Something Far Greater : Sea World

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Last night I had beautiful a dream where I was swimming with orcas in Sea World… ♥

It was the best dream I’ve ever had.

I woke up with the biggest smile and the best feeling in the world, and I knew I couldn’t postpone my Sea World post anymore.

So here goes.


Sea World was unlike any other theme park I’ve been to.

Instead of using fantasy and imaginary characters, Sea World attracts its visitors with amazing shows and wonderful animal attractions.

I’ve been to Sea World parks quite a few times, the last one I was at was Sea World San Antonio, Texas…

And I was thrilled to find that most of the park’s key elements were kept very standardized and similar, with a few unique touches.. So you’ll get the same amazing Sea World feel no matter which park you go to!

Sitting outside Hilton waiting for our taxi

On the morning of our first visit, I kept bouncing up and down, clapping my hands and going

“I’m going to see killer whales!!! OMFG I’m going to see KILLER WHALES!!!!”

I just couldn’t contain my excitement and joy!

Originally, this trip was meant to be mainly for Disney but in the end we spent more time doing other things than on Disney.

Don’t get me wrong, Disney is absolutely bloody amazing ♥..

But there’s SO much to do in Orlando!!!!

Even though we stayed more than 2 weeks, there just wasn’t enough time.


I’ve always been fascinated by killer whales - I remember seeing them for the first time when I was younger than 10 years old. That awe I felt when I was in their presence never left me..

I still have my first Sea World Trip souvenirs sitting on my display shelf. My favourite is a snowglobe with a picture of me and my dad riding a fake killer whale.

But it wasn’t until recently that my admiration and fascination evolved into a


That is the face of a girl so excited to be there, she just couldn’t wipe that grin off her face the entire day.

Listening to Sea World music now and feeling stupidly nostalgic.

Sea World has taken over Disney’s place for the most special theme park in the world to me now :’)

Scratch that… It’s so much more than just a theme park. It’s the place that made me realize my dreams, and reminded me that life is so much more.. if you just Believe.

You can see the Manta Ray in the background! (actually you can see it from a long distance away, we could see it from our room at the Hilton!)

Fake killer whales at the entrance… I was thrilled even to see a plastic dorsal fin.


I would kill to touch a real killer whale my bare hands one day. That’s why me and Sam are going to Alaska / Norway!!!! Actually we are also considering New Zealand and Maldives. Can’t decide omggg

This monstrosity of a roller coaster is the
Manta Ray.

The manta ray is the largest of the rays, with the largest known specimen having been about 7.6 m (about 25 ft) across, with a weight of about 2,300 kg (about 5,000 lb).

MAD HUGE!!!! WTF like a damn whale already!!!! Can’t wait to see that in real life too!

Named after the largest sting ray in the ocean, this roller coaster is inspired by how Manta Rays’ swimming motions make it seem to“fly” through the ocean.

And just like the Manta Ray, you get to “soar and fly” along with it!!!!!

t’s a roller coaster like no other.

You don’t SIT on your ass, instead, you are completely lying down on your front ala Superman flying position. It really feels like you are flying, especially when it goes dowwwwwwnnnnnn!

Without a doubt, me and Sam’s fav coaster of the trip.

Look at that BADASS loop!!

I can just feel the drop in my stomach already. Woohoo I love it!!!!!

Sea World may only have three roller coasters, but they’re FAR better than the rest of the theme parks because they are so BIG and awesome!!!!

Full view of the Manta Ray.

They had 2 other big coasters,

This bad boy is called the Kraken

Inspired by a mythical sea monster

Huuugeee drops! Fun times

The last one is a coaster that runs on both water and land, called Journey To Atlantis

It starts off as a boat ride floating on water with lots of cool effects inside a building, there’s sea creatures and mermaids and what not…

Then it has this big slide:

And finally it becomes a high-speed land roller coaster, going round and round.

A really innovative idea, just like the Manta Ray!

We arrived mega early – like at 9am, so lucky for us there weren’t any lines at the rides at all since the crowds have yet to start pouring in.

We got to on them again and again and again!!!! Love! ♥

Outside the aquarium’s entrance!

I bought my first Shamu toy within 15 minutes of entering the park… I just couldn’t wait!!!

