eye & nail matters

*uploaded more pics at bottom

I got my eyelash extensions done (again) @ Milly’s!

They are superrrr thick and looong now.. I wanna do more natural ones in the future~~

But I still love the fact how I look just fine without make up now!

Visit Milly’s if you’re interested!




Ok anywayssssss..

I think I hurt my eye pretty badly the other time.

I went to sleep with my contacts on (toooo tired), and when I woke up in the middle of the night I felt all grumpy cos my eyes were very uncomfortable and they were so badly “stuck” onto my eyes!

I know you’re supposed to lubricate the lenses before attempting to remove them but I was so pissed off I used force and….

Scratched my cornea, causing serious cornea abrasion!


I scratched my cornea like a week plus ago but ever since then it seems to be healed but the abrasion re-occured again and again.. whenever I wear my contacts for more than 5 hours. Whenever it turns red I stay off contacts for awhile but it happens again!

Like ever since that incident my right eye turns red very easily and my right eye’s vision gets blurry.

And it’s nothing to do with my eyelash extensions or anything else cus my left eye looks and feels just fine.

Another scary picture hahahahaa.

If it doesnt get better soon imma see an optician~ (or optometrist as readers have corrected me)

Because of my bruised eye, I’ve been forced to lay off contacts… and wear my specs out like a geek!

No make up + one blood shot eye + specs.. does it get any worse? =P


I am in a very good mood right now!

James pissed me off badly earlier, but I went out to collect my pay for an event and went to town with Maryann and ate OUR FAV INDIAN FOOD!

Wait not only indian food la… like ALOT of other food toooo! Wooo. Huge gluttons we are.

Then we went to watch the movie NEW IN TOWN. Nice show!

“Whatever you do to my daughter, I do the same to you”

HAHAHAHA… after our movie she accompanied me to get fake nails done.


I have like lollipops + cake + ice cream and all sorts of candies stuck on my nails.

And a hot pink gradient base with glitter n bling.

DAMN CHIO!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN CHIO!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN CHIO!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN CHIO!!!!!!!!!!

I keep admiring my nails.. I do every 15 minutes. Haahaha.

But I feel like a huge bimbo cause these nails are so fragile and long, I can’t even scratch my backside anymore. Wtf.

Wait, what am I talking about.. Pretty girls don’t have itchy backsides ok!

I dunno how some girls can live with these nails for so long.. I have so much trouble typing even!!! These nails will be off soon enough.

Thanks Maryann dear for the great time todayyyy, for tolerating my nonsense and everything else!

Can’t wait to meet her AND fidelis tomorrow! AHHH

Kkkk so much to blog n upload pics but these nails killin me. im even usin short form now.


P.s – fine I came back to upload a pic of my naillllllllls.


I’ll take better pics tmr kkkkk.


New pics!

Random camwhoring pics

Went to baby’s place for dinner the day before~

Maryann and indian food! OMG

Meeeeeeee and some naaaaan!

My plan but comfortable nails before

Beautifying my nailssssssssssssss

YAY! One side done

Without flash

With flash

I still think they look soooo much prettier in reality~

P.P.S – They cost $35 for those who’ve asked. Soo cheap I know! And I can’t reveal where I did my them cos I don’t like the idea of having the exact same nail art with so many other people.

I’m way too obsessed with them right now to share! Pretty candy nails all mineeeeeeee.



Genting Trip Part 2

Waking up the next day, I was veryyyy excited cos I could get to sit on my favourite roller coasters later! YIPEE!

We got ready and everybody waited for me as usual hahaha. After I was done, we all went to have lunch at the DIM SUM RESTAURANT!

You know la, the famous one at genting… next to the pizza and wanton mee place. No idea what it’s called, but it’s always packed and if you’ve been to Genting before you must know what I’m talking about!

To start this post, let the first picture be of my grandmother, auntie and mummy!

Oldest to youngest

You can’t fool me with that expression, you’ll always be a GOOFBALL!

Dim sum was a wonderful meal to have before going to the outdoor theme park because it wasn’t very filling but enough to satisfy my appetite.

