New Year’s Eve at Aquatica

On New Year’s Eve, most people would think of celebrating it by…

Partying the night away with good food, good company and probably lots of alcohol.

Not many would think of splashing around in a water theme park, especially when temperatures have been freakishly cold of late.

I mean, who would do that right?


…And that’s exactly why we did it.

We spent our New Year’s Eve at Aquatica - Sea World’s water theme park!

I’m not really into parties, and I hate crowds. I wanted to have a smashing New Year’s Eve without body grinding with random strangers.

Water theme park on a really cold day?

My perfect solution.

A brilliant idea if I do say so myself, considering how empty the park was (for Holiday Peak Season standards)

Upon entering the park… It was a gloomy rainy day! Kinda ruined our plans for doing other outdoorsy activities we had planned.

But you know what they say. If you can’t beat them, join them!

If you’re going to rain on my parade, I’ll take my parade to a god damn water theme park. You hear me God???

Sam being pissy about a tiff we had earlier on.. He loosened up though.

Everybody’s happy in theme parks!


We changed into our swimsuits and headed straight for what they call “Loggerhead Lane”!

Grabbed a two person float and off we go!!!

Loggerhead Lane’s pretty much like a huge lazy river, with a few special Sea World touches here and there.

I love bobbing up and down on big floats!!!! So fun and relaxing.

Looks like summer but it really was winter.

Told you he lightened up ^.^

LOL he thought we were crazy for being almost naked and soaking wet in those sort of temperatures

Nice job you have fella! Checking out girls in swimsuits behind those sunglasses with a valid excuse, day in and out.

Weee I really like bridges like these.. Even though they freak me out a little since I always assume the ropes are going to snap, but I like walking on them cuz they bounce up and down!

I find it funny how they make EVERYONE get splashed in the face, all the time. Nobody escapes muahahaha!!!

Aww how awesome is this feature!!! I loved floating past this section with all the colorful fishies :>

Always makes me look down just to check if there’s any fishie darting around my feet…


You have no idea how hard it was taking this picture.. We had to go against the “current” and the flow of people, then run back and forth setting it on self timer until we had a decent shot.

Aquatica is fab because there’s attention paid to detail even though it’s a water theme park. Normal water parks are just filled with concrete, slides and water but Aquatica has dolphins, lots of plants, a man made beach and other cool stuff!

Two things I hate about water theme parks -

1) There are no elevators or lifts WTF resulting in you climbing up heaps of stairs just to go down a slide -_____-”””

Some are like 8 storeys. I kid you not. It’s funny watching the fat kids take a break on their second floor hahaha.

It’s even funnier when a little girl poked my ass just cuz I was going too slow LOL

2) You have to be barefooted and water theme parks are, well, WET! And you have to walk around on the dirty ground and all.. Ewww. And when the sun’s out and the ground gets heated up, it HURTS!

Me and Sam!!! He looks so cute in this pic hehehe :>

Can’t really see my face due to all the splotches caused by water droplets on the lens of my waterproof camera.. You’ll see the splotches a lot in this post, sorry, I can’t help it!!!

HAHAHAH his face is like :F

Check it out!!! We could see our hotel even from the water park! Great location or what? I miss that place.

On another slide, we could see Sea World and even the car parks!!! So weird. It’s like, you’re in a water fantasy land and you look out and see… the car park. And you think to yourself, “What an oddly dry place!”

Weeee our turn to go down the slide!!! ^.^

I scream more on water slides than on roller coasters, LOL. I think it’s because I feel so vulnerable on the water slides… all I’m sitting on is a plastic tube. I could honestly fall out anytime, but in a roller coaster I’d think it’s quite unlikely that I’d fall out.

At least I hope so -_-


I love how they try to make each and every slide different and unique in its own way! This one is one-of-a-kind.

You’re probably wondering why it’s called the DOLPHIN plunge…

That’s cuz you take a deep plunge into a dolphin’s habitat!!!!

Pretty awesome eh? Too bad for this woman, I don’t think she got to see any dolphins but she did get her picture taken by me though!

Because Aquatica is by Sea World, they had the whole “marine life” theme going on with their water park! Quite a fab idea, since, well… marine life lives in water.

Ain’t that a strange looking porpoise? I know they’re trying to follow the whole Black and White shamu theme but that’s a REALLY weird looking dolphin.

We took videos while going down the Dolphin Plunge, and I just HAD to upload them because Sam’s version is so funny hahaha:

I went down reaallllyyyy slow so I could get a closer look at the dolphin!

Yeah, it’s all dark inside a small, enclosed tube (read: CLAUSTROPHOBIC) and then there’s shimmery star-like lights to make the darkness not so boring and to build suspense, then you see light and BOOM!

You’re in the middle of a dolphin’s habitat!!!!!