Sam loves Sea World too! Hehe

Sitting in front of a tank full of fishies :D

Oh hai there!!! Aren’t you a happy little ray?

Some gross sea sponge thingy!

Things that have suction pads really REALLY freak me out, like, starfishes, like…………….

Imagine them latching themselves onto you, omfg!!!!

How come people like to eat these things?! So effing disgusting and tasteless, like rubber.

Oh god I am going to have nightmares about these. Brain, I want to dream about killer whales, not octopuses!

These needle-like creatures just kept bobbing up and down in the water! So interesting and queer.

Hehehehe that’s my boyfriend trying to take a picture of a fishie that just won’t stay still!

He’s really fascinated by animals just like me or perhaps even more, and we always watch documentaries + discuss animals together! So much fun!

Instead of solely focusing on killer whales, he’s fascinated by pretty much everything. He knows so much about them, it’s bloody amazing! He should have been a researcher or something instead of a medical scientist.

But like he said, he likes learning about them and watching them – not working with them.


Hello you leafy sea dragon!

Why won’t you stay still for us to take a non-blurry shot of you??


My flash pwned you.

This school of fish just kept swimming in a tight circle the whole day.

Don’t they get dizzy or bored?! I know they do that in the wild to protect themselves against predators, but they’re perfectly safe in Sea World!!!

Every now and then a sting ray would purposely swim into a school of fish and disorientate them for fun. So funny!!

I dunno what this is but it looks funky! Pretty much anything that lives in the ocean fascinates me. I mean c’mon, how boring are land animals?!

No mystery to them at all!

Meh…. I wonder what they feel like? I hope I don’t accidentally touch any weird things when I go snorkeling!



I think it was originally meant for kids.. had a hard time fitting myself in there :P

I adore how Sea World is both relaxing and exciting!

Heart all the water displays.

We walked around, intending to grab some breakfast but ending up getting our caricature done!

We are the best tourists to have ever – we believe in spending money during holidays. It’s not unnecessary if it makes you the slightest bit happy!!!!!!

Yay for boyfriends that aren’t stingy assholes!

“Make sure I’m pretty, ok! Long eyelashes ah!!!”

He was pretty good at persuading us… wasn’t that interested in the first place, but in the end we figured out it was a good idea lol. Plus his works were really good!

I got him to draw us in swimsuits with ridiculous figures, riding a killer whale!!!!

All done!

Heheheh so cute!!!

I wonder why he drew Sam like an extremely fair black man though. I mean look at those lips and nose! I know they’re big, but wtf? LOL at least I look good.

They had swimmers in these glass tanks called “Pearl Divers” and what they do is pose for pictures the whole day and dive for fresh oysters that lie on the bottom of the tank!

The woman explained that there are oysters with pearls in them at the bottom of the tank, so you pay $15 and tell your diver to pick up a bunch of oysters for you, then you pick the one you like and you get to take home a fresh pearl!

Sounded pretty cool so we decided to try it out!

I chose the male diver because he’s cute. ♥ What???

He’s back with a bunch of oysters for me to choose from!!!

Look at his smile hahaha omg he really is quite cute! Sea World people are all uber friendly.

I picked a nice-looking oyster (actually they’re all ugly) and brought it to the counter to receive my pearl..

I name my oyster “Oystie”!

Slicing it open… Ouch

What kind of pearl would it be? You won’t know until you open it!


Say hi to my pearl!!!!

They said it’s a blue pearl, the second rarest after the black pearl, even though it looks silver-ish. It’s so naturally round!

I always thought pearls would come in less refined shapes.

Baby bought a pretty little seashell box for it to sit in… and now it sits on my display shelf, along with my other lovely souvenirs :>

So pretty!

Amazing how a simple mistake like a grain of sand accidentally finding its way into an oyster could result in something so beautiful.

They say this earth was a mistake too..

Bf with a giant clam. I wonder if it’s fake or real?

The view from the bridge…

Random pretty pics of Sea World

They got the “theme” and “park” in Theme Park right

Hai Sea Turtle!

Everytime I see one I’m reminded of the turtles in Finding Nemo going “I WAS LIKE WOAH” hehehehe


Stingray Lagoon!!

