Dell Studio Laptop Advertorial

So the thought of getting a new laptop crossed my mind lately..

Nothing quite wrong with my current one besides the fact that the battery life is impossibly short and it overheats like mad.

But, you know, girls like me don’t exactly need reasons to a buy a whole bunch of new things they don’t need, simply cuz they feel like it.

And I came across the Dell Design Studio laptop!

It’s their new range of creatively designed laptops to fit all sorts of personalities out there – from the quirky to the feminine!!!!

Say goodbye to boring silvers and grays…

Check out these new ridiculously GORGEOUS lappies by Dell and O.P.I (yes, the nail lacquer brand!)

Brief specs taken from Dell’s website:

“Get creative and stay connected with the new Dell StudioTM 15 laptop. Its Hi-def, 15.6¨ LED widescreen design is multimedia-rich, and with a choice of colors the Dell Studio 15 is easily personalized to fit your style.

* NEW! Now featuring Intel® CoreTM i5 processors
* Available in 5 colors & a selection of 200+ captivating designs
* Surround sound with subwoofer and built-in wireless card
* Optional backlit keyboard and mobile broadband1″

I can hear you squealing, ladies!!! I know, I want the baby pink one for myself too!

Don’t they look so pretty? Like expensive marble!

With over 200+ designs to choose from…

Honestly, who needs to bling or skin their laptops when the original design is already so awesome?

Not what you’d expect out of a laptop, since most of them are boring and dull but Dell takes fashion accessories to a new level by introducing their new Design Studio laptops.


As if offering so many different designs to choose from does not make your laptop personalized enough….

Dell is a holding a contest where contestants get to design their own Dell Studio Laptop and

the winner takes his self-designed laptop home, along with $2500 cash vouchers!!!


I would have totally entered this contest myself but I lack creativity desperately… or at least when it comes to drawing and designing. Was never quite my thing.

Nevermind about me, for there are people out there who actually CAN.

The submission date has closed, and now it’s time for you, the viewers to vote for who you think did better.

First you have to register, then click on their gallery to view submitted artwork!

After browsing through so many innovative designs, I decided that I like all of these 3 entries equally:


This one because I love flowers and I like the simplicity of it. Elegance never goes wrong!


This one because it looks hand-drawn with so much effort being put into it!! I love to doodle myself, and this looks really personalized


Lastly, this one because it is so different from the rest. I believe this was hand drawn too, and I love how it looks like a painting. Most of the designs I see on the site look computer animated / graphics / vectors..

Who would have imagined a landscape painting on the face of your laptop?


Those are my top 3 picks. What about yours?

Voting ends on 12th February 2010.

Head on over to to cast your vote!

Good luck to all contestants!!!! I so want my own self-designed lappy now. One thing’s for sure… it will be P.I.N.K.



how we spent our christmas night

Our Christmas pretty much only started to take place in the night..

Unexpected circumstances happened in the day, but it was all good when night fell and the Christmas mood truly started kicking in.

I wanted so bad for this Christmas to be extraordinary and unique that I think I almost forgot how special it was even without the fancy dinners, presents and activities.

But still…..

Extraordinary is spending Christmas with the boy you met from L4D halfway across the globe admiring over 2 million pounds of ice in some hotel called Gaylord Palms.

ICE! at Gaylord Palms is the only place in Florida you can see amazing ice sculptures in a whimsical fantasyland.

Having said that, may I add that Gaylord Palms is possibly the worst hotel name EVER.. Unless Lesbian Dowager Resort is somewhere out there.

I know very well that Gay also means Happy but seriously??? GAY LORD?

I miss winter wear, I miss freezing temperatures and having Sam rub my hands in an attempt to keep them warm.

“Oi!! It’s Christmas, why are you so glum?”

Lol idiot.

That’s for pissing me off earlier that day. LOL.

Snowy Way!!!!
Cutest street name ever ^.^

Dude with trees

Dude with reindeers

Chick with dog / bear thing

9 F is -12.777777777777779 Degree Celsius.

I’ve been to Ice Exhibitions many times before.. But nothing ever felt near THIS cold.

The best part? We didn’t have mittens. I couldn’t feel my hands after about 5 mins in there.

Speaking of licking the ice, they said they had someone stick their tongue on the ice and probably thought it was funny but it got very stuck in the end, and help had to be brought in LOL hilarious or what.

I wonder how cold exactly is the coldest part of the world that people still live in?

