Advertorial – Neutrogena Wave

Everybody cleanses their face using their hands.




As though to prove that technology is advancing so much that one day machines could do everything for us humans, Neutrogena introduces a new product that will blow you away:

Neutrogena Wave.

The new Neutrogena Wave is a handheld vibrating cleanser that promises to leave your skin noticably smoother and cleaner after the first time you use it!


It’s really cool to know that I can take my daily facial cleansing routine a step further.

I think this is so much more effective than buying really expensive facial products, because no matter how good the soap gets, it’s nothing like the new Neutrogena Wave that vibrates to clean deep within your pores!

This compact power cleanser is designed in a way that it’s waterproof plus gives you a good grip so that it doesn’t slip while in the shower.

How does this work, you ask?! Seems a little too gimmicky or “futuristic” for you?

(I know, I never thought I’d use a gadget to clean my face but now I have)

I’ll explain:

The Neutrogena Wave is hassle and fuss-free, also recommended for daily use.

You can use it at the sink and in the shower, since it’s waterproof.

( absolutely bare faced… and by bare i mean no eyebrows xDD )

With just a click of the button, gentle vibrating motion massages tingly cleansing foam deep into pores to remove more dirt, oil and more make-up than ordinary cleansing.

Massage it all over your face and be sure to avoid delicate eye area.

The menthol in the cleansing pads makes skin feel tingly, and the salicylic acid should help keep pimples at bay.

You should replace the cleansing pads with each use, and when you buy the Neutrogena Wave, special cleansing pads are already included.

It’s just that easy!

I think this is especially good for girls who are horrible at removing their make up or doing carrying out proper facial cleansing routine..

With a cute and efficient “gadget” to do the job for you, there’s no room for flaws, just crystal clear skin!


Neutrogena Wave promises softer and much cleaner skin after just 1 use, and it’s not just a marketing sales line, you can take my word for it.

I feel like I’ve just had a facial after I use it, except this is a lot quicker and gentler. I’ve also noticed that I’ve stopped having break outs as often these few days, I had a lot of them when I first reached Perth (dry weather)

So yeah! You should give this small but power-packed cleanser a try, it’s very affordable and worth trying even if you’re not intending to use it for the long-run, you’ll be quite amazed.

If you’re still skeptical, I recommend that you do a full-search on Google for “Neutrogena Wave” and read all the (mostly) positive reviews on it.

They’re not advertorials done by bloggers like me (even though I sincerely like it), they’re reviews done by people who are genuinely interested to share about how good the product is with no strings attached, so you know you can trust them (and me of course)!

Neutrogena Wave is fun to use, good for your skin and everyone can use it. (even beautiful Vanessa Hudgens, heh)

Achieving better complexion isn’t so difficult now.

Do check out the nearest departmental store or anywhere that sells Neutrogena products to get your hands on one. Let me know how you like them once you’ve tried it!!!



Coolest Mummy Ever


She suddenly called me like 5 mins ago and she was like, “Eh girl, are you online now? You go see samsung website, they got a new pink phone blahblahblah…”

I was abit like “O___o tell me for what?” but I just went along with it and searched a few models which she said she saw at the shop but I didn’t like them.

So I said, “Aiyah all these also not nice… My current phone nice ma, and it’s still working properly so even if I were to change a phone, I’d change to the LG pink ice cream phone”

And she’s just like, “Oh, so you want that ah? Ok, then I buy for you now, byebye!”

…And then she hangs up.

LOL I checked and today isn’t April Fools or my birthday or X’mas.

Isn’t she just so sweeeeeeeeeet? Yay, now I have a new pink LG phone!!! Although my current one is doing fine… Guess I’ll keep it as a spare phone.

I think my mother has an obsession with buying new handphones.


FIVE spare phones, all contributed by ONE mother for herself and her two children.

She had so much, she even gave 2 to the maid and one to my grandmother and one to my cousin and one to my auntie.

After giving away so many, we still have 3 spare phones lying around in the house now.


Her handphone obsession is HILARIOUS cos she takes foreverrrr to even send one message and has no idea how to use any function in the phone, not even the camera, yet she likes to buy new phones all the time.

Anyway, guess I’m going to have a new phone now!

