i feel really loved and happy today

A little surprise from Sam that came all the way from the heart in Australia to my doorstep today.

“Why did you get me flowers today? Valentine’s Day is 2 weeks away.”

“Don’t you know what today is? It’s one day out of the 365 that I get to love you. You deserve flowers even when it’s not Valentine’s, but wait till you see the V’day bouquet.”



I dyed my hair again!!!!

Stage 1: At the salon, in the process of coloring my hair… When I saw how blonde it was at the top, I went “WTF” and they said “Don’t worry, we’re not done yet!”

Stage 2: Back at home after coloring. I’m a redhead now. Under flash, it’s really WTF bright anime red.

And yes I have a balding spot where my hair line is, get over it.

Then I noticed that it was only the top that was really red… Like this:

At the back and ends:

With a little bit of red, copper and brown.

This is probably the most accurate picture of my hair color in real life.

Stage 3:
After a few washes… the redness lessened. This is what it looked like yesterday without flash:

The thing about my hair color now is that it can look extremely different under different lightings!

It’s less bright and a lot browner in pics.

With flash, low lighting:

…..Now the next question : Should I cut my hair short, go for hair extensions, or maintain the length?


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