Perth Day 1 – Adventure World

I have soooo much to blog about!
My Perth trip was just plain awesome.

We didn’t do ANYTHING that was planned – We planned Margaret River, photoshoots, etc… But they didn’t happen.

What happened was something much better, and it’s funny how the most beautiful memories are created when you least expect it.

You don’t need to know someone for long to absolutely adore them…

And I’m talking about you Gwenny-poo!!!

So like Gwen is Rachael’s good friend’s good friend. And I knew Rachael from my good friend.


Complex yes. Gwen is Singaporean but she stays in Perthhhh… I ISH JEALOUS!!!!

She added me some time ago and we’ve been chatting once in a blue moon online, and we talked about meeting up…

So when I reached Perth, I SMS-ed her and we met up the next day!

Very very impromptu but awesome!

Day 1 of my Perth trip –

I only had like 4 hours of sleep the night before cuz we landed at like 1am?!

Nevertheless I got up in time because holidays are meant for having fun and not sleeping!

In Uncle John’s smelly Merc. xD

The aircon has a weird dusty smell so I like to wind down the windows cuz the cool air is awesomeeeee.

Hi luv.

He likes the green topman V neck I bought for him, he always wears it (“v”)

My beautiful mummy and Uncle John~ He stays in Perth too!

We had lunch at Welcome Noodles Restaurant… funny name.

After lunch, we decided to go pick Gwen up!! So nice of Uncle John… he was like my personal chauffeur all the time!

We kinda got lost along the way but when we finally reached, Uncle John was like, “don’t bother to call.. just ring her doorbell and give her a surprise!”

While I was at Gwen’s doorstep she just appeared before me before I could ring it! Ahhaa.


She was like “OH HELLO!!!”

So we got into the car and drove off to


I’ve no idea what it is beforehand, I just heard it was a theme park.


…And then Gwen reminded me it was a WATER THEME PARK!!!!!


For a water theme park, I was dressed like this:

Wooo. Great.

Now I REALLY look like a tourist…

Anyways the day started off quite bad I’d say.

We reached Adventure World a little too late for my liking (we reached at 2, it closes at 5) and then James was being all grumpy cuz he really needed a smoke but couldn’t find any cigg stores nearby and we both didn’t have any swim suits with us and the stores didn’t sell female swimsuits either so I was pretty much screwed.

Thankfully, Gwen brought extra clothes so she saved the day!!! *bear hug*

If not it woulda been a day wasted… How can they NOT sell swimsuits?? O_O

I was looking forward to buying a new bikini!

Gwen loves green and hates pink and I love pink and hate green. xD

But… Jess loves Gwen and hopefully Gwen loves Jess.


Me and my loverrr @ Adventure World!

We tried to buy tickets and the girl at the counter told us if we waited a little longer we could get the tics at almost half price..

So we waited. We didn’t have much time left though, I was so worried about the time constraint.

Thankfully, at the end of the day we went on most rides and had a really really good time!!!

Our very first picture taken together (“v”)

Ok I cannot get over how awesome my hair looks plz.

Look at how shiny and soft it is!! *brags*

This is prolly like the last photo of my hair looking pretty cos after that I went into the water and came out looking like shit :D

James being all frustrated cuz he needed his ciggy fix. Grrr.

He lightened up later on though :)




And then we went in!!!

Gwenny and I sharing a big ass cubicle while I changed into her clothes

Tsk we are such camwhores!




After changing!

Much more apt…

My hunk :D

Running all over the theme park barefooted, holding hands, with our hair flying everywhere..

I miss you already!!

The water was FREEEZZZINGGG!

I kept screaming partly cos it was fun and also cos it was so cold I had goosebumps!

I think I am a super major fail at water rides!

This was the first slide we went down on. You’re supposed to sit on a round tube and go down.

SOOOO FUN LA! We had to bump each other down cos the slide wasn’t very slippery and it was made in such a way that you’d get stuck halfway at some points and you’d need the next person after you to bump into you and push you down.

James went first, then gwen went and I was last. It was so funny coz Gwen bumped James down and I bumped Gwen down but the person who came after me was a SMALL BOY.

HAHAHA HE WAS LIKE LESS THAN HALF MY SIZE, so instead of bumping me down,
we both gave each other confused expressions as he bumped me and yet I didn’t move an inch.

