The Cathay Advertorial

Hi! Guess where I’m going? ^.^

Hint: It has all my favourite things - shopping, a movie theater, good restaurants, and a LAN shop amongst other various kinda of shops!

Now, when one thinks of such a mall, The Cathay probably wouldn’t come to mind but I’m writing this post today to show people that The Cathay is more than just a place to watch movies!

Despite its obvious name, The Cathay offers more than just its recognizable cinema. It also offers other entertainment options such as retail shops, grooming parlours, restaurants to dine at and the list goes on!

There’s plenty of things to do here for everyone~

Yesterday I was walking around the mall with Gwen, and I spotted…


For all your gaming / geeky desires :P

I’d totally play L4D with my friends or Sam here.. Group gaming is uber fun! Some friends may not be able to have L4D at home, or any other game, so sometimes LAN gaming is the only way you can play in groups together! ^.^

Check out the amount of people! I actually find it quite appealing to have people watch me play L4D from behind so I can flaunt my skills BWAHAHAH I do think I am quite good at the game.


…..And did I mention shopping??

Amongst their many various shops, this particular one caught my eye:

For girls who haven’t got a clue what to get their men on Valentine’s Day, I may have your answer right here!

This shop knows “WHAT HE WANTS.”

All packed in cute baby blue heart-shaped boxes ready for you to take home!

No need to hunt around huge departmental stores searching for exclusive men items when you can find it all in one shop here.

“Cologne for you, Sir?”


And finally after a day of fun, what I like to do best is…

Proceed to indulge, in one of my favourite restaurants - Billy Bombers!

For those who have never dined here before, it’s a classic American Diner themed restaurant which plays the loveliest oldies songs! Everytime I step into this place, I can’t help but to break into song cuz I’m such an oldies junkie ^.^

I dined at an authentic, classic Diner in America and was surprised to find that diners really do look like that in the States! Like 99% similar. The shiny red seats, metal glowing signs and all that jazz.

And of course, an American-themed diner would serve all-time American favourites such as chunky fries and burgers!

American-sized portions, LOL check out how big my fav drink is! Great for gluttons like me :P

My Philly Cheeste Steak sub!!! Nom nom nom ^.^

I LOVE their potato salad!! It’s the best I’ve ever had.


And that concludes my ideal fun day @ The Cathay!

What kind of activities would YOU do there?

To enhance your experience, check out to find out about their latest news, promotions and the most useful part – Store Directory!

If only every mall had a website, so I could check it out before heading on over and decide whether the shops interest me or not.

You may also join their mailing list which can be found in the website, or their Facebook fan page at to receive latest news about events, promotions, giveaways etc!

The Cathay – possibly another trendy mall to be added into your “Hang Out Places” list ;)



Disney Day 2: Animal Kingdom

Rise and shine!!!!!

Totally completely extremely knackered from yesterday’s activities and still we find the utmost willpower to drag ourselves out of bed in ungodly hours of the morning!


I think I led a pretty healthy lifestyle for 3 weeks in the States, I’d do a crazy amount of walking as exercise and then I’d sleep and wake up early!

Hahahah Sam with a supa cute portrait of us!!!! He’s my Santa, and I’m his little helper ;)

Ah, during the warmer days I could wear thin pieces like this.. but then the weather turned icy and all I could ever wear out was thick jackets and coats!

Hahahahahaha :P

He is sooooooo cuddly and cute I miss him so much omfg!!! He is napping in front of me on Skype now. I want to reach out and touch his face!

Me and my Mickey / Minnie ballon! ^.^

I like balloons, but this wasn’t my idea since it was rather troublesome to carry it around…

However Sam insisted on buying one from this guy:

When I asked him what for, he simply replied, “You’ll see!”

Sam, the balloon he got for me and my Disney souvenirs!


At night, I went to sleep before him and I woke up to find this:

He drew a mistletoe and attached it to the balloon then cut the string loose… and it stayed on top of our bed throughout our whole stay.

I know right, how sweet is he?!?

Big kisses for my baby! I love how he knows that the littlest things make me so very happy ^.^


We went downstairs, took a town car then we arrive at….


Over 500 acres big, Animal kingdom is the newest, and the biggest, out of the 4 Walt Disney World parks.

Think a zoo, and a theme park with fun rides and other stuff combined! :)

As the self-explanatory name of the park suggests, it’s all about animals, nature and landscape scenery!

We couldn’t wait to explore the park, but at the same time we were staaaaarving.. so we thought of trying the recommended Rainforest Cafe that was situated in the park itself!

I remember they had Rainforest Cafe in Singapore too, but it closed down!

Aww… I like this place!!! The one in Animal Kingdom is a HUGE success.

