Arriving in Orlando.. And first day at Magic Kingdom

So here I am sitting in front of my computer again, resuming average daily life without hitting theme parks daily and exploring a new country.

I find it a little hard to believe that barely a few days ago I was halfway across the globe in America – Orlando, Florida.

Doing the things I’ve wanted to do for a really, really long time…

I’m really thankful that Sam was such a sweetheart to take me there as this trip was extremely expensive and I wouldn’t have the means to go there without him.

The last time I was in Orlando was when I was a little kid:

BAHAHAHAHAHAA yes that’s me with my brother. I was very fair, fat and cute okie.

I was a diva even when I was a lil girl, check out the outfit yo!!! Fully decked out like your christmas tree hahaha.

But back to my point…

Ever since I experienced Disney when I was a kid, I’ve been dying to go back.

I’m a HUGE Disney fan.. of their classics at least! Not into the new digitalized stuff.

And back I went, 3 times in fact but that was all when I was a lot younger so I can’t remember much. Now I wanted to go again, when I’m a young adult and I can fully appreciate everything better.

I casually told this to Sam while we were having dessert about 3 months ago, and to my utter surprise he suddenly said, “I promise I’ll take you there one day.”

Poof, voila! One day came and we booked our tickets to Disney way sooner than expected.

In fact only 2 months later.

It tends to happen a lot… Our relationship progresses faster than we can handle sometimes.

But I’m really really really thankful to have someone like my boyfriend who loves me this much because he really tries hard to make me happy!!!

And happy I am.

I’m not someone who values superficial things over sentimental matters more, but fact of life is that sometimes happiness is derived from situations that require money.

Now I shall talk about the actual experience.


Do you know what a trip to America from Singapore means?

….That means traveling halfway across the globe, and that means more than 24 hours worth of in flight time.

In fact our return flight was 28 hours. Shiok or not?

That’s more than a FULL DAY about 35000 feet in the air. Stuck in a cramped seat where you have to wake up the sleeping passenger next to you if you should wish to use the lavatory because the area is just that small…

Can’t shower or eat proper food. If you’ve ever been on a plane, you’d know that plane food sucks. Like really sucks.

I’ve flown business class too and the food still sucks. Like, they’ll serve you smoked salmon but it’s unfresh, rubber-tasting smoked salmon at that. Get what I mean??

Wouldn’t have a clue about first class, but hey, even a $10k air ticket won’t stop your ears from becoming blocked or from motion sickness.

Despite the fact I am super paranoid for fear of crashing or exploding whenever I board a plane, it does have its very few good points….

Such as seeing beautiful landscape from a spectacular angle you’d never be able to achieve otherwise.

I was napping but woke up suddenly and had this urge to open my window.. I looked out this was what I saw:

Took this picture while we were flying over Alaska.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Miles and miles of pure snow covered mountains…

One of my favourite past-times during a long flight is whenever we’d be flying over an ocean, I’d try to spot sea creatures that are really big… perhaps a blue whale? :P

Another fascinating thing about my plane trip this time was actually noticing the catalogue they’d provided us.

I was quite amazed at this one called SkyMall, which has a huuuugee catalogue containing everything and anything.

Some of their queer / interesting items for sale includes..

Bahahaha.. wtf. Undercover spy much!

Wouldn’t that be a waste.. I’d put my marshmallows over a fire ;)

I had quite a bit of fun imagining “What if I had a whole lot of money and a big house? What would I buy from here?”

After transitting from Hong Kong to Chicago (where it was SNOWING!!!) and finally to Orlando, we were extremely relieved to be on solid ground again.


….Only to realize our baggage is missing.

We were confused for quite awhile before finally seeking help, and they said that we’d have to wait for the next flight from Chicago to come in before we could collect it.

Fucked up!!!!!!! What a start to our holiday. We were already exhausted.