If you’re really lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the dolphin just like I did. It was a short lived moment though, I really hoped it would be just beside me or something! I guess it’s entirely based on luck, depending which part of the pool the dolphin decides to be at.

But at least my Dolphin Plunge didn’t turn out like Sam’s…


When I reviewed his footage, I seriously LOL-ed so much because I see a lot of plunging and not enough dolphin, baby!

It’s like, “Weee let’s see if I can catch some dolphin action on camera”

“Ohhh… OHHHHHHH OOooo0o0oooo it hurts against my back so much WTF”

“Oooh here it comes!!!!”

….*bright light flashes for less than a second and disappears, and the next thing he knows, Sam finds himself submerged in water*

“Ok! Well that went well! Let’s review the footage.” *points the camera to some random chick and goes, “Oh that’s not herit”*

LOL I can’t believe he called me an IT!!!

Their man made beach!

Nice feature, especially for the parents who don’t want to go on slides and all but are just there to accompany their children…

I suppose it’s a good place to chill at but I don’t like suntanning and I don’t like man made beaches, so we didn’t waste any time here.

Random supposedly artistic shot :P

Me making my boyfriend carry the float up 5 flights of stairs hehehe

Yay for kind strangers who offer to take pictures for us ^.^

LOL I actually got someone landing with a big splash in my picture!

O hai fruit loops!

I luff two person slides!!! You go double as fast because there’s double the weight! Plus it’s always fun to hear the person beside you screaming hehe

Speaking of screaming, here’s a video of us going down the slide in the pic above!!!

It was going a lot faster than it looks! Fun times :>

Ooooohhh this one was STUPIDLY FUN as well!!! We got to go on all the slides again and again cuz there was nobody ~~

You get a sliding mat, and when it’s your turn to go, 8 of you will lie on your mats and put your entire body weight on it so you slide down as fast as possible!

It’s pretty thrilling since you’re on your front, racing down head first!

I remember when I was with Gwen in Perth doing a similar slide and I GOT STUCK. I was supposed to push my mat forward but I was just stuck there like a sad beached whale.

Why am I telling you this???

Kiddy pool!!

He seems very pleased with himself.


This was in a really fast moving pool called “Roa’s Rapids”

I remember this so clearly because of this fat boy who made me and Sam laugh sooo much. It’s not going to be funny if I type it out, so forget it but I bet Sam is going to laugh when he reads this!

Hahahaha omg I think that’s me trying to race everyone else wtf

Hi mum look at me!!!!

Lol we were wearing life jackets so we could just lie back and float around like lazy blobs :3


We went a few more rounds and then it was time for us to go!!! It became too cold and too dark, plus the park was closing.

They had a lot more other fun slides and all, but I can’t possibly blog about them all!

Thanks Aquatica for a fab New Year’s Eve!!!


We decided to end the day, and the year 2009 with a big bang.

By a big bang, I actually mean a very, very large meal indeed.

We had dinner at Crab House..

Oh I miss America’s seafood. SO cheap and SO GOOD.

Started off with 2 servings of their freshly toasted bread with whipped butter. I love!!!

Bread is hands down my favourite appetizer. Either toasted with butter/garlic or dipped in olive oil + vinegar!

Seafood chowder…


Omfg I’ve never seen so much seafood on one table in my life!!!!!!

We had a whole lobster, a lot of crab claws, mussels, prawns, corn cobs, whole potatoes…


It was INSANE. And I loved every moment of it.

I reckon the best crabs I’ve had are in America. Because they come cheap, fresh and steamed with DRAWN BUTTER!!!

Bottom left corner. Melted butter.

Dipped with crab claws = heavenly goodness.

I has mad cravings for seafood now thanks!!!!!

So dirty and oh so satisfying.

Finished off with delish creme brulee :>

Our last picture for 2009!!!


To be honest, my end to 2009 couldn’t have been anymore different than my start to 2009.

On December 31st 2008, I was with James, and we were having a quiet celebration, perfectly happy and all until we had this big fight over his ex-girlfriend who called at 11:59 at midnight EXACTLY to wish him happy new year.

That idiot, instead of ending the phone call after a brief conversation, actually carried on to talk to her for the next 1 minute, leaving me wishing “Happy New Year” to myself. While my boyfriend talks to his ex-girlfriend who’s calling him from China. In my room. IN MY FACE!

What a stupid fucking slut, couldn’t even send a god damn SMS instead and had to call MY then-boyfriend because she’s just so lonely and pitiful. WTF!!

No comments about James. I’m just freaking happy to have moved on to better things.

I know right, “Let stupid people be stupid people and let bygones be bygones”…

But this is a reminder to myself to cherish all the good things in life I have right now.

At that very moment in 2008, I secretly hoped for 2009 to be different.

And different it was.

Come 2010, and I’m leading a new life, with a new boyfriend and things have been better than ever.

Yeah, life is good.

And it’s only going to keep on getting better.


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