Where you get to touch and feed many sting rays…

I’m not a fan of touching slimy creatures, so I gave it a miss but Sam was game for it

“It feels like rubbing your hand against wet sand paper”

Flap those wings as much as you want, but you’re no birdie, Mr Ray!

Penny machines!!!! Another one for our collection

She turns your name into a piece of art. I love how she uses killer whales and dolphins!

Yipee yay!!!

Dolphins time!!!!! I ♥ them so muchhhhh

We all bought fish to feed the dolphins with.. There’s a pretty long line, because everybody wants to feed the cutesy dolphins!

Hehehe look at that dorsal fin! Compare it with the killer whale’s – another dolphin.

HELLO CUTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the squeaky high-pitched noises and clicks they make, just like orcas!!

They are so amazingly adorable!

This brought back a lot of nostalgic memories for me, I remember being like 10 years old and doing the same thing in Sea World in Texas..

My dad took so many pictures of me interacting with them, and I just had the best time feeding them and petting them for over 2 hours!

“Lookie flipper! I has fishie!!!!

I’m sure you all remember the video where those stupid sea gulls took the tray of fishes right out of our hands!!! The atrocity.

I hate sea gulls, they are so damn annoying.

Dolphins like to swim on their backs for fun.. I notice killer whales do that too!

“I want more fishies! :P”

Look at that jagged dorsal fin! Almost shark-like.


Next stop :

Finally, I get to see the killer whale show called “Believe”!!!!!!!

Nothing like holding your lover’s hand and hot chocolate in the other, strolling through Sea World

It was the most beautiful day I could have asked for

…….And we reach Shamu Stadium!!!!!

Look at the amount of people!!!! This was only 1 day after Christmas.

How cool is this stadium? Check out the biggest tail fluke you’d ever see!


I AM!!!!!


♥ I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Thank you baby for making all of this possible!!!! I ♥ you!

The trainers come out to tell a story and entertain the crowd!

And then the moment we were all waiting for….








I was so excited and mesmerized that I didn’t bother taking a video.

I just wanted to focus on being in that moment and enjoying the performance….

I decided to embed snippets of the show which I found on Youtube so you may have a vague idea of what the show is like, enjoy!

Isn’t it just so awe-inspiring?!?!?!

Every show is a little different, so you can always expect new things!

Trust me….
seeing it on video is NOTHING like seeing it in real life. When you’re in Shamu Stadium, you can literally feel every splash that Shamu makes!

That’s a baby orca, it’s so small and cute!!! By small, I mean it’s actually about 2.5 metres long at least.

I have the biggest urge to just jump into that tank with them.

Awww these cuties are dancing along to the music!!!

Shamu does his peformance well and gets a special treat!

Altogether now - AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shamu does backflip! Hehehe.

LOOK AT ALL THAT BLUBBER!!! I wants to huggles it.

Yes. This picture is so “OMG”, I know!!!!

Orca and trainer dive together….

Then they surface together, Orca does a somersault and shoots his trainer high up into the air!!!!!!!!


These people certainly seem to agree with me.

The air’s just buzzing with excitement! Lots of gasps, clapping and cheering!!!!!

Perfect atmosphere.

Seeing trainers interact with their orcas so closely always gets me all choked up, because that’s my biggest dream in life right there..

And even though I may not get to do it, someone else who really deserves it can.

The ocean’s top predator that is both deadly and astounding can be a dear friend to a human being.

Simply amazing.

Tilikum says hi!!!!!

One part of the show, they get the killer whales to use their tail flukes to splash the audience with the water!!!

Everyone gets excited by it hahaha but people like me dodge out of the way.

It was already like 0 degrees, I didn’t want to be soaked!!!

What a big boy!

Big Tilly gives the show a grand finale!


What can I say?


Just splendid. Just what I was dying to experience. It was totally worth the trip to America for.. Just that one show alone.

It filled me up with happiness, and until now, I still feel it.

These Orcas, together with Sea World, are incredibly special to me in so many ways I can’t even begin to explain.

I love them so much :’)


HEHEHEH I wanna ride a real killer whale!!! Roar!!!

So much fun that day ♥

This fake orca may seem big enough already, but the real ones are wayyyy bigger!!!

We spotted this uber cute Sea World Beetle!

