Hi!!! I’m sure you’ve noticed the new blog skin. I’ve spent more than 10 hours on it wtf. This is what happens when someone who can’t design a website to save her life attempts to.

I worked my nuts off for this! I love it!!!!!

I know it looks amateur but I like how it reflects my personality so well and I absolutely love drawing with crayons, hence the theme. I wanted to make it look like a scrapbook, but I didn’t wanna overdo it!

It’s simple and that’s how I wanna keep it… I mean isn’t it such a refreshing change from my old blog skin? Been meaning to change it and finally got around to doing it myself.

What do you think? I know I still have some coding problems with Internet Explorer (switch to Firefox, folks!! SO much better) and super small / wide screens, so if it looks weird / screwed up on your screen please tell me how okay!

And if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know ^.^

Meanwhile, I am going back to nursing myself… Am down with sore throat + cough + fever T_T



Fab swimming pics!!!

Swimming always gets me in a fab mood… and great for taking fab pics as well! :>

Lots of narcissistic shots because I was having a fab hair and make up day!

And yes, I just used the word fab three times in three sentences.

Getting ready to go downstairs for a dip in the pool.

First time wearing this bikini, totally it!! Anything with gold metal is win.

For the record.. I don’t usually wear make up to go swimming. We just came back home from lunch and I already had make up on.. noticed the weather was exceptionally beautiful so we just changed into our swim suits ^.^

Whenever he doesn’t get a hair cut on time, he always reminds me of dragonball!!!

I love the initial stage of getting into the pool… Where you use your feet to test the water and go like, “zomg it’s so cold!!!” but you get in anyway and it’s superrrr cold and the water’s tingling against your skin as you go in deeper and you can’t stop giggling / shrieking!!!

Then you cling onto your boyfriend for warmth..

Well, that’s how it is for me anyway :)

I know, I so need a new dye job… I was thinking of either keeping the same colour or going back to my black roots again!

And yes, I have the fattest hands you have ever seen, I know. I always find it ridiculous how unattractive and how unfeminine they are, LOL. They look like they belong to some 10 year old obese corpse.

Sam said the best part about Singapore (besides me of course) is that everyday in Singapore is a swimmable day…

It always feels SO good jumping into a pool on a hot, hot day. Best way to relax and freshen up at the same time.

I wanted to take an “artistic” shot so I told him to have half his head sticking out of the water. Rofl now he just looks dead

Waterproof cams are endless amounts of fun! I know I already have quite a few“swimming-related” posts recently (Aquatica). But you don’t get a waterproof cam for nothing!

Candid! Eheheh we look so silly

For someone who enjoys “swimming” as much as I do, I can’t swim to save my life. I still remember when I was dropped in the middle of the sea in Phuket, Thailand and I had to wait for someone to rescue me. I swear I would’ve drowned -_-


Ok, a barrage of my favouritest pics ever start NOW!!!!

HAHAHAH how cute is the boy in the background!!! So fat, like a pufferfish!

I just want to pick him up and poke his bloated face.

I am unfortunately tan again. Totally got sunburnt like hell at Batam!!! Even though it’s not all that far away from Singapore, I swear the sun there is different man. It roasts you like BBQ pork!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is Sam’s “over the shoulder sultry look” HAHAHAHA

Wingardium Leviosa!!!

Best thing about being in the water is how weightless I feel. Almost as if all my troubles are washed away..


Sam’s version of an “artistic” shot. -_-

So act cool!! Why do guys like to act cool in front of the camera, when in real life they’re a big messy goofball?!??

Lolol yes that’s more like what he is in person. CRAZY!

LOL wtf

LOL WTF!!!!! Ugly but adorable. Don’t worry I still love you Sam.

Something about swimming always makes everyone tired. And we don’t even swim for real, we just splash around! It’s almost as if trying to breathe while your body is being submerged in water is enough to tire it out.


Last fab swimming pic for this post!!

Lol this is soooo candid, I don’t even remember posing for this!

Sam went back to Melbourne 2 nights ago, and here I am again, all alone in my room blogging about our good times. I miss him terribly!

I apologize for the super slow or non-existent posts whenever he’s around.. I know it’s quite ridiculous, considering he comes down every month which means I’d take a short hiatus every month but I’ve found a solution to fix that!