To make it worse, our “arranged” taxi driver didn’t show up either. No baggage means no clothes or any resources, so that means we can’t do anything for the rest of the night You have no idea how badly I wanted to change into fresh clean clothes -_-

We decided not to sit in the airport for hours idly waiting for our baggage, so we went to our hotel first… which, thankfully, is extremely nice and that uplifted our mood quite a bit.

We stayed for 9 nights at The Hilton.

The hotel was brand new.. and by brand new I mean it just opened in September 2009. How sick? :)

I’ve never stayed at a hotel as a new as this before, and I can tell you the difference between an old hotel and a new one is AMAZING.

The grounds are spotless and staff are really enthusiastic. The service at the Hilton was simply impeccable… which made our stay there a lot more enjoyable than it already was.

The location was fab too, I could see Sea World from our bedroom view!!! I had a hard time registering the fact that killer whales lived about one mile from me. Outstanding. -_-

Our room!

The bedsheets were so crisp and clean it felt like no one has ever slept on it before which was a great feeling.

The best part is that we got unbelievable rates for what it’s worth… What luck!

Yes I can’t stop raving about the Hilton because I miss it so much!!! It was a lot better than our next hotel we stayed at in Orlando (actually better than ANY hotel I’ve stayed at) which you will find out about soon enough.


Too knackered and late to do anything else, we decided to order room service and watched some TV on our hotel’s generously huge LG high definition flat screen.

I thought it’d be really expensive (you know, because hotels are ridiculous like that), the Hilton’s room service was actually very YUMMY and reasonably-priced!!

Another plus factor :)

Short ribs + cheese grits!!! SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!

We then watched some television program about naughty kids that parents cannot handle getting sent away to live with a really strict family for a period of time, in hopes that they will figure out that life is tough and change their ways.

….I swear Americans have the most ridiculous TV programs -_-

It was funny to see the kids rebel and quarrel with their parents about trivial matters.. And to think they are my age!!! MY AGE!!!

I could be that rebellious kid on TV too.. But no, I almost never have fights with my mum.

We somehow always work things out.. Usually she gives in to me and I try to show her that I know what I’m doing and that I’m doing okay.

Yay for being independent and mature!!!!! *flicks hair* I love you mum!

I love my life too, it’s pretty damn awesome :)


A few hours later, Sam took a cab back to the airport to collect our luggages at about 1am… Poor baby!

Cab fares are mad expensive in America, because everyone drives and the only people who usually take cabs are sucker tourists like us.

The fare from the airport to our hotel is about USD 50, so going to our hotel then going to the airport then coming back again was USD 150 spent on cab fare on the first night.



While waiting for Sam to come back, I showered and napped a little..

Thank goodness I’m such a shopaholic, cuz I bought some Disney stuff in the airport and one of the items just so happened to be cute PJS!!!

That means CLEAN CLOTHES!! Woohoo. Well relatively clean at least -_-

How cute?? Hahaha!

I’m actually wearing it now as I’m typing this.

We then got some shut-eye because we only had about 4 hours to sleep before we had to wake up for our first day activities.. Like at 7am or something. In Singapore I used to only wake up at like 2pm lol.

But after 3 weeks in America, I’m actually waking up at 9am now!! Amazing.

Yay, first day pictures!!!!

Beginning of the trip super trigger-happy so we probably have the most photos today…

We bought our matching sweaters for each other as Christmas presents! Along with other cool stuff ^.^

I MISS YOU DANANG CUPCAKES AND TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) I love hotels!

Babe styling his hair and looking like an orang utan :P


Still looking like an orang utan wtf


Time to explore our hotel!!!!!!

Aw pretty lights and stairway!

I can’t get over how new and spotless everything is!!! I love new stuff lol especially if they’re expensive ;)

Taking a step outside…

Sam is happy!!

I love America for the fact that they have beautiful gardens everywhere and yet the amount of insects is so amazingly little. I don’t even remember seeing a single one throughout my whole trip.

I HATE INSECTS WITH A VENGEANCE especially butterflies omfg!!!!!!