I tried to google but couldn’t find anything. Anyone care to enlighten me?


Ok I found out that it’s about -32 degrees celsius at the North Pole lol but nobody really lives in the north pole… right?

Girl made out of ice.

Pretty cool so far huh? But wait till you see the rest of the sculptures.. they are sooo impressive.

I’ve no idea what this weird looking this is supposed to be.. A gust of cold wind? Lol

Instead of wood, cement, marble… we get complete architecture made purely out of ice. Apparently no glue or adhesive was used to stick the ice together, just water was sufficient!

Polar bears!

Adorable bunnies


So cute!!!!

The fire looked SO inviting. I actually put my hands over it and said out loud, “I wonder if it’s actually warm?” and several people Lol-ed.

By this time my nose was starting to hurt and breathing became difficult because it was soooo cold!

What a stark difference… I’m sitting in my room in Singapore now feeling a heat stroke coming on.

Ever seen an ice carousel?

It’s crazily pretty!!!!

Reminds me of all the fancy lights in Las Vegas

Took this picture in Vegas back in 2008

Hi there :)

Lookin’ hot in those parkas aren’t we

Not the most comfortable seat but definitely the prettiest

It baffles me how some people can be such bad photographers

Love this shot.

If you’re wondering why there is a Chinese soldier in the middle of a carousel, it’s cuz the ice sculptors for this exhibition are from China!

I love the touch though, makes it even more whimsical and unique.


The best thing about random ice sculptures like these is that they don’t even have to make sense.. creativity takes over reality and it’s just like stepping right into someone’s imagination.

They were supposed to capture the top part too. Oh well -_-

Hahahahahaha look at that spastic

Sam says I look like her o_o

Hehehe Merry Christmas!!!!!! 2 months belated.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose…

One of my fav X’mas carols ^.^

Those are ice slides by the way!!!!

Went on it like three times because it was so fun.

And that odd little thing would be me coming down an ice slide.


I suppose this would be considered a real igloo since it is made out of real ice afterall

Flames made out of frozen water

Now THAT’S a picture!

Sam : “This is a really nice pic… If only I didn’t look so ching”

…HAHAAHAHAH HILARIOUS. He does look quite the funky china man in this picture.

Actually, in quite a lot of pictures. Rofl

I’m pretty sure this has got something to do with Jesus but I’ve no idea what.

Hey look!!!! It’s our friend somedeerarse again!

Except this time he is very much frozen.

Somedeerarse’s horn. Was testing out the macro on my Canon D10. It takes fab pics for a compact underwater camea!!!

Sometimes it fails, but most of the time it does good.

The end of our icy adventure!

It was a cool experience and all but I was soooo relieved to be warm again!

Well, relatively warmer at least. I think the weather was about 2 degrees that night.

At the exit, we were greeted by many Christmas souvenirs and they were so pretty omg I want them all!!!!




I used to have an impressive collection of them in Neopets… they were mad expensive and rare ok! Some were a few million neopoints, some only had a few existing in the whole of Neopia…. but I had most of them anyway.

Yes, I was VERY much obsessed with Neopets once upon a time. *geeky grin*

I miss Orlando!!!!! Soooooo much.

We walked outside and saw a sign that said, “Photo opportunity with Santa” but it also said that he would be back later. It was quite and empty by that time, and we figured out Santa wasn’t gonna come back, he probably ended his shift for the day :(

Nooooooo Santa!!! But we brought you cookies….

So Sam took over his place. LOL.

The presents are all mineeeeeeeee!!

Don’t think we were supposed to be up there, but who was gonna stop us from having our fun on Christmas Day?!?!


I saw this little train model thingy on our way out…

Makes me think of a wonderful documentary about fulfilling her dream and taking the Polar Express to explore Norway and the Arctic circle, seeing the Aurora Borealis for herself.

I too, have been dreaming of witnessing the Aurora Borealis for myself ever since I watched the movie Balto when I was a few years old.

It’s something I really must do before I die, along with swimming right next to wild killer whales in open waters.

Might sound crazy, but I’ll definitely fulfill them by all means.

Both can be done in Norway and Alaska!!! My next big holiday destination.


We decided to explore some of Gaylord Palms because it was huge, and apparently well-themed..

And I was amazed to find this particular part of the hotel so well designed.

Easily one of the best Christmas decorations I’ve ever seen. Now if only my camera could capture how vibrant it was in reality.

Pink and white wreaths… unique and most lovely.

The bestest Christmas tree ever!!!!!