I know this picture looks like I’m the one annoying him but it’s usually always the other way round!!

Proof that he is the one annoying me! I am obviously being nice and trying to take pretty pictures but all he does is ruin it > :(

Like this picture I asked him to take for me and my mum…

He purposely zoomed in on our faces and when I saw the pic on my cam he burst out laughing in delight -.-””

So I decided to take one more myself!

Little rascal, why do I love you so?!?

My mother and my brother both look soooo alike… Sharp noses with high nose bridges, oval shaped faces with sharp chins, almond shaped eyes, tall and big built… I used to think that I look very different from them but the older I grow, the more similiarities I see in myself with them!

After a satisfying meal, off me and baby went to the outdoor theme park!

He’s not really into theme parks, he was just accompanying me… like throughout the whole trip… xD

Almost there!

OMG… I just noticed the person in the middle of the flowers in the background. Freakyyyyy.

And we’re heeeeeeeeeere! Looks familiar to many of you?

Thank goodness it was a beautiful day… nothing really went wrong.

I didn’t fly off a roller coaster nor did it rain! Woohoo. Was quite worried the weather would ruin it but the day couldn’t be any better.

Even from the outside I could hear the thrilled screams and continuous laughter and chater… sounds like music to my ears! We bought the Express Lane ticket which was almost 2 times more expensive than the original price but well worth the money.


First up – THE SPINNER~

Looks quite scary but it’s a piece of cake!

….However my baby seems to think otherwise! HAHAH! Not so fierce now areeee ya?

Wooooo I used to have a phobia of those metal chains holding the chair breaking!

Hehe, check out his nervous-but-still-trying-to-act-cool expression!

A few seconds later, we were up about in the air spinning around! I know why this ride is placed right as the entrance, it’s a great “warm up” ride.. not too boring, not too thrilling~

I was going “WOOOOOOOO” quite loudly in the air, smiling as cool wind blew against my cheeks coupled with the golden rays of the sun beating down my neck, enjoying myself when suddenly…


Something smacked onto my lips and immediately I brushed it away with my finger and it was a FREAKING FLY!!!

All mashed up!! Ewwww the icky thing flew straight onto my lips and got mashed up there!


I think I would have cried knowing a fly was in my mouth.


Next – Super Toboggan!

Can you spot a tiny James in the distance?!

Looks harmless but it was super fast and very fun! So far Genting is the only theme park I’ve been to that has this ride.

Warming up… Roller coaster next~


I totally remember going on the Cyclone sooo many times in the past! Everything’s still the same~

Like the never-ending-queue…


It felt pretty cool to just waltz in, waltzing past all the fools who were spending 40 minutes waiting for their turn.. hehehehe.

Me and the 2 girls who sat behind kept screaming! James didn’t scream though. WEIRD. He usually does.

What fun is a roller coaster when you don’t shout and scream your lungs out?!?!

I know you’re bored of his act cool expression… so am I!!!

The background is so colourful! Think First World is the most colourful hotel I’ve ever seen…

Everywhere I turn is another familiar bend

Bumper boats and flume ride.

OMG I so wanted to sit on the flume ride but James refused to go on it with me because he complained about the water being filthy :*(

It was rather sunny, hot and foggy that day… Well, foggy and hot over rainy any day!

HAHHAHAHA more lame expressions from him.

When I was younger, I loved to sit on this ride!

Can you imagine a mini-Jessica sitting in the cowboy ride with all the other kiddies? Hehehe.




And years later…

Jessica still loves the same type of ride, except much meaner. LOL!

The best ride in Genting… gives the most thrill.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to go bungee jumping and now I think I know. I love it when I’m dangling in the middle of nowhere, anticipating the drop with held breath and escalating heartbeat.

I’m still gonna go bungee jumping one day I swear!!!

I suppose the “space shot” ride is a shorter but sharper fall than bungee jumping because I couln’t feel the seat below me when it was dropping down! So in real life, I’d probably fall slower.



Waited quite a long time for this cos no express lane. Boo.