And rightfully so! It offers fantastic service and good food… I can see why ;)

I must say that out of 10 restaurants I’ve dined at in Orlando, 8 of them had better service than in Singapore… I think Singapore’s restaurants really need to work on their service standards because even some “atas” restaurants have really fail service sometimes!

The worst thing is when they hire a foreign worker and you can’t figure out what they’re saying at all.

Upon entering the cafe

We chose the bar seating for it had no waiting time.. Look at their adorable animal seats!!

Sam got the Tiger one! His fav cat :)

Me and my root beer float!!!

Gosh that’s something I REALLY MISS! I had root beer floats for lunch and dinner like EVERYDAY. It is the yummiest soft drink ever!!!!!!

Super craving it now omgomgomg tomorrow go buy A&W root beer.

I didn’t take pictures of the food cuz we were too hungry :P

I did take pictures when we came back another day though, we visited Rainforest Cafe at least 3 times cuz I liked it that much!

I’m combining our 2 visits to Animal Kingdom into one, so don’t be confused if you see us in different outfits lol

The seafood meal that we shared!!!

Scallops, prawns, fish, lobster, salad and rice for 30 bucks! MAJOR YUMS!

Seafood is so much cheaper in America.

As you can tell from our outfits, the weather became considerably colder LOL

Beret, scarf, coat, mittens, socks, boots… The weather was about 3 degrees in the DAY!


We had plenty of that in America, it is absolute LOVEeeEEeee especially on a cold, cold day and you’re just strolling through the park with your boyfriend in hand ^.^


My addiction.

Their signature dessert, the “volcano”! MAD NICE!!!!

And very big.. way too much for the both of us haha.

You see that ball on top? It’s not ice cream, it’s WHIPPED CREAM. The 2 scoops BELOW the ball of whipped cream is ice cream. Mad right?!?

Everytime someone orders it, they’d shout “VOLCANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

Lol wtf.

Don’t take your date to Rainforest Cafe because as much as I like the whole setting, the lighting is amazingly low, and it is not an ideal place for conversation at all because you have animal sounds playing like every 20 seconds and people shouting VOLCANOOOOOOOOOO every now and then.

More interior shots of the Rainforest Cafe:

Check out the ceiling…

How pretty is their fake night sky?!?! Omg I want that in my room!!!! Every night before I sleep I could look up and be mesmerized and have sweet dreams.


If you couldn’t tell by now, the interior of Rainforest Cafe is obviously designed to feature rainforest animals but due to the low lighting I couldn’t capture most of it.. They had gorillas, lots of trees and real fish tanks, etc.


Stepping out of Rainforest Cafe, we see a huuugeee Animal Kingdom Christmas Tree!

Teehee how cute????

We spotted a souvenir shop and Sam bought me this!


In the centre of Animal Kingdom, sits the gigantic Tree Of Life..

Anyone remember this from The Lion King? (Not me you idiot, the tree hahaha)

Despite the name “tree of life”, the tree is in fact completely lifeless and fake… but it’s size is impressive – multiple storeys high! Plus it makes for good picture taking.

Good photos = more sharing people do about their visits.

More sharing people do = the more people who will hear about it will want to come.

More people come = More money for Disney!!!!


Our first stop – Dinoland!

It’s a carnival-themed place for kids, but we went there first because I know Sam LOVESSSS Dinosaurs!

Here’s proof :P

HAHAHAH the extinct version of Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

And then we sit in line for about an hour or so.

This is usually the case for every Disney roller coaster – even the kiddy ones!

Thank god for the iphone – it was usually our only source of entertainment!


Almost there… So near yet so far away :’(

Disney lines cheat you one, you think you are sooo near because you can see the front already, but then they take you on a series of never ending winding turns here and there until you realize you are not even halfway there and your heart sinks.

But then you REALLY reach the front, get on the ride and you are happy again ^.^

Rawr!!! I luv roller coasters!

Kiddie ones, big ass fucking scary ones, G force max until your brain splits open ones!!! LUV EM ALL.

The thing about roller coasters is that I am no longer scared of them, so it’s not as thrilling as when I was a kid!

I need bigger, meaner roller coasters to make me feel my heart in my stomach whenever it “drops!”

Taking camwhoring to the next level – on a roller coaster!

They also include – no hazardous camwhores aboard :P

The people sitting beside us gave us the most incredulous look.

Mount Everest!

…Or at least a replica of it.

I like their efforts to make this theme park big and relaxing.

Now, if only they made it less big it would be more relaxing cuz we wouldn’t have to walk around so much :x

Yes I own you lul.

Some bongo drums lying around for tourists to play with. Didn’t sound like anything interesting or worthy though…. in my hands at least. Give a talented musician some pots and pans and I bet he could make music out of it.

Sam with some drums hahahah he looks less convincing than me

Expedition Everest!!!!

