUPER LONG PADS (what?? don’t judge me!!)

I mean come on, don’t we all? You feel super protected, like nothing in the world is going to bring you down and you 100% know for sure you won’t wake up to bloody bed stains in the morning!!! 35cm ftw.

I’m amazed at how absorbent Laurier Super Slimguard is despite being CRAZILY thin.

I’ve never worn a more long lasting (because of the absorbency) and comfortable napkin before. Like I said, I love super long pads, and the other 30+cm night time ones I’ve bought from other brands in the past were always SUPER thick, “spongey” and uncomfortable, it felt like I was wearing diapers!!!

I even used to get abrasions sometimes, that’s how bad it was.

This, girls, is the Laurier Super Slimguard.

I’m not gonna post a picture of a full on sanitary napkin on my blog so I’ll just take picture of it in the packet la. (it’s folded several times to fit into that packet, so it’s actually much thinner than it looks)

But even while in the packet, you can see just how thin it is!! Compare it to my fingers. I have small hands.

I wore the Laurier Super Slimguard (extra long 35cm of course) to sleep last night and it rocked my socks off.

Awesomest feeling to have before you go to bed, knowing you’ll have sweet dreams and not have to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if something’s gone wrong.

It’s so thin that sometimes I even forget I’m wearing it! I love the sense of freedom, knowing I can bend, jump, run around and do any activity I desire while still feeling dry and clean. Wear sheer dresses, wear tight skirts, do whatever I desire!

My periods are not gonna stop me from having fun and you shouldn’t let yours do so either.

I still don’t like having my periods (at all), but at least now I can trust in a product that will make me feel a lot better about the situation because it’s that much more comfortable.

But that’s not all I have to talk to you guys about today…


Laurier is holding a super fun and special event on the 9th of October for you girls to take part in!!

Wait, or should I say… we?

Cuz me, Xiaxue and other bloggers are going to be there as guest judges / participants for the event!!

Are You A Shooting Star Challenge

Where is it gonna be at?: Orchard Cineleisure

When is it happening?: 9th October 2010, 12pm – 5pm

Who is going to be there?: You, me, and other bloggers + readers (and the public of course)!!

Task: It will be an All-Girls challenge where teams of 2 are required to complete a list of tasks “Amazing Race” style by taking pictures of each task with an instant camera

♥ ♥ ♥

Winners will stand to win up to $5000 worth of shopping vouchers and are judged upon speed and accuracy of depicting the task in the photos they took!

How to join?: Just purchase any 2 packs of Laurier Super Slimguard & submit a scanned copy or a photo of the receipt here together with details of you and your friends!!


Each participant will receive a “Shooting Star” tank top and a goody bag.

Oh oh and each team will also receive an instant camera that you will get to KEEP (free polaroid ftw!!) after the event, irregardless of whether you’re the ultimate champion of the challenge or not.. So everyone’s gonna be a winner that day!!!!

Also stand a chance to get a goodie bag of girlie treats at the event when you refer 20 friends to be Laurier fans on Facebook! (clickable link)

One of the items is this cute little Laurier pouch, comes with 2 handy compartments to store your girly needs during that time of the month!

If you already have this, they’re releasing a new colour only redeemable at the event!

Whether you want to win awesome prizes from the event, have a blast participating in the challenge with your girlfriend or meet your favourite bloggers…

I promise it’ll be LOTS OF FUN! ♥

Even if you’re not intending on participating, do drop by and say hi to me!!!! And you can meet blogging princess Wendy too, she’s super sweet and fun in real life!

You should totally come, PERIOD.

*** To register, visit Laurier’s Facebook page at this link. ***




A la Mer “by the Sea”

After discovering that I could stay in holiday homes during my vacations and that they were a great addition to the whole experience, I made sure that everywhere we went, we had an awesome place to stay at.

Previously, we’d stayed at Ocean Mist Villa in Albany, and now after all our fun in Perth..

We’re headed to Rockingham instead!

To be exact, we were situated in Warnbro, but since nobody will know where that is I guess it doesn’t really matter… I was so excited for this place because I literally spent HOURS and hours (like six full hours) searching the internet for that perfect getaway.

I knew two things - it had to have a spa and be near the beach. It’s always our number 1 requirement!

When I saw that the dates were available for our specific dates, I was jumping up and down and woke Sam up from his sleep going, “OMG BABY!! This place is SO amazing, you just have to see it.”