Hahaha all I need to do is paint my mum’s white beetle with a little black and blue, then attach a dorsal fin!!!!

We saw good ol’ carnival games…. From the uber fun, to the uber rigged. (c’mon, you KNOW they’re all RIGGED!!!”



You see that super big Orca toy hanging at the top right corner of the pic?!


And Sam was like, “OMG yeah it’s really nice, let’s get it! Look at the size of that thing, it’s so big!!!”

We asked the carnival person whether we could buy it, and he said yes, but for $200 USD!!! WHATTHEFUCK!!! D:

200 I might as well take a domestic flight to Alaska where I can see real killer whales in the wild right!

Me and Sam were determined to get that toy, so we started playing all sorts of carnival games to try and win it… But we couldn’t!!! Damn games are rigged :(

We stupidly blew like $40 USD on the Ring Tossing game:

You’re given a tiny red ring, and you’re supposed to throw a number of them onto the bottles and hopefully a ring gets caught on the top of a bottle, and you’re a winner.

This sounds like “luck” to you, but the damn rings are so small they could never hook onto the bottles plz!

I got kinda pissed, and I asked the carnival person whether it’s even possible.

And he actually said, “It’s possible, it’s just hard. A few people have already won the big toy that you want today”

HE’S NOT LYING! I saw this bitch carrying it around the park. I even went up to ask her where she got it from, but the bitch wouldn’t share WTF selfish bitch!!! I hope your fake orca bites your ass at night!!!

Anyway I was so determined even tho I know the game was rigged. These damn games play with your mind man, you go like “OMG thats so close, I’m going to play it one more time and imma get it” but you never do.

After awhile I told Sam, “hey screw this, let’s try something that’s not so rigged.. based on skill instead of luck”

And because the killer whale god knows I love his orcas, I found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELLO THERE! Now you look moderately decent!

Me and Sam were discussing who should throw the ball, because we were both quite fail at this sort of thing..

When this fat angmoh guy just waltzed right next to us, used $4 to buy a few balls and HE WON THE TOY IN HIS FIRST TRY WTF.

Pissed and jealous like MAD!! I asked him if I could buy it off him but he said it was for his gf. FML.

You get like 4 balls I think, and you must get all 3 in to get the big toy, otherwise you’re stuck with other stupid toys like snakes!


You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

….Not. Hahaha he wasn’t that great at it at all. But finally the fat angmoh decided to be really nice and offered to help us win it for free if we paid for the balls he threw, and we agreed!

But the kukuhead took like 10 tries to win for us, even though he took only one for his own gf wtf!!! Dunno if he did it on purpose or what, but oh well, I guess if people do a nice gesture for you you don’t get to complain.

Thanks anyway, angmoh guy!!!!




I bet I’m the only one in SG who has a damn killer whale this big in her room, and if you have one or know someone else who has this big boy I DONT WANNA HEAR IT!

We also won an extra snake toy, and I asked a little indian boy beside me whether he wanted it and his face lit up like it was snowing on Christmas morning :P

(although Christmas was a day earlier)

I kept walking around with this huge grin on my face, as me and Sam struggled to walk around with this big boy without bumping into anyone.

After this, we went to see a theatrical performance (still in Sea World! mad awesome, so many shows) and it was pretty good!!

The show was like full house, and everyone was scrambling around for seats.. You should see the look on their faces when they saw that Tilly occupied like 3 seats alone. LOL.

In the end a group of kids came over and asked if they could seat next to us. We looked at them, then looked at Tilly and they said they don’t mind having Tilly in their laps.

So the 5 of us sat together, with Tilly on our laps. Hahahahah pretty funny.

After awhile we figured he was more trouble than we thought, so we walked to Guest Services and dropped him there.


The park was really big, and walking from attraction to attraction can get extremely tiring…

What better way to relax and unwind than sailing into the sunset on a pink Flamingo?

The way the water sparkled so invitingly under the sun as its rays gently warmed my cheeks on a cold, beautiful day was too much to resist…

Isn’t it beautiful?

The observation tower

The world seemed to slow down… All I could hear was faint laughter, water trickling as we steered the boat and occasionally, screams from the thrilled roller coaster addicts coming from far away.

Just taking in the moment and feeling like the world is such a wonderful place.


Shamu rocks your socks!!!