So we were stuck halfway. AHHHHHHHAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA.

LOL when I finally did get to the end of the slide though, I fell RIGHT THROUGH the middle of my tube and…

Taken from Gwen’s blog:

” we started of with a wet ride:
rocky mountain rapids!
this was the first, and the funniest ride hahahahaha.
we had to sit in little round donut tubes, and the water was FREEZING.
so we went down the white water slopes:
james first, me then jess.

at the end of the water drop,

OMFGGGG james and i PISSED ourselves LAUGHING LOL.
she went literally straight thru, so it was only her head and her legs sticking out!!!
oh man, even when my makeup was smudged, i couldn’t help but wipe away the tears in my eyes coz it was sooo funny.
hahah, but her fake eyelashes were dangling so she pulled them off and chucked it into the bush haha. ohhh man *giggles* “

Shes sooososso cute when she smiles


Waiting to get on the roller coaster… woopeee!

Dripping all over from the wet rides, LOL

It was REALLY fast and I didn’t expect it to be so bumpy hahahaah

I can’t remember the names of the other rides but I remember this is called



One of the scariest rides I’ve ever sat in my life, much much scarier than roller coasters!

It looks so normal but when it starts to spin you around and around 360 degrees over and over again, it’s pretty crazy…

Gwenny says:

anyway, so we decided to go for something dry after that…
we all admitted that it was literally a brain bashing ride and jess wasn’t feeling too well after that hahaha. when the spins and drops and twists and turns of the rides kept going, jess’ screams turned into laughter.

LOL, i was laughing so hard at that hahah.

Another fun slide ride!!!
Wooo it’s so long… climbing up was a killer…

This one reminds me of Norbit! Anyone remember the scene where the fat black lady flew out from this slide?! HAHAHA

And I was major fail at this slide too. You’re supposed to sit on a mat face down and push yourself forward but I read the instructions on a board at the side and it said “lean forward slightly”, so I did but I was stuck there!!!

And I saw James and Gwen push themselves down and when they were halfway down the slide I was still stuck up there. SO PAISEH AHHHHHHHHH CAN DIE.

Anyway finally pushed myself down after what seemed like forever…. -____-

I wanna go back to Perth :(

Us climbing up another slope… We climbed sooo much that day~

This one was the worst of all cuz we had to climb up a road-like path which had little killer stones on them and we were like *walk walk walk OUCH! walk walk OUCHHHH*

I luff you babe. More than you know.

Shag liao.

The Rampage drained all my energy LOL

The weather was PERFECT

Sunny with breeze…. Just lovely. To think that Gwen told me the day before that she won’t be able to make it cuz the weather forecast predicted it’d be rainy LOL

It’s a beautiful day

After a lot of screaming and brain-bashing action, I really really needed a break cos I coulda just toppled over onto the floor, I was THAT overwhelmed.

So we went on the Sky Lift!!!!

I love this ride! ^^

I first saw it in movies (ski lift in snow areas) and I really wanted to try it and then I saw it at Sentosa and then I saw it Adventure World so yay! It’s even better than Sentosa’s~

Maximum of 2 people on one lift so Gwen took the first, me and James took the 2nd one after her…

WeeEeeeEeeee off we gooooo!

I love how relaxing it is… I love how my feet dangles in the air and there’s nothing surrounding me, I am sitting on a chair floating in the middle of nowhere :D

Passing everybody below you while they completely ignore your presence… much like god observing the world from the top. LOL.

HAHAHAHA can you spot me and James?!?!

Gwenny took these pics~ Most of the pics in this post are from Gwen’s cam anyways :D

HAHAHAHA kinda like the “Pepsi” ride in Escape? I don’t like such rides, they’re not scary but they make me puke. Motion sickness. I prefer roller coasters cuz they’re fast and I like feeling my heart drop when the roller coaster drops :D

Gweeennn ohhh gweennnnn~

The tunnel one was really fast and fun!!

A skull in the middle of nowhere… hmm…

Swimming pool!! Awww. I really wanted to swim but we didn’t have enough time~~~





The pics in this post are in random order..

I actually forgot what we did after the sky ride. LOL.

But I remember we ate some awesomeeeeee ice cream called Maxibon. YUMMM.

Omg I look so much tanner here already!! Hahaha and I look like a toot with my make up washed off

LAWLZ those are some ugleeeeee expressions!