And to my amazement, the place was actually more beautiful in reality than in the pictures. I had no idea just how freakishly cool A la Mer was.

Yup, that’s what the house we rented was called… “A la Mer”, which apparently means By The Sea in French!

The main bedroom… Haha oops me and Sam messed it up a bit.

But you can tell that it’s a very quaint, victorian sort of set up!!! The house looks ancient, I think it must’ve been around for generations but that’s what I love about it..

it has so much character :)

This is the OTHER part of the master bedroom.

When you sit down on the bed, this is what you see directly in front of you.

A chair, a bath tub, shower, the sink and to the right is a door that leads you to the toilet!!!

Ok I may sound really stupid for saying this but I LOVE bathrooms that have separate toilets!!

In Singapore we obviously don’t have the land (80% of us live in high rise buildings I think, to conserve space) to have separate rooms for such things and I can’t remember how many times I’ve wanted to poop and then shower but don’t wanna do either after each other or someone’s bathing when I need to pee…. so seriously, separated toilets / bathrooms FTW.

I loved the idea of an open shower and bathtub… VERY interesting experience haha :)

You literally jump from the shower straight into bed!!

The thing about houses that look old… they actually ARE old, so the tap water was icy cold and took forever to get running.. plus it made annoying screechy sounds!!

I loved how so many of the original furniture and decorations of the house are still intact.

It’s mind blowing to think that I’m actually staying in someones real HOUSE. Real families lived here, and I’m supposing someone passed on and so this house is now a holiday home.

But it felt so personal that I couldn’t help wondering who lived here and what spectacular taste they had for choosing the whole layout.

Bath tub… how many people have had the pleasure of soaking in this after a long tiring day at work? :)

Stepping out of the room, you immediately see this cute little window with a chef on it (lol I assumed they loved to cook because their kitchen is AMAZING)

Kitchen’s on the left, main doorway is to the right, dining table is also on the right and in front of us is a reading area….

Dining table..

Complete with big ass candles for an elegant touch!!! Love it.

Reading area…

Can you believe this place was completely ours for 5 days?!? MAD!!!

It is soooooooo gorgeous!! Felt amazing coming home to this.

Reading area…

Complete with books from the personal collection of the previous owners. This house is so personal I feel so connected to the people who used to live here.

Like I said…. they have impeccable taste!!

Even their table lamp is super cute. Everything whimsical yet quaint and traditional but stylish at the same time. I want my house to look like this!!! It’s pretty much the most amazing place I’ve seen. Posh modern contemporary lofts could not compare to this.

Door to the kitchen

The living room!!!!!

OMG I miss this place so much…. We had heaps of fun staying here. It’s so surreal seeing pictures of this place online, and then less than a week later actually STAYING IN IT.

Call me crazy but I’ve always been very easily fascinated by homes.

I love looking at peoples houses, especially when they put pride into decorating it and making it look as wonderful as it can be! It says so much about what kind of people they are.

A person’s home is like their very own haven, step into it and find out what it’s like to live a day in their life!


The funny thing is, me and Sam actually got really freaked out by A la Mer at the start. When we first got here, it was like 1am (same day we went to Fremantle and fishing so we were tired and twas late) and we saw a random car PARKED in OUR driveway.

We were like, “WTF? Is somebody else here?”

So even though we had the keys to the place, we checked all the rooms (it’s a big, big house) and some rooms were locked or kept away and we were scared that there’d be people lurking around because it’s such a quiet area!!!

I don’t feel safe in a “house” house,
like y’know, just off the streets instead of apartments, because it’s so easy to break into…

I’m used to staying in secure condominiums, where there’s 24 hour security guard and people need permission to even walk within 100 metres of the condo (there’s a long driveway here) and if you scream, there will be somebody to help but in obscure suburbs, no one’s gonna notice even if you die la!!

A la Mer is very charming, but very creepy at night…

Especially with the “ancient” look and the victorian settings. Thankfully we called the owner and she said that it was just the gardener (their neighbour) parked his car in this driveway because his own is full.. or some bullshit like that.

I kept telling Sam, “OMG what if they are watching us? What if this is all a trap, like to trick tourists into being kidnapped or killed?”

Me and Sam got so freaked out that we slept with a HUGE KNIFE under our pillows hahah!! And we locked the bedroom doors. Omg I’m such a wimp sometimes.