Kodak moment much :)


Besides the ever popular bottlenose dolphins and killer whales, Sea World houses many many more wonderful animals…

Like sharks, sting rays, manatees, pilot whales, and…. Sea Lions!!!!

Surprisingly they don’t stink! I mean come on they look so fat and lazy… you’d think they’d have a bad smell :P

Aww hehehe look at them just basking in the sun like nothing else in the world matters.

And nothing does. Unless you have food for them!

Then they’ll daringly jump onto the ledge, like this, barking for food!!!!

People were more than happy to purchase food and feed them…

“Bark! Do you has fishie for me?! Dolphins are overrated, give em to me!”

Sam gladly obliges! Woot this is actually a good shot, if only it was in focus!

We both think Sea Lions are actually quite cute… especially the pups, they’re like little puppy dogs! :)

Urgh stupid sea gulls, they’re freaking everywhere!!!! They didn’t get my fishie this time, hah!

There’s a mad rush everytime someone throws a fish towards the sea lions – they all lunge towards the direction and whoever gets it first is the winner.

Some of them have actually learned tactics to attract attention by slapping their paws against their chest or the water, as if to say, “Pick me! PICK ME!!!!!!”

So cute!!


Ok maybe Sea Lions may not be all that cute to you guys, but surely…

Surely penguins capture your heart? ;)

They’re so cuddly and clumsy looking! lol

Look at them go, like little torpedoes!

Learning about different penguins.. There is so much fun learning to be done at Sea World!

Sam with a hilariously badass looking penguin! Check out those eyes and the hairdo. Even its name is so gangsta. “ROCKHOPPER”


♥ ♥ ♥


It was getting dark by then, so we went to visit the orcas at the Underwater Viewing area, and that’s when I had the most magical interaction with them!!!!

It was the BEST omg I’ll post pics of that later.

Then we had dinner with Shamu!

Dine With Shamu is a dinner event organized by Sea World, where you get to enjoy a sumptuous buffet spread and at the same time, watch Shamu perform for you RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR DINNER TABLE!

It’s like a backstage kinda thing where the trainers explain what kind of techniques they use to train their killer whales, and other interesting information!

And who should perform for us, but the now-notorious Tilikum?

He was such a sweetheart during Dine With Shamu, always doing what he was told without any sign of discontent…


We have almost come to the end of my Sea World post, and the rest of the pictures below would be the time I’ve spent interacting and observing Sea World Orlando’s beautiful Orcas.

We spent many days at Sea World, and I’ve summarized + combined everything into this long entry… so don’t be confused by our different outfits.

Below is a montage of my favourite Shamu shots – Such beauty should be shared with the rest of the world.


Hi cutie pie!!

If they find you interesting, sometimes they come right up to you and press their heads against the glass wall and just spend a good 2 minutes observing you. Hehe ♥

I wonder how many hours I spent just staring into that tank.

Super cute siblings!!!!

Eh I told you they like to swim upside down for fun!!

They were pushing each other around like that… How adorable!!!! Squeeee ^___^

Looking abit yucky because I had no make up on and was exhausted after a long day..

Orca says hi to Sam!

I still can’t get over how big they are :)

“Hey, are you taking a picture of me?!”

“Which one of you was it that took a pic of me just now, huh?”

“Come out, come out wherever you are!”

The babies are always so curious :)



Teehee it was totally giving me a kiss!!!

:3 I’m going nuts, it’s cute overload!!


&&& More Shamu performances!!!!!!!

The Believe show soundtrack :’)

Great song isn’t it?

We kept going back for more and more performances… I said before that there’s always something new in every show, and here’s proof!!!!

LOL. Fully prepared to take on Shamu’s splashing!!

Sat in the front row seat, and I could’ve touched the orca if I just reached out my hand…. Sigh

Oh hai there!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna do that T__________T

This wasn’t the normal “Believe” show, it’s called Miracle because it’s themed for Christmas!

It was a cold, cold night but I felt warmed by all the love in the air!

They had Christmas carols playing and the lyrics were on the screen so everyone could sing along. Just lovely

There’s even a saxophone player to add to the mood too!

I miss Christmas already..

Cooler than James Bond.

