Maryann has nice hair & James has pink nails

Picture taken some time back… omg I suddenly miss my curls!

I accompanied Maryann to get her hair done the other day.. and I was soooo tempted to get extensions done at Milly’s but I still kinda like my shorter crop for now!

Because of these nails I haven’t been able to wash my hair or comb my hair properly… resulting in slightly unkempt-looking hair LOL

Guess I’ll just wait till I’m sick of this crop~

Then I’ll have longgggg hair!

I met Maryann not long ago @ the Sony Ericsson Volvo Ocean Race event and I love her to death already! My first blog-reader-turned-friend :D

We went out 2 days in a row and we ate so much indian food and had alot of fun hahahaha. Most importantly, I sat in a hair salon doing nothing, waiting for her hair to become pretty like a very good friend should -____-”

One of the first things I said to her when we first met was, “Eh your hair very long ah! Go rebond leh, so frizzy!”


Finally she heeded my good advice anddddddddddddddddd got rid of her bushy hair…

Before picture. Pretty girl but what’s up with the exploded hair?!


After me persuading like mad…








Sooooooooo much better eh?! What did I tell you girl?!

Managed to persuade her to rebond her hair, then tong it!

Almost 5 hours of work for the hairstylists and 5 hours of rotting for me. Thank goodness I know the people in the salon so we were watching youtube vids etc! So it wasn’t all that bad. Maryann swears she will accompany me the next time I get my hair done just like I have faithfully done for her! Hah.

In the process, also decided to give her make up a little boost.

She doesn’t know how to work eyeshadows, so I did a gold + blue + brown look which looks sooooo good on her!

She turned so many heads, you shoulda seen her walk around FEP :D

Aiyah bet you must be blushing while reading this now right girl hahaha.

The look I did for her.. too bad the lighting is so crappy!

Plain make up before

Seeee… she’s even more beautiful now, like supermodel la babe! Mwaaah~ (“v”)

Obviously she is very very satisfied… of course la. Tell me, which friend will sit on her ass doing nothing for 5 hours? LOL. I must keep harping on the 5 hours cos I don’t think I’ve waited that long for anyone before~~~

See you on Wednesday darling!

*Note – Brought her to Clover @ Far East Plaza to do her hair… the same place Fidel and me always do our hair at! Awesome place


On a random note while the image of my perfect candy nails is still fresh in your memory..

Check out this pedi!

Hahahaha… cute anot?!?!?!



But those hotpink and black mismatched toenails don’t belong to me!!!

how could they belong to meeeeeeeeeee?! My leg got so hairy meh? His veiny and hairy foot on the left, mine on the right~



After I finished painting, he just stared at his toenails and he was like, “Eh why so plain one not nice… why dun have glitter and design like yours?”

OMFG he wants candy nails like mine!

Don’t worry my bf is not gay, he’s just humouring his boliao gf… =P

I have matching pedi with my bf now! AAHAHA

He always wears boots in camp / shoes when he’s outside anyway, so nobody can see except me and his family when he’s home!


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I make sure that I don’t look too sloppy even when I dress down… I’d rather over-dress than to be too casual.

So even if I have to wear a tee, I make sure that tee makes a statement!

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This is my new favourite T-shirt.

Seemingly plain and basic, when you take a closer look…


Fucking awesome or what?

I have the coolest shirt in the world now.

I officially name this shirt of mine, “Fatties’ nude beach partaeeeee!”

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If your boyfriend is small sized like mine, you can even share the tees with him!

Ahhhh my baby looks so cute in this, so I gave it to him!

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If you’re like me, but still want sufficient natural-looking coverage and protection for your skin, BB cream comes in handy!

It’s a fact that if you apply foundation everyday, over a period of time your skin will lose its natural suppleness and glow and you’ll scare everyone the day your foundation runs out!

*from the website*

It has triple functions:
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It can also be used as a moisturizer as it contains Phyto Complex to make your skin moist and healthy and with OSMOPUR ingredient of new concept which are mixed sunflower, rice bran, ivy extracts protect skin from various harmful conditions.