But hey, if you were staying in some random holiday home in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country and you saw somebody elses car with TINTED windows parked in your driveway at 1am, you’d be scared to death too!

Indeed very charming in the day time though!!!!! :)

It smells lovely too, kinda like scented wood.

Kitchen where we had a hell of a time cooking up a storm :)

I squealed in delight when I ran around the place….

I have no words to describe how much I am in awe!!

They’re got everything you need.

Stocked pantries, Wii console, state of the art equipments (fucking amazing SPA OMFG), homely touches, even a small personal gym…

Which plate’s design suits your dinner tonight?

I like this one

More intricate details… I’m supposing the wife chose most of these!

They’re so feminine and classy.

TV and the couch, on your left is the open area where there’s deck chairs and BBQ grill and a table for breakfasts by the garden.. or BBQ under the stars!

On top of the TV are family portraits of the people who used to live here!!! They were in black and white and looked super traditional. That freaked Gwen out LOL

Extra bedroom!

This house could fit so many people. So we invited Gwen & Blake over and they slept in this one I think!

Extra bathroom…


Ok enough of the inside of the house…

Let’s check out the outside – equally cool!!

Great for sipping wine at night or lazing around in the day!!

The super hi-tech SPA that we spent hours in!!!

It lights up and changes to different neon colours… Mad awesome and high tech LOL there’s even different “seats” for you to take. Some seats massage your back / feet, other seats are for couples to get closer to each other, etc… Huge.

Thinking about these memories just makes me melt inside… Hilarious moments. We tried faking different accents from different countries, and Gwen suddenly told me she misses Singapore so we started singing national anthems hahaha wtf.

We also started singing that indian song you learn in school “munneru valiba munneri endrum thodu van nok ku vai” OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES HAHAHAH don’t you guys remember?!?!?

Blake and Sam were like, “WTF is that an indian song you girls are singing??”

It was sooo funny.

There really is nothing like soaking in a hot bubbling spa under a cold, winter starry night….

And of course, singing funny songs with fab friends!!!!!

I ♥ karaoke with Gwenny hehe.

Outside area… Wish I would’ve been less lazy and taken more pics!! They had a beautiful garden > :(

But I guess on holiday you really don’t wanna work that hard… Instead of capturing pictures to remember it by, I was busy living in the moment and enjoying myself!!

If I could rewind time I’d definitely have taken more pics tho.

And that, pretty much sums up your tour around A La Mer!!!

The most awesomest cosy quaint house EVER! ♥

I hope my future house can be just like this. Huge, unique, cosy, modern yet traditional and we’ll have a freaking spa and kick ass garden!!!

I really envy the family that got to stay there for a good part of their lives… They must’ve had really cool parents if their place looked that awesome. All the fun you could have with your family there!!


Since this entry is dedicated to A la Mer, I’ll be posting random pictures of the times we spent there…

Wake up in the morning to prepare breakfast!!!

With a kitchen like that, cooking is ANYTHING but a chore.

Yummylicious breakfast while soaking up the freshness of the morning air and golden sun!

Scrambled eggs just the way I like them…

Super squishy and runny, added with milk and butter, beaten until really frothy and served hot!!

I don’t fancy normal ham, but I do like proscuitto!! Sam was like “Wtf even the ham you like is expensive” LOL but it’s so delish mmmm :)

It’s like smoked salmon, but the ham version!! Salmon on its own is good, but smoked / cured is MUCH better.

Potato gems and the aftermath of gluttons’ breakfast! The two sticks were actually satay sticks… Better than the ones in Singapore wtf. So cheap and good.

I reckon Australian supermarkets are to die for, they have like EVERYTHING. Good quality brands at affordable prices and with their deli already-prepared selections, nobody can say they don’t have time to cook anymore!!

Moving on from breakfast, other random pictures of our days!!!

I don’t remember taking this, but someone else did..

I think it was perched in our backyard in A la Mer. Is it an eagle?

Crazy home made dinner that rocked my world!!! Famous creamy mushroom pasta (yes again I LOVE THIS DISH) and roasted herbs chicken with cherry tomatoes omgggggggggg I miss such glorious food!

Screw fine dining, didn’t anyone tell the chefs that the most amazing meals are home made and cheap and in gigantic portions??

