Mummy’s birthday dinner!

It’s 2am now.

Considering I have nothing better to do tomorrow morning, thought I’d blog about the fabulous dinner I had just now ;)

It was to celebrate (in advance) my beautiful mummy’s birthday!

Her actually dinner is on the 26th February 2009.. which is also me and James’ 2 and a half years anniversary!

Gee.. does time fly pass quickly or what?

Anyway I was a lil late for the dinner, had everone waiting cos I went for a casting (interview) at Jalan Pemimpin..

Bloody cab fare was $25!!! I hate having to take cabs during peak hour… it’s just sooo not worth it.

But anyway I got the job, so it’s all good! Haha.

It’s a commercial shoot for a professional matchmaking agency.. I know it sounds dubious, but they’re 100% professional~

Completely clean legitimate company and completely clean lifestyle shots of me and another guy posing as a couple.

So yeah… I’m really excited, haven’t done a commercial shoot in awhile! It’s gonna be lots of fun. And MONEYYYY. Anticipating tuesday!

Speaking of interviews, I’m also heading to Mediacorp tomorrow for another one. I won’t tell you what it’s about just yet cos I’m not all that sure myself, but if things progress (unlikely, but well) I’ll let you guys know!




So the dinner was held @ Long Beach Seafood Restaurant @ Dempsey Road

The place was packeddddd to the max…. stupid office / working class people were yakking and heehee hahaaing away so loudly and incosiderately!

I definitely LOVE LOVE LOVE Long’s Beach service and food a lot more than Jumbo’s..

I just cannot stand the deafening chatter -_______-

Before the dinner started

Birthday girl and her partner

Brother and his partner

And me….

All alone?!


That pic is soooo candid! It’s actually me turning towards Melissa realizing she’s taking a candid pic of me and that’s my “Oh no you didn’t!” face.

And if you’re wondering about my partner, James couldn’t make it.. plus he’s allergic to seafood so it would be pointless anyway!

Cute pic of Melissa!

I introduced her to the place I did my nails.. she went to get hers done for a crazy cheap price too! Too bad forgot to take a pic of it..

And no, I’m not going to share it with the public yet so don’t askkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I just wanna haolian only!

Cos it’d be pointless to have pretty nails and not tell the world about it. Yep.

First dish finally served after a long time…

This was rather yummy besides the overload of garlic.

Second dish…

Lobster with some weird topping that tastes absolutely yummy. Butter-ish taste.


I bet I will be making at least 1000 blog readers hungry with this photo… wooohooo.

Chilli crab!!!!

Quite nice, at least much nicer than Jumbo’s. Jumbo really cannot cook chilli crab sauce la. Their mantous also crappy. Long beach ftw!

(messy eater ish me)


The BIGGEST CRAB CLAW I’ve ever had in my life!

If you thought Jumbo’s $80 crabs are expensive and big, this totally steals the cake~

I know it doesn’t look that impressive in the photo butttttt it was humongous in real life. I loved sinking my teeth into the abundance of crab meat flesh!

I’m such a spoilt brat, I refuse to eat any other part of the crab except the claw ahahaha… Btw the waitress took off the shell for me! How convenient and nice of her. And so she got a $10 tip!

I don’t even know why I like eating crabs – it’s VERY messy, smelly and troublesome to eat.

But I guess it’s also fun!

You should see their faces when I try to “crack” open the shell with the kiap kiap…. LOL you never know who’s going to get chilli crab sauce splattered on them next.

And so…….

We all wore stupid-looking bibs!

AHHAHAHAH like this:


Not only do I not have a partner during this meal… I am also wearing a very stupid-looking bib.

Sigh, goodbye to ever finding a partner then!

I didn’t manage to take pictures of the other dishes because I was too busy gobbling away. LOL. But the meal was very satisfactory, I’d definitely say, even though I’m no big fan of seafood.

After the meal, we were supposed to have the typical mango pudding for dessert but we secretly cancelled the order because we bought her a mango birthday cake as a surprise!

I brought the cake to the table… god I thought I was going to do something disastrous like slip and fall with the cake because I’m so clumsy but nothing happened so phew!

There was only 4 of us excluding my mum but we tried to sing the Happy Birthday song as loudly as we could… much to my mother’s horror, LOL. (act shy only)

She reckons people her age need not make such a big fuss over birthdays anymore cos they get more unimportant by the year.