A lot more action during the Christmas shows! People flying everywhere…


I told this man he has the best job in the world and that I really, really envy him.


After witnessing a spectacular Miracle, we made our way to another stadium in Sea World to watch their ice skating special!

Aw it’s such a cute set!!!!

Jolly music and fab peformances – the night ended with a big bang.


I’ve seen many fireworks displays in my life, from Singapore’s National Day to Disney’s special displays but Sea World had the best I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps I am biased, but that night meant the world to me, and I feel truly blessed to have experienced what I did.

I know I’ve said this a hundred times but I can repeat it a hundred more.

I miss Sea World SOOOOOO much and I can’t wait to go back there!

I hope this post was fun to read, because I had a great time recalling all those beautiful memories.

I can’t wait to plan my next trip.

Thank you Sea World and what it represents for being so, so special to me.

In the mean time, I’ll cherish these pictures & memories that I hold dear to my heart..

Oh, and also my very own killer whale family that I have at home!

Tilikum, Trua, Malia, Bob and Jess signing off.



My Heart Will Go on… and on and on and onnnnnnnnn!!!!


Missed me?! I finally have time to myself now, Sam just flew back to Melbourne yesterday.

I’m lonely, but this way I get a LOT more things done!

Like just today, I went to school, completed an assignment I had no clue about and surprisingly still got got marked “Very Good”,

went home and packed up my entire room so it’s neater and completed an advertorial and now I am going to write a blog post, woohoo!

Packed my accessories so I can find them easier now. Temporarily held in cardboard boxes :P

I think it’s quite apparent I am a fan of gold, pearls and bling in general!

Yes I am in a good mood… How can I not be? It’s so freaking funny!!!!

You’ll know why later.

I have been terribly busy recently, in fact I really wish I could go to sleep now since my eyes are burning and it’s 3am but I feel so obligated to do a post after all that negligence so here I am!

I have so much to blog about, just not enough time!!!!

Here’s a few pics I took the past week..

Indian food is love.

Sam said that when he dies, he’ll probably get haunted by chickens because he’s eaten so many throughout his lifetime LOL

♥ ♥ Handsome baby!!!! ♥ ♥

Having lunch at Marche’s, he loves that place!!! I like the whole concept and feel too… and there’s just soooo much good food :)

We stuffed ourselves silly, as we always do.

Yup and he ate that whole chicken alone…

I didn’t really take a lot of pictures of myself since I feel super unattractive recently.

Gross, I’m almost like another one of those whiny, insecure girls.. I hope it’s just a passing phase!

I don’t know why I feel this way. It’s depressing!

I have a closet so full of clothes that even after throwing 10 bags worth of stuff away, it still doesn’t close properly cuz it’s overflowing

AND YET everytime I wanna pick out an outfit, I still feel like I always have nothing to wear!

It’s so ridiculous. I don’t think girls can ever have enough clothes, because if you have too little clothes then it sucks to be you but if you have a LOT of clothes, your clothes eventually will get lost in the enormous pile of your own clothes and it gets so hard to find stuff in your room!!!

Anyone else have this problem? Or am I just really self-destructive?

I’ve almost completely gave up on shopping because of this.

Ok, clothing aside, I think I just look really weird in general recently. I can’t tell whether it’s the hair, or the make up, or the bad fashion days…

Perhaps I’m just simply getting uglier T_____T

Nevertheless, because I am a narcissist albeit an increasingly unattractive narcissist, here is one photo of me that looks moderately decent-ish.

My eyes look huge.

Surprisingly. Maybe because I’m going like this O____O


And you know what else looks huge? My head. I wish Sam would stop leaning back in photos or stand behind me, because he always makes me look extra gigantic -_-

Now I’m quite convinced that it’s my hair that looks the weirdest.

It looks like crap when it’s styled, it looks like crap when it’s not styled and it takes sooo long to style it so I have this huge temptation to cut it all off.

Like a pixie crop!!!

Then I won’t have tangles like these anymore:

It kinda resembles a bird’s nest.

Ever since I started dying my hair to lighter colours, tangles have become really frequent and when I get lazy to get them out of my hair, the above picture is the result.

Needless to say wherever I went, people stared at my hair…

Oh and I’ve finally figured out how to tie a bun!