Home made creme brulee with love!! Super cute haha Sam made this for me :)

Since it doesn’t have that burnt top, it tasted like a cross between creme brulee and pana cotta… so good though.

I know I have to come up with a wider vocabulary, everything I describe is either “amazing” or “wonderful” or “so good” but OMFG they really are hahaha!!!

In the car going for brunch!!!

I ♥ Sam’s driving, doesn’t give me a headache.. Or maybe traffic in Aus was just that little and smooth.

After a morning stroll on the beach, it’s time for brunch!! (this was near the end of Perth trip and I was obviously getting very lazy :P

lots of food and lazing around, not much sight seeing)

Isn’t this picture really interesting?

I’m wearing a yellow hat, and so is the woman in the picture behind me! Three different angles of three different “yellow” women.. Love the coincidental structures.

Hot white chocolate!!!!!

Where can I find this in SG, people? I love chocolate, but white chocolate is 100x better!! ♥


We had a
dinner because the four of us were celebrating our anniversaries!!! Our “get-together” date is only 1 day apart from each other!

Wow I look strangely pissed there LOL I think I was wayyyy too hungry.


I did her hair and make up, doesn’t she look adorable??? :)

Blakey boy!!

Sam looking cute hehe.

I love that blazer of his, although he wears it for like every formal occasion, lol! To be honest his fashion choices are rather terrible, so I have to pick out every outfit for him and give his wardrobe a make over!!!!’

Whoever said “love your partner for who they are” was obviously talking bout personality and acceptable flaws, not terrible personal style haha!

Him trying to be suave…

Lol looking at him looking at the menu reminds me of the time we went fine dining on Valentine’s Day at “The Cliff” in Sentosa, the bill came up to close to $300 for the both of us I think.

Food was TERRIBLE, extremely overpriced, portions tiny, but the most outrageous thing of all was the menu!!!

Everything is in fucking French or some bullshit!

Hello, just because I want to eat foie gras doesn’t mean I’m fucking French, ok?!? (I obviously know how to pronounce foie gras but there are items like “Jebousequez Laterrie” or something)

Can you have specific descriptions in English, plz? Not just “with tomatoes and onion sauce” How the fuck am I meant to know what you’re serving?

They don’t even have numbers to list the menu items, and I can’t ask the waiter because I can’t even pronounce it LOL.

Thank goodness Australians have more sense, and even if you go to an Authentic Italian restaurant.. the menu’s in English.

Bread with dips!

Other entree that I chose – Crispy duck confit thingy, super salty but effing good!!

WTF this is even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beef fillet with a whole bunch of herbs and spices and the cheese / cream sauce is soooo good. The tomato salsa went really well with the beef and the creamy sauce…

Like a slice of heaven :)

Pretty cheap for what it’s worth too, I think it was AUD 35? I would SO go back to Rockingham just to have this if I lived in Western Australia! Aussies, go try it out!! Y2k Restaurant along Rockingham Beach.

My pasta. Tasted like aglio olio with a sweet cream and six juicy fat scallops for you to nomz on. WATERING AT THE MOUTH AS I TYPE THIS.

The best thing about having a boyfriend dining with you is that you get the best of both worlds.

Every time me and Sam sit down for a meal, we ask each other, “What do you want?” and I’d answer “I can’t decide if I want the beef fillet or the pasta.”

To which he would promptly reply, “Why don’t I get the beef fillet and you get the pasta, so you can try both?” and of course I’d be like,

“Awesome! ^.^”

If I like both, I have half of the meal each and if I don’t like one particular dish he’ll finish it for me and let me have his lol. This is true love, people!!! *sob*

Typing this makes me really hungry… Doesn’t help that it’s 1am too T_T

Sam very impressed with the food

Hahaha finishing this post with Gwen’s BEAUTIFUL expression!!


After blogging so much about my Australia trip, I still have MORE topics to cover…. Mad!!

You guys aren’t bored of reading about it yet right?

I guess this situation helps a bit coz I’ve been feeling so uninspired to blog lately. Like I have nothing to say which is weird because I always have something to say.

I’ve been feeling really lonely, miss my mum and bf a lot :(

But they’re both coming back from Australia soon, on the 18th of September, 2 days away from my 18th birthday on 20th Sept!!!


Gonna be an awesome B’day this year, have much more things planned compare to the last… I’m gonna turn 18 hehe. I feel like such a big girl now.

Pray that all will go well for the remaining of September :)


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