Absolutely random and quite shocking news, but I’m not complaining!!!!

I love bimbo phones, and I swear LG makes the best bimbo phones :D

I’m using LG Shine in hot pink now as I have been for quite awhile, I don’t like to change phones too often troublesome and pointless…

But I really like it cos the pink is really striking, it makes cute noises when I type, AND when the screen LCD light goes off, THE SCREEN TURNS INTO A MIRROR!!! (“V”)

I don’t just mean it’s so reflective that it looks like a mirror, IT IS A DAMN MIRROR KK.

So small, pretty and simple!!

But one reason I want the LG Ice Cream phone is because the pink suits my other gadgets like my pink vaio lappy and my pink canon e1, cos those pinks are really soft and light, kinda like baby pink and my LG phone usually looks like the odd one out.


My phone

1) has to be pink
2) has to be slim and simple looking
3) has to be absolutely delicious.

Honestly, why would I need a phone with 3g or good stereo system or internet or good camera or whatever…

I have 2 laptops, 2 ipods, 2 cameras and 2 phones now.


One pink laptop, one pink camera, 2 pink phones.

I think it’s about time I blinged my damn ipods to be pink too!!! Waiting for Fidel to bling it with me, cos I am a complete DIY disaster.

HAPPY, I think my mum just made my day!

..Hello baby~~~

P.S – Omg I just found out my mum bought ANOTHER phone for herself! HER CURRENT PHONE LESS THAN 3 MONTHS OLD CAN?!?!?!


Why does one person need so many phones?



Perth Day 2 – Cottesloe Beach

Ohhhhh my gosh…

Remember how I kept raving about how much I wanted to go visit Australia’s beautiful beaches?!

I’ve been to one @ Margaret River, and this time, instead of going back to the same one, we went to

.T.T.E.S.L.O.E !!!!

Once again, very very impromptu!

I had a shoot arranged on that day actually, but the photographer and MUA are really irresponsible. They take AGES to reply messages even though the shoot is 2 days away, and the MUA was very diva-ish and aiyah ultimately I cannot stand them.

So, I dumped them and went to to COTTESLOE beach!!! Omigosh the funny thing is, I was supposed to have the shoot AT Cottesloe, but I ended up SWIMMING in Cottesloe xD

My mum woke up super early just to cook me and my friends breakfast… I LOVE YOU MUMMY!!!!

Gwennnyyyy~ She came over super early in the morning! At like 8AM? I was hardly awake then…

The night before, around midnight, I was likeLet’s go to cottesloe” and she’s like “YEAH!!”

Lol fun-ness :D

Bare-faced me, early in the morning! Boo!

I just had to take a picture with the food my mum cooked for me cuz she’s so sweeeet! The creator of this egg sausage bacon masterpiece is in the background of the pic :D





And then we went off, I was superrr excited!

As usual, Uncle John kindly drove us around…

Even though I was really excited, I kinda fell asleep during the drive cuz it was just so nice and peaceful early in the morning..

I like driving around Perth, drivers are very courteous and traffic is little so driving is a breeze… Plus, you see happy people everywhere and the best thing is, when you’re at Perth you don’t feel like you’re at a concrete jungle like in singapore because the buildings are all so low-rise, y’know?

Passing by Swan River… It’s massive!
Beautiful and very blue-ish, how come it’s so different compared to Singapore River?

It seperates Perth into 2 parts so I heard… the last time I was at Perth, I stayed at Pana Roma (sp?) which was just beside the river and had a spectacular view. I hear you might spot dolphins sometimes too!

The grass may not be greener at the other side but I can testify that their skies are blue-er!

Their famous Bell Tower…

Didn’t go inside cuz it’s full of bells, and well, am not interested in bells. Would rather go swim in the sea yo!

Uncle John said someone set a fire on purpose some time ago and it burned down a huuuugeee amount of flora… How cruel!!

It looks so awful now :(





What can I say?!?!? It’s breathtaking.

(pic taken from google, source unknown)

Exactly like what I’ve been dreaming of – white sandy shores, crystal clear water…

The atmosphere was great, since everywhere you looked you could see families and couples and friends having so much fun!

Happiness is contagious, I don’t see how anyone could not have a great time while they’re there.