Next time before he come, I’ll blog more than usual but not publish those posts, to save it for when he’s around and I’m too busy to do anything else, then all I have to do is hit the “Publish” button! Ta-dah! ^.^

Blogging seems to require so much more effort nowadays then it used to. Perhaps I’m just losing the hang of it.

In the past, it used to come naturally.. I’d always know what to say, what to blog about, how to keep readers coming back for me.

But life for me has changed drastically since then, and with that, my priorities have changed as well.

I understand that my posts have become more irregular, possibly more mundane.. But there’s a fine line between blogging for others, and blogging for yourself. I try to stick to the latter, because I hate to become commercialized.

As such, I realized that readers with shorter attention span have lost interest and the main majority of my readers now are the die-hard loyals. So I wanna say thank you to my readers who have supported me throughout these years and all this time…. *sniff*

I will continue being the awesome that I am, and you just continue absorbing my awesomeness, ok.


LOL. You know you love me.

Anyhoo, imma try update more often!!! About what, I have no clue, possibly just about random stuff. Whatever goes.

Till next time, love.



Skincare for dummies 101

In recent times, I’ve come across some posts regarding “skin care product recommendations” and those, are usually sponsored advertorials which feature expensive products and at the end of the post I find myself going, “well that’s moderately interesting, but i ain’t gonna spend $300 on a damn cleanser that pops bubbles on my face or because it removes my dead skin.”

If I wanted to do that, I’d mix sand with soda and wash my face with it.

Just kidding.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really the [ Step 1: Cleanse face in circular motions / Step 2: Pat face with toner / Step 3: Finish off with hydrating mask ] kind of girl.

Fancy, but not something I’d bother with often.

…So yeah, then I had this ingenious idea, “I should come up with so-called beauty posts that actually provide helpful, inexpensive tips that every girl can pull off” and so this post is born.

You know, just simple information that could go a long way.

No “buy my $300 product for beautiful skin” kind of bullshit.

This could go horribly wrong, since I’m not a skin care expert and I’m not even sure whether these tips are helpful or not to you all but they work for me, and I suppose sharing is caring and I do care about you even though I don’t know you exist :’)

I’m gonna start off simple today, focusing on very simple ways to prevent blemishes. Hopefully I am able to continue with more helpful and interesting tips in the future.

Kkk enough talking, here’s the good stuff!!!! Ready or not here they come.



Jessica’s Skin Care for dummies 101

The easiest blemishes to get rid of are the non-existent ones.

That’s my one-liner translated from “prevention is better than cure”. If you’re a young adult like me, then pimples are your worst enemies. Zits, blemishes, whatever you choose to call them… they’re all the same.

And they’re ugly. They also happen to be a recurring problem that almost never seems to go away. It’s not that I don’t cleanse my face properly, but they just keep showing up!

Then one fine day, I realized something.

My blemishes always appear on the same parts of my face. Most commonly found on my forehead, secondly above my lip, and thirdly on the side of my face.

At first I brushed it off and thought it was just because I had an oily T-Zone but everything always happens for a reason, so says the bible anyway and here is my reason.

Are you one of those girls who constantly finds the need to re-adjust her fringe every few seconds?

Well, you might want to stop doing that so often because that could be what’s causing you those irritating blemishes on your forehead that you could never figure out why they keep appearing.

Victoria Beckham says hi. (I google-image-d pimply and she was the first on the list. LOL)

Let’s zoom in.

Ewww I know right…

These small little blemishes on peoples foreheads are usually caused by dirt build up that is trapped in our pores.

Our hands, along with our mouths and private bitties are the top places to collect the highest concentration of bacteria in our body.

We hold and touch so many surfaces everyday – from waking up and using the toilet (wash your hands!)

Then going to school / work and holding the MRT hand rails on our way there, then coming back home to log on to the computer and type in Jessica’s blog URL on a keyboard that’s hardly cleaned (yeah nobody ever cleans their keyboards)

Just think about it – there is so much bacteria being collected from the things that we touch all the time! EVERYTHING has bacteria on it.

Imagine this - You are holding onto the same hand rail as a seemingly innocent and normal old uncle standing right beside you in the MRT but hey,

That very same uncle could have been taking a shit, digging his nose and wanking off 15 minutes ago,
ALL without washing his hands!!!!