My hair isn’t that long, it’s really fine and soft (most of the time lol) so it’s quite impossible to get a full, nice looking bun but I succeeded eventually!!! Yay!

My hair colour looks so lush in flash on photos, but I’m starting to dislike how it looks in real life…

Maybe I’ll go for a dye job AND a hair cut :D


I’m super tired right now, so I’ll end this post soon but not until I finish the Grand Finale…

With our KTV session!!!

Party World at International Building is amazing!

They have a damn FOOT MASSAGER FOC for you to use while singing. Not a bad idea since the non-singers wouldn’t be so bored.

I’ve been there several times before but it never fails to wow me everytime.

When I think of how I used to go to KBOX I feel so stupid now. KBOX is stupidly expensive for what it’s worth, has lousy, smelly old rooms with torn couches, very limited songs and really bad sound systems!

Party World FTW!!!


Ok… the moment of truth is here.

……See the lyrics on screen?

Remember how I said I took a video of Sam singing “My Heart Will Go On” and I’ll upload it when he lets me?

Well, he hasn’t given me permission yet, in fact I haven’t really asked but I decided to upload it anyway coz IT IS SO FUNNY!!!!!

You have to love me for this!!!

Presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen, pure Karaoke gold :


Is it FUNNY or what?!? Omg I tried so hard to not crack up while I was shooting the video!

♥ He is so ADORABLE I swear!!!!!!

And he is so going to kill me when he sees this. YOU MUST KNOW I LOVE YOU, BABY!

I love how he attempts Celine Dion and then realizes he has no fookin idea what he’s doing hahahahaha




I has iPhone!!!!! Weeeee

Forgive me for the lack of updates!

You know how it is when Sam’s around…. It’s always food food food, shopping, and living the good life!

Hardly any time for myself, let alone blogging.

♥ ♥ ♥ Oh and thank youuuuu for all the super sweet comments on my “Never Good Enough” post! ♥ ♥ ♥

I’ll continue blogging about (hopefully) thought-provoking topics when Sam’s gone, but for now I am just toooo tired and sleep deprived, so I’m just going to spam random pics and vids, roar!!!

I wanted to post a fucking funny video of Sam singing “My Heart Will Go On” like a tone-deaf retard but he won’t let me!!! …. Yet.

It is pure gold I swear… I’m still working on convincing him.

…My next blog post will be about relationships. I think.

Or what else do you guys think I should blog about?

Yay for nicely styled hair

Sam thinks his blurry pics are artistic looking.

Been watching a lot of Gossip Girl lately, so my dress sense and hairstyles are totally inspired by Blair and Serena!

I was going for Blair’s hair

Swensens food kinda sucks but at least their desserts are sooo good!! Cookie summit + root beer float + apple crumble FTW!


Oh oh oh and guess what!!!!!!!


I was in class today, and my mum suddenly called me and asked me if I wanted a 32gb iphone.

I said yes (duh), and when I came home, I had a new phone in my hands!! Awesomely random or what?

Thanks Mummy!!!!!!

I love it! I’m only paranoid about damaging it now.. I’m usually really careless with my phones, that’s why I insist on laoya ones!

Like the LG Ice Cream, ultimate bimbo phone.

Got my fab nails done at Milly’s

Byebye pretty pink phone!!! :(

I’ll miss you and your chio-ness. The iphone looks so boring, especially when pretty much EVERYBODY has one.

People asked me why I didn’t get Blackberry instead. Whatever for?!

A BB is no different from any other smart phone. It’s just a “branded phone” for the “cool kids” which is bullshit. A phone is a phone, idiots. The keypad so stupidly small also. For ants to type on issit?

The only reason why I wanted an iphone is cuz they have so many random apps, great for curing boredom!

Thousands of apps and games and other stuff, here I come!!!!!

Can someone recommend fun / useful apps and games? Thanks lots!

Ok byebye for now!

Here’s a random, and completely unnecessary vid of us hahaha


Nom nom nom. I ate so much that I almost threw up. SELF-CONTROL, JESSICA!!!

And yep, Sam really had a whole chicken to himself. And LOTS more.

And yes that’s me singing Little Mermaid at the end of the video hahaha we bought the DVD and watched it the night before and “Part Of Your World” was stuck in my head for a long time!!!


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