(Note – Nothing is on my skin in these photos except blusher so don’t mistake it as a reference “after BB cream application” picture)

I’ve tried it and I like it because it acts as a sunblock and make up base without being oily :)

Apparently it also lightens your skin tone by 2 tones after application. Good way to avoid looking wayang while trying to look fair.


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My Sweet Valentine 2009

I think I just had the best Valentine’s Day of my life (so far) this 2009!

I used to think it was a commercial gimmick.. I guess it really is but I love the fact my baby treats me like a queen every V’day!

Him eating the heart shaped cookies I baked for him... He loved it! Said it was the best of the cookies I’ve baked so far.. happy~

I got him a plain white V neck shirt cos he’s been trying to find a nice one everywhere but to no avail and I got one from Zara from him!

I also got him a purple boxer with Homer Simpson on it holding a pizza saying, “You’re too good to be true” with heart shaped all over! HAHAHA super cuteeee!

And I bought another black slim-cut bermudas for him cos I’m sick of his baggy berms~

I’m so happy that I’ve managed to improve his sense of dressing :D

So on the 13th he brought me to watch a dance/comedy performance called

@ Esplanade~

I haven’t been to Esplanade in agessssssss!

I think the last time was with Colin for the fireworks, like in Aug 2006 before I even met James omg~

My handsome fella sporting a cute tie!

He doesn’t really wear ties but I made him buy a skinny metallic tie from Topman~

I LOVE TOPMAN.. Their clothes for guys are soooo nice

I cannot imagine life without you

Dear James, this is for you…

I know you’ve never had a girlfriend like me, someone who’s more strong-headed and loud-mouthed than the average girl..

Someone who will go out of the way to get something she wants.

Someone who sometimes controls you and becomes quite posessive.

Someone who refuses to hang the phone and continues to quarrel with you endlessly even though it’s 4am and you have work at 7am the next day.

Someone who can become too much to handle at times…

So thank you for loving me.

Thank you for the times you have made me smile from within, so my eyes sparkle with joy and it’s evident to anyone who looks into them that I’m more in love than I could ever be.

I even want to thank you for the very bad times and the times you made me cry to sleep at night and for never letting me become too reliant on you because you’ve no idea how much stronger a person I’ve become.

Now I know how to deal with a broken heart and stand up for myself against unworthy men.

You’ve seen me grow up over the years and I’ve seen how this relationship has moulded you into a better man.

You are slowly, but surely changing.

I’m so relieved and thankful to know that all the pain I went through in our earlier days have not gone to waste.

My friends will never understand why I refuse to leave you after all the shit I’ve gone through,

but I hope that one fine day in the future I can bring you to them and show them this is the man I knew you were deep down inside, the man I’ve been trying to bring out all along.

We probably have fights more often and more agressive than the average couple, but like you mentioned before… the very reason we found each other in the first place was because of a quarrel we had in Gunbound.

It’s just the way we are.

It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly the way it ought to be.

I no longer see you as just a boyfriend, you have taken the position of my soul mate and my family – speaking of family, I can’t wait for the family dinner later @ Hanabi…


AND speaking of food–

Us having dinner at our fav Billy Bombers @ Marina Square before the show!

The food took quite awhile to come… he’s usually quite grumpy when hungry but he was so super sweet to me on V’day I swear :)

Hahahaha I accidentally excluded him in the picture

Hahahaha it was his idea!!!!!! Most unique couple pictue ever~

He took one with Macro focus and when you zoomed in you could see all of our nose hair.. omg gross! I’d advise you not to click for the enlarged version… you have been warned =P

(*update – eh thanks to a special website, i am updated whenever someone clicks on a certain pic on my blog to enlarge it and this pic is today’s most clicked. you all SIAO AH, want to see my nose hair?! LOL)



It’s super gorgeous… bought it from an antique store in Vegas~

I love Billy Bombers because

1) Great casual western dining cooked in true American style and portions

2) They play great classic oldies! Some of my favs

3) Great ambience, decor and service!