What more could I ask for?

I was at a beautiful beach in a beautiful country, with my beautiful boyfriend and accompanied by a beautiful friend!

Like our rainbow towels? :P

Shouldn’t be hard to guess which towel belongs to whom!

We started the day by lazing on our mats, soaking up the sun and soaking in the beautiful atmosphere.

There’s really NOTHING like lazing on a beach like this.


And meh~

This picture looks so dreamy, as though I’m in paradise! xD

You could say I was.


Awww he looks like such a darling in this picture even though I’ve no idea what he’s doing~

Look at him wearing his sexy Aussie boardshots, mmmm~ I likey!

My boy applying sunblock all over for me!

What’s this? I don’t even know what we’re doing but we look funny!

Ehh check out James in Gwen’s sunnies! Ehehehe.

Hahahaa I think it’s pretty funny how the top part of my hair always shines like crazy.

Soft hair!! (“v”) Ok ok.. *needs to shut up about my hair*

All set for an awesome day on the beach!!!

Even though the weather was lovely, breezy and not too cold, the sun was a killer!

At the same time, it was awesome. What’s a beach without the golden rays huh?!?!!?!

Pretty soon the heat from the sun got too hot to bear though…

Check out Gwen’s expression, …..”NEED. TO. GET. IN. THE. WATER!!!!!”

And we wasted no time in getting into the water!

My heart was racing – was the water REALLY crystal clear?!








When I got closer to the water and I felt the waves crash onto my feet, I was like “THE FUCK!!!! COLD LA, GWEN!!”

And she was like, “No it’s not! Ok maybe it is, but just come in and you’ll get used to it, it’s so beautiful really!!!”

*Gwen waddles in and is already into the water in a matter of seconds as though the water didn’t freaking feel like 5 degrees cold*

I stood there, halfway into the water, half wanting to go into the clear and welcoming sparkling yet freezing water but half wanting to go and lie on the warm sand.





I managed to get fully into the water with alot of courage and alot of “THE FUCK IT IS REALLY FUCKING COLD HAHAHAHAHAAH FUCK HAHAHAHA”

*clings onto Gwen for warmth*


Jess: Gwen, there’s a huge wave coming, watch out!!

Gwen: *sees James taking pictures of us*


Gwen: *poses more for the camera, waving hands*

Jess: OI GWEN YOU’RE NOT LISTENING!!! The wave is coming ahh AHHHHH it is huuuugeeee I swear LOOK AT IT!!!


*waves comes and takes Gwen and Jess under it*

*Jess makes weird gurgling noises under the water*

*Gwen bobs up the surface, going “HAHA WTF WAS THAT?!?!!?“*


Jess: See la told you. *waddles away*


LOL. Look at the waterrrrrrrr it’s sooo clearrr. And very very salty… *chokes*


We spent the next half hour or so playing in the water, and I learnt to deal with the waves!

I got really worried whenever a big wave came rushing towards us, but Gwen taught me how to “bob up” whenever a wave came and it was super fun hahaha!

Although I did go under the water more than a few times… which resulted in a red nose T.T

Me and Gwen all wet and high (LOL sounds wrong) after being in the water!!!

With my eyebrows half washed off. HAHAHA.

All this while James was suntanning..

Later on he realized that it didn’t work coz he applied a lot of my WHITENING sun block hahahaa he had no idea it was whitening lotion / sunblock.

My baby took this pic of me~

I like how I have that sun-kissed glow in this picture.

I always look so freakishly fair in pictures whenever the sun is strong / when flash is used!

I think my face reflects light, wooo xD

Baby boy, why so glum?!?!

That’s better!

I love seeing you smile.

And I love your silly antics although they may get on my nerves sometimes..

How many 22 year olds munch on chocolates and pull silly faces at the same time?!

Gosshh the sun feels soooo good on my skin now after being in the icy cold water…

I think it’s pretty amazing how we’ve gone through the shittiest and best of times, and I love sharing my life with you.

Life would never be the same without you… I hope you enjoyed our Australia trip together this time, we’ve been on holidays together several times now and know that there will be many more times to look forward to!

And of course, GWENZILLA!

Thanks for making my trip to Perth even more awesome than it could’ve been… I promise to go back to Perth to visit you soon!