But in America you can really cross through a grass patch without fear of anything latching onto your legs. Love.

Every night they’d have a little gathering around their BBQ pit where they provide you with free hot chocolate and marshmallows for you to make friends and smores… How cute :)

The lighting is really effed up here and tried my best to salvage it with PS but not much I can do lol

A lazy river, a heated pool, a water slide, a normal pool and a jacuzzi!!!!

We saw a daddy taking his little boy for a walk and it was such an endearing sight! Something about seeing fathers being so loving and gentle with their children really melts my heart.

We were taking pictures for ourselves when the dad walked over and so kindly offered to take a photo for us… What a man :)


Love the sun :)

I hate the sun in Singapore but loved the sun in America because the weather is so cold there, golden rays of the sun on your face feels like a warm gentle embrace but in Singapore it is just death.

So happy I could fly!!!

Hello Hilton!

As I have once said before, you can never have too many holiday photos!


Soon it became too cold and we were hungry so we headed inside for buffet breakfast!! Nothing like waking up to a hearty spread to start a good day :)

Omg the funniest thing happened when we were taking a photo!!!!!

So we were outside the bistro waiting for seats, since we had a bit of time I decided to take a picture of us by the Christmas tree.

I set my camera on self-timer mode on a ledge in front of us, and it was on count down from 10 seconds..

At about 5 seconds left till the picture would be taken, this woman in pink appeared in front of us and noticed that we were taking a photo.

She awkwardly stopped dead in her tracks so as to not interrupt our photo and said “woops!”, but in a split second she decided to hurriedly make her way across, hoping that she would get out of our way in time…



Everytime me and Sam look at this photo we always crack up. Talk about right timing!!!

You shoulda seen her reaction omfg priceless. Gotta love her “Oops I’m in the way of someone’s picture!” pose!!!! :P

Then the same lady who ruined our first photo kindly offered to take for us another:


Such a cosy setting

My fav part about buffet breakfast is scrambled eggs! Yums.

They had a chef stationed just to cook different types of eggs for you! I had fun choosing different sunny side ups, omelettes and scrambled eggs each day :P

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I’m pretty sure the chef was checking me out and kinda hitting on me!!! Not in a sleazy way, but a “Hey I want to know more about you, probably more than I should” kind of way.

At least he was really friendly and nice and cooked fab eggs LOL.

I wouldn’t mind having a chef of a boyfriend, omg all the food I could eat!!


After breakfast, we finally head out to Disney!!!!

When we got into the cab and he asked me where we were going, for a moment I blanked out and then I remembered – Magic Kindom.


Sometimes things seem so surreal, you need reality to slap you in the face to wake up.

First sign of a Disney theme park – the biggest parking lot you’d ever see in your life (holds 12250 cars to be exact) and of course…

The unmistakably familiar Disney transport trams!!!!

The ones that look like oversized elongated golf buggies.

People facing another thing Disney is known for - long ass lines.

Thank god we bought our tickets in advance online!

I thought we had so cleverly escaped the lines but when I entered…. -_-

Let’s just say Disney lines are inevitable.

We waited to go onto the monorail… Magic Kindom is located on a separate island, so you have to take a boat / monorail to get there!

What do you do when you have nothing to do?

That’s right, take narcissistic pictures of yourself, then include your boyfriend to make it seem less self-obsessed.

And then, preferably, turn your boyfriend into a camwhore too so you have all the more excuses to take more pictures :P


Finally, we board!!!!!

Lol check out the balding man rofl his bald spot looks like a butterfly. Major gross!

But I guess even smelly balding men deserve to go to Magic Kingdom. It’s magic for everyone~~


I took the picture with a tilted horizone (I was in a moving monorail!!!) so I tilted the picture for a straighter horizon instead hahahaha

The thing about asking random strangers to take pictures for you on holiday is that 99% of them can’t take decent photos to save their lives.