The one @ Century Square SUCKS though! The manager is such a snob and the food/service is BLEH.

I miss you! I will be seeing your cheeky face later~

Me promoting Billy’s famous ribs!


Our Billy’s Famous Ribs arrives.. yum.. I swear they have the best potato salad ever!!!!

We ordered the full slab which was like $35~

Saw this funnily-named new dish on the menu… Obama Burger anyone??

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when I read the description: “Billy’s special black pepper sauce”

Before our show started~

I bought this laser pointer and I didn’t know when you blew smoke onto the ray this would happen!

I always shine it onto the path of unsuspecting victims from far away and they’d be looking around and it’s super funny. Ok I know I’m very annoying.

Entering the theatre~

Him with the tickets he bought for us~ He likes breakdancing.. whereas I’m not such a fan

Inside the theatre! Immediately after I took this picture, a lady came up to me and said, “No photography please”


Ok so I thought the show was rather satisfactory. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be actually. Like it’s not bad but neither is it good.

Some moves were rather cool but I find breakdancing boring because it’s rather unemotional and the moves are limited / repeated.

I didn’t think the tickets would be so expensive (James paid $100+) cos like, who the hell are these korean boys anyway? A lot of XMM turned up and kids with their parents…

Well, as long as James enjoyed it!

We went home together after that… and… I told him to wait downstairs while I hurried up and prepared something!

After 20 minutes he came up and when he walked into my room, it was total darkness except for…

I bought lightsticks and pasted them onto my ceiling!

( not easy ah. had to move my bed aside and climb on ladder -___-”” )

I placed it right on top of the spot where the pillows were so when we lay down on the bed it would be directly above us!

We just kinda cuddled there for awhile looking up at the glowing words..

Afterwards he told me to quickly get showered and sleep early cos tomorrow would be a long day!

I tried to dig information about what surprise or present he was gonna give me tomorrow on V’day but he wouldn’t tell meeeee so I just had to wait till the next morning to find out~






Early next morning on Valentne’s Day, I was awakened by some shuffling noises..

James was moving about as quietly as possible so as not to wake me up but little did he know I was already awake!!!

However I kept chanting to myself, “You don’t wanna ruin the surprise, You don’t wanna ruin the surprise, You don’t wanna ruin the surprise…” and forced myself to go back to sleep.

Which worked! Hah.

After what seemed like an hour plus, somebody woke me up again and it was my maid.

She passed me a slip of paper and told me it was from James.

I checked through the whole house but he was gone!

Confused, I quickly unfolded the piece of paper:

….A hunt!

What fun!!!

He knows I love such fun and wicked games~

Immediately I knew the answer to the question - HIS BIKE!





Changing out of my PJs, I rushed down to the basement to the same spot he always parked at…

I searched everywhereeee, even inbetween the tyres but couldn’t find it!

I was so worried that I was so noob until I couldn’t even find the second clue -___-”

And then while resting I spotted a white rolled up piece of paper:

Psshh!! Sneaky fella~~~

Wasting no time, I rolled it open and it read:


The light sticks for our anniversary!

I blogged about it last time!

Of course I remember the place…. how could I forget?

To my horror, it dawned upon me that it was all the way at the other end of my condo… my condo’s huge so it was a long walk/run for me! Especially early in the morning.

The sun was shining brightly and I was perspiring profusely and it felt like I was doing a morning work out.. felt good although tiring actually~

Armed with nothing except my handphone and pieces of paper for the hunt!

Upon reaching this place, I saw this cleaner uncle squatting down with a bag of trash filled with little pieces of white paper… panicking,

I asked him whether he’s seen a piece of paper identical to the previous clues I’ve found.

He said, “mei you kan dao leh.. ni men zai wan you xi ah”?

Which means, “I didn’t see it. Are you guys playing a game?”

Which also means he saw James hiding the piece of paper somewhere! I proceeded to look all over the area.. while the uncle watched me with an extremely amused expression.