It’s one of the most unique roller coasters I’ve been on… The whole setting and design is fabulous, but I think all roller coasters that have backwards drops should really inform the passengers beforehand man.

When the roller coaster stopped, then suddenly fell backwards I honestly thought I was going to die. LOL.

Even though I love roller coasters, I’m paranoid as fuck whenever something seems amiss..

Final Destination’s fault!!!!

A video of Expedition Everest POV for you to relive my experience!

The backwards drop gave me the huuugest headache…

This may sound funny from someone who’s a coaster addict like me, but I get motion sickness.

Not usually from roller coasters, but from spinning rides or simulators… and even cabs!!!!

I love taking shots of tree branches like this….

I find it very scenic!

Hmmm what’s this?

It’s home to a bunch of monkeys!

It was funny watching them swing from branch to branch… looks so animated compared to the way humans walk!


Next, we explore one of their habitat trails…

We spot some creepy HUGE ASS BATS!!! I’ve no idea what their species are called but omg they are damn gross!

I’ve seen bats in real life and at night safari before, but they are so tiny compared to this one. This one makes you imagine that they turn into vampires at night to come suck your bloog :[

Their skeleton!!!!

Creepy or what.

As creepy as they are, their caretaker said that they are in fact extremely timid!

Once, a bat accidentally flew onto the ledge where it found itself right next to humans and it got so scared that it just froze and had some sort of seizure until a vet came along, calmed it down and brought it back to a “safer” place.

Lol wtf. I guess looks are deceiving afterall.

Some snake. Never understood peoples fascination with them…

They are so boring, especially when captive. All they do is lie there, occasionally sticking out their tongue. And they are slimy.


After comparing killer whales to almost every other animal on earth I can think of, I’m extremely pleased with my choice of love for Orcas because they are far more superior than any animal, on land or in the sea, captive or in the wild!

So cute, intelligent, yet the top predator in the ocean… GAH WHY MUST YOU BE SO PRECIOUS!!!!

MUST. GO. TO. ALASKA. OR. NORWAY. TO. SEE. THEM!!!! Or better still, swim with them.

I can’t wait to blog about Sea World omgggg. It’s my favouritest theme park in the world. Sorry, Disney, but Sea World pwns you!!!!!

Sam and an alligator skull. He wants to kiss it.

But the hippopotamus skull is jealous and tries to eat him XD

Here’s a more interesting animal than snakes – tigers.

But they also didn’t do much except pace back and forth.. *yawn*

They should be trying to eat each other, or mating, y’know? Just saying. LOL.

Some day I shall go to Africa where I shall see herds of many different animals roaming freely, doing their own business! Much more interesting than zoos. That is, if I don’t get killed / raped / kidnapped there first.

Animal Kingdom knows what we tourists want and presents to us… the

Kilimanjaro Safari!

Ain’t that a mouthful.

Picture taken from google of the Safari:

That looks like a snippet from Africa! Now, all you need to do is multiply the animals by hundreds.

Basically, you go on a truck like this:

And it takes you through an African inspired wildlife reserve park thingy!!!!

And I REALLY like the whole set up!!!! Sooo relaxing and fun.

The only problem I found was that they didn’t have enough animals…. would’ve been more interesting and easier to take pictures of~~

Off we go!!!

The first animal we spotted…. No idea what it’s called but I shall name it Somedeerarse!

It was a beautiful BEAUTIFULLLL day….
besides the fact it was about 0 degrees.

Hi birdies!!

This was taken in the hippopotamus habitat area but since birds are a lot more appealing than hippos….. ………..

Some REAL Florida natives!

So picturesque!

Gotta love how the sky always appears to have this beautiful fading gradient in the horizon.

My fav thing about this ride is that you can see the animals roaming freely in their “natural habitat” and not gawk at them through some glass wall. They’re so near, you could almost touch them…. Almost.

Hey look!!!!

Somedeerarse again!!!!

Somedeerarse’s lao pei.

Somedeerarse’s grandfather’s lao pei.

HAHAHAHA how fucking hilarious is the fact that the only pictures I ever get of animals is of their arses?

O hai it’s an elephant. I’ve sat on the back of one before!!! Have you? :P

Ostrich minding her business while her nest of eggs rest nearby… The poacher in me was quite tempted to pick one up and bring home… Pet ostrich. Maybe not such a good idea.

Cool trees but terribly mismatched.

The old balding one at the back looks like it belongs in some desert in Africa but the palm trees belong on some highway along Los Angeles.


You wonder, why did God make these god damn ugly and weird long necked one footed birds in the loveliest shade of pink?

The answer: He didn’t.

They are pink because of what they eat, which has color pigments that turn their skin pinkish!