If only everyday could be spent like this.

We don’t have a watch, and we don’t need it - We’ll do whatever we like, whenever we like… without a care in the world.

We don’t have a lot of money, but we don’t need it - the best things in life, like beautiful beaches, are free.

Well, perhaps we’d need enough money to buy CHOCOLATE BARS! *points to the one Gwenny is holding in the picture*

It’s called Boost and Gwen suggests the best food! Maxibon and Boost, oh godddd.

It isn’t summer, but it sure as hell feels like it.

Hi sexy!

Hi sexiest!

Picture of the sea, the sand and a very cheeky bird!

This bird likes to sneak up on unsuspecting victims and slowly inch towards them before finally settling down on their mats!!!

I swear I saw this bird has sit on more than 3 different mats that day… I wonder why it does that eh? More comfortable?

My blue bikini, Gwen’s blue flip flops + blue bag and James’ blue towel!




It wasn’t long before me and Gwen and James headed back into the water together!

Because we got all warmed up, going back into the freezing water was quite a killer… De ja vu!

This time I was more brave and went in straight without much hesitation. We kept playing around the waves, swimming and getting taken under and bobbing up…

And it was all good until I was waddling around aimlessly when I felt something in my hand. Smooth and squishy, something that felt like Jelly.

I was like “WTF” and I moved back and saw some reddish brown sea creature floating in the water…

And I was like, “AHHH GWEN.”

And she’s like, “What?”

And I’m like, “I felt something in my hand!!! It was all soft and squishy and I think it’s a dead fish or something, I dunno… eww. I think it’s a jellyfish, are there jellyfishes in the water here?”

And she’s like, “There are no jellyfishes in Cottesloe, silly!”

And I’m like, “K, must be a dead fish or something then….”

… After awhile we resumed playing in the water and forgot all about the weird thing I felt in my hand.

We were trying to pick up sea shells, bobbing up with the waves, etc…

The shore along Cottesloe has alot of sea weed and reefs! We kept trying to avoid the part where the shore was lined with seaweed and sticks and all sorts of stuff that you’re not supposed to step on cuz it’d hurt.

Ok, so there was this particular wave that was MASSIVE and it caught me off-guard,

so I went under the water and came up the surface and gasped for breath and the next thing I know, the current pushed me to a part where there was a whole shitload of seaweed and gross stuff on the shore that I was stepping on

so I was like trying my best to swim against the current away from all the gross stuff, with Gwen right next to me and SUDDENLY I felt the SQUISHY SOFT THING IN MY HAND AGAIN! I accidentally held it in my hand wtf!!!


The next thing I know, I saw the reddish-brown dead-fish-or-whatever-it-is floating right next to me!

And I was like, “GWEN!!! LOOK. THERE IT IS, THE THING I TOUCHED JUST NOW. What the hell is it?”

I couldn’t see it properly because of the waves.

Gwen took a closer look, and she was like “Hmm…” and within a split second her expression changed from o.o to O_____O

and she said, “Oh, it’s a jellyfish!”


……And I’m like, “Huh? It’s a what?…. OMG WTF IT’S A JELLYFISH?!!?!?!

WTF WTF JELLYFISH?!?!?!!!!!!!!”

And I was like all



While screaming my lungs out, I kicked my arms and legs in the water furiously trying to swim away but after so many kicks I think I only moved a few inches since the current was pretty strong and it kept pushing me back to the same place!

And all this while, I was screaming and kicking in the water like I just saw a hungry looking shark with an open mouth swimming towards me

and Gwen just kept laughing and laughing non-stop as she tried to pull me away from the JELLYFISH and yeah, I was choking from horror and she was choking on her laughter.

It was CLASSIC I tell you… My heat was pumping faster than when I sat on roller coasters!!!


I freaked out MAJORLY.

I think the reason why I freaked out so much was because I think jellyfishes are deadly creatures. I’ve watched a lot of documentaries on diving, deep blue sea creatures and alot about the ocean and something basic I’ve understood is that Jellyfishes CAN BE VERY VERY DEADLY!!!

Has no one watched Seven Pounds, eh?!?!?