Lol underwater cams don’t do too well in night mode. But then again this effect does make it look quite surreal.

This is probably what it looks like the most in my memory…

They had a competition where people had to build houses made out of candy, and this was my favourite one!

I wouldn’t mind living in a gingerbread house.

I love roaming around in the middle of the night, when it feels like the whole world’s asleep, and nothing else matters except how happy we are together.

Kinda looks like part of my condo

Merry Christmas dear.


We called our lady taxi driver and she recommended us to go Old Town, so we did.

The thing about taxi drivers in Orlando is that they’re extremely hard up for money and passengers, so they’ll try to sell themselves to you as much as possible, even if it means shoving their phone numbers down your throats or sometimes even handing over their own phones to you.

This phone you see here… is not mine.

We met this plump black taxi driver who was quite the joker. He took us home after our day at Sea World, and he looked at Sam carrying my bag for me told him, “nice bag”

He then proceeded on to say, “You’re kinky.”

Me and Sam were like “WHAT?? What did you just say…?”

Taxi driver dude replied, “I said you guys are kinky! You two alone in Orlando, you’re carrying her bag for her, she’s an attractive young lady, you going home together to a hotel…”

HAHAHA apparently he thought we’d just met in Orlando and decided to get it on wtf.

And then he played some rock music and started moving to the beat, and it was OMFG FUNNY because he was soooooo big that when he moved, the whole taxi rocked as well.

And he kept singing along and moving to the beat… it really was quite the taxi experience.

He became one of our “regular” taxi drivers, and he gave us this phone so that whenever we needed him to pick us up we could call him on his other phone using this one, without having to pay the international phone call surcharge.

Unfortunately for him, we completely forgot to return him his phone and we flew back to Singapore… so now this little black LG sits in my room, un-used.

All I know is that this phone belongs to a plump black taxi driver by the name of Sam who lives in Orlando.

Yes, his name is also Sam. LOL.

Quite the story ain’t it?

I liked taxi rides in Orlando. They’re very different from Singapore’s, because taxi drivers in Orlando actually talk to you a lot and you get to meet so many different people and personalities this way.

Some were rude, some were very nice and others were just funny. They cracked us up quite a bit.

They are very open and readily tell you about themselves – about why they had to work as taxi drivers, about their favourite places, where they’re from….

Sam had lengthy conversations with many of them and I think we have over 10 taxi drivers numbers lol.

Usually, he’d chat with them a lot on our way home while I’d be sleeping on his shoulder…

Traveling to different parts of the world is so much more than going to tourist destinations.

It’s taking a peek at how others live their lives as well.

It amazes me how random people can leave footprints in your life, even if they were only a part of it for 30 minutes, even if they were only your taxi driver for a single trip in Orlando.


Anyway back to our Christmas night @ Orlando…

We found out that Old Town was a carnival place that had shops, restaurants and of course rides!

This is my favourite ride after roller coasters!!!

I love the anticipation and the big drop in your stomach when it shoots up and down.. hehe. I also like staying on ground and watching peoples faces hahhahaha that’s usually a winner.

It was about 10pm when we finally decided to have our first meal of the day.

We had Christmas dinner at this really quaint MexTex place.

It was very quiet but I liked it that way..

Just one other table, the waiter, the boss and us. The waiter was a rather cute American teenager… and deep down inside I wondered why he was serving us in this little cafe instead of spending time with his family on Christmas.

He was nice and explained the details of their dishes quite clearly since a lot of them were Mexican names that I didn’t understand.


We ordered a crap load.. Fit to serve 4 people I reckon.

The biggest and THE BEST onion rings I’ve ever had.

This was my main.. Two philly cheese steak wraps, with onions, salsa, rice and black beans!!! SO YUMMY!

The only thing I didn’t like was the beans. Ughhhh beans.

Salmon salad

This was how much food we ordered for just the two of us. LOL.

The waiter said, “you guys actually finished most of it… you did better than I thought”

Ooohh I almost forgot dessert!!!

If you like churros, you’d LOVE this! It’s deep fried dough pockets sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and you dip it in chocolate sauce! Mad love.

The food was stupidly good for the price we paid…
Everything for only 40+ USD I think. Definitely one of our best meals in Orlando.


That pretty much sums up our Christmas night..

Definitely not quite what I’d expected, but without a doubt one of my most memorable one.

Sometimes I wish Christmas would happen more than once a year.

I’m already looking forward to Christmas 2010


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