First post about my life in school!


So this would be my first post about life in MDIS, of course besides my post about the first day of school!

So far so good, I met some people who seem really nice and we all get along well.

I don’t know everyone in my class yet, and I doubt I will even by the end of this year because we are all so different and there’s 60 people for gods sake!

I can tell that there are people who don’t quite like me already, but I don’t really care.

I suppose a lot of my classmates think I’m a bimbo (cuz I always have full make up and I’m more dressy compared to most of them, plus I am always joking around and seem aloof / nonchalant / airhead)

Some even told me their first impression of me was that I’m very unfriendly / snobbish / arrogant and that I smoke/drink/club often so I was really pleased when they told me I turned out to be nice afterall! <——— LAWLZ And they were like, “You don’t like club or smoke?! HUH??? But you look like you do!”

And one even commented he thought I was a working adult -_-

….This is why they always say your appearance is very important, because that’s what peoples first impressions are based on.

But whatever I am not going to stop wearing fake eyelashes and dress/act otherwise just because others might mistake me as a bimbo or whatever they have in mind right?

I get so tired of introducing or explaining myself to people I’ve just met or people who don’t know me, sometimes I put on a show for them.

They can think what they want of me, it’s easier this way than trying to make the world understand..


My lecturer’s last name is Hawabi and I can’t remember if she’s Ms or Mrs, judging by her age she should be Mrs but whatever let’s just call her Hawabi only cos it sounds funny.

She’s teaching communications and some parts of her lecture are SOSOSOSO B.S!!!!!!!!

Plus she has got that amazing lullaby voice that just makes you wanna zzz…

I am considering not going to school tomorrow. I had an anemia “attack” just now, I haven’t felt like I was gonna faint for a really long time now since I took iron pills in the past and got better, but earlier on in the MRT on my way home, I wasn’t feeling too good as I was having bad baaaad menstrual cramps..

So I got off the mad-packed train straight away at Dhoby Ghaut and took a cab home instead. Thank goodness there wasn’t a lot of people waiting for cabs.

I SWEAR I could have just fainted right there, you should have seen how pale and wobbly I was!!!!

I was soo scared cos I didn’t wanna just faint in the middle of Plaza Sing, y’know?!

I hate it when my anemia / migraine / cramps / low blood pressure gets to me, it makes me feel really weak, especially for my case of anemia / blood pressure problem, when I feel like I’m going to faint, I actually feel like I’m going to die.

Like suddenly I have no strength, I’m losing focus of everything and I can’t even breathe or walk properly anymore.

…Very frightening.




Anyway, back to school topic…

Like my chocolate roll with strawberries and cream on top?! ^.^ (pencil box)

Proof that I do pay attention in class… sometimes :P

Close up of my notes:


Me and Natashah!

The rest were smoking / eating during break time…

LOL we set it to self-timer and it turned out like this


Much better.

Me and Chloe!!

We took group pictures but they’re in Gwen’s laptop!! Once she sends them to me I’ll post them up :)

Ok I am soooooo tired right now.





Honesty is the best policy – why have so many people forgotten that?

We hide the truth from people we care about because we think it would shield them from pain, but more often than not, we inflict greater pain upon them in the end.

I have lied about many things, and I’ve been lied to about many things as well.

Perhaps it’s through so much lying that I’ve finally started to tell the truth more often.

It’s so much easier to tell the truth, because the truth will never change, whereas when you tell one lie, you have to tell another lie to cover up the lie you told before and the vicious cycle never ends.

The saddest thing is when a person lies so much, he just doesn’t know what’s real or not anymore.

I would rather be told the truth, even though it may not be what I want to hear, but hey – reality is never sugar-coated.

Admitting the truth is part of realizing your mistake.

Mistakes are inevitable, but how many of us actually learn from them? If we never actually suffer the consequences, how would we ever realize what we’ve done wrong?

Of course, after talking about how people lie too much etc etc, I am not saying that I always tell the truth.

I do lie, sometimes, but I try to avoid it as much as possible.




Everyone is a hypocrite deep down inside – some just don’t realize it, and some just don’t feel bad about it.


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