…But that doesn’t change how beautiful the backdrop is!!! Their skies look painted-on! I’m convinced everywhere else in the world has prettier skies than Singapore.

Hello long lines my old friend, I’ve come to stand in you again…

LOL I’m listening to Sound of Silence as I’m typing this.

Christmas crowds and Christmas trees

We walked through Main Street first, which was absolutely filled to the brim with people!! Why is Main Street so popular? There’s only souvenir shops selling the same mickey mouse stuff!

It was quite hard to walk around Magic Kingdom because there was just sooooo many people.

I don’t even remember Disneyland in LA to be half this crowded!


I think my favourite thing about my trip back to Disney this time, that hit me the moment I entered Magic Kingdom was the sense of familiarity.

It’s super fun seeing something that you’ve seen many years ago in your childhood, then point at it and go like, “Hey! I’ve seen that before!!!”

And then the memories come back flooding to you… Ah, sweet nostalgia.

Of course it also helps if you’re a Disney fan like me, and being in very theme park that contains your dreams as a kid is truly magical!

It’s like your favourite storybook characters coming to life, all dancing together in one big party which is Walt Disney World and YOU’RE PART OF IT!!!! LOVE! ^.^

Everybody is in a jolly happy mood, and there is music EVERYWHERE in the park.

And of course the Christmas atmosphere never hits you harder.

Hahahaha look at all the kids, then there’s the giant, me!!

We’re all staring at a man playing Disney songs on piano.

I requested for the pianist to play “Under The Sea” because it’s the special one that always makes me and Sam break into song!

“The seaweed is always greener, on somebody elses lake….”

He kindly obliged :)

He followed up by playing “Kiss the Girl”, which happens to be the very song I’m listening to now!! Heh. I like listening to Disney songs on a daily basis!

I’m mesmerized by pianists, however only the ones that play with emotions showing.. not the ones who just play to show off.

I wish I could play a musical instrument!! I’ve always considered myself to be rather musically inclined, it’s a pity I never took up any instruments.

The Cinderella castle in the background!!! I
sn’t it breathtaking? There’s really nothing quite like it.

Disney is a dreamland for kids but also a reminder to all adults to keep on dreaming….

I see elderly couples walking around hand-in-hand and I know that this, to many people, is more than just a theme park.

I can’t say enough how many people have grown up listening to, watching and believing in Disney magic :)

I’m one of them!

The rose garden!

And then we enter..


Waiting for our first ride

I’m taking a picture

Of you taking a picture of me! :D

We were lining up for this attraction called “Stitch Encounter” and I was looking forward to it since I love Stitch!!! He’s so cute!

But it turned out to be a crappy attraction.. -_- No wonder the line was so short, only 20 mins!

We looked at the other attractions and were kinda put off by the long lines.. Most of the good rides were at least a good 2 hour wait.

I know it’s expected of Disney, and I’m kinda used to it but my god HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED DISNEY FLORIDA’S CHRISTMAS CROWDS???

It’s like freaking Christmas at Orchard Road.


So we decided to get some food!

TURKEY LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hohohohohho!!!! Anyone who has ever been to Disney will know their famous turkey legs!

I remember having them as a kid it was so so so yummy, me and my Dad would share one! But now that I have a taste of it again, I don’t really like it leh… It’s like so oily and it looks so disgusting LOL.

I don’t remember it to be THAT big either!

Me and Sam could barely finish 1.. look at the size of that thing!!

And we saw a rather funny sight: One table beside us, the angmohs were having one turkey leg EACH and the next table, a whole family of asians were sharing one turkey leg with each other.

I guess me and Sam are half westernized and half asian :P Which is the truth to many things.

After root beer floats and turkey legs, we prepare ourselves to sit in line for our next attraction….


I remember going on this roller coaster in Disney LA before so I know this won’t disappoint and is well worth the wait. Turns out I was right!

Sometimes the sun is nice, at other times it’s blinding…

And because the wait time was so long, they actually provided you with entertainment to keep you happy!