All the time I was trying to swim away from the Jellyfish while it was inches away from me, I kept replaying the Will Smith Dying In Bathtub While Jellyfish Slowly Stings And Kills Him scene in my head!!!

I think the one I held in my hand at Cottesloe was the

Australian spotted jellyfish, Phyllorhiza punctata.

This one was just floating around near the surface.”

Pictures and information credited to

WALAO looking at it gives me the creeps all over again!

Ok I think jellyfishes are cool and all, but who the hell wants to swim with a jellyfish, or better still, HOLD a jellyfish in their hand that could potentially kill you with its sting eh?!?!

THAT MUST BE THE JELLYFISH I HELD with my effin’ bare hands!!!!!!!1111

Firstly, the guy that I took the info and pics from saw the Jellyfish at COTTESLOE too!

Secondly, I remember CLEARLY that the jellyfish had the SPOTS on the top and was reddish brown in colour

Thirdly, Gwen saw its tentacles (thats how she knew it was a jellyfish) and I showed her this picture and she said it looked exactly like that, all “fluffy”!

Fourthly, the guy didn’t see it far off the coast / in deep waters, he said it was just floating around the surface…

Yes yes yes, that sounds like and definitely IS my stalker jellyfish!

I am convinced that this jellyfish is stalking because it SWAM into my right HAND twiiiiceeee even when I swam away from it, it swam towards me. So yes.

People who are intending to visit Cottesloe, please beware of this Stalker Jellyfish – it likes asian girls in blue bikinis and it feels like how jellyfishes should feel like, all squishy and smooth and EWWWW.

Thankfully I wasn’t stung… Apparently its sting is mild or unnoticable. Phewwwwwwww. I did feel quite itchy afterwards though, and I’m SURE that’s not my imagination!

I could have died from swimming in Cottesloe if it were another jellyfish, which would be damn sad la!!

Okokok, I need to get over the whole dying from being stalked by a jellyfish thing and move on with my life.

I hope I never see you again, Stalker Jellyfish!!!!


After the Stalker Jellyfish encounter, I was soooo freaked out that I refused to go back into the water… So I went onto shore to catch my breath (escaping from a jellyfish is EXHAUSTING)

Gwen was just laughing her ass off all the time LOL

Our feet in the sand!

James, Jess, Gwen.

A holiday wouldn’t be complete without the sun, the sea and the sand.

You’ve never been to a country if you’ve never swam in their sea and get stalked by their jellyfishes!!!

The sun was soooo hot that I threw a towel over my face

After awhile I got too comfortable lying on the shore and too traumatized by the jellyfish to go back into the water so I fell asleep on the sand while James and Gwen went back into the water!

Before they went off…

They did me a huge favour by shielding me from the scorching sun






say hi to Jessica the towel mummy!

White head, green body and fashionable Ray Ban sunnies.

.And just like that, I fell asleep at Cottesloe. All that excitement drained quite a bit of my energy. It was quite special to doze off there.

With my eyes half-closed, I could see Gwen and James splashing around in the water, kids running everywhere, a beautiful beach with its sights and sounds were my lullaby…

It was nice.

When I woke up after an hour or so, James and Gwen came up to shore too, and it was time for us to go…

I didn’t want to leave Cotty but well, everything must come to an end!





We packed our stuff, and walked across the rest of Cottesloe Beach towards the shower room…

And would you believe it, their shower rooms have NO DOORS!!

:O :O :O :O

Everybody was changing in front of others and I’m quite sure I’ve never seen so many saggy old butts together in a day before (there was a number of elderly women)

And yea, that was my first time in a communal shower!!!!

HAHA funny image.

It was quite awkward and funny at the same time when I was washing my boobs and this woman walked past me and just kinda stared at me for a few seconds with a o.o look on her face. LOL.

After a nice long shower, Uncle John came to pick us up and we went off to Fremantle!

We went to look-see at their market which is much like our pasar-malam here in Singapore.

Except that their goods were a lot more expensive and quite unique… I enjoyed browsing around and taking a look at their articrafts :)

Oh well, no pictures for whatever that happened afterwards cos I left my camera in the car!


But we’ve had quite a bit of pictures for this post already eh!




It was a perfect, beautiful, funny, and most of all -

an unforgettable day.

Great holidays are made of moments like this


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