Gwen and James going on the “Pepsi” ride!!! I refused to go on it cuz I’m sure I woulda puked.

Aww hahaha ma loves!!!! Mwa mwa~

LOL did I take this pic at awesome timing or what?!

They so cute plzzz!!!!

They kept smiling and waving at me EVERY SINGLE TIME they passed me..

Amazing how they maintained eye contact with me even though they were upside down and flippin all over xD

Me and Gwen getting off the 2-seater tube!

It was awesome getting wet and then getting dry and then getting wet again… It was even better having ice cold water splash onto you under the sun’s heat.

I was supposed to do a shoot but I’m so glad I came here with Gwen and James instead!!!!

I’m so happy I’m gonnaaa flllyyyyyyyy ooooOoooo I’m flying lookie at me James!!!

Last pic we took before we went for our first wet ride of the day~

See, our hair’s still dry xD

Soon, time was up and we got changed!

Uncle John and my mum came to pick us up where they dropped us off at…

In the car, all dry and warm again.
I am so damn obesessed with oversized sunnies.

You might’ve noticed that I took a lot of pictures but less with James! Coz I can take alooottt of pics with James whenever I want to but my time in Perth’s limited, so yea! I do miss gwenny.


Ok that’s pretty much all for Adventure World!


Time really flies when you’re having fun.

Although we only went to Adventure World a few days ago, it seems like it’s been such a long time!!!!!




Went home to shower, went out for dinner…

Me and mum @ Mini Mary Chutneys… wahhahah she looks so fierce here!
Mini Mary Chutneys SUCKSSSS MAN, worst indian food I’ve had like EVER. Took forever to serve too.

Less fierce… but still fierce mum!!!!

There, finally smiling!

She said it was James’ fault cuz he didn’t say ” 3 2 1 ” and she didn’t know when to smile, LOL. I agree, James is such a hoorrriiibblleee photographer.

But he does make quite a cute boyfriend. *pokes*

My eyes look weirdly droppy in the pics above coz of the STUPID UGLYYYY falsies I bought at FEP (as mentioned in previous post)… Ahhh I hate them, so expensive and ugly… I threw the entire box away. They’re awful.

Makes my almond shaped eyes damn droopy and ugly.

Anyway, that was us having dessert / coffee @ DOME!

Wahhh, DOME is everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE in Perth. You turn around the corner, you see DOME. You cross the street, you see DOME.

Madness. I don’t think their coffee is that great either, I prefer Starbucks even though I’m no caffeine addict. Starbucks also has nicer hot chocolate. Starbucks ftw!!!!




Would you believe it?

I spent THE WHOLE DAY blogging at home today…

You’ve no idea. I spent so much time sorting and editing and uploading the photos… Alrighty, I’m going to bed now, to get my well-deserved rest!

Next up:



There’s just something wonderfully surreal about being in a foregin country that you’re not familiar with, meeting someone for the first time and then going to places you’ve never even heard of before deciding to go there a few hours prior when your then-stranger-now-friend told you about it.

And it feels so good when you are surprised by how well the day went by.

You don’t know what to expect, and often, when you have no expectations, everything exceeds expectations.



Vlogging is addictive!!!

Especially when I didn’t have internet access ay.

All I could do with vaio was play limited games on it and camwhore and take vids…

So I did!!!!

2 more videos before I update a full post on my first day in Perth.

Me and James were like “Let’s see who can remain still for a longer time!”

Men who are afraid of tickles = funny. So strong but so… weak?!





Wtf the “still shot” for the video below damn sexy sia. Pose like orang utan.

Random vlog of some of my shopping in Perth.

P.S – I know I say a lot of “like” and “really really”I say that alot when I’m tired. LOL.



Short video update

Waaa I spent like what the past 5 hours sorting and editing photos…

I haven’t even started to UPLOAD them yet!!! The horror.

Anyway, more goofy videos!

This was our second day in Perth:

Pause my face at 0:44 seconds!
HHAHA why do I ALWAYS have spastic moments?!?!

Omg you gotta see James being irritating behind me. SEE? He always acts cool in pics but the truth is he’s a goofball.

Oh ya and the last 4 seconds of my vid was inspired by…


And XX is the best I swear!!!

HAHAHAAHAHA I love the wide eyed stares and the hair twirling thing.


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