Hahahaha look at those people being engrossed in the game.

It’s this touch-screen featured game where you navigate around a spaceship and fly your machine around, trying to suck up as much trash flying in space as possible!!

Basically another lame Go Green effort.

Moderately entertaining nonetheless.


Eternity passed, the new ice age came and left and finally it was our turn!!! Woohoo!!!!!

Space mountain is a high-speed roller coaster that blasts you off into space in TOTAL DARKNESS!!!!

Yes, 99% of the ride is in total darkness except twinkling lights that look like stars in space, but other than that you absolutely cannot see where you are going at all!!! SUPER FUN!!

It’s a lot bigger than the one at Disney LA, that’s for sure.

No wonder it’s such a hit! Space Mountain has been around for a really long time in Disney theme parks.

This is one of my favourite roller coasters because it doesn’t have loops, they have good dips and you can’t see where you’re going so it’s so much more exciting, you feel like you’re going to fall out hahaha!

Super strong G forces. I like loops, but there are too many roller coasters with too many loops on them… Gives me a headache sometimes.

After going on a roller coaster, this is what I look like :

LOL flustered much!!!!!!!

Hehe!!! Twas fun!!!!


Next we arrive at Toontown

The kids favourite! Not much for adults to do here except to look at cute houses~

I remember having a lot of fun on this when I was younger :)

It’s one of those rides that are not too fast or slow, so that you may take in your surroundings and the moment that you are in and truly appreciate a beautiful day.

One of my fav things about theme parks like Disney is their incredible attention to detail… it’s wonderful walking around carefully designed architecture that enhances the experience.


Ahhhhhhhhh it is so cute I wanna live in a house like that :P

My dream house is a beach house~~~ Nothing like waking up to a sea breeze…

How sweet!

And we spot a souvenir store!!!!

We saw people walking around with all sorts of different Mickey headgear, and we were determined to get ourselves a matching pair too!

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes Sam, you are my itsy bitsy ickle Disney Princess. Muah!!!!

Wow this super thick sweater makes my arms look huge.

More pretty frilly stuff

We were about to move forward to take a picture there when we noticed there were dancing children who seemed to ignore us LOL they were so short we couldn’t see them at first

But then they left and we got our picture… Aww how cute is this?!

And then we enter the biggest Mickey store we’ve seen… where I bought an Ariel music box! It is so lovely ^.^

I now pronounce you Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse!


Woot we have a whole collection of those now!!!!

Basically you put in some quarters and a penny and they will turn your coin into the design of your choice!

What a unique, innovative and inexpensive souvenir.

Sam having his go…

I think he likes it more than me, since this is all new to him!

Our matching mouse hats ^.^


Previously we saw Minnie’s house, now we see Mickey’s house! (they’re side by side)

My Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck’s boat!

Lol for some reason Sam looks like hes doing a ballerina pose here.. either that or he really needs to pee hahaha

He saw a couple of kids zipping in and out through this hole and attempted the same, but quite obviously failed… xD

Nonetheless, it’s a photo opportunity!

Can you guess who’s tree this is??

Mmmhm, Piglet says hi!!

My Honey and Pooh’s honey

Mrs Potts cupboard!

Throughout Disney, 99% of the stalls serve soft drinks, ice cream, and burgers. That’s all… I mean how to not be fat?! Serve some green tea or something less fattening man!


Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Sam and Cinderella castle as dusk started to fall

The Parade begins!!!

The King Mouse has arrived!

All these photos are taken with my underwater camera… No doubt it’s not SLR quality, but I’m pretty damn pleased with the image quality as waterproof cameras are known for their substandard image quality.


Took quite a bit of photos but they aren’t that nice since it was already dark by then and flash didn’t do the attractions any justice.

We did, however get indoor shots!

Pirates of the Carribean boat ride:

Loved the first movie! Second one was alright, the third was -___-

…Kinda like Harry Potter huh?