But we know she hasn’t had a birthday cake in like over 10 years?

Everybody deserves a b’day cake on their b’day…. it’s just something that’s special on that day.

But all was definitely worth it, look how happy she is in these photos!

(damn the speck on my cam lens again… i swear this casio cam is so hopeless)

Awww… isn’t it so heartwarming to see an elderly couple being lovey dovey?

Picture of all of us!

You can totally see the obvious resemblance between the 3 of us now!!! Finally we all look soooo alike :D Yay!

I used to look at other families and wonder why they all have the same features and mine doesn’t… well, I see it now! I just needed a few years to grow up before the similarities would appear~

Nothing says love like family


I love you soooooooooooooo much naggy woman.

I haven’t got her a present yet…. think imma bring her out to buy a nice dress or something :)

Anyway she’s already got a really cool present, I’ll post pics of it another time!

(my lashes are fucked up cos i itchyhand go pluck half off again.. so one eye has half eye worth of lashes while the other has full extensions -___- )

Just changed contact lenses today… lookie my eye is perfectly fine now!

Not uncomfortable or red or anything. Thanks to those who’ve showed concern!

I’m wearing Geo Angel in Gray colour now… What do you guys think? I still prefer my brown lenses more!!! Gray’s still a tad too lian-ish for me.

Meh, me miss my brown lenses! Which blogshop wants to sell/sponsor me contact lenses?! Email me ok!

Some desperate blogshop owners have resorted to tagging on my blog recently.

No advertising on my tagboard.

Otherwise I will do very scary things like spam your enquiry tagboard everyday endlessly or arrange for many fake meet ups and not turn up or get your number somehow and prank call you every night at 3am or somehow find your picture and post it on my blog or somehow find your adresss and kill you at night or something.

Scary right?! K, so don’t do it.


Sponsored Advertorial – Tubee

I totally love my outfit for today! It’s simple, casual, chich, and most of all – fuss free + very comfortable.

I used to always have a headache whenever I go out cos I have too many clothes to wear and I can’t choose, it drives me crazy cos I keep trying on outfit after outfit…

But now I have a plan!

I’ll just wear the newest addition to my wardrobe everytime, so I wear all my clothes at least once~

There’s at least half of the clothes in there I haven’t got the time to wear yet!

I am so NOT going shopping anytime soon unless the dress or whatever is too much to resist~




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Sponsored Advertorial - Mycanvasbag

They have some pretty unique pieces!

One of the supposed dresses sponsored by them. More like a top for me. Uber short can! So hard to take picture. Disadvantage of being tall…

Was feeling particularly bored that day so decided to act cool with shades and doodle on the border to match the outfit. Hah!

I also really like this piece:

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I just finished watching Titanic all over again..

Omg I’m an emotional wreck now. This show is just one of the best, if not the best movie ever made!

The fact that it was based on a true story keeps haunting me..

Even though the romance between Jack and Rose may not be 100% real, it’s still incredibly beautiful. When the ship sank in the movie taking so many lives, it couldn’t have been too different from what happened in reality centuries ago..

I just can’t get this tune out of my head.. “The Portrait, Rose’s Theme”

I’ve loved it for so many years, ever since the first time I watched Titanic.

It reminds me of my cousin Shu Yuan, she plays this tune beautifully..

I know this is different from the original, but I like this one as it’s played slower. I still love the original of course!

Geez I’m sharing a lot of videos recently..

But this is the best I swear!!!



Mamma Mia!

I love ABBA, and I love Mamma Mia – the movie!!!

The location for the movie is soooo beautiful.. plus I think all the singers/actors did a wonderful job!

It is such such such such such an AMAAAAAAAAAAZING MOVIE~

One of my favourite scenes from Mamma Mia!

“Does Your Mother Know?”

Little boys that play with fire get their fingers burnt!!

“Well I can dance with you honey.. if you think it’s funny, but does your mother know that you’re out?”


P.S – Added a new video of “The Winner Takes It All”

This song always makes me cry.

I like ABBA’s version more but this scene is so beautiful and realistic. Kinda funny how Pierce Brosan just stands there while Meryl sings her heart out though.


Another video addedd!

For all parents out there… Or for kids to understand how your mum & dad might feel

“Slipping Through My Fingers”


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