All the nasty gases emitted from the karts were making me quite nauseous…

And finaaaaally it was our turn! Everybody had to wear shower caps cos the helmet would be smelly/dirty.

It was hilarious seeing everybody sporting shower caps in broad daylight!!!

James insisted that the shower cap wasn’t enough cos the helmet was extremely filthy etc.

So he wrapped his scarf around his head HAHAHAHAHA


James shall now be known as “THE SHOWERCAP TERRORIST”!

…Wait, let me edit the picture to look more like his deserved title…


There, all better!

WARNING: The Showercap Terrorist is very dangerous, sometimes extremely adorable but mostly annoying. =P

Take a good look at this picture because you’ll never catch me dead wearing a shower cap outside again xD

I’ve no idea what he’s doing either

Partners in crime!

Omg you can totally see my left eye’s falsie dangling off. Thank goodness I have eyelash extensions on now :)

His act cool expression comes in handy now~~~

And then it was our turn already, so no more pictures! I overtook many guys during the “Race” hahahaha I rock! I can’t wait till I drive because I’d be a fierce driver!

I can’t wait to honk at those annoying people crossing orchard road as though their ah gong ma lu like that looooo…

I’d purposely buy a car with an extra loud honk! Or perhaps modify it to sound like “OI!” HAHAHAHAA.

CorkScrew next!!!

WTF is corkscrew? Who names a roller coaster “CorkScrew?”

“YO do you guys wanna ride with me on the cock screw?!”

Woooooooo, once again, we skipped the mad queue and waltzed from the back entrace to the front… And stole the FIRST seat!!

Poor people who were there first had to wait one more turn xD

Omg I’ve never sat at the first seat for this sort of roller coaster before lor, it’s always taken! Very happy!! Felt like only me and James were sitting on it and behind us were nothing more than a trail of screams LOL.

All thanks to this, we didn’t have to wait the long queues for a lot of rides and saved us a few hours of our precious time!

If anyone visits Genting’s outdoor theme park in the future I totally recommend you to get the express pass, the 80RM is well worth it.




After all that mind blowing action..

We stopped at a cafe for a drink and rest :)

My Love (“v”)

Thank you for being such a dear all this while…

And thanks for braving crazy roller coasters just to humour me! This ain’t the first and won’t be the last… Remember we still have Disneyland to visit!

HAHAHA I love this expression of his! He’s imitating one of Rayman Raving Rabbids characters… for those of you who play the game, y’know RRR 2, there’s this game called “Are We There Yet”?

There’s this bunny that keeps jumping up and down in the bus having the EXACT same expression!

You’re my boyfriend, best friend and family :)

We had an “Who Can Make The Uglier Face Contest”….

And this was his qualifying entry


Don’t worry, I still love you baby!!!

Mine was wayyyy too ugly to be posted here. So, I guess, I win. =P

If you’re happy, I’m happy.

If you’re sad, I’m sad.

If you’re retarded and ugly, I’m ugly and retarded too!!!

Strong sturdy hands :D

Ever since we’ve found each other, our lives have completely changed… for the better.

And although I may not be able to guarantee you eternal happiness, I promise that you’ll never have to be lonely again.

I will always be here for you.

I love you so much I could eat you!!!

Spastic face! :D

I can’t stand that energizer battery in the background… It’s sooo funny and stupid!!!!

It used to be a Coca Cola can… notice the same shape :)

Rolling Thunder Mine Train in the background with the Genting logo!

Remember I mentioned about carnival games the previous post..

Well there were more in the outdoor theme park and most of them seemed like rip offs except this ducky game!

(hahaha look at all the piggys hanging on the top… like hawker centre’s chicken rice stall)

Under each dark is a number written. If you get number 0, no prize, number 1, small prize, number 2 medium prize and number 3 jumbo prize!

I thought I stood quite a good chance since this wasn’t based on “Skill” or whatever, just plan pure luck. Costs 4RM for one try. I tried and I didn’t get anything T____T

Extremely determined, I tried 2 more times and I got number 2 on my third try!!!