Apparently he found it funny that I was panting so heavily while looking for a piece of paper.

And then I saw a pink dolphin bottle!

Omg I was so thirsty I wished it was mine… but it was probably left behind by somebody else

…Wait! There’s a piece of paper stuck on top of the bottle!

I grabbed the bottle and saw that it was still cold and unopened~ WOOHOO it was mine!!!!!!!

Awwww so sweet!!

He even remembers which parking lot he dropped me off at the very first time~

He even went out and got my favourite pink dolphin drink early in the morning!

Needless to say I gulped it down very thankfully…

I took a little rest, but not for too long as I didn’t want him to wait for me to finish the hunt for too long!

Now I had to run all the way back to the carpark where I came from…

Well thanks, you couldn’t just place the 2 clues together could you, boyfriend?! =P


Again I was worried that the cleaners might have swept it away but….

The clever boy stuck it onto the wall! Ahahaha.

Of course I remember the sweet little korean girl we met at the swimming pool!!!!

Such a darling. Read about her in this entry

The sweetie was trying to get me to blow a big bubble so she could put the bubble on a little leaf~





Made my way over to the swimming pool….

Eh, what’s that I see in the tent? Looks familiar…

Looks like my hot pink Esprit towel I have at home that I always use for swimming. But no one’s there!

I walked closer to the little leaf..

And something glistened under the sun… a shimmer caught my eye.

I bent down, and to my delight, I saw….





A lovely heart-shaped pendant on the little leaf!!!

I picked it up and smiled to myself like crazy, admiring it…

And then I turned around, and spotted James smiling at me from a distance.

He walked over and asked me if I liked it… and I told him I loved it.

We chatted for awhile and he told me to get changed

He brought my bikini and our swimming stuff down cos I told him the day before I’d like to go for a swim! Awwww…

Would you look at the spot beside his left hand? He also went out and got me a packet of my FAV nack – tao kae noi seaweed! Aahhhhh.

…What more could I ask for?

It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny with a little breeze.. my boyfriend was smiling at me, all the other kids and couples in the pool were having a great time as well.

I haven’t felt that happy in a long time. I felt incredibly blessed and loved.

I was extremely touched, because I didn’t ask for much this V’day, and I thought that the “hunt” was so super sweet!

He told me he used special memories to us as clues, so even if someone else picked up the pieces of papers, they wouldn’t know what they meant!

After our swim, we went up for a shower.

Him putting on the lovely necklace for me..

The necklace is from Lee Hwa and it’s the first time he’s ever gotten me jewelry!

Afterwards we went to have lunch with my mummy~

Looking as lovely as usual~

We had canto-chinese food.. yummmmyyyyy.

After lunch, me and baby went back home to entertain ourselves with my wii while my mother went out!

We played for hourssss… and it was finally time to go out!

Camwhoring before leaving the house~

I was wearing the necklace he gave me then.. and I’m still wearing the necklace right now!

We wore matching polka dots outfits out! Soooo cute eh?

He brought me to this place serving western cuisine.. smart choice, western is the safest for me ;)


I love this polka dots pole of his! So cute. I chose it for him hehehheheehehe.

I had mushroom pasta..

I am such a mushroom lover!!!!!!

Then I ordered creme brulee AND warm chocolate cake for dessert… omg I ate two desserts all by myself!

The creme brulee was an ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF. Like 6 bucks for two tea spoonfuls of creme brulee.

Never ever EVER order creme brulee at Bakerzia…


After dinner, we wanted to go some place nearby for a movie and we settled for Shaw Plaza cos it was the nearest.

It’s quite ulu ulu so we expected it to be quiet but… the movie queue was mad long!!!

So we skipped the movie and went straight home instead :)

Oh yea and we kinda fooled around in NTUC first, LOL.

That was how I celebrated Valentine’s Day 2009 with my baby boy!

Simple yet blissful.

Gone were the sad sad days when I was dateless and lonely on the day of love~

I have found my partner, and he’s been so for the past 3 years!


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