And guess what? You’re holding the very same hand rail he touched!!


Whatever that was on his fingertips is now on yours, including the rest of the bacteria collected from other passengers.

MRT hand rails are possibly the least of your worries.

Don’t forget about money - one of the DIRTIEST everyday things we put our hands on.
It’s been passed on from person to person for decades. It’s been in the filthiest wallets and hands and god knows where else it’s been.

These are just a few examples of the simple things in our daily routines we’d seldom stop to think about how filthy they are.

The longer you go without washing your hands, the more bacteria you collect so if you are a vain bitch having a bad hair day then Congratulations, you re-apply bacteria to your face every 2 minutes when your fingertips touch your forehead so you could re-adjust your fringe!

This explained why I would always have pimples on the very same spots on my forehead.

When I stopped touching my forehead so often, the number of blemishes I had there also decreased dramatically.


No pimple-preventing serum is going to help if you’re just going to reapply all that bacteria on your sensitive skin again.

For this reason, I never let anyone touch my face because every time they reach out their hand towards me I imagine them pooping and not washing their hands then I flinch.

I especially hate it when they go, “Wow Jessica, your complexion is so nice!” then they reach out to my face to touch it WTF. If it’s so nice, why do you want to ruin it with your dirty fingers?!? Who touches peoples faces anyway? Off-limits tyvm!


Ok back to my post.

After solving my forehead blemishes, I was rather pleased with myself but I was bugged by another problem.

If dirty fingers are causing the blemishes on my forehead, then what the hell are causing the pimples on my cheeks?!

I don’t touch my cheeks all that often.. at least not enough to cause pimples.

But something else does - My cellphone!

Perhaps most men don’t re-adjust their hair as often, but they definitely use their cell just as much. So this applies to EVERYONE.

Uh-huh. Your beloved BB / iphone / whatever other random phone you are using is the perfect place for bacteria breeding.

You use it everyday,

It’s warm (perfect for germs to multiply),

You leave it on random surfaces…

Then you pick it up to answer a call, and at the same time conveniently giving the side of your face a nice 2 minute germs bath.

Ooooh, don’t forget the constant tapping of keypad while you send out SMS-es, your fingertips spread some germs lovin’ again!

…The best part is that they are never, ever cleaned.

Not occasionally with a tissue when you’ve dropped food on it, I mean properly cleaned with soap, like your hands!

How many times a day do we put these bacteria breeding grounds phones to our faces?

Certainly enough to cause a sensitive teenager’s skin to break out from time to time.

According to a recent study, in some cases they can cause skin infections as well.

“There are more germs

found on your cellphone

…than on your toilet seat.”

And I’m not pulling all this information out of my arse… I actually do my research! Go google everything I’ve said in this post if you don’t believe me. (why wouldn’t you anyway? I’m convincing)

So the next time you put something to your face, think again!

It could be housing millions and millions of germs that shouldn’t be anywhere on your face.

My suggestions?

Clean your phone frequently with anti-bacterial wipes.

I also try to make it a point to bring hand sanitizer wherever I go.

Yes, I’m serious.

No really, stop laughing at the idea. You know what else is really funny?

Your facial expression when you look at your phone under a microscope and see with your own eyes, just how much germs and bacteria is living on your cell.

Wait, don’t just clean your phone – clean everything that comes into contact with your face!!!

Wash your hands regularly, and oh oh one more important bit – girls, make sure your make up is clean as well.

Don’t be a cheapskate, throw away that 2 year old foundation bottle. Make up isn’t supposed to be kept that long.

In this warm climate we live in, bacteria thrives everywhere, and your make up brushes included. Instead of applying foundation, you could be applying germs!


Oh and one last thing about hair…

People have this misconception that having bangs would cause forehead blemishes.

Honestly, how dirty can hair be? Not even half as dirty as your hands. I had bangs, and I didn’t see any increase in forehead blemishes….

More than likely, it’s your dirty fingers, people!


Well I hope that this post was interesting and helpful, even if it was in the slightest sense.

Remember kids, that MRT hand rail isn’t really quite what it seems!!!!! There is more to seemingly clean surfaces than what meets the eye.

P.S – random images taken from google. Credits go to respective websites (click on images to go to their link)

P.P.S- I know how you feel.

I never looked at cell phones and hand rails the same way again.


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