What a pity. At first it’s so fresh and exciting and by the third movies, you feel like they desperately need better directors.

This ride, you sit in a pirates boat as you float through life sized replicas of various scenes from the movie

Ooo I clearly remember this scene!

I spy with my little eye…… Jack Sparrow!


That was our last attraction for the day, we were too tired to go on anymore… We walked like MAD the whole day. My legs really felt like they were dead, and my painful suede boots didn’t help either!

After I came back from this trip, I realized I’d formed calve muscles!!! Like previously it was jelly-ish and fatty and all that but now it’s like SUPER FIRM omg from all that walking.

FYI, Magic Kingdom is THIS big -

A total of 107 acres!

Despite the fact that Magic Kingdom is in fact the smallest out of four of Walt Disney World theme parks, it is still massive!!!!!

FYI there are four theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Throughout the course of the day, we went on more rides than I blogged about, but since you can’t use your cameras in most attractions, there aren’t much pictures to show.

Starving, we found a burger joint to dine at (why am I not surprised – burgers) which had a good view of the Cinderella castle, and also where the fireworks were going to take place.

We waited for about an hour for the fireworks, during this time I fell asleep in Sam’s arms for at least a good 30 mins, LOL.

Sleeping on a stool in a Burger Joint in Magic Kingdom…… that’s how tired I was.

But it was well worth it because the fireworks were absolutely breathtaking. Can’t believe they have it every night!

Didn’t take any pictures because I wanted to enjoy the moment.

We did, however, take pictures of the night time Cinderella castle which was lit up beautifully:

Now that’s something you don’t get to see everyday.

*sigh* It’s so beautiful :’)


This marks the end of a magical day at Magic Kingdom.. but definitely not the end of our magical trip!

A brand new day awaits tomorrow for brand new adventures.

To end off, here’s one of my fav pics from the whole bunch taken that day:

It’s true, Disney creates memories to last a lifetime.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this special post as much I enjoyed recalling the memories and writing it…

Thank you baby for everything, I love you.



Video: First person view of us PARASAILING!

After wanting to do it for a very long time, I finally tried parasailing….

and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.

It was surprisingly smooth, not scary at all (I’m not a fan of heights) and extremely breath-taking.

We were Parasailing in Orlando, Florida over Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon @ their contemporary resort and you can see Magic Kingdom in the distance!

We were flying higher than the hotels.. I think about 650 feet in the air.

Pause at 1:38 to see me and Sam attached to a harness and a parachute together! :P

What an experience, I hope to do it on the sea next time. SO going to do it at Bali, we’re planning a trip there soon!!!!

Yay for traveling.. I want to tour the world.

Extremely jet lagged right now and have tons and tons of photos / videos to edit and upload.. I know I haven’t been posting proper blog entries in awhile, give me time.. So much to do!!!



Video: Going down water slide in Aquatica


It is THE BEST theme park in the world because it has everything. And by everything I mean they have freaking killer whales omfgomfgomfg

I love Orcas so much it’s illegal!!!!

I have never been so obssessed with any other animal… Why can’t I be normal like everyone else and like dogs instead of being in love with the top predator of the ocean aka killer whales???

More rants about my love for Orcas in the future, I’m going shopping now yay!!! BIG SALES PLZ!

Video of us going down a slide in

Sea World’s water theme park,

Despite its harmless appearance, we were actually going down the slide veryyyy fast and had really sharp turns!

The weather was so good on that day but it’s a FREEZING 3 degrees now!!! And I’m running out of clothes to wear wtf!!

And did I mention I’m sick??? :(

I have sore throat + sinus problems + slightly feverish + I scalded myself yesterday in the shower wtf mad stupid I know. So poor thing.

Because of this and super cold weather we didn’t get to go to Universal Studios today T____T

So tragic FML but we’re going tmr anyways.

My last few days left in Orlando, I am SO GOING TO MISS THIS PLACE!!!!


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