Baby flamingos are actually a dull grey color. HAHAHAHA! Go google if you don’t believe me!

Cheat one, like my fake eyelashes.

If you stare hard enough you might the spot the lions I was supposed to capture.


Rafiki from Lion King!!!
Not the cutest of all mascots, but hey, he is a wise old monkey okie!

Sam and his pet Tiger :P

Sam frenching a Rhino because he thinks its more chio than me

And finally, Sam as a Gorilla HAHAHAHA my fav!!!!!


It started to get dark so the amount of pictures I could take decreased drastically…

Strangely enough I can’t seem to find quite a lot of pictures I took! I think I might have accidentally deleted them LOL.


African drummers performing for us!!! ….If you can spot them.

Then we decided to be the king idiots of all idiot tourists by joining some long arse queue to take pictures with mascots.

We were like the only non-kids in line bahahahahaha.

I’ve always wondered what lies under the mascot costume… For one, we know that they are tall.

But it could be a tall smelly pervert old man who is tall!

Hai Pooh!!

HAHAHA omg when we were standing beside him the photographer told us to move closer, so I moved so close to Pooh that I almost pushed him over it was sooo funny.

They can’t make a sound either, mascots are not supposed to talk no matter what!

It’s fun poking and taunting them just cuz they can’t do anything back :P

Never liked Winnie The Pooh & friends, but my fav is Tigger! *pokes him*

He is so bouncy and blabbers nonsensical random stuff.

Dinoland by night!

Ohoh and we went into this souvenir shop and made matching tags for ourselves…

They look like normal accessories a guy and a girl would wear, but when you flip them over….

LOL! Disney tags!!!!!

It’s pretty funny when Sam wears it with like a normal outfit, but by chance it happens to flip over and you see a bright blue Disney tag hanging off his neck.


Okie dokie, this pretty much sums up our time at Animal Kingdom!

It is hugeee, but it’s mostly landscape and about animals so I didn’t take too many pictures… Not that many rides as compared to the other parks!

It’s good fun and all, but nothing can beat Sea World!!!!! Rawr.

Ending off this post with a Christmassy vibe!

They say your dreams take you to unimaginable places…

but I think love can take you to places far further than your dreams ever could.



White Horse

Came across this song and watching the video really tugs on my heart strings..

Because every scene feels like a flashback, a replay of my life about a year ago:

Say you’re sorry
That face of an angel
Comes out just when you need it to
And I paced back and forth all this time
Cause I honestly believed in you
Holding on
And days drag on

Stupid girl,
I should have known, I should have known

I’m not a princess, this ain’t a fairy tale
I’m not the one to sweep off her feet,
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain’t Hollywood, this is a small town,
I was a dreamer before you went and let me down
Now it’s too late for you
And your white horse, to come around

Baby I was naive,
Got lost in your eyes
And never really had a chance
My mistake, I didn’t know to be in love
You had to fight to have the upperhand
I had so many dreams
About you and me
Happy endings
Now I know

I’m not a princess, this ain’t a fairy tale
I’m not the one to sweep off her feet,
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain’t Hollywood, this is a small town,
I was a dreamer before you went and let me down
Now it’s too late for you
And your white horse, to come around

Here you are your sitting there
Begging for forgiveness, begging for me
Just like I always wanted but I’m sooo sorry

Cause I’m not your princess, this ain’t a fairytale
I’m gonna find someone somewhere who might actually treat me well
This is a big world, that was a small town
There in my rearview mirror disappears now
Now it’s too late for you and your white horse
Now it’s too late for you and your white horse, to catch me now

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa
Try and catch me now
Oh, it’s too late
To catch me now


“All I want is you. Do you love me?”

“Can you give me another chance?”

And that awful breakdown afterwards… I can almost taste the tears. That sense of relief because you’ve finally got it over and done with, feeling cheated because everything you believed in came crashing down on you, feeling lost because you don’t know what to do next.

Being cheated on is truly mindfucking and self-destruction at its best. When to convince yourself that he’s not lying to you, you end up lying to yourself instead…

Then it becomes vicious cycle that feels like it’s never going to end… falling into a bottomless pit.

“I’m gonna find someone, someday who might actually treat me well” - I thought that to myself too.. I found him sooner than expected.

My heart goes out to any girl who can relate to this song, because you don’t know heartbreak until you’ve been cheated on.

I definitely know how it feels like. And the best advice I could ever give to a girl in that situation is that forsaking your own happiness for someone who doesn’t treat you right is never worth it.

You may think that your happiness lies with him, but obviously he is not making you happy at all so happiness is somewhere else waiting for you. Go seek it.

Move on, and you’ll thank yourself afterwards.

If there was a God, I’d thank him for letting me get out of a destructive relationship and in place giving me someone who truly appreciates me for who I am.


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