I won this orange piggy that can be turned into a pillow! (which I used on my 9 hour bus trip back. convenient haha)

Only after I’ve won, did I realize that once a number other than 0 was picked up, they dumped the numbered duckies into a pail… leaving lesser and lesser numbered duckies in the “pond”!

Omg so unfair! So the only tactic is to come really early in the morning where all the numbered duckies and still swimming around xD

James mistreating my piggy :(

He always tortures my soft toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do guys like to do that?!

We went “boating” next!

Lucky pig gets to go on rides with us afterwards… bet a pig has never been on roller coasters before hehehe

Looking very unglam in the ugly orange lifejacket…. omg… showercaps and lifejackets? A theme park is not a place to look pretty!

Still looking fine baby!

Ten years from now, I will remember this moment and all the other many amazing moments we’ve had together…

Gross murky green water :|

They turned the cruise ship thingy into a souvenir shop! Ughh… everything’s so commercialized nowadays.

I took the same picture at the EXACT SAME SPOT 2 years ago!!!! But somehow I can’t seem to find the picture… I think I didn’t upload it to my blog~

We stood in the same spot and took the same picture as the one below!!!

After several more rides and a small meal, we had to leave… didn’t get to take pictures of the rest!

Check out our picture at Genting’s entrance, 2007 and 2009:


I think James pretty much looks the same but I look more grown up now! (duh)





We were about to leave when…

This clown appeared out of nowhere, walked up to James and said, “Hey, where are you going?! Get back here!!!!”

HAHAHAHAHAA damn funny plz!

Ok la the clown didn’t say “get back here” but he did walk up to James!

Awww, he wanted a picture!

Much to James’ displeasure! LOL!

With me tooooo..

I don’t usually like clowns cos they are scaaaary but mascots are always cute! I wonder what lies beneath that costume?!

After a wonderful day at the theme park, we went up to the hotel room to rest..

Watched a documentary about cricket fighting in china o____o”

Rather interesting I must say! “Good fighting crickets” can be sold to up to like $1000 USD. WTF?! I wanna go cricket hunting too!!

Then it was time to go down for dinner!

And I chose our dining place… INDIAN RESTAURANT!!!!!!!!!!


The very mention of it making me salivate. I love their naan, mutton, eggplant, tandoori chicken and so much more… I’ve never EVER had bad-tasting indian food before! I don’t see how that’s even possible!!

James didn’t like it though.. cos he can’t take spicy food. Booooo.

Maryann are you reading this? If you are, CHECK OUT THE PICTURE BELOW:

OMG!!!!!!! Yummy yummy yummy I want indian food in my tummy!

Can anyone recommend GOOD indian food in Singapore?



We went walking around the hotel…

And I found something really adorable!!!!

OMG the cuteness is killing me!

I’ve nicknamed them “Girlgirl” and “Boyboy”

HAHAHA I know I lack imagination but so aptly named if I do say so myself!



But then…

Like I said… he likes to torture my soft toys.



And my innocent cute little turtles ended up having sex.


Get ready for Kama Sutra turtle-style…

Going down




Giving head


Riding high



All these positions courtesy of turtle sex master aka mr showercap terrorist aka my boyfriend:

Look… he squished boyboy’s head until it looks so.. well, squished T_T

Random picture of my pink stained hands

I accidentally dropped a plastic bag full of nail polish and facial mask sheets were inside, in an attempt to save the mask sheets… my hand got stained pink. Gross in a cool way.

And yes I know my hands are damn chubby!

But my mum said it’s a good thing cos people with chubby hands lead GOOD lives! HAH!


Alright, that’s basically my Genting trip summarized up. I wanna go to a beach island or disneyland next! I’d better start planning soon :)

Or anywhere, as long as I’m with my beloved boyfriend/family (“v”)



My latest treasure

Any man can buy me flashy diamond rings.. but they’d be nothing more than materialistic posessions.

Only one man can give me an ordinary necklace that would mean so precious,
you couldn’t buy nor replace it